How to Choose a Cordless Grass Trimmer

What is a cordless trimmer?

For mowing grass these days, the scythe is almost never used. Technical devices were invented: a cordless trimmer, gasoline and electric, a gasoline and electric lawn mower with 4 wheels. There are even robotic lawn mowers. The main characteristics of the battery trimmer must be considered in more detail.

How to Choose a Cordless Grass Trimmer

What is a battery trimmer

The cordless trimmer is a type of electric trimmer. The drive they have is an electric motor, but it receives power not from the network, but from its own battery. Many consumers have the following questions:

  1. What is such a device good for?
  2. How many minutes is it enough?
  3. How many hours should the battery be charged before operation?

Over the past 10-20 years, battery designs have improved, their output has increased. This was facilitated by the latest technology for their manufacture. These products began to have a large capacity and high reliability. With increasing capacity, the battery charge time has significantly decreased. Therefore, the designers decided to apply them in gardening equipment. It was equipped with such a power source and grass trimmer. and more manufacturing companies nowadays are trying to get a few samples of such devices in the assortment.

Image 1. Bosch cordless trimmer.

How to choose a trimmer for a personal household and garden? To do this, you need to know their differences and some advantages of the models. The garden trimmer with battery power is different from other themes, this mower is easy to use and light in weight. This is very important for some product consumers. Any woman (image No. 1) and elderly people can easily cope with such an installation. Cordless trimmers weigh significantly less than their gasoline counterparts.

A gasoline engine requires the preparation of a special mixture of gasoline and oil mixed in the right proportions for its work. This mixture must be carefully poured into a special power tank. Starting such an engine requires skill from the operator. During the operation of the unit, a lot of noise is produced, which together with the exhaust gases significantly worsens the joy of communication between the mower operator and wildlife. After all, at this time I want to enjoy the silence and clean air.

When working with mains powered electric mowers, long wires interfere very much, without which it is impossible to mow. The electric cord often has to be wound and unwound from a reel, make sure that it does not catch on something and is not damaged. Such a mower in the conditions of a land plot of a house or a country cottage does not make it possible to move away from the outlet by a distance exceeding the length of the cord.

The battery-powered electric trimmer is free from all the disadvantages listed above. It is widely used for:

Image 2. Varieties of trimmers.

  • do-it-yourself mowing of lawn grass on land plots of a summer residence or at home;
  • trimming the edges of paths and lawns;
  • removing grass between the beds of the garden;
  • removing grass growing along the fences between the shrubs.

It is not recommended to use an electric cordless trimmer over a large area.

Do not try to mow weeds and shrubs, as well as hard grass. These machines are intended only for mowing grass.

Battery Trimmer Device

The cordless trimmer is designed in much the same way as the electric trimmer. Their difference lies in receiving power from the battery or through a cable from a wall outlet. Parts of the battery device (image No. 2):

  • Electrical engine;
  • block with cutting devices;
  • barbell;
  • button to turn on the device and turn it off;
  • own battery.

Some models are equipped with small wheels for moving the tool. The mower must be equipped with a charger, with which you can charge the battery. Very rarely, they are sold without such a device. Their cost in this case is much lower than usual.

A block with cutting devices usually consists of plastic knives or fishing line. The fishing line may have a circular cross section or a triangular, hexagonal. The electric motor is mounted on the rod in the upper or lower part. Most often it is placed at the very bottom. This arrangement of the engine eliminates the use of a special shaft for transmitting rotation to the cutting unit.

The bar is designed to connect all nodes and for general trimmer control. It can be solid, metal, plastic, telescopic and detachable. The latter varieties reduce the dimensions of the mower for a summer residence, which makes the transportation of the device in the trunk of any car a fairly simple task. The telescopic handle allows you to adjust the length of the tool for the growth of the operator.

Some battery-powered lawn mowers have a cutting unit that rotates. This allows you to use a trimmer to trim the edge of the lawn. The battery for powering the engine is usually installed lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium, less commonly, nickel-metal hydride. Batteries are usually mounted on the top of the handle. Sometimes they are hung on the operator’s belt. This facilitates the overall weight of the trimmer, but you have to add a special cable to power the engine.

Some averaged characteristics of different battery-powered trim tabs are shown below:

  • working width. 230-400 mm;
  • weight without battery. 1.6-7.0 kg;
  • supply voltage. 14.4-36 V;
  • battery capacity. 1.3-4.5 A / h.

