Electric saw for cutting knots of trees. Rating of the best models

Which chain electric saw to buy

A similar tool is popular with both home masters and professionals. Therefore, the main criteria for choosing a chain electric saw depend on the tasks that are to be solved with its help.

The main indicator of the productivity of the device is power:

  • For infrequent work in everyday life, drunk dry branches, small repair will be enough with a capacity of 1000 watts.
  • Larger construction and carpentry work, as well as logging, will require electric saws with a engine not weaker than 2000 watts.

The permissible value of the processed blanks or trunks of trees depends on the length of the tire. When using in private economy, the optimal value will be 30 centimeters. For processing thick logs, rolls of forest or construction work, it is better to use models with a tire of about 40-45 cm.

An important characteristic is the chain step. The optimal indicator for neat and safe cut without risk of reverse blow is the value of 3/8 inch.

It is also worth paying attention to the weight of the device. The convenience of prolonged work with the tool depends on this. Motorpils for home use weigh about 3-4 kilograms, more productive-up to 7 kg.

To protect yourself and others from injuries, we recommend that you consider when buying a double insulation saw, blocking a circuit circuit breaker or a pin stiff.

Sadovaya saw for branches. 1589 goods.1589 goods

Combitum saw Garden curved blade length: 300 mm radial Gardena Gardena 300 PR Radial Libe has a web length of 300 mm and is suitable for various purposes. depending on your tasks. The saw lies comfortably in the hand, facilitating the process of work. Practical function: just fixed.

It is used for longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood of different species, rolling of garden trees, cutting of twigs and woodwork. The saw does not emit toxic exhausts, which allows you to work in the room, also the saw has high power. Thanks to the rubberized.

Convenient folding saw PF-ST-F02. necessary tools for tourists. Suitable for cutting branches and small logs. The blade in the open position is fixed with a special lock, and in the folded. Cold in the handle tightly. Rapid cutting trihedral but.

Type of. Garden saw | Appointment. to care for shrubs and trees | Length. 300 mm | Material. chrome steel | Additionally. The mount is provided for fixing the saw on the telescopic handle (the telescopic handle is purchased separately)

Top 5 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees for Wood Branches Cutting, Tree Trimming & Camping 2022 Review

Universal tourist saw of the trace. An indispensable tool for tourists and lovers of outdoor activities. Suitable for cutting branches and small logs. Durable teeth of the saw allow you to quickly saw wood, and high.quality steel excludes them for.

These are equipment used to cut branches, sawing wood and woodwork. The device is equipped with an internal combustion engine, which is responsible for performance. Due to the small weight, compact sizes, maneuverability and access are provided.

Garden saw 300 mm Palisad 236035 serves to trim the crowns of trees. For the convenience of carrying, scabbard and suspension for a waist belt are provided. Two.component handle provides comfort during operation

Description: for branches, twigs, cutting of the cutting canvases: 1 material of the cutting canvas: carbon stealdlin of the cutting canvas, mm: 340.tooth: tempered linen: non.material hilt: wood.tree wood: pushing gorgeous rod: Netechekhol: Netechekhol: Netechekhol.

Garden curved saw of the 300 PP Gardena 08738-20 Combage Service provides careful care for garden trees and shrubs. Has a curved blade with triple sharpening. The canvas is made of steel with chrome coating and a pulsed hardening has passed to increase firmly.

Light and practical folding saw will come in handy for woodwork. Material. alloy steel. Durable, not subject to corrosion and fragile destruction. The handle is finished with plastic

The nozzle for universal knobs easily and quickly joins without the use of additional tools. A garden saw is adjusted to the nozzle angle, and the effective geometry of teeth helps easily cut branches of fruit trees

This is universal equipment with high operational qualities. Installation is compact, good maneuverability and ease of use. A powerful engine can cope with the tasks of any complexity, and the durable case allows you to reduce.

Garden saw with a two.component rubberized handle with a protective curtain and a latch for blocking a blade in both positions. Shobbing at such a saw is its handle. The ability to fold the saw makes it safe and convenient to store and transport. Designed.

Light and practical folding saw will come in handy for woodwork. Material. alloy steel. Durable, not subject to corrosion and fragile destruction. The handle is finished with plastic

Huter BS-40 chainsaw is a high-performance tool working on an internal combustion engine. Light and compact design is responsible for the processing of wood of any thickness. The engine is located in such a way as to ensure good maneuverability and simplicity.

