Echo Cs352es Chainsaw Chain Lubricant


CS 352ES is a new model among a renowned Japanese company, it was created as an inexpensive highly reliable chainsaw for hard work on farms, gardens, logging, construction and private farms. The main emphasis in the design was on ease of operation and maintenance, as well as on the use of reliable, time-tested proprietary ECHO technologies.

To increase the service life, the cylinder walls are triple-coated with a unique Al-Fed coating, forged crankshaft and connecting rod only add reliability to this Echo model. An adjustable, metal oil pump is coupled to a clutch and has a professional design. For trouble-free start-up in any, even cold season, CS-352ES is equipped with an easy-start system and digital ignition control.

Maintenance of the ECHO CS 352ES chainsaw will not cause difficulties even for people not related to equipment. Echo has always stood out favorably with solutions that make it easy for users to perform the necessary maintenance work on this equipment. On the CS 352ES 14 saw, the top cover that covers the carburetor, filter, and spark plug hole is mounted on modern sturdy locks. These clips securely hold the lid during operation and allow, for example, to clean the air filter without having a special tool at hand.

Excellent consumer qualities, coupled with low price and excellent reliability make the CS 352ES chainsaw a leader in popularity and sales in its class.

Technical characteristics of the Echo CS-352ES 14 chainsaw":
Power. 1.3 kW / 1.8 hp
Engine capacity. 34 cc cm
Fuel tank capacity. 0.25 L
The volume of the oil tank. 0.26 L
The length of the saw bar. 35 cm
Chain pitch. 3/8 inch
Groove width of the saw bar. 1.3 mm
Weight. 4 kg


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The name of the corporation YAMABIKO is consonant with the name of the Japanese god, the keeper of mountains and forests. YAMABIKO Corporation is an active environmentalist, constantly contributing to the conservation and maintenance of the ecology of our planet.

YAMABIKO Corporation was formed as a result of the merger of the two corporations Kioritz and Shindaiwa. Founded after the Second World War, over 50 years, both companies have gained tremendous experience in the production of portable equipment for working in forests, parks and gardens.

Kioritz Corporation started its business with the production of agricultural machinery such as blowers and sprayers, subsequently expanding its activities in the forestry and landscape design / horticulture segments under the Kioritz and ECHO brands.

The first developments at Shindaiwa Corporation were in the field of power tools and industrial equipment. Having gained a strong position in this field, Shindaiwa took up the development and production of landscape gardening equipment.

Both companies gained technical and manufacturing experience, gaining leading positions. Over time, they focused their efforts on manufacturing portable equipment equipped with an internal combustion engine. For more than 30 years, the two companies have remained competitors in the segment of landscape gardening equipment, equally serving both demanding professionals and amateur users.

The combined technical achievements and experience of Kioritz, ECHO and Shindaiwa have created a solid foundation for the further production and service of millions of pieces of equipment worldwide through an extensive dealer network.

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The main goal of YAMABIKO Corporation is to create a bridge that harmoniously connects man with nature.

A year after the start of the transformation, YAMABIKO Corporation entered a new era, combining and incorporating the technologies and experience of two leading companies. The company supplies equipment to the world market under two well-known brands. ECHO and Shindaiwa for lovers and professionals of landscape design. Both brands have more than half a century of successful development in this segment of the global market. The merger of the two strong companies enriched YAMABIKO with achievements in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine technologies, which allowed the company to occupy higher positions in the market of landscape gardening equipment.

YAMABIKO Corporation supplies the global market for gardening equipment through thousands of specialized dealerships ECHO and Shindaiwa in more than 80 countries. Each dealer, using YAMABIKO distribution channels, provides customers with professional support, as much as possible satisfying their needs. Millions of ECHO and Shindaiwa gardening machines are used today in a wide variety of fields: agricultural fields, forests, private homes, gardens and parks.

YAMABIKO Corporation manufactures products at three plants in Japan and two plants abroad. All company enterprises have unified quality standards and control systems necessary for the production of high-quality products.

YAMABIKO Corporation. one of the few manufacturers in its field, which produces most of the key components and components at its own enterprises or at subsidiary companies. All production facilities are built and operate in accordance with the concept of protection and environmental protection. Main idea. production of environmentally friendly products that allows people to live and work in harmony with nature.

At the headquarters of YAMABIKO are located in 8 units, which carry out the overall coordination of the production of high quality products. YAMABIKO’s high-quality products are distributed worldwide through a network of specialized dealerships. YAMABIKO Corporation has 3 factories in Japan: Yokosuka, Morioka and Hiroshima. Foreign production YAMABIKO located in Illinois, USA and Shenzhen, China. Both plants produce products under the ECHO and Shindaiwa brands for the global market.

YAMABIKO Corporation annually produces millions of products equipped with its own engines, and seeks to further increase production volumes.

The Yokosuka plant has a foundry where the key components of ECHO and Shindaiwa products are cast and carefully processed.

The components of eco-friendly ECHO engines that meet the highest requirements for safe exhaust of harmful gases are produced at the Yokosuka plant using high-precision equipment and the latest manufacturing technologies, thus realizing the idea of ​​a clean 2-stroke ECHO internal combustion engine.

Morioka factory produces other components for ECHO and Shindaiwa products. This is the largest assembly plant of YAMABIKO Corporation in Japan. The plant also produces agricultural machinery for the Japanese domestic market.

Echo Cs352es Chainsaw Chain Lubricant

Hiroshima Plant, one of the main factories producing ECHO and Shindaiwa products, specializes in transmission drives for trimmers and brush cutters. The Hiroshima plant, which used to be the exclusive production of Shindaiwa, now plays an important role in the development of the company.

ECHO Incorporated. it is not only a distribution company for ECHO and Shindaiwa products in the USA, but also the largest assembly plant of the YAMABIKO group as a whole. In addition to assembling products, ECHO Incorporated also produces a large number of plastic parts for ECHO and Shindaiwa equipment.

"ECHO Machinery" (PRC). a relatively new plant of YAMABIKO Corporation, which is developing rapidly, occupying the position of one of the key subdivisions for assembling products of both ECHO and Shindaiwa brands.

"ECHO Machinery" (PRC) is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 and operates exactly the same standards as other YAMABIKO plants.

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