Electric Trimmer Which To Choose

Choosing an electric trimmer

Electric Trimmer Which To Choose

Tidy and well-groomed lawn decoration of any yard and garden area. It is too laborious to carefully and evenly cut the grass by hand, so progress comes to the rescue, which gave us a variety of tools for lawn care. It remains only to decide which one. Choose lawn mowers, lawn mowers or trimmer.

  • Appointment of the tool in the country
  • Kinds
  • Household
  • Professional
  • Tips for choosing
    • What to look for
    • What you must pay attention to
    • Trimmer advantages and disadvantages
    • Professional

      Professional tools are arranged with the motor at the top and have a power of up to 2 kW. Such a powerful motor allows you to equip the cutter head not only with fishing line or wire, but also with plastic or metal knives, which significantly increases productivity.

      These trimmers can easily cope with tough weeds and young shrubs. T-handle is more convenient when processing large areas, where no special maneuverability is required.

      Tips for choosing

      There is a wide range of devices on the market, and knowing how to choose an electric grass trimmer, you can choose the best option, taking into account your needs and the price of the unit.

      Appointment of the tool in the country

      Electric garden trimmers are designed for small areas with difficult terrain and many obstacles (such as trees or flower beds). The trimmer is a metal bar to which the motor and cutter head are attached. Compact dimensions significantly increase the maneuverability of the tool and allow mowing grass in places inaccessible to larger equipment.

      As the name implies, grass trimmers are equipped with a motor, which can be operated from the mains or battery.

      • Type of cutting tool (fishing line, wire or knives)
      • Engine location (top or bottom)
      • Handle shape (D-shaped or T-shaped).

      What to look for

      There are several selection criteria that you need to pay attention to first:

      • Performance. This parameter depends on the power of the motor and the design of the cutting head. It should be borne in mind that more powerful models have a significantly higher weight and a significantly higher price. For a well-kept plot of 6 acres, a power of up to 750 W is quite enough.
      • Engine location. Bottom trimmers are significantly lighter and less expensive due to the lack of a gearbox. However, such trimmers are equipped with engines of lower power, respectively, they have lower performance.
      • Handle shape. The D-shaped handles are easier to maneuver, avoid obstacles and mow along curbs. Bike handlebar-like T-shaped handle makes it easier to handle large areas by evenly loading both hands.
      • The presence of belts. If the choice fell on a powerful model with an overhead engine, you must Pay attention to the shoulder straps, they greatly simplify the work of the trimmer, relieving the load from the hands.
      • Manufacturer. There is a large number of this equipment on the market in a fairly wide price range. However, in order to save money, it is worth buying a completely unknown brand, in the event of a breakdown you will NOT receive warranty repairs and there may be problems with spare parts.


      Household appliances are characterized by low power (up to 1000 W, usually no more than 750 W). With a low engine power, the choice of a cutting element is limited to a small section line (up to 2 mm). This tool is designed for soft grass lawns and will NOT work on thick stems and small shrubs. The engine for such models is usually located at the bottom, which greatly facilitates the design.

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      The handles are D-shaped, this is a more comfortable option when processing small areas, and also reduces the size of the structure.

      Which is the best electric trimmer?

      Electric trimmer. Power tool for cutting grass in open areas and in hard-to-reach places: around shrubs, trees, along paths, fences or curbs.

      Electric trimmer models differ in technical characteristics, cost and scope. How to choose a specific electric trimmer model. Read this article. We have collected for you all the information you need and expert advice.

      How to choose an electric grass trimmer?

      When choosing a specific model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

      Cutting system type. There are two different cutting systems. Fishing line and knife. Fishing line. The line system consists of a head, inside which there is a spool with a wound nylon line. The tip of the line protrudes from the spool at a certain distance, and when the head rotates, they mow the grass. The line easily handles small weeds and tall grass. In some cases, she can even mow a small shrub

      Over time, the line wears out and needs to be replaced. Depending on the trimmer model, it changes in automatic or semi-automatic mode. Automatic replacement is carried out directly when the trimmer is turned on, Semi-automatic. When the trimmer head hits the soil.

      Knife. The knife cutting system is installed on models with a powerful motor. The knife can be equipped with two, three or four blades. It is convenient for them to mow down dense bushes and tree shoots. A knife is not enough for mowing small trees: in such cases, a metal disc with teeth like a circular saw is used.

      Engine location. In the trim tabs, the engine is located at the top or bottom. The top location is more convenient for the following reasons:

      • The engine is protected from moisture,
      • The trimmer can be used for cutting wet grass,
      • The trimmer is well balanced and fits comfortably in the hand,
      • A powerful motor is located at the top, which can work with a line and a knife.

      At the bottom of the trim tab, there are usually simple low-power motors. Their capabilities are only enough for working with fishing line.

      Engine power. This characteristic affects the functionality and performance of the trimmer. Household models with power up to 500 W are used for mowing small lawns and cosmetic work after using a lawn mower. 500-1000 W models are more practical. With their help, you can mow lawns, grass in parks and take care of personal plots. Models over 1000 W The most versatile. They can work with a knife and a fishing line, they are distinguished by a long service life, quality and reliability. Their purpose. Mow lawns, destroy thickets of weeds, dusty young trees.

      Type of drive. In the trimmers, the transmission of torque is carried out using a cable or shaft. Drive shaft models are more reliable. Due to their rigid design, they can work with both a fishing line and a knife. Models with a cable can only work with a fishing line, and then this type of drive is used in low-power household lawn mowers.