The hacksaw itself is removed and can be used separately as (Art 28153

Electric saw Huter ELS-1500P is an indispensable tool for working in small suburban areas or during the construction of small facilities. Equipment is used for sawing wood and branches. Actively used for simplicity of firewood harvesting. Equipped with aircraft.

Luching saw Palisad 60418 with a length of the working part is 300 mm, with the possibility of quick change of the canvas, is used for semi.professional use: trimming of branches, cuts of lines, bars, etc.D. Due to the shape of the tooth “Wolf Fang” with enlarged fillets, a saw can be drained.

To perform work at an altitude of up to 5 meters, the garden saw can be easily lengthened using the Gardena tescopic handle (not included). Solid chromium protects the blade from corrosion and rust. The hand does not slip even when moving on itself.

Pros and cons

Each saw option has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing a tool. Manual. light and mobile, but more time is spent during work. The electric saws are convenient and fast, but the length of the cable limits the area of ​​use. In the chainsaws, it is necessary to refuel the tank, but they, of course, are more practical than electrical. The battery has enough battery for several hours of work, which is very convenient. such saws are easy to manage and quite light.

Varieties and their characteristics

Tools for pruning branches set. A novice gardener will have to thoroughly understand all varieties in order to make the right choice for himself. Garden saws are the following types.

  • Classic. have a different length of the canvas and a different number of teeth. In most cases, they are equipped with a change of canvas.
  • Narrow. due to their parameters, allow you to cut any lines or holes. Often located teeth are placed on one or two planes, which makes the tool very convenient to use. The canvas itself should not bend, so you should choose steel.
  • With a leapness. a rib of stiffness is provided, which does not allow a hacksaw to bend during operation. In this regard, it is impossible to make low cuts, since this design does not contribute to this, but thanks to a convenient handle, this option is very comfortable in application.
  • Luchki. use to sawn up knots and gross parts of plants, in addition, you can saw both along and in the ground. Such a modification is quite diverse and in its practicality resembles a small woodworking installation. But it is not easy to control this tool, since it is bulky and has a narrow canvas, which is quite fragile and often breaks.
  • Award. outwardly similar to a shirt, has several handles. This kind of tool is easy to use, it is easy for them to work on different types of trees.
  • Folding. well suits both for working in the garden and for nature hikes thanks to compact sizes and lightweight.

In addition to manual garden tools, there are many other types of saws in specialized retail outlets or online stores:

When applying them, less effort is applied and, in addition, the working hours are significantly saved. Before purchasing, you need to decide on the purpose of the tool. For novice gardeners, it is better to opt for less powerful equipment, since it is much easier in work and does not create special problems in handling it.

The electric chain saw is very simple to handle and the lightest of all mechanical equipment for sawing. The power supply of such a tool comes from the mains and is limited to the length of the cable. A big plus of this option is that they do not throw exhaust gases. Electric saber saw copes well with bitch of any diameter. Chainsaws that have an internal combustion engine provide for refueling the tank with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Tentatively it is enough for an hour and a half. For this reason, such a saw is more practical than its electric counterpart. When buying this type of garden tool, some nuances should be taken into account:

Some experts advise to use the electrical vibrational hacksaw of the Farm brand instead of manual saw. Such a tool is well suited for trees in the spring and autumn periods. Bosch Keo battery saw allows you to perfectly cope with different types of work in the garden or in the country. It easily drinks branches up to 80 mm and a significant plus can be called the presence of a special A-Grip hook, thanks to which such saws are called one-handed, since it is very convenient to work with them with one hand.

There is a soft cover for storage in the set, there is a battery charge indicator. The tool is quite maneuverable, and the switch has several cutting modes depending on the type of material. Charge is enough for three hours of work. In addition, such a saw is light and easy to use. Many people know that using a ladder or staircase in the garden is not very convenient, which creates problems when pruning large plants. In this regard, a special saw on the rod for tall trees has been developed. It has a telescopic handle, which is stretched to different lengths and allows you to work from the ground, without using additional devices. Long maneuverable handle makes it possible to cut branches from different angles.

For women who themselves take care of the garden, an ideal option would be a battery saw for giving. Such a mobile tool thanks to the battery, and weighs relatively little. There are also small electric saws, specially designed for women.

