Oil Change In The Lawn Mower.

A lawn mower is an essential thing for those who need to re-mow grass on lawns and other land plots. But with the acquisition of this tool should not be forgotten that he, like any other mechanism, asks for constant maintenance. One of these points is the oil change. How to change the oil in the lawn mower, what liquid is better to fill? You will learn the answer from the article.

Why is it so important to observe the frequency?

To begin with, let’s look at how fundamentally change the oil in the lawn mower. Firstly, this fluid provides air cooling of the mechanism, thus allowing the engine to operate at the highest possible revs. Secondly, the lawn mower oil protects its parts during storage in the winter.

How often do I need to change the fluid?

It should be noted that the frequency of oil change directly depends on the technical condition of the engine. For example, if the engine on the lawn mower is new, then the fluid needs to be changed immediately after running. By the time it is about 5-6 hours of operation of the mechanism. So that in the different upcoming debris does not penetrate inward and does not accumulate in the engine, you need to make a water change a couple of times with a frequency of 5-10 hours.
If the motor is not new, the lawn mower oil can be changed approximately every 25-50 hours of operation of the tool. It is an average of 2-3 months of work. Also, you can find the condition of the oil without measuring the number of hours worked. Just make sure that it does not start to get a dark colour scheme. When this happens, by all means, change the fluid. Otherwise, the engine soon may wedge.

Change of oil.

And now about how to change the oil in the lawn mower.

The whole process can be divided into several steps:

  • At first, the ancient fluid is connected.
  • Then the lawn mower turns to the side (to the side where locates the drain hole) for a couple of minutes, until the waste liquid is 100% drained. Then the tool is put back in a horizontal position. With all this, you need to prepare in advance a small container for old oil.
  • After that, a new one is poured through the neck of the mower.

Everything, at this step, an oil change can be considered complete. When you fill the neck with the newest fluid, remember that you need to pour it strictly up to the marked mark in the crankcase.

Which lawn mower oil is worth choosing?

It is necessary to emphasize that a certain type of water and its viscosity directly depend on the temperature criteria in which this tool uses. So, if the weather is warm (temperatures from plus 5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius), it is recommended to use liquid series SAE-30. In the offseason season, experts advise you to pour 10W-30 oil for lawn mowers. In winter, you can use liquid series 5W-30. Also worth paying attention to the tool Synthetic 5W-30, which by its properties ensures reliable operation of the parts of the lawn mower at a relatively low temperature.