      Rod design and material. In electric trimmers, the bar is straight and curved. In the curved boom, the torque is transmitted by a steel cable. In a straight line. By means of a gearbox and a shaft. The straight bar is more reliable, therefore it is used in powerful trimmers. The curved bar is unreliable, so it is only used on low-power domestic lawn mowers.

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      In trimmers with an overhead engine, the bar structure is collapsible and one-piece. Telescopic arm for models with bottom motor. The telescopic boom is more comfortable: it can be adjusted to the height of the operator, it is also easier to carry, store and transport. The bar is made of plastic, aluminum and metal. Plastic. Lightweight and fragile material. The metal is stronger but heavier. Aluminum. The most successful material. It combines the light weight of plastic and the strength of metal.

      Handle shape. The trimmer handle is available in D, J and T-style. D and J-shaped handles give the trimmer agility. They are best used for processing difficult areas. For work on large and level platforms, the T-handle is used, as it can be held with both hands. By evenly distributing the load, hands fatigue less and the operator can work longer without rest.

      Carrying strap. Makes it easier to work with the lawn mower, transfers the load from hands to shoulders. For light trimmers, one shoulder strap is enough; for heavy models, a backpack-type strap is needed.

      Mowing width. Depends on the type of cutting system, affects trimmer performance. The cutting width of the line reaches 440 mm, the cutting width with a disc. Typically up to 250 mm.

      We recommend the EGT07-300 electric trimmer for gardening and gardening. It features high power, ample bevel width and light weight. And thanks to the additional handle that comes with the kit, the trimmer is comfortable to hold in your hands throughout the whole working day.

      Why do you need a trimmer

      When choosing electric trimmers, you should note that different manufacturers may call the technique differently. For example, it can be a lawn mower, electric scooter, and also a lawn mower.

      The trimmer will be indispensable in places where the approach for wheeled equipment is difficult.

      For mowing grass around bushes, trees, fences, walls and other objects, electric trimmers are most often used. How to choose a specimen suitable for certain purposes? You need to know a number of its characteristics.

      For grass of a certain hardness that grows on different terrain, use a similar technique.

      Electric trimmer. How to choose? Electric trimmers: how to choose a garden for hard grass? Appearance

      There are several variations in the appearance of techniques such as electric grass trimmers. How to choose them? First, let’s take a look at what is the difference between these types.

      The motor can be located at the top of the device or at the bottom.

      In the first type of placement, the equipment is characterized as more powerful, capable of mowing even thick and hard grass. The lower engine location gives out a weaker type of equipment. As a rule, the cost of this equipment is lower than in the previous version.

      The limitation for the lower type of motor device does not allow the equipment to be used in high moisture grass.

      Bottom motor models range from 200 to 650 W. For the upper located engine, a power of 600-1000 watts is characteristic. Depending on the type of work that the electric trimmer will perform for the summer cottage, select the Corresponding type of equipment.

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      Cutting head

      The cutting element is also important for techniques such as an electric trimmer. How to choose a suitable cutting head, study before making a purchase.

      There is a fishing line and a knife (plastic, metal). They are supplied as a set one by one or together.

      If there is thick, tough grass growing on the site, an electric knife trimmer will be the best purchase. Experts know how to choose this element. They advise purchasing models with a metal knife. However, the width of the grass in this technique is smaller than in the previous version.

      It will be more correct if, when choosing a trimmer, stop at a copy with a combined cutting head. In this case, the same equipment can be used in different areas.

      Conventionally, electric trimmers, when choosing for hard or soft grass, can be divided into models with a straight or curved shaft.

      A bent shaft is typical for low-power types of equipment. In this case, the cutting head is driven by a steel cable. This is the more vulnerable kind of shaft. Most often found in models with a fishing line, as these are weak varieties of technique.

      The straight shaft has a gearbox. This design involves the movement of the knife using a straight metal rod.

      High performance models Equipped with a straight shaft. To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for a summer residence, you should initially determine its functions. If the area has hard grass, it is better to use a device with a steel blade and a high power straight shaft. This will also allow you to perform work for a long time. Low-powered species require their use continuously for 15 minutes.

      Trimmer advantage

      When choosing an electric trimmer for grass, you should consider a number of its properties. Many users purchase this equipment due to its lower weight in comparison with gasoline units. Work will be done faster and easier.

      Due to the lack of a fuel tank, the electric scythe is more compact. It doesn’t make as much noise as analog devices. This allows you to use the device in the evening or early morning.

      The absence of fumes is an added benefit of technology such as electric grass trimmers. How to choose it, experts and users advise. However, you should be aware that it does NOT require additional parts such as a filter for gasoline, air. No fuel and grease, candles, etc. are required. This also simplifies the operation process.

      When choosing an electric trimmer, you should know that it does not need frequent maintenance. These are the reasons that contribute to the popularity of the presented equipment.

      Trimmer manufacturers

      There are a great many manufacturers of the presented equipment. With a lower engine, models of such brands as Bosch (ART 23/25/30), Black Decer (GL 680/660/650/545/430/425/225). Their advantage lies in the maneuverability and balance of techniques such as the electric trimmer. How to choose a manufacturer? When buying upper-engine types of units, this question is more difficult to answer.

      A typical representative of this type of model is the MTD ET1000 / EB1000. These trimmers are more powerful, have multiple attachments and are more suitable for tough grass.

      If the letters “ES” or “EV” are found in the marking of such devices, this indicates the use of a cutter in the design.