How to choose a suitable device

When choosing a saber’s file, it is necessary to take into account the main characteristics of the device:

  • Speed ​​setting. this characteristic allows you to adjust the effect of the tool to materials of various densities. The speed adjustment by changing the pressure on the starting key is largely convenient, but it requires a certain dexterity for the accurate selection of the desired cut intensity. Models with a switch in the form of a slider or wheeled make it possible to set certain speed values ​​without the risk of exceeding the desired indicator.
  • Connecting equipment. Saw canvases can be mounted with or without a key. The second option is more preferable and is more common in modern devices, as it helps to increase the convenience in operating the tool.
  • Power. determines the productivity of the tool when working with materials of various structures and density. It affects the length and speed of the stroke, as well as the type of sawdust equipment used.
  • The depth of sawing. for soft materials (wood) can reach 300 mm, when working with solid (metal). 130 mm.
  • The speed of the course. limiting in modern units is about 3,000 moves per minute. It is better to opt for models with the ability to configure this parameter to adjust the cut for different types of material.
electric, cutting, knots, trees, rating

Sable saw battery can be built.in or removable. The possibility of rearranging a spare battery allows you to perform tasks without a break to recharge the device. When breaking the power source, it will be enough to replace only this part, and not buy a new tool, as in the case of the unsuitability of the built.in battery.

Most of the files of the files are sold without a battery in the kit, which reduces the total cost of the device. In this regard, it is better to purchase battery tools of one brand and supplement them with a pair of universal batteries, which can be rearranged from one device to another if necessary.

The saw canvas can be made from various alloys that differ in the scope of application:

  • Instrumental steel (HSS). suitable for sawing metal surfaces;
  • High.carbon steel (HCS). works well with plastics and wood;
  • Combined steel (BIM). combines the types of HSS and HCS, is used for processing wood and plastic products;
  • hard alloy (HM/CT). cuts materials with a solid structure and abrasive, such as tiles and steel.

Not all models of devices are blocking, but it is important to observe safety and eliminates the accidental inclusion of the tool. When choosing a model, it will not be superfluous to check the convenience of the location of this button relative to the start key.

BlackDecker BDCR18N

Compact manual saw operating from the battery, which has the function of smooth speed tuning. The model provides comfortable sawing of plastic, metal and wooden materials.

The canvases change easily and quickly without the need to use the key. A sliding battery with a spring system does not allow garbage and dust to penetrate the tool. Charging and battery are purchased separately. The size of the saw nozzle is 15 cm.

  • The progress of the saw. 22 mm;
  • type of battery-Li-Ion;
  • speed. 3000 moves/min;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • The capacity of the power source is 1.5 Ah;
  • Price. 4490 r.

Makita JR105DZ

Model with a lithium-ion battery and engine brush type. Can saw wood up to 50 mm thick. Saw canvases are attached with a screw. The device is equipped with a backlight, a smooth installation of the speed mode by adjusting the press force on the start button, and the engine electric protection. Charging and battery are not included in the device.

  • Pilage stroke. 13 mm;
  • noise. 80 dB;
  • speed. 3300 moves/min;
  • cut size. 50 mm;
  • The weight of the tool is 1.3 kg;
  • battery voltage. 10.8 V;
  • Price. 6669 r.

Patriot RS 180

A product with a smooth start for a quick sawing of metal, plastic, wood and drywall. Small weight allows you to operate the saw for a long time without interruptions, the handle with the rubberized surface provides reliable fixation in the hand and prevents the slippage. The replacement of the canvas is carried out in a wandering way. The model is implemented without a battery and charging device.

  • The number of speeds is one;
  • cut size. 100 mm;
  • speed. 2800 moves/min;
  • file size. 150 mm;
  • weight. 1.6 kg;
  • The progress of the saw. 22 mm;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • Price. 3590 r.
  • high power;
  • compatible with other batteries of a similar brand;
  • simple change of equipment;
  • you can use universal saw canvases;
  • Good work with a thick dry tree.

Bosch Keo 0.600.861.900

A compact device for sawing branches and other not too thick materials when changing equipment. The emphasis of the A-shaped type simplifies the processing of hanging branches. The trigger key also is responsible for increasing and reducing the number of moves of the saw canvas. The full charge of the built-in battery of the tool is enough for 30-190 cuts. Together with the device, the kit is charging, a latch and a saw nozzle.