Work safety

Using trimmers requires compliance with certain safety regulations. Battery devices are not powered by the mains, but they can also be source of danger. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Before work, you should study the manual for the product;
  • wear trousers, closed shoes and safety glasses;
  • remove animals and people from the work area;
  • Do not work in the rain;
  • Do not use the device with the protective covers removed or broken;
  • it is not allowed to operate the battery-powered mower to unprepared persons;
  • Before connecting the battery, turn off the trimmer;
  • it is recommended that the batteries be charged by the devices specified by the manufacturer;
  • Do not use damaged devices to charge the battery;
  • Do not short-circuit the battery with metal objects.

How to choose an electric trimmer? When choosing it, you need to pay attention to the weight of the device and the design of the rod. It is better to buy a mower with a telescopic bar. The seller should specify the type of battery, its capacity, operating time and charging.

Based on the data received, you can choose a tool powered by a battery. You can try and make a do-it-yourself trimmer with your own hands.

To do this, just change the knives on a small diameter disc. Do-it-yourself electrocautery is also not a very difficult task. Skillful hands will cope with such a problem.

Conclusion on the topic

A gas scythe, an electric scythe and a cordless trimmer are varieties of lawn mowers. A lawn mower refers to hand tools for mowing grass. Gas trimmers are designed to handle large areas. They are not tied to an outlet, have high performance, and are equipped with a strap for hanging on the operator’s body. Ideal for working in hard-to-reach places is an electric trimmer.

Cordless grass trimmers are lightweight and simple in design.

Already on these grounds, you can make up a certain rating of products of this type in order to choose an electric trimmer.

How to choose a grass trimmer: types and their features, selection criteria

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A man plants a lawn with only one purpose. to enjoy a beautiful green meadow instead of unsightly soil overgrown with weeds. Any lawn will turn into such an unpretentious sight, if you do not take care of it: regular watering and mowing the lawn. this is the only key that allows a person to constantly enjoy the look of a green carpet. With watering, everything is more or less clear (it is done either manually or in automatic mode), but you need to deal with a haircut. Rather, not with a haircut, but with a device used by modern man to produce this work. Trimmer. it will be discussed about him in this article, in which together with the site we will talk about how to choose a grass trimmer. We will study its varieties and get acquainted with their features, we will also consider the selection criteria for this simple and necessary country tool.

How to choose the right grass trimmer photo

How to choose a grass trimmer: petrol models

A small fuel tank located on the trimmer gives you the so-called energy independence. it does not tie you to an electrical outlet and allows you to work away from home. This plus will be appreciated by the owners of large summer cottages, on which you have to unwind dozens, if not hundreds of meters of cable, to cut a distant lawn. But besides this advantage, such gasoline units also have other positive aspects that cannot be ignored when deciding the question of how to choose the right grass trimmer?

  1. Power. The gasoline drive of the lawn mower transmits a very large torque, which thanks to sharp knives allows you to mow not only grass, but also a very large shrub. we are talking about branches and trunks of trees or shrubs up to 15 mm thick. Agree, this is a very serious advantage, but in a well-kept cottage it may turn out to be unclaimed. this is an ideal option for putting in order abandoned and wild plots.
  2. Another positive aspect of lawn mowing is the ability to use it for hay for livestock feed. In principle, few people are engaged in this business at the dachas, and it is for this reason that this advantage will be in demand in rural areas.

Video: How to Choose a Cordless Grass Trimmer

How to choose an electric trimmer for hard grass photo

If we talk about the shortcomings of gasoline trimmers, then, among other things, there is only one significant point. this is the cost of the tool, which can exceed the price of a similar electric tool several times. In addition, fuel will cost a lot, especially when it comes to frequent, professional use of the tool. And that’s not all. the gas trimmer is a very noisy trimmer that you can work with only armed with earplugs.

What is the best grass trimmer: electric models

To date, the electric trimmer is the most popular tool for the care of the lawn and in general for the suburban area or garden. It owes its popularity to a relatively inexpensive price. Naturally, low cost affects the characteristics, and they, in turn, determine the disadvantages of the tool.

  1. Binding to an electrical outlet. at a great distance from it, it will not work. As an option, you can choose a cordless grass trimmer, which will give you the opportunity to mow grass without being fed from the mains for half an hour.
  2. The same electric wire, without which the trimmer is not able to work, creates problems in the mowing process. it is easy to get confused in it without the habit or even cut it with a scythe knife.
  3. Less power than gasoline units. this trimmer is designed in most cases for grass and no more. There are some models that can boast of high power, but their cost is close to the cost of lawn mowers. In general, you can’t ignore the power when choosing an electric trimmer. the weakest of them (200-400W) are suitable only for gentle lawn grass. If you are going to mow weeds and weeds, then the trimmer needs to be purchased with a maximum power (1000-1400W).

