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Stitch. Patchwork technique. Stitch. Patchwork technique. Patchwork technique itself is beautiful.

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Drill Attachment

Nozzle for a drill. scissors Malco Turboshear TSNS1. Able to cope with slate and slate.

But did you know that a conventional drill can do much more than just drill? Its capabilities are significantly expanded by special consoles, nozzles and various devices.

Surely not every owner of a drill knows that it can not only drill holes, but also saw, mill, and even turn into a lathe or pump for pumping fluids. Such an enviable multifunctionality, an ordinary electric drill is obliged to an abundance of a wide variety of consoles, nozzles and devices. It is unlikely that you can find another power tool for which there are as many attachments as for an electric drill.

Of course, the multifunctionality of the drill created by the attachments is in no way capable of replacing the fleet of special professional tools (in terms of cleanliness, accuracy and productivity). But at the household level, all the additional functions acquired by a drill will completely satisfy the needs of a home master.

Quick clamp SC 165 provides fast fixation of the workpiece during drilling. The holder for a drill provides fast fixation of a drill and performance of stationary works. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees, both vertically. So horizontally.

Most widely represented stops for drill. The simplest stop mounted on the auxiliary handle of the drill (set-top box: auxiliary handle and emphasis with a metric scale) allows you to drill holes to the desired depth. With it, you will never accidentally drill through a workpiece or a thin partition.

Parallel emphasis more perfect, because it controls not only the depth of the hole, but also its verticality relative to the surface being machined. This type of prefixes is available both for construction (drilling in walls and ceilings), and for carpentry (furniture) works. The prefix for construction purposes is professional and is a single unit with an additional handle mounted on a powerful drill. Some models have a built-in dust suction that connects to a vacuum cleaner.

The simplest emphasis for a drill is an additional handle. It has an adjustable depth gauge (metric)

Professional emphasis is more reliable and convenient metric scale depth gauge.

The parallel emphasis, in addition to the depth of the hole, sets its perpendicularity. Model for working on vertical surfaces.

A dusting nozzle is also necessary for a drill. They are equipped with individual models of professional stops. Connect to a vacuum cleaner.

Prefixes for carpentry structurally close to the racks of hand mills, but made less accurately and are intended only for small homework. And more is not required here: a drill is a low-speed tool (relative to electrophoresis) and does not provide high accuracy when processing the surface. The drill is clamped in a basket, which easily moves along two vertical guides.

Video: Drill Attachment

Devices and nozzles for drilling at an angle will allow you to drill a hole where it is simply impossible to approach with a conventional drill. Depending on the design and manufacturer, the drilling angle may be different. The most common nozzles that allow you to drill at an angle of 90º.

This the attachment allows you to limit the depth of drilling, provides strict vertical hole and allows you to perform (appropriate nozzles) some milling work. This is especially important when making furniture at home: inserting furniture hinges, holes for assembly hardware and dowels, or selecting grooves. The emphasis can be completed with various inserts for lateral drilling in round or with a complex profile details. Some models of stops have a device for dust extraction, connected to a vacuum cleaner. But a professional will prefer a manual milling machine (the same operational capabilities, but high quality surface finish and accuracy).

Of course, the holes in the details can be most accurately and quickly made on a drilling machine. But also a drill equipped drill stand – guide attachment, shows an excellent result. As a rule, such a stand is equipped with convenient clamping vice (for the workpiece). The vice can be moved around the stand frame to the desired position.

The drill (almost any) is easily and quickly clamped in the “basket” of the rack and the drilling machine is ready for use. The compact dimensions of such a set-top box, smooth delivery and accurate metric scale make it a valuable acquisition for a small workshop.

The home master can do with the simplest parallel focus: from plastic, the dust localizes in itself.

Parallel emphasis for carpentry: a guide groove and liners for lateral drilling of bars and round parts.

The removal of dust and sawdust in this console is necessary. With it, the drill can already work as a simple manual milling machine.