  • The progress of the saw. 20 mm;
  • The number of speeds is one;
  • the size of the canvas. 150 mm;
  • noise. 72 dB;
  • battery voltage. 10.8 V;
  • The capacity of the power source is 1.5 Ah;
  • cut size. 80 mm;
  • weight. 1.05 kg;
  • Battery type-Li-Ion;
  • Price. 6990 r.

Makita DJR185Z

Saber saw for processing ferrous metals, wood and plastic. The canvas changes using a hexagonal key. The compact size of the device allows you to work in hard.to.reach places without access to the mains.

The model is sold without charging and battery. There is a convenient speed setup. The product is characterized by a high sawing rate and can reach a cut depth of 50 mm.

Types of saws for pruning trees

To care for trees in the garden (removal of unnecessary, damaged and dried branches, that is, pruning), use a tool for pruning the following types:

Hand saws designed to solve this problem are the following configurations:

Almost all manual saws are used to cut a small number of trees. They differ in the length of the canvas and the shape of the handle. When properly sharpening the saw for cutting wood, it allows you to remove branches and knots with high quality. The main disadvantage of such saws is their low performance.

Pruning of branches and knots of small diameter can be done with a jigsaw. With it, you can make the most accurate cut. For example, cut a bush or young shoots that are not needed. The remaining saws for such purposes most often have a curved blade (have a saber.looking) length from 33 mm to 38 mm.

electric, cutting, knots, trees, rating

Electric saw for cutting branches and trees is the most universal tool with good performance. For trimming branches located in the crown of trees, a saw on a long handle is used. Some models have a telescopic pen. It allows you to cut the most remote knot.

An electric tool requires a constant presence of an electric energy source. In the presence of an extension cord, the required length can be cut off by electric saw branches in the most remote corner of the garden.

One of the options for such an electric tool is a saber.shaped saw. It is convenient for its shape and allows you to trim the most inaccessible branches.

How to choose

To select the most suitable electric saw, you should carefully study the following characteristics that are indicated in the passport:

  • handle shape;
  • the shape and size of the teeth;
  • type of secateur;
  • tool weight;
  • length of cable;
  • power method (from external source or battery);
  • Features of operation.

Each garden saw for trimming trees has its own characteristics. Depending on its design, the convenience of its application is determined. For example, the handle of such a tool is of great importance. The speed and quality of trimming of branches and knots of various diameters depends on the shape and size of the teeth.

Electric saw in the process of modernization turned into a convenient universal tool with a set of necessary functions. For example, a model with a radial lever successfully combines the capabilities of the end and disk saw. By cutting method, modern electric cars are divided into the following categories:

The size of the installed teeth is indicated on the electric vehicle canvas. It is marked with an abbreviation of the three Latin letters TPI and two digits located through a dash. By this marking, it is determined to accurately determine the size:

  • TPI marking.3-6 indicates that the electric saw has large teeth, which are designed to trim thick branches and even small diameter trunks (however, it should be remembered that the cut is rough and can damage the tissues of the tree);
  • TPI marking.7-9 means that small teeth are installed on the saw, which allow you to produce even sparing sawing without breaking tissues.

The presence of large teeth increases the performance of work, but reduces their quality. Small teeth increase the time required for trimming, but the cut is high.quality.

The shape of the teeth on the saw determines the purpose:

  • triangular teeth with oblique corners, sharpened on both sides (in appearance reminding hooks) are used to conduct a longitudinal saw;
  • In the form of isosceles triangles are used for transverse sawing.

The mass.body characteristics of the electric saw largely determine the duration and quality of the work ongoing. If such a saw is very heavy, fast fatigue occurs and it is difficult to hold. This can lead to injury.

The reliability of the manufacturer is of great importance. You should always trust only proven and well.proven companies. An important factor when choosing is the price of the tool. If it is planned that the electric saw will be used irregularly (only in the spring and autumn months), you should think about whether it is worth buying a professional tool of a high price segment.

Additional equipment for work in the garden and in the personal plot is a secateur. They are made of two types: bypass and stubborn. The seokator’s choice must be made on the basis of the list of alleged work. The bypass model allows you to get more smooth sections after pruning. In this case, only a small part of the branch is deformed. They can be trimmed both living and dry branches. Ideally, it is better to have both kinds in the arsenal of both types.

