Engines Lifan – Reliable Universal Power Unit.

Tiller and refer to the means small mechanization which are widely used in agriculture. Their popularity is formed based on many factors, including the relatively low cost and high technical and operational performance.
The tiller itself is a relatively simple design, where the engine plays the most crucial role. The quality of processing of land holdings, as well as the efficiency of this very work, depends on how powerful this unit will be.
There is enough A lot of companies, specializing in the manufacture of such power units, ranging from budget models and ending with expensive copies. Leaders in this category, as in many industrial sectors, are countries Asia, including. China.
It is there that produced various brands of engines, branded “Lifan”.

Lifan Company.

The date of the foundation of the company is considered to be 1992. From this point on to this day, the company has experienced many difficulties associated with the period of formation, which allowed it to gain the necessary experience. At the moment, the company Lifan is considered one of the leading in China, in this market segment.
The main specialization of the company is the production of passenger cars under the same brand name. Also, the organization’s specialists are engaged in the manufacture of motorcycles, scooters, buses, etc.
In 2006 year the company enters the global market by presenting its first Lifan 520 Sedan. Later, in 2008, the next premiere took place. this time, the corporation releases the second representative of this lineup, i.e. Lifan 620.
In the same 2008, a partnership agreement was concluded with American colleagues from AIG, Inc. The result of this cooperation was the emergence of a joint venture for production.
Since 2010, Lifan Motors considered to be the only private company in China, specializing in the production of cars. In general, the export share of cars of this brand is 11.38%, which is the second result in the country.
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The rapid pace of development has significantly increased its representation throughout the world. In particular, it was open over 165 factories in America, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. After obtaining the appropriate certificate, Lifan cars began to be widely distributed in the EU countries.

Specifications and prices:

Tiller Oka with Lifan engine It has a power take-off shaft, which allows you to aggregate the device with different attachments, which must be purchased separately.
The tiller Oka has a rather heavy frame that allows using the unit on the most challenging parts of the soil.


  • total weight. 95 kg;
  • digging depth. 35 cm;
  • width of the processed strip. 60 cm;
  • carrying capacity. up to 400 kg;
  • maximum speed. 9 km / h;
  • unit length. 150 cm;
  • unit width. 60 cm;
  • unit height. 105 cm;
  • fuel tank capacity. 3.6 liters;
  • fuel consumption. 1.5 liters for one hour of work.

The device tiller Oka engine is used “Lifan 168F-2”, which is considered the most powerful in its lineup. Included with it comes hand starter and down gear.

Engine features:

  • compact dimensions;
  • unpretentiousness in the used fuel;
  • cylinder liner is made of cast iron, which can significantly increase reliability;
  • ignition system without transistor;
  • slight vibration during operation;
  • system to prevent the engine from starting if there is not enough oil in it.
  • ease of use.


  • engine capacity. 0.196 L;
  • maximum power. 6.5 hp;
  • rotation. 3600 revolutions per minute;
  • motor weight. 15.3 kg;
  • diameter. 6.8 cm


  • total weight. 120 kg;
  • carrying capacity. up to 500 kg;
  • maximum speed. 15 km / h;
  • unit length. 156 cm;
  • unit width. 79 cm;
  • unit height. 105 cm;
  • tank capacity with fuel. 6 liters;
  • fuel consumption. 2 liters for one hour of work.

Tiller Ural with engine Lifan is pretty unpretentious device not requiring frequent repairs.
Motor Lifan 170F, used in this tiller, can be used in other units. Salute, Favorite etc.


  • type of motor used. 4-stroke, on gasoline;
  • number of cylinders. 1;
  • engine displacement. 212 cm3;
  • maximum power. 7 hp;
  • rotation. 3600 revolutions per minute;
  • motor weight. 20 kg;
  • diameter. 6.8 cm;
  • crankcase capacity. 0.6 liters;
  • fuel consumption. 394g / kWh;
  • cooling type. air.

MTZ 09.

Tiller “MTZ 09”, has an engine “Lifan 13 hp” in its presence, is a technique made at the Minsk Tractor Plant. Its field of application is tiller MTZ, Sadko, Don, Khuter, Profi, Plowman, Champion, Carver, Huskvarna is very extensive: mowing grass, harrowing, cultivation, plowing, inter-row processing, etc.


  • total weight. 120 kg;
  • load capacity. up to 650 kg;
  • maximum speed. 11 km / h;
  • unit length. 178 cm;
  • unit width. 84 cm;
  • unit height. 107 cm;
  • transmissions. four forward and two back.

In the design of this tiller installed engine Lifan 188FD It is equipped with an electric coil with a capacity of 7A, which allows you to connect to it various electrical equipment.

Benefits this engine:

  • the ability to run manually, as well as using electric starter;
  • quite compact dimensions;
  • electronic kind ignition.


  • maximum power. 13 hp;
  • cylinder diameter. 8.8 cm;
  • engine displacement. 389 cm3;
  • turns. 3600 revolutions per minute;
  • startup type. manual and using electric starter;
  • tank capacity with fuel. 6.5 liters;
  • fuel consumption. 374 g / kWh;
  • unit length. 46.5 cm;
  • unit width. 43.5 cm;
  • unit height. 50 cm;
  • total weight. 33 kg.

The cost of this engine will be about 25 thousand rubles.

Lifan “Volga MK3-7L”.

Lifan “Volga MK3-7L” has the following technical characteristics:

  • width of the processed strip. up to 90 cm;
  • digging depth. up to 20 cm;
  • type of engine used. gasoline;
  • engine power. 7 hp;
  • start type. manual;
  • tank volume with fuel. 3.6 l;
  • total weight. 78 kg;
  • unit length. 138 cm;
  • unit width. 65 cm;
  • unit height. 97 cm.


tiller cascade with the engine of Lifan is used mainly for work on garden plots, small vegetable gardens and gardens. Using special attachments, it is possible to significantly expand the use of this tiller, i.e. to adapt it for mowing grass, transportation of various goods, etc.


