Engine Oil For Four-Stroke Tillers.

One of the main factors affecting engine life internal combustion is the quality of engine oil and the timing of its replacement. To understand which oil is better to pour into the engine tiller, you need to be well aware of the specifics of its device and operation.

Specific requirements.

Most modern tillers (tiller rating can be studied in this article) are equipped with four-stroke gasoline engines that do not have an oil pump in their design.
The lower head of the connecting rod, which is a sliding bearing, is lubricated by scooping up the oil with a particular protrusion on the lower cover of the connecting rod, the main crankshaft bearings, the gas distribution mechanism and the piston/piston group are lubricated by the splashes that occur.
Also these engines have an unstable temperature due to air cooling.

Thus, engine oil for 4-stroke tiller engines must meet the following requirements:

  • Low kinematic viscosity in a large temperature range is necessary to avoid oil starvation when the engine is heated to operating temperature.
  • The use of viscous oils in engines that do not have a lubricant under pressure, can lead to a bully on the surface of the connecting rod neck, followed by enveloping the metal in this place and jamming the engine.
  • The stable package of anti-friction and extreme pressure additives allows the oil to retain its properties for a long time during regular heating-cooling cycles during tiller operation.
  • The high strength of the oil film is necessary to protect the cylinder-piston group from scoring when the engine overheats during hard work in hot weather.
  • The cleaning properties provided by the appropriate additive package must resist sludge deposition and lacquer formations in the engine pan and on surfaces wetted with oil.
  • Low coking properties relevant for air-cooled engines, since the oil entering the zone of piston rings, is heated in this place to a temperature of 270-300 degrees.
  • The formation of soot will lead to a loss of mobility of the piston rings and a reduction in compression with simultaneous oil over-consumption.

Based on these requirements, it is possible to describe the technical requirements that the oil must meet for 4-stroke tiller engines, so:

  • SAE high-temperature viscosity class is not more than 30 in temperate climates, 40. in hot. Low viscosity index. no more than 10W. These requirements are met by common types of oils 10W30, 5W30, 0W30, 5W40, 10W40 (the last two. at temperatures of 30 degrees or more).
  • Purely summer options. SAE 30, SAE 40. It is necessary to read the characteristics of the oils carefully: several specialized oils for garden equipment with a viscosity of 5W30 are designed exclusively for winter use.
  • The basis of the oil: synthetic or semi-synthetic, as in these ranges of viscosities, mineral oils are practically not found. Also, they have significantly worse stability compared to synthetics and semi-synthetics.
  • Some manufacturers of lubricants have a special line of oils for garden equipment on a mineral basis, in this case, cheapness has a downside in the form of the need for frequent replacement.
  • API quality class (a complex parameter that determines the anti-friction, extreme pressure and detergent properties of motor oil, as well as many other parameters) is not lower than SG.

It is necessary to understand that all requirements for motor oils for tillers Cayman, Texas, Foreman, Viking, Sadko, Don, Profi, Carver and Husqvarna meet common automotive oils, the only difference may be its consumption and the amount of carbon generated during long-term operation in an air-cooled engine
For this reason, although this material considers specialized lubricants, in the absence of the possibility of purchasing them, it is always possible to use automotive motor oils that meet the requirements described.

Oil classification.

  • Husqvarna SAE 30, Husqvarna Universal SAE 30

Mineral motor oil, produced by a Swedish company for factory refuelling of its products, and subsequent maintenance. It is indicated the use of oil in the composition of a specially selected package of anti-friction additives.
Tractors are very popular and are widely used in housing and communal services, on construction sites, in rural work and manufacturing. The Scout mini-tractor is powerful, economical and durable equipment.
For effective clearing of the territory from snowdrifts, there are many models of tireless snowplows. It’s all about the manual electric snow blower.
KamAZ 65115 belongs to one of the oldest series of this plant, the releases of which began in 1998. Following the link, you will get acquainted with the specifics of the work, advantages and disadvantages of KamAZ 65115.
Not suitable for operating motorized vehicles at low temperatures.

  • PATRIOT Supreme HD SAE 30

This oil, also produced by one of the famous American manufacturers of garden equipment, is intended for summer operation in gasoline and diesel tillerx, mowers, mini tractors. For ease of use, the package has a long spout-watering. The basis of oil is mineral.