Which is better grass trimmer photo

In all other respects, these are very good gardening tools, which, unlike their gasoline counterparts, work very quietly and do not have a lot of weight. They are easy to manage and operate, for which they have received their distribution. According to many people, for a private house and small summer cottages this is the best grass trimmer. Naturally, if you can make the right choice, which is what we’ll talk about later, but first we’ll watch a short video that clearly shows all the features of choosing a grass trimmer.

Classification according to cutting tool type

Almost all trimmers (both gasoline and electric) are equipped with two types of cutting tools.

  1. Thick fishing line. As a rule, this is the priority of electric trimmers designed to work with grass. The fishing line is refueled in a special drum, from where it is fed in a semi-automatic mode as necessary. The need often arises, especially if the scythe finds on a stone. a fishing line, no matter how strong it is, comes off, after which it is necessary to make a stop, press a button and pull the fishing line, pushing it out of the drum. Depending on the density of the grass you have to work with, you can install fishing lines of various thicknesses on the trimmer.
  2. Circular knife. A powerful tool designed to work with coarse grass and even bushes needs a long-lasting and durable knife. for this reason, such a cutting tool is installed mainly on gasoline trimmers. In some ways, this cutter can be compared to a circular saw.

How to choose a grass trimmer photo

In principle, there may be variations. for example, heavy-duty electric trimmers (over 1200W) can be equipped with cutting discs, and low-power gasoline units, on the contrary, with a fishing line drum.

Tips and tricks for choosing an electric trimmer

With power and other characteristics, everything is more or less clear, and it is on them that people who first come across this issue rely on. Unlike them, professionals pay a lot of attention to ergonomics. the convenience of working with the tool. It’s no secret that convenience is provided by additional and, at first glance, insignificant functions.

  1. The shape of the pen. There are two options here. some trimmers are equipped with a handle in the shape of the letter D, and some have a T-shaped handle. The first option makes it easy to maneuver the tool, which has to be done in small suburban areas. The second, T-shaped option, will be appreciated by people who have to mow grass on large areas.
  2. Vibration damper. A very useful feature that will protect your hands from excessive fatigue is one thing to work with a trimmer for a short time, and another when you control it for several hours in a row. Yes, there are several hours. after twenty minutes of operation, the vibration of the instrument begins to have a negative effect on the person.
  3. Telescopic rod. Almost everyone knows that working in a half-bent state is much more difficult. when your back is even, you get tired less and your productivity increases.

How to choose a grass trimmer photo

Also, choosing an electric trimmer for giving, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the location of the drive. There are two options here. in some models it is located in close proximity to the cutting tool, and in others at its opposite end. In the latter case, the drive works as a counterbalance, reducing the load on the person. it is better to choose such trimmers for long-term operation. As for the summer cottage option of this type of tool, the first version of the tool is also suitable for short work.

And in conclusion of the topic, how to choose a grass trimmer, I will say a few words about the battery models of trimmers. As mentioned above, they are designed for very short work (20-30 min.), And for this reason, they are not suitable as the main tool for lawn care. The ideal area of ​​their application is grass mowing in hard-to-reach places, at least, according to manufacturers, and practice shows that in 99% of cases such places can easily be handled by an ordinary electric trimmer.

How to choose a grass trimmer? Gas, electric, battery trimmers. which one to choose? Plant site

In the process of caring for a summer cottage or a green meadow in front of the house, a special place is given to the grass mowing procedure. It’s not very convenient to work with a classic lawn mower, and even an ordinary scythe will not be able to give the lawn a well-groomed appearance. This problem is solved quite simply: by acquiring a trimmer for mowing grass. This is an absolutely indispensable device when you need to cut the grass in a difficult place, in particular, inside a flowering flower bed or around a tree, shrubs, along the edge of a lawn or near a path, fence. That is why the trimmer is becoming an increasingly popular technical device. But how to choose a grass trimmer? A newcomer to the use of this gardening technique should understand that often any hand-held lawn mower of such a device is called grass trimmers. In fact, the grass trimmer is somewhat different from electric and lawn mowers (lawn mowers), primarily in terms of low power, the device of the engine itself, and the absence of additional nozzles in the form of knives or a cutting disc. Its only cutting tool is the fishing line. But often, even consultants in trading floors do not comply with such a clear classification, and all such technical means are called trimmers, because their device is very similar: a bar equipped on the lower end with a rotating cutting head that performs the function of a scythe, and the engine that drives it, located at the top or bottom of the bar. In addition, even in petrol and electric braids, trim tabs exist, therefore, a clear separation in the name of the modern "braid" is rarely observed. How to choose a trimmer for mowing grass and in which case you need to give preference to moto and electric braids?