Garden saws for trees. 955 goods.955 goods

“The size of the blade: 18cm. High.quality steel blade (65MN). The rubberized two.component handle prevents the sliding of the hand, provides a convenient grip. For security, the blade is fixed in the open and folded state

electric, cutting, knots, trees, rating

The folding saw on the tree of the Gross Piranha 23616 for campsite and garden with a 2-component handle, a canvas of 150 mm, torn teeth with a step of 9-10 tpi and a 3d-set, is useful on a picnic, in a campaign or on a summer cottage. Designed for longitudinal and transverse roll.

Luching saw Palisad 60420 with a working part of 530 mm and a two.component handle has teeth of the “wolf fang” type with enlarged fillets, therefore it is designed to cut any type of wood along or across the fibers. Professional tool will be useful for the builder.

Garden saw Palisad 236035 with a working part of 300 mm and a two.component plastic handle, complete with a scabbard with a suspension, requires minimal efforts when sawing due to trihedral sharpening of teeth. The tool is used for longitudinal/transverse cut dry and.

Type: Sadovaya saw; Application: on wood; Design features: folding; Tooth: 3D; Handle: rubberized; Other features and properties: intended for camping and garden. Tooth processing using the latest technologies: laser trihedral sharpening and high.

The FISKARS XTRACT SW72 construction universal saw is used to cut trees and for the final sawing of rails, bars and boards. It is convenient to take a saw with you for going to the forest or fishing. To ensure comfort when carrying the hacksaw cloth is removed inward.

A compact and convenient tool is perfect for solving not only professional, but also household problems. It is actively used for repair work in apartments and country houses, work on a personal plot. Ergonomic soft linings and a rotary handle of an imprisonment.

Sadovaya saw SPARTA 230335 with a working part of 310 mm and a wooden handle is designed for a cut of dry wood. This is a reliable and economical option for domestic use in the country or in the garage. Teeth have the form of a “wolf fang”, so they do not clog during operation.

The Skrab 28153 garden saw is used when pruning garden trees, when forming their crown. For the convenience of sawing off dried (unnecessary) inaccessible branches located on altitude, it is necessary to install a hacksaw on a bar with a diameter of 28 mm. At the end of the canvas located.

The wire saw can easily cope with trees with a diameter of up to 12-14 cm. very compact, placed in the breast

Hand chain saw Sibrtekh 23041 1000 m long, with a cobure cover, designed for cross-cutting wood. Has a step of the teeth 5 tpi, so it provides a quick cut. Can be used to harvest firewood. The handles are firmly attached to the hooks with straps.

FISKARS XTRAC saws are designed for sawing and cutting fresh wood. The presence of a sliding blade and clips for mounting on the belt make the saw as safe and comfortable as possible both while moving around the garden with a tool in the hand and when working. Recognizable ora.

Luching saw Palisad 60418 with a length of the working part is 300 mm, with the possibility of quick change of the canvas, is used for semi.professional use: trimming of branches, cuts of lines, bars, etc.D. Due to the shape of the tooth “Wolf Fang” with enlarged fillets, a saw can be drained.

The FISKARS XTRACT SW72 construction universal saw is used to cut trees and for the final sawing of rails, bars and boards. It is convenient to take a saw with you for going to the forest or fishing. To ensure comfort when carrying the hacksaw cloth is removed inward.

The Interskol chain chain is used for sawing wood when performing work in households and private households, as well as construction, garden and forestry work (firewood, cutting of twigs). The saw is intended for users of any less.

Palisad 60415 Garden Folding Saw with a working part of 115 mm long and a plastic rubberized handle. This is a convenient and compact tool that can be used not only in the garden or at the construction site, but also to take it on hikes. With its help you can cut.

Luching saw Palisad 60420 with a working part of 530 mm and a two.component handle has teeth of the “wolf fang” type with enlarged fillets, therefore it is designed to cut any type of wood along or across the fibers. Professional tool will be useful for the builder.

Max. revolutions without load, rpm 11500 Tire length, inch/cm 16/40 The number of links, pcs 64

Folding manual saw for cottage and tourism. An indispensable assistant in a tourist campaign or when pruning branches in the garden in a folded condition, the size of the instrument 24cm and the weight of 200g lengths of the blade 21cm. The rubberized two.component handle prevents the sliding of the hand, provide.

Mini Cordless Chainsaw Review. Is It Any Good?

TOP-10 models

You can purchase a fairly good bitch today at a very affordable price-on average 2000-3000. Some of the most popular models are described below.