  • unit length. 150 cm;
  • unit width. 59 cm;
  • unit height. 115 cm;
  • total weight. 103 kg;
  • maximum speed. 10 km / h;
  • rotation. 3000 rpm;
  • width of the processed strip. up to 93 cm;
  • digging depth. up to 20 cm.

“Lifan ICE” for tiller Cascade has the following technical data:

  • type of motor used. 4 stroke;
  • maximum power. 6 hp;
  • cylinder diameter. 7.6 cm;
  • engine displacement. 317 cm3;
  • Startup type is manual.

To find out how to install the engine on the tiller Cascade, just find this video on the Internet, which clearly shows the installation process.
Engine Lifan 160F on tiller Mole It is quite popular because it shows reasonably high efficiency in the work. Let its power and relatively small, but for private use, it is quite suitable.


  • maximum power. 4 hp;
  • engine type. 4-stroke, gasoline;
  • engine displacement. 120 cm3;
  • startup type. manual;
  • tank capacity with fuel. 2 liters;
  • fuel consumption. 360 g / kWh;
  • total weight. 13 kg.

Engines for Lifan tillers, the official website of which is located at www.lifan-moto.ru, are pretty reliable power units, thanks to which any equipment on which they will be installed will show very high performance.
The popularity of these motors among summer residents also explains the fact that many people prefer to install the engines of this brand on their tillers.

Repair and assembly.

As in any other technical unit, in Lifan engines there are certain problems with exploitation. It is so due not to the poor quality of the motors, but to certain circumstances, which, quite often, are connected with the consumer himself.

Perhaps the main problem is as follows. Lifan tiller does not start.

There can be several reasons:

  • Bad feed fuel in the tank. to fix it, you need to open the fuel valve and pour fuel into the crankcase.
  • Total lack of filing fuel in the tank. you need to clean the air filter or fuel valve.
  • Missing spark. in this case, the main reason is the failure of the high voltage coil. The only way out is to replace the failed part completely.

This is how the Lifan for tiller engine is mainly repaired by hand. In principle, the instructions for the engine provides all the detailed information affecting potential failures, as well as methods for their elimination.
Tiller and Lifan, spare parts for which can be purchased from authorized dealers, impose certain component requirements. In particular, the manufacturer advises using when carrying out repairs only those parts that are produced by the company Lifan.

User’s manual.

How to install on different models?

The specificity of these engines is such that several problems can accompany their installation on domestic tillers. To avoid this, consider a few basic cases.

Engine installation Lifan on tiller Agros:

  • Installation difficulty on tiller Agros in that on the native tiller engine there is a shaft of conical shape, and on Lifan. cylindrical. To fix this, you need to shorten the motor shaft slightly, and then install it on a metal plate.
  • Basket grip tiller will also have to be adjusted a little. to re-grind the part that is worn on the output shaft of the engine. Instead of a conical internal half disk, you need to turn a cylindrical one.

Installing the engine Lifan on tiller Beam:

  • Installation is pretty simple, But the Lifan engine itself needs to be slightly raised above the frame body so that its parts do not touch it. Of the alterations, a metal plate with a thickness of 10 mm can be noted, and several bolts concerning the old engine were also re-examined.

It happens almost without extra fit under the existing frame. Only some adjustment of the clutch basket is possible, but this is a minor procedure.

Engine installation Lifan 170F on tiller beam performed as follows:

  • It is necessary to take two steel plates, on which you need to drill two through holes. These plates need to be positioned so that these holes coincide with those located on the engine.
  • It remains the case for small. weld the plates to the frame, and position the engine itself. Align the holes, tighten the fasteners.


Many people ask. how to break in tiller Oka, Cayman, Patriot, Texas, Foreman, Crosser, Viking, Forza. The answer is quite simple. you need to start the engine, and then immediately go to cultivation land, but at medium speed. In this case, it is impossible to start at idle, because there may be an oil starvation.

Change of oil.

Change oil in tiller containing Lifan engine, should be done as follows:

  • The engine itself must be hot but before draining the oil from the crankcase, it must be turned off.
  • Turn off the drain plug, and also the sump of the oil sump, after which the remaining oil should be drained. Then re-install the cork in its place.
  • Fill the crankcase with oil, which is recommended by the manufacturer. Its level must be determined by the probe.
  • Install the probe at the same place, and then twist it all the way.

Many ask. what oil to pour in the engine tiller lifan? In general, in each instruction the name of the oil, which is desirable to pour, is directly indicated. In general, most often recommends summer oil SAE-30, or all-season SAE-10W-30.

Adjustment of valves.

Adjusting the valves on the tiller Lifan will be done as follows:

  • Remove the cover, under which are valves.
  • To adjust we need screwdriver, spanner 10 and razor blade.
  • According to the passport, the clearance on the Lifan engines is 0.12-0.02 mm.
  • The blade we need to check this gap. The standard razor blade has a thickness of 0.08 mm.
  • Move on to adjust. Let go of the nut and put the blade under the valve. Adjust the need until the blade will slip a little under the valve. Insert a screwdriver into the grooves and tighten the nut.
  • Making sure the valves are don’t stagger, Cover them back with a lid.


Lifan Engines are widespread in our country, because their working capacity quite often exceeds the technical characteristics of “native” engines installed on domestic tillers.
Besides, these motors are very often used in the designs of various homemade products, those: tillerx and mini tractors of independent production.
In general, it can be noted that Chinese engines differ sufficient reliability, as well as a humble attitude to the fuel used.