Chainsaw Stalls – Look For And Solve Problems.

The chainsaw is a very useful tool that is simply indispensable in the household. This is a relatively simple technical tool, but its mechanisms tend to fail. Chainsaw can stall, not to gain momentum at the crucial moment, not allowing to perform the planned work. We will talk about the causes of breakdowns and troubleshooting methods in this article.

Why chainsaw stalls at idle. the main reasons.

To understand the causes of failures chainsaws, you need to understand what is such a device. It works on an ordinary two-stroke internal combustion engine, malfunctions of which are most often the reason that a chainsaw stalls. An internal combustion engine may be capricious for different reasons, but they all lead to the same consequences.

The most common consequences of breakdowns are as follows:

  • motor does not start;
  • the motor is unstable, often stalls;
  • chainsaw stalls under load.

The reason for such violations in the work can be a variety of faults.

The most common of these are the following:

  • air or fuel filter clogging;
  • spark plug malfunction;
  • carburetor malfunction due to strong vibration mechanism;
  • problems with the gas line;
  • poor-quality fuel mixture;
  • dirty muffler;
  • problems in the cylindrical group.

Each of the possible problems should be disassembled in detail.

Problems with filters and their cleaning rules.

A chainsaw may well stall at idle if the filters installed in it become clogged. First of all, when problems arise in the operation of the tool, you need to check the fuel filter: to do this, disconnect the gas line and look at how the fuel goes to the carburetor. If the fuel is supplied in normal doses, then the filter is OK and the problem should be looked elsewhere. In the case of receipt of gasoline in an insufficient amount or not, it will have to clean or change the filter.
To clean the fuel filter, you must first drain the fuel from the tank and remove the filter element from it. You need to remove the filter through the filler opening of the container with a hook, which can be made from ordinary wire. Disconnect the filter from the suction hose and carefully remove it. Sometimes a clogged filter can be cleaned, but in most cases, it is much easier and more desirable to purchase a new filter element and then install it the way the old one was removed.
Air filters are clogged with dirt and dust, as well as fuel. Such problems often lead to malfunction of the chainsaw. due to clogging of the filter into the system, the air supply is hampered, there is too much gasoline in the air-fuel mixture, which leads to disruption of the device.
To clean the filter element, it must be carefully removed from the chainsaw, so that the dust on it does not get into the carburetor. If it has no visible damage, it is merely thoroughly cleaned of dirt, after which it is washed using the existing detergents, dried and returned to its place.
To ensure high-quality and long-lasting tool operation, professionals recommend changing filters at least once every 3 months.

Faulty spark plug. how to fix the damage?

The candle is the most important component of the ignition system, it is recommended to change it annually, but owners often forget about this simple rule. As a result, noticeable problems appear in the work at idle.

There are several faults specific to the ignition system, the most common of which are the following:

  1. 1. At the time of start-up, the candle fills with gasoline. It is necessary to remove the candle from the hole, dry it without calcination and drain excess gasoline from the socket. After half an hour, you can install the candle in place and try to start the mechanism again.
  2. 2. Poor tip contact with the wire. Due to poor contact, the spark disappears, and the chainsaw cannot work normally. In this case, you need to check the connection and fix the problem, if any.
  3. 3. Problems in the electronic ignition unit, leading to the absence of a spark. If checking the connection of the tip with the wire did not allow to identify the problem, but there is no spark, the cause may be the ignition unit. It is impossible to repair the unit if it is broken, it needs to be changed to a new one.
  4. 4. The wrong gap between the spark plug electrodes. For different candles, the distance between the electrodes is in the range of 0.2-0.5 mm. The clearance is set using a gauge of suitable thickness.

If the malfunction of the candle is not damaged, then the defect lies elsewhere. A completely dry candle indicates that the problem is related to non-receipt of fuel. In such a situation, you will have to carefully check the entire fuel supply system in the chainsaw to find the defect.
The presence of black soot on the candle indicates poor adjustment of the carburetor, oil entering the fuel or over-saturation of the fuel with air. In this case, you should remove and clean the spark plug, completely replace the fuel and re-adjust the carburetor.

Malfunctions in the carburetor and the fuel line. how to identify?

If the inspection did not allow to identify problems with the filtration elements and the spark plug, it is possible that the device is not gaining momentum due to poor carburetor performance. This node in the mechanism is responsible for supplying the required amount of air-fuel mixture to the engine, and if it is incorrectly adjusted, the chainsaw will not be able to work normally.