Semi-synthetic motor oil for year-round operation of garden equipment with four-stroke engines: tillers, mini tractors, snow plows
The low-temperature viscosity class 5W guarantees an oil freezing point of at least.38˚ C.
This oil is used for tiller Patriot Ural, Patriot.


Synthetic oil for the operation of garden equipment in a hot climate and at elevated loads, for example, when plowing large areas of land with a plow.

  • Home Garden 4 Stroke Oil HD SAE 30

Affordable summer engine oil mineral based.

  • ELITECH 4T Premium SAE 10W30

Semi-synthetic motor oil for year-round operation of motor vehicles. It includes molybdenum disulfide-based antifriction additives, which, on the one hand, provides good engine protection against wear, and on the other hand, requires careful attention to the timing of oil changes.

  • ELITECH 4TD SAE30 Standard

Summer mineral oil, which also includes a package of molybdenum-containing additives.

  • ELITECH 4TDUltraSAE 5W30

Butter 4-stroke engines tillers, used year-round in the most difficult jobs. It has a synthetic base.

  • Enkor SAE 5W30

Affordable synthetic engine oil from domestic producers, which can be used in tillerx and other equipment with gasoline engines in summer and winter.

  • Enkor SAE30

Cheap summer oil from the group of mineral lubricants. It’s price per liter allows you to compensate for its average quality with more frequent replacements.

  • Enkor SAE 10W40

Unlike most motor oils for garden machinery, this oil is APISJ / CF certified, which allows you to compare its composition and quality with ordinary budget car oils. Dual certification indicates applicability not only in gasoline (SJ), but also in diesel (CF) engines.

The relatively high high-temperature viscosity makes it undesirable to use this oil at moderate and low temperatures. The main advantage of this oil is low price.


Domestic semi-synthetic oil for gasoline and diesel garden equipment (meets the specifications of API SJ / CF). Due to its low viscosity in a wide range of temperatures, it can perfectly work in engines with lubricating lubricant both in summer and in winter.

  • REZOILRancherUniliteSAE 30

Exclusively summer oil for gasoline and diesel tillers and mini tractors. The type of base is not indicated on the package, but it’s price per 0.95, l suggests that this oil is mineral.


It semi-synthetic The oil can also be used in gasoline and diesel engines, but the viscosity index directly indicates the undesirability of its use in temperate climates.

  • MaxCut 4THDSAE 30

Summer mineral oil from a little-known producer in Russia who promises a high content of anti-friction additives and the possibility of using oil in high-loaded gasoline and diesel engines.

  • MANNOL Energy SAE 5W30

A well-known manufacturer of automotive chemicals from Germany has a line of motor oils for garden equipment. It semi-synthetic Oil can be used in any garden equipment with four-stroke engines throughout the year.

  • MANNOLMolibdenBenzinSAE 10W40

Semi-synthetic oil, the composition of which is improved by using an anti-friction additive package based on molybdenum disulphide. In tiller, it is worth using it during hard work on hot weather.

  • Champion 4-Cycle SAE 30

This firm from the USA also does not need special representations. This mineral Oil is designed for summer operation in tillers, trimmers and lawn mowers. Packed in a package of 0.6 l and 1 litre.

  • Champion Snowthrower 5W30

Founded on mineral base engine oil, designed exclusively for winter operation. It is noteworthy that at the time of release it was certified to the strictest quality standard at that time, APISL. This oil is recommended for tiller Champion.
Summer mineral oil from the famous Russian-Chinese brand. The quality of the product is described by certification according to the old API SG / CD standard, which to some extent pays off with a low price.
It would be a good option for light work, especially if the engine tiller or cultivator wore out. Use in harsh working conditions this oil is not worth it.

  • Caliber Semi-synthetic SAE 5W30

Winter oil from the same manufacturer on a semi-synthetic basis. A more advanced base allowed the quality to reach an acceptable API SJ / CF standard. At the same time, the manufacturer indicated a rather low flash point. 228 ˚С, which means its high evaporation and, consequently, a considerable consumption for waste.

How much to fill?

Most tillers presented on the Russian market equipped with HondaGX engines, their Chinese clones or similar in design motors Subaru-Robin.
For a single full filling with oil of such a motor, no more than 0.6 litres of fuel will be required. that is why this amount of packaging is popular with manufacturers. powerful modifications of these engines can hold a litre or more of oil.
Some engines, the design of which includes an additional reduction gear, have a separate space for lubrication.