Electric Lawn Mower Won’T Start

The petrol lawn mower will not start The petrol lawn mower will not start. Why?

The lawn mower won’t start

If at the first start, your new lawn mower refuses to start, try the following: based on the air temperature outside, set the appropriate air damper position (at temperatures less than 30 C, the damper is closed, over 30 C half-closed position), then pump fuel into the carburetor and carefully, but pull the starter handle rather sharply until you feel some resistance. Repeat these steps in the same sequence several times. A brand new instrument must start. If this finally happened, you can safely start working by opening the damper completely beforehand.

If the mower is no longer new, then it is necessary to start its inspection from the gas tank. If the device has not been in operation for a long time, then it is necessary to drain off the old gasoline, which has a peculiarity of running out, i.E. Lose its octane properties, and refill with fresh fuel mixture. The gasoline / fuel ratio, as well as the required grades, are usually indicated in the operating instructions for the tool.

Now you need to check the spark plug, either the problem is in itself, or in the fuel system. The candle must be carefully unscrewed and its condition evaluated. If the candle is heavily flooded or there is black carbon on it, then it must be removed, cleaned and dried. Drain the excess fuel, if any, from the spark plug holes, drain the cylinder itself, then screw in the dried or, even more desirable, a completely new plug. If the plug was completely dry initially, you need to look for a problem in the fuel supply system. Check the fuel filter first. To do this, disconnect the suction hose and remove the dirty filter from it, clean it and reinstall it, or replace it with a new one. If this does not help, you should contact the service center specialists.

The petrol lawn mower will not start. Why?

Will not start after winter

In this case, you just need to drain the old and, possibly, even frozen fuel and fill in the freshly prepared mixture. Then you need to perform the same manipulations as during the first start of the lawn mower.

Mechanical Lawn Mower McAllister GSS15F-2

electric lawn mower won't start

Rational, well-thought-out design, robust steel body, excellent cutting parameters (height 38 mm / working width 38 cm), soft grass catcher 30 l, affordable price, recommended area of ​​3 acres due to optimal performance, the MacAllister power lawn mower is in high demand, especially in small private properties

Trimmers MacAllister

The range of lawn mowers is represented by gasoline, electric and cordless tools.

Electric Trimmer MacAllister 25 cm 300 W

A simple compact tool is not difficult to use at all, it will suit even beginners. Trimmer power 0.3 kW, cutting width 25 cm, cutting line 1.2 mm thick.

The McAllister version 28 cm 430 W is more powerful 0.43 kW, provides a cutting width of 28 cm. The 0.6 kW trimmer captures a 30 cm interval when cutting. The GT3038 and BC2339 electric braids are the most powerful equipped with 1 kW electric motors.

In the first case, the causes of breakdowns can be:

  • Blocked blades when trying to cut too hard grass or bushes. In this case, the cylinder is freed from the stuck grass and rolled in the other direction.
  • Blunt or damaged knives. Knives are sharpened or replaced.
  • Incorrect positioning of knives, leading to a deterioration in the controllability of the equipment, a decrease in the quality of work. The problem is corrected by adjusting the gap.
  • Vibrations and rattling of the machine due to loose bolt connections. Bolt connections adjust.
  • Models with line may have problems with the trimmer reel. The line may run out, break or get tangled.

Electric Lawn Mower Will Not Start

Electrical faults:

  • The reason that the electric lawnmower stalls immediately after starting or during operation may be a break in the supply cable or a loss of power in the network.
  • The electric trimmer gets very hot and can smoke. Overheating of the engine and its probable failure can be caused by too long operation or overload, which occurs due to blocking of the cutting elements by any foreign objects. Sparking and fumes can be caused by improperly selected or incorrectly positioned brushes.
  • One of the reasons why the electric lawn mower does not start is a malfunction of the control button.

Types of malfunctions of electric mowers

Why won’t the lawn mowers start?

To answer the question, you need to understand that all breakdowns are divided into mechanical and electrical. The first include malfunctions:

  • Knives;
  • Wheels;
  • Handles;
  • Housing.