There are three special screws on the carburetor that allow you to adjust its performance:

  • screw maximum speed;
  • minimum;
  • idle.

Some manufacturers fear interference in the device by incompetent and inexperienced users, because they have only one screw on the carburetor. responsible for idling. Regardless of the number of screws, adjustment of the device is allowed only in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If after adjusting to the factory standards, the carburetor continues to act up, it is recommended to clean the air and fuel channels of the device, the filter screen, and the nozzles. If defects are found on these elements, it is recommended to change them to new ones.
When servicing and repairing a chainsaw, it must be remembered that a carburetor is a complex assembly consisting of many parts that are easily damaged. To prevent this from happening, disassemble the carburetor slowly and carefully.
The device may not develop the revolutions required for operation due to the integrity of the fuel line or the inappropriate ratio of elements in the fuel mixture, which consists of oil and fuel. Before starting the mechanism, it is essential to visually check the integrity of its components, and external assemblies to timely detect any possible defects on the body, leakage of working fluids, and other evidence of malfunctions. In the event of physical damage to various elements of the saw, air may be leaking, due to which the device cannot function normally. Particular attention should be paid to the fuel line. rubber pipe through which the working mixture moves.
Leaving the unit in a damp place for a long time, it should be borne in mind that when the temperature drops the fuel line can crack, it will no longer be possible to feed fuel into the working chainsaw nodes, and it will have to be changed to a new one. It is impossible to repair the fuel line in case of physical damage.
In order to avoid problems with the operation of mechanisms, it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture correctly. add high-quality ingredients to it exactly in the same proportion as are indicated in the original instructions for your device. The incorrect ratio of the elements of the fuel mixture leads to the fact that the engine parts will not be sufficiently lubricated, which is why the device not only can stall, but also be able to fail, cease to be wound up and it will require complicated and expensive repairs.

Causes of problems with the silencer apparatus.

If when using the device a marked drop in engine power in idle mode and the car often stalls, be sure to check its silencer. It is not uncommon for the muffler to become heavily clogged with resinous particles and various products of combustion from the spark arrester, which are deposited on the device in the form of heavy deposits. A layer of such deposits can interfere with the normal exhaust of exhaust gas, and therefore it should be periodically removed. To clean the muffler, it must be removed from the engine and disassembled, if it is disassembled at all. The holes left from the muffler should be plugged.
The knot and all its components are thoroughly wiped with a cloth moistened with water with the addition of detergents. The collapsible muffler is easy to dry after cleaning. leave it unassembled for several hours. For thorough drying of the non-separable muffler, it is better to use a domestic hairdryer. It is firmly not recommended to clean the muffler with dry rags and without the use of personal protective equipment. Particles of toxic substances can get into the respiratory tract and cause significant harm to human health.
To reduce the likelihood of contamination of the muffler and eliminate the need for its frequent cleaning, you should use only high-quality oil to create a fuel mixture. It is best to use the ingredients recommended by the chainsaw manufacturer, even if they are expensive.

Is the mechanism working badly due to a cylinder failure?

The problems described above are the most common, but their absence may indicate that the malfunction is hidden elsewhere. If when you press the “gas” the saw does not start. you need to check the central element of the engine. a cylindrical group, because of it, quite often the machines do not work well.
To determine the malfunction of the cylinder-piston group of the engine can sometimes even be just visually. The presence of such visible defects as chips, scoring, signs of severe wear and tear, are clear evidence that the chainsaw does not work precisely because of problems with the cylinder. Physical damage and wear. the reason to change the cylinder, as it will not work to repair it.
If visually, there are no problems with this element of the chainsaw, it is necessary to sift through its piston rings. Damage to the rings often leads to loss of engine power and unstable operation. If the rings go in the grooves of the cylinder too loose, it’s time to change parts.
A complete picture of the state of the cylinder-piston group can only be obtained after parsing the entire engine of the device. It is a very time-consuming and complex task that requires professional knowledge and experience from the performer. It is not recommended to perform such work on your own, and it is better to entrust the analysis to professionals or to ask for help from a friend who understands the chainsaw device.
Any equipment can go out of order, and they have not yet invented eternal components and parts that can serve for an infinitely long time. However, we should not forget that proper maintenance will significantly increase the service life of any technical means, avoid breakdowns, and even save your own money. Properly care for your chainsaw, fill it with only high-quality fuel mixtures, prepared according to the instructions from the manufacturers, and it will serve you for a long time.