Grass trimmer

Depending on the location of the engine, devices with: upper position are distinguished; The first type of tools is more practical and more productive, as it cools well during operation, has special protection against possible mechanical damage and moisture. Trimmers with the engine located below will require more gentle handling, as their engine may be damaged when working with random objects; moisture may get into them after rain or during dew. Depending on the type of power supply, modern “braids” are divided into: electrical, in this case, the power source is a conventional outlet; rechargeable, that is, powered by a rechargeable battery; gasoline requiring refueling.

Electric grass trimmers, how to choose the right one

When choosing an electric trimmer for mowing grass, you need to know: its undeniable advantages are that it practically does not make noise during operation, is easy to operate. its launch is carried out by pressing a single button, much easier than gasoline. there is no need to carry gasoline on it; it does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases. A significant drawback of the electric trimmer is that the device must be connected to a constant current source. This greatly reduces the mobility of the device, since there is no way to freely move around the site. In addition, there is a possibility of electric cable falling under the trimmer knife. Yes, and you can use an electric trimmer only to mow dry grass to avoid electric shock. The most practical electric trimmers with a straight, and not with a curved bar. They are more reliable, more powerful, vibrate less, give the opportunity for a better overview of the site. When choosing an electric grass trimmer, you need to know that there are models that are equipped with wheels or a roller that lighten the load on the hands and provide the same level of grass mowing. In hotel models, the cutting part can turn up to 90 degrees, which makes them more maneuverable in places that are difficult to access for mowing grass.

Cordless grass trimmer, pros and cons

If desired, you can purchase a trimmer equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. The main disadvantage of this option is that its operation time is limited by the battery power. After discharging, battery recovery is required. The advantage of the battery trimmer is high mobility, lightness, environmental friendliness.

Petrol grass trimmers, how to choose the right one

When choosing a grass trimmer with a gasoline engine, keep in mind that tools of this type produce a very loud noise during operation. In addition, they are more difficult to maintain, heavier than electric and battery ones, pollute air during operation, and require constant refueling. Another “minus” to the piggy bank of this device is strong vibration during work. But all these shortcomings are more than compensated by the performance of the device, which makes them the most bought. For gas trimmers, even virgin grass is not at all terrible. They do a great job with mowing grass designed for feeding pets.

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How to choose a grass trimmer. general recommendations

When choosing a trimmer for mowing grass, first of all, you should decide what maximum area you plan to mow, how often, and what is the quality of the grass (thick, high, low, thin.) for mowing. Making a choice, it will be most correctly repelled from the largest expected amount of work, which means that the trimmer power should be enough to mow heavily overgrown sections of a large area. In this case, the best choice would be the lightest trimmer with the greatest power. If the trimmer is chosen only to give a well-groomed look to the home lawn, simple lawn care, the simplest specimen equipped with the simplest cutting tool. fishing line is enough for it to act as scissors. Depending on the maximum size of the plot selected for mowing, the distance from the outlets that serve as a power source, and the total amount of work, you should choose the type of trimmer: electric, battery or gasoline. To process a large enough area where there is young growth or shrubs, or if you plan to mow heavily overgrown areas frequently, you should purchase a trimmer with high power indicators and an additional set of devices designed to trim the bush, that is, choose between an electric or lawn mowing. In especially difficult cases, you should choose a trimmer with a gasoline engine as a more powerful one, while it should have additional equipment in the form of a knife or disk. The usual trimmer for mowing grass with fishing line will be useless here and will quickly fail. When choosing a grass trimmer, pay attention to the cross section of the fishing line recommended for this tool. The small diameter of the fishing line indicates a small trimmer power, which means that it can be suitable for mowing short and thin grasses. The recommended diameter of the larger fishing line also indicates the wider possibilities of the trimmer. Also note that a round fishing line is consumed faster, while a square fishing line lasts longer. In most models, the line is fed semi- or fully automatically, which simplifies the work of gardening equipment.

When choosing a trimmer, please note that the presence of a split rod will increase the grip of the mowed surface, as well as the presence of adjustable fastening straps. They will help facilitate work by reducing the burden on the hands and shoulder girdle. During mowing, the tool can be hung on the shoulder.

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We hope that these recommendations on how to choose a grass trimmer will help in making a decision. When working with the trimmer do not forget to take breaks. This will extend its service life. The break time is indicated in the accompanying instructions.