To the second, everything connected with the engine, be it electric or gasoline.

It is not difficult to repair blunt knives on your own, since they are removable and you can sharpen them with ordinary emery, maintaining a sharpening angle of 30 degrees. In case of malfunction of other parts, i.E. Bodies, wheels, handles, they will also need repair or replacement.

In battery-powered devices, battery failure is added to this problem. It is more difficult to deal with the repair of a lawn mower equipped with a motor, i.E. Gasoline and electric lawn mower.

In the first case, the problem of overheating and overload, as well as malfunctions in the oil and fuel supply circuit, are added to possible breakdowns. An electrical breakdown can also be caused by overheating or overload, since not all models are equipped with protection.

You will have to cool the electric motor by disconnecting it from the power supply and replace the filter. In the future, in order to avoid repairing the electrical apparatus, it must be cleaned at least once every three months.

If there is an abnormal noise or odor, the electric lawnmower needs repair. Not everyone will do it with their own hands, because the drive will need to be replaced.

What kind of electric lawn mower repair can you handle yourself?

A reliable and simple tool for cutting grass in a garden, a lawn mower is extremely in demand. However, it can break. Repair required. Electric lawn mowers are usually repaired at a service center.

In order not to transport a sufficiently voluminous apparatus to the workshop, a number of faults can be eliminated with your own hands.

Electric lawn mower malfunctions

If the electric mower is silent, the cause may be a power outage and a broken cord. To check if there is current in the network, use another electrical device plugged into the outlet. The cord must be inspected and replaced if a break is found. Disconnect it with a hexagon, and check for a break with a multimeter.

As is the case with gasoline lawn mowers, the cause of an inoperative electric motor can be overheating and overload (blocking of the element by a foreign object). The troubleshooting procedure is the same as described above.

What to do if the petrol lawn mower won’t start?

The most important point when using any equipment is to comply with the basic rules of operation and its timely maintenance. This approach will ensure that your petrol lawn mower is working properly and for a long time. Still, sometimes unforeseen situations happen, and the device for some reason does not want to start. In our article we will tell you about the possible causes and solutions to this problem.

Faults that you can correct yourself

When your petrol lawnmower will not start, the first step is to check that there is fuel in the tank. If it is missing. Top up to the desired level. Often, when the device is not used for a long time, gasoline runs out, so it must be completely drained and refilled with new. This procedure must be done carefully so that fuel does not get onto the engine, as this can lead to ignition in the future (when the engine heats up). Which gasoline is better to use, you can find out from the technical passport of the device.

In order for the unit to start, you need to pump fuel with a primer (if available in this model) into the carburetor and set the maximum speed. You need to start the technique carefully. The starter cord must be smoothly pulled out until it stops, and then pull it towards you with one even sharp movement.

A problem can occur if the air damper is not correctly positioned during the first start. Depending on the air temperature, it is completely closed or set to the middle position (above 30 C). Then it must be fully opened.

Check the air filter for dirt. To do this, turn off the machine and disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Unscrew the cover and remove the filter. Wash it with gasoline and dry it thoroughly, or just put a new one. Remember that it is recommended to change the air filter after every 25 hours of operation.

Another reason your petrol lawnmower won’t start could be a faulty spark plug. Perhaps she was just flooded with fuel. In this case, unscrew it, clean it and check for a spark. It may not be present when the spark plug is filled with fuel. Place choke control handle (if equipped) in the CLOSED position and start the engine. If this does not help, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Try to constantly inspect the underside of the unit, as any damage to it may cause the engine to stall.

If your petrol lawn mower started up normally but stopped working almost immediately, it is likely that the crankshaft or piston is stuck. Another reason may be insufficient oil in the crankcase. We recommend manually moving these parts and checking the oil level with a special dipstick, you may be able to correct this problem.

However, remember that the replacement and repair of all faulty components and elements should be entrusted to professionals from authorized service centers. Never do it yourself.

If you want to talk with a specialist and get advice on the issue that has arisen, call us by phone: 7 (495) 135-29-39 every day from 10.00 to 20.00. We will provide all the information you need.