Verto 15G259

A telescopic type tool, with which you can cut quite thick branches (diameter up to 45 mm). Equipped with aluminum handles, the compression of which increases by 30% due to the transmission. According to users, this is a fairly convenient bitch, which lies well in the hands.

Grinda 8-424391_z01

Equipped with a powerful and reliable carbon steel blade. Cuts branches up to 40 mm in diameter, provides a maximum length of 1 meter. Bitch is equipped with a ratchet mechanism, but according to the reviews of gardeners, it does not always work.

RACO 4212-53/248

A convenient tool with a durable blade that helps cut off branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm. The linings on the handles are soft, prevent sliding. The total length is 70 cm, so such a bitch is suitable for working with small shrubs.

Smart Cut Comfort Gardena 08773-20.000.00

One of the best bitchcakes with a reliable ratchet and a very sharp blade, cuts branches up to 45 mm in diameter. It is equipped with a metal naleman and a comfortable fixer, which can be served with one hand. Cut mechanism patented by the Czech manufacturer.

Grinda 8-424431_z01

It can be used to cut off branches of small diameter (up to 32 mm). The case is made of strong steel, the tool is equipped with a fairly convenient handle and a guide block. Summer residents note that the tool works very efficiently, so the model can be considered one of the best in terms of price and quality ratio.

This bitch has the lowest cost-an average of 800-900

RACO 4218-53/372C

This is a barbacco bitch, with which you can work with small branches with a diameter of up to 32 mm. The length of the tool is also small. 42.5 cm. Among the advantages are widely divorced blades (3 cm), reliable fastening of high.quality steel and affordable price (1400).

Finland 1710

Cuts branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm, has a total length of 52 cm. The blade is made of carbon steel, and the handles are made of composite material, which ensures their durability.

Another budget model that can be purchased for 1500-1600

Finland 1709

This is a flat bitch, with which you can cut the branches with a diameter of up to 44 cm. The blades are made of carbon steel and have a protective coating Antistick. The handles are made on the basis of fiberglass and nylon, which also guarantees a long service life. Summer residents note that this is a convenient and easy tool with which it is comfortable to work.

Gardena Telecut 520-670 b 12005-20.000.00

A tool with adjustable handles, thanks to which you can trim, including high branches with a diameter of up to 38 mm. Equipped with special nozzles made of soft material that protect the palm from damage. The blades provide an accurate cut, while working with a knuckle easily easily.

The model is produced in Germany, implemented at a price of 3500

FISKARS 1000582

This is a planar bitch of a Polish manufacturer. With it, you can cut a knot with a diameter up to 38 mm. Bastards bent, durable and very sharp. At the same time, the tool weighs only 600 g, so both men and women can work with it.

Thus, it is quite possible to choose a good bitch at an affordable price. The main condition for the purchase is the ability to carefully test the tool in the store. It is necessary to pay attention to the work of the design and to your own sensations.

Rating table of the best electric saws

The table below presents the TOP-20 of the best electric saw:

Electric saws are characterized by engine power, tire length and the presence of additional options. Household saws have a power of 1 to 2 kW and weighing 4-5 kg. Continuous work with such a tool is possible within 10-15 minutes.

  • engine power and tire length;
  • the weight of the unit and its security system;
  • duration of the load;
  • anti.vibration system;
  • Reliability of the chain.

For longer work, select models with a capacity of 2-2.5 kW. You may need a longer bus (more than 40 cm). For example, for working with large trees, small electric cars will not work.

The saw should have protection against random pressing and the automatic brake system. The work should instantly stop when releasing the launch key. The lubricant for the chain is required when using the tool. The kit should include a protective casing and tools.

Makita, Patriot, Husqvarna, Bosch, Eger, Carver and other brands belong to Chinese, Swedish, German, Hungarian and manufacturers. These are reliable companies that guarantee high quality products and offer current new products.

Consider which models are considered the most popular in the market. Please note that many of them are made by Chinese manufacturers.

1 Makita UC4041A 1800 watts

A well.known manufacturer’s saw has high power and optimal saw tire length. It is easily turned on and can be used for cutting branches, cuts of trees, logs and other materials.

2 Patriot ESP 1614 1500 W

Electric saw with a comfortable handle and automatic supply of oil to the chain. Easy by weight, but reliable even with prolonged continuous work. The circuit braking system is enabled. A system of protection against slipping and random impact is also provided.

