Electric Or Chainsaw Which is Better

Sooner or later, any summer resident or the owner of their own house on earth thinks about buying a reliable saw. He immediately raises the question. which is better: electric or chainsaw? You can make a stool, cut dry branches or perform some simple work with a hacksaw or an ax. However, where these types of tools do not cope, electric and chainsaws are taken up. The only question is which saw is better. You can find out by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of both tools.

Nutrition and Mobility

This characteristic is the main difference between the saws in question. The name "saw" speaks for itself. Such saws are powered by electricity, and before you decide on a saw, make sure that there is an electrical outlet in the nearest place the saw works. Such ease of manipulation will only be a plus for this type of saw, but the drawback will be the presence of an always interfering cord. If the work is carried out near the house, then the cord will not become an obstacle, and the saw will be indispensable. Difficulties can arise if you want to process the site, since the cord has a strictly defined length, and with active movement it may not be enough. Then you will have to purchase an extension cord and constantly drag the wire behind you and at the same time watch so that the wire does not get damaged anywhere.

the main thing chainsaw advantage. it is mobility and portability. With a chainsaw, you can move in different directions and move away from home, for example, take a walk in the forest for firewood. It will be indispensable for frequent power surges, in rural areas the voltage drop reaches 150-180V. Another weighty argument for the chainsaw will be the opportunity to take it with you on vacation, hunting or fishing.

Performance and power

Many consider saws light and compact. However, the saw is a household tool, and the chainsaw is a more professional type of tool, so with almost the same weight and dimensions, professional and semi-professional chainsaws will be much more powerful than any household saw.

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A chainsaw is used more often in working with wood, which is distinguished by a high density or thickness. And for simple construction work, a saw is more suitable. The difference will be, and the operating time drank. the saw works for 15-20 minutes with a break for engine cooling, and chainsaws can work up to 8 hours without a break.

Working moments

the saw is not recommended to work in conditions of high humidity, for example, during rain or heavy snowfall. A chainsaw is not afraid of even severe frost, it can be used mono in almost any weather conditions.

Comfort in work and environmental friendliness

The saw is often chosen due to its comfortable and convenient use. Due to the small vibration and not so much noise during operation, you do not get tired any longer, because the load is minimal. In the case of chainsaws, forces will have to make several times more. It is worth noting that the saw does not have exhaust gases, unlike a chainsaw, and therefore it can be safely used in small closed or unventilated rooms and rooms, without fear of harming one’s health.

Care Required

To work with a chainsaw, it is necessary to prepare a special mixture of gasoline (preferably AI-92), to which two-stroke oil is added in the right proportion. Proportions are usually indicated on the tank. Lubricate the chain with oil for easy cutting and quick removal of sawdust. One tank of oil is enough for two tanks of the fuel mixture.

For saws, it is also recommended to use chain oil. One refueling provides 40-50 minutes of work. When the chain is jammed, it is necessary to stop the engine, raise or change the position of the log. The main thing is not to pull the tool, in order to free the chain. This can cause serious damage.

Which is better: an electric or chainsaw?

Based on the foregoing, it is fashionable to draw conclusions. Electric and chainsaws are used for woodwork, but of different levels of complexity and in different conditions. saws will not be equal in closed poorly ventilated rooms, and it is fashionable to take a chainsaw with you in any weather conditions.

The choice of a saw depends on your summer cottage and on the type of work that you are going to do on it.

Electric Or Chainsaw Which is Better