On the platform of the console there are additional functional openings with which you can install the side stop. In this case, the drill is able to perform all operations of a hand mill, for example, to evenly select a groove (with the appropriate nozzle).

It cannot but arouse interest drill attachment turning it into a wood lathe. The prefix is ​​easily fixed on the table and the machine is ready. It is presented by several options of designs. As a rule, a certain set of devices and a cutting tool is offered to it. This type of prefixes does not pretend to be a professional tool, but many details for individual furniture or a country house can be made on it quite well. But if you start the mass production of turned legs for tables or balusters on this console, it will quickly break down, and the drill will not withstand such violence. Our photos give a visual representation of the design and principle of operation of this console.

Compact Wood Drill Lathe

Compact Wood Drill Lathe

The most famous and common are consoles that convert electric drill. Here we will introduce you to only two specialized attachments of this type: one for sharpening saw blades and the other for sharpening drills, chisels and planer knives. The value of consoles is that they allow you to refuse the expensive services of professional sharpeners of such a tool. You will have no problems with them with either a sharpening angle or with an ideal cutting edge (even if you have never done this before). Installing such attachments on a drill does not cause difficulties.

Drilling stand plus drill. convenient drilling machine. The frame design allows you to mount a clamping vise on it to fix the workpiece.

Vise for racks come in various modifications. But their mounting holes must necessarily correspond to the grooves in the rack frame.

The vice on the bed can be shifted. There are options with turning the vice around the axis and even with a changing angle of inclination of the rack.

A drill mounted in a rack, plus an abrasive nozzle allow you to create high-quality concave surfaces.

Convenient for work and compact milling attachment grooves at the ends of the details of cabinet furniture or joinery (for corner joints). It is very simple to work with it: there is no need to clamp the workpiece on a workbench, the quality and accuracy of processing are high, the depth of the groove and its level are set by simple adjustment. This prefix will completely satisfy the professional furniture maker.

For those masters whose work is very diverse, will not be superfluous and long flexible or angular drive for a drill. They are simply installed in the drill chuck and have their own chuck, suitable for any nozzles (drills, grinding stones, bits, etc.). These consoles allow you to work with a drill in the most inaccessible places. It is unlikely that anyone can use a drill to pump liquids.

Nozzle. water pump for Bosch drill

The nozzle is a water pump. Productivity is up to 2500 l / h.

But this is quite real and not without meaning, if you use attachment pump installed in the drill chuck. Of course, it is not intended for long continuous operation and has low productivity, but it is possible and quite convenient to pump paint (viscous) from a barrel or dirty water from the basement. Changing the speed of the drill, you change the speed of pumping fluid. As a rule, the entire case of such a prefix is ​​plastic: the service life is short, but the price is low.

The attachment for sharpening disk canvases allows you to do it yourself, without resorting to the expensive professional service.

Grooves for corner joints can also be selected with a drill, equipping it with a special attachment. It has a dust suction device.

A long flexible drive with a chuck is another great addition to a drill. It works with any nozzles.

High-quality sharpening of a drill, chisel or planer knife will help to make a small attachment to the drill. Sharpening angle adjustable.

The drill can be used as a screwdriver, suitable for work even in hard-to-reach and inconvenient places.

The drill can work like a pump. Nozzles come in various capacities (suitable for paint and even dirty water).

Professional template: durable, reduces the complexity of marking and drilling standard holes for furniture assembly.

The furniture template for drilling holes has standard sizes: holes, distances between them and from the edge of the part.

This template provides vertical hole alignment. A plastic master is enough for a home master.

It is generally recognized that templates significantly accelerate many operations, increase the accuracy of processing parts and their assembly. This is confirmed by the abundance of existing patterns for drill. We show only the most common patterns, which more often than others are in demand when working with a drill. Among them there are both professional (durable and preserving the accuracy of their sizes), and for home craftsmen (plastic).