  • power. 1,500 watts;
  • Tire length. 30 cm;
  • 52 links in the chain;
  • Step. 0.375 inches;
  • groove width. 1.3 mm;
  • Weight. 3.3 kg.

3 Makita UC3541A 1800 watts

First.class saw Electric compact size. Designed for work in the garden and in the farm. The oil supply is provided automatically. The volume of the fuel tank reaches 200 ml. An emergency stop during work in case of danger is possible.

4 Champion 120-14 2000 watts

Standard saw with a transverse engine location. Equipped with a yellow plastic handle. The model is made with an automatic lubricant of the chain and a spacious tank for refueling lubricating oil.

electric, cutting, knots, trees, rating
  • engine power. 2,000 watts;
  • Tire length. 35 cm;
  • chain step. 3/8 inches;
  • groove width. 1.3 mm;
  • 52 links in the chain;
  • Weight. 3.78 kg.

The saw has a centrifugal brake and the zeeper. Working with the tool, subject to all instructions, is absolutely safe. A special key is provided to adjust the chain tension. There is a steel emphasis for a more convenient saw.

5 Huter ELS-2000P 2000 W

Super.hearted saw for a saw of solid wood. Inside an electric collector engine. Works only from the network cord. The advantage of the model in easy replacement of the electric motor brushes.

6 Parma-M6 1000 watts

Simple saw with slight power. Suitable for the most elementary tasks. A non.closing chain stretch is not provided. Works exclusively from the network cord. Can be used for cutting parquet boards, shelves, laminate.

Saws of such power are more suitable for home or summer use. They can be easily kept by weight. The work is carried out without risk, as protective mechanisms that block the movement of the saw mechanism are triggered.

7 Huter ELS-2400 2400 W

Powerful tool for professional woodwork. Has a large weight and a long saw part. Easy to start and works without unnecessary noise and vibrations. There is a system of non.closing mechanism for installing and tensioning the circuit.

Works without harmful exhausts. Completely depends on the network cord. Through a special window you can see the level of oil for lubrication of the chain. The emergency brake is also provided.

8 BlackDecker CS1550 1500 W

Small power disc. There is an opportunity to regulate the depth of cut. Works from a two.meter cable. The emergency brake is thought out in case of a sudden blow.

The configuration has a parallel emphasis and a set of tools. The saw copes with average loads perfectly. The maximum cut at right angles is 66 mm.

9 Champion 118-14 1800 watts

Model with a long cable (3.5 meters). Works at high speed and at high speed. Fast access to the brush of the electric motor is not provided, but the emergency brake is triggered. Economy in terms of electricity consumption.

Champion is known for its power and a long service life. The manufacturer gives a long guarantee. Given the average cost, it is quite acceptable goods for any farm or household territory.

10 Al-ko EKS 2400/40 2400 W

This is a demand for an affordable price. Features. huge engine power and red plastic case. There is a chain tension mechanism. The electric tool is characterized by increased engine power. The number of revolutions reaches 7,600 per minute.

Sekator or bitch: what is the difference, which is better

Tools of both species are designed for the same purpose. trimming bushes and trees. But there are significant differences between them.

The secateur has a great resemblance to scissors. He has the same short pens. The tool is suitable for working with low.growing branches and young shoots.

Texture cutter is equipped with a long handle and can be used to perform pruning in hard.to.reach places, for example, in a thick.grown shrub. The bar models allow you to cut branches of trees at an altitude of up to 6 meters (depending on the length of the structure and the growth of the gardener).

Attention! The long length of the levers of the brush cutter allows you to use a tool for working with large diameter branches.

Choosing between a secateur and a bitch, it is recommended to give preference to the second. Using this tool, you can work with large diameter branches located at different heights. The secateur, in turn, is able to cope only with pruning of stunted plants.

Simple rules for working with knuckles

When working with a brutal cutter, it is recommended to adhere to a number of simple tips:

  • Before purchasing the tool, check the quality of the assembly device. All elements must be reliably installed.
  • During the work, use clothes made of dense fabric, protective glasses and a headdress. This will avoid injuries, as well as chips in the eyes and hair.
  • Before use, wechcores check for serviceability.
  • In the course of work with a sharp tool, take a stable position. It is not recommended to stand on a stool or another shaky item.

After completion of the work of brushwood, it should be cleaned of chips, resins and other contaminants, wipe the blades with a dry rag, fix them with a fixer. Storing the tool is recommended in a special case.