Tiller Engine

Tiller is a universal machine that can greatly facilitate the land works. The Neva brand is in the greatest demand among farmers.

Also an important role is given not only to the choice of the unit itself, but also to the installation of a sufficiently powerful and reliable engine.

What engine can I put on the Neva tiller?

Engine Tiller

The engine to the tiller Neva must have sufficient power, high lifespan, as it solves problems in different directions.

Tillers Neva can be equipped with the following motors:

Regardless of the installed engine over time, you can install one of the above models.

Engine for tiller Neva MB-1

Applying technology in agriculture can significantly reduce energy and time costs. The most popular and functional modification remains the MB-1.
The release of the engine dates back to 1984, but today the engine does not lose its leadership position. With it, you can plow, cultivate, loosen the soil, cultivate rows, mow the lawn, clean the snow and perform many other works.
The engine is equipped with a gearbox with high traction capability. This technological course allowed to achieve an excellent level of performance with minimal power consumption.
The left and right wheels are independently separated, which allows for a separate turning off of torque. This increases tiller maneuverability.

Engine features for tiller Neva MB-2

The engine on the tiller Neva MB-2 has the following distinctive parameters:

  • power 6.5 liters. with.;
  • volume 208 cc / cm;
  • gear reducer with reduced gears.

Such a modification allows tiller to be used for the transportation of cargo, hilling, plowing, cultivation of various types of soil, even the heaviest.

Engine lifan

Lifan. the most popular motor with a relatively low power and the ability to cope with a wide range of domestic tasks.
Lifan has the following characteristics:

  • four-stroke engine with one cast-iron cylinder with air cooling system;
  • power up to 6 liters. with.;
  • internal shaft with a diameter of 20 mm.

The motor boasts improved lifespan, ease of use. Does not work very noisy, a small amount of oil is spent. Engine repair is quite possible to do it yourself.

Subaru Engine

Subaru is great for work of increased complexity. Motors have two modifications:

  1. Professional operation. This is a high degree of reliability and increased service life;
  2. Consumer exploitation. Application only for seasonal work.

Subaru is a high accuracy and long service life, reliability, economical fuel consumption, lightness and compact size.

Patriot engine

A distinctive feature of the units. there is a separate lubrication system, which allowed to achieve high torque. No need to add oil to the fuel mixture.
Due to the use of light alloys, the maneuverability index increases. The technique is very light, but it allowed her to remain quite powerful. tiller easy to manage regardless of conditions.
Engine features Patriot:

  • gasoline four-stroke motor;
  • two front and two rear speeds;
  • tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters;
  • working volume. 198 cubic meters / cm.

The tillage is regulated depending on the type of soil and crops.
But It is worth noting that the price of such an engine is much higher compared to other models.

Engine honda

Honda. reliable, resistant, environmentally friendly engines for use in the work of tillers Neva. The engine is characterized by high power, economical consumption of resources and long service life without failures in operation.
Replacing the engine and components is very simple, as parts are supplied by many suppliers.
Honda is power, reliability, safety and easy handling. Differs in maneuverability and simplicity in management. A reliable four-stroke motor consumes minimal fuel.

What oil to pour into the tiller Neva?

When servicing agricultural equipment need to pick high-quality materials. This also applies to oil changes.
Selected lubricant should be suitable for a specific modification of the motor. There are the following types:

  • for two-contact engines;
  • for four-contact engines.

Depending on the composition of the oil are semi-synthetic and synthetic / mineral. The choice should depend on the season. So, synthetic are more suitable for winter time. Also, on the contrary, mineral oily products are more suitable for summer.