Faulty Ignition Coils Chainsaws. Weak Spark On Trimmer What To Do

Some tricks of working with a gas trimmer.

The summer season has come, and lawn mowers have habitually rattled out on personal plots. Great tool, powerful and mobile. With the help of a gas trimmer, you can also cut the grass and get rid of dried weeds. However, there are cases that the lawn mowing does not start, works intermittently or without developing full power. There is certainly no time for work! And as they say, you pull the starter handle more than mow.

Faulty Ignition Coils Chainsaws. Weak Spark On Trimmer What To Do

Difficulties with launching arise not only in experienced lawn mowers, but also in new ones. How to be in this situation? There is only one way out. to heed the advice of experts and take advantage of their practical experience!

You bought yourself a new gas trimmer and you immediately got into trouble. Very bad start. If you mow a little and then turn it off, then turning it “on hot” is an even bigger problem than “on cold”. What to do with it, I won’t know how to start it right?

The instructions for the lawn mowing plant are as follows:

1. Turn on the ignition.

2. Pump fuel with a silicone button (primer) located at the bottom of the carburetor. It is necessary to do as many clicks (or a little more) as written in the instructions, usually around 8-10.

3. Close the choke.

4. Secure the throttle lever with the stop button at higher speeds.

5. Pull the starter handle 2-3 times. The engine should "grab."

If the engine "grabbed" and stalled, then you need to turn the choke to position 1/2 and try to start again. If the engine starts, then we dump the gas and put the air damper in the "open" position. Getting started.

Carrying out fuel pumping manipulations, one should not be afraid to overfill it. If this happened, and, as they say, “they filled the candle”, then you do not need to unscrew it, just turn the air damper to the “open” position and, while holding full throttle, simultaneously crank the engine with a 2-4 times starter. After that, you can start the engine and get to work.

The time for continuous operation of the lawn mowers is indicated in the trimmer instructions. On average, we mow for 15-20 minutes, after which we muffle the trimmer and let it cool for 3-5 minutes. Also, the duration of continuous operation is provided by weather conditions. In hot weather, when mowing tall grass, weeds, under heavy load, the trimmer overheats faster.

Many problems with lawn mowing are due to improperly prepared fuel mixture. In two-stroke engines, lubrication is done with special oil (not ordinary motor oil!) Mixed with gasoline. If the oil is not mixed with gasoline, then the lawn mower will quickly fail. Oil / gasoline is mixed in the proportion indicated in the trimmer instructions. This is usually 1:40 or 1:50.

The question often arises: the proportion of 1:50 is how much oil and gasoline?

The numbers mean the following: fifty parts of gasoline are taken per part of the oil. Hence: 1000 ml (1 liter of gasoline) is divided by 50, we get 20 ml, i.e. 1:50.

Thus, the composition of the fuel mixture (gasoline / oil) in any proportions can be calculated. To add oil to gasoline not “by eye”, it is advisable to take a 20 ml medical syringe, draw oil into it and “inject” into the tank to prepare the fuel mixture.

During the engine break-in period (this is approximately the operation of the trimmer on 2-3 tanks), the amount of oil can be increased. For example, mix it with gasoline in a ratio of 30: 1.

A small amount of oil mixed with gasoline leads to increased wear of the piston-cylinder group. An excess of oil in the mixture is not so fatal, but also harmful. Coking of the piston rings may occur;

Chainsaw ignition coil malfunctions

Those Tips on the ignition system of gasoline chain saws.

Modern electronics has revolutionized the world in many ways. Even tools such as chainsaws have been affected by high technology. Today’s saws are light and powerful. Electronic ignition systems are one of the most significant factors in this evolution. Below are interesting materials about such an important component of a chainsaw as an ignition coil.

Chainsaw Ignition Systems

Not too many years ago, the ignition systems used in professional saws were cam. They were heavy, complex, expensive and prone to all sorts of problems. especially on rainy days. Even when the saw "there was a spark" it was often difficult to start. Some saws barely produced enough energy to give a flash at the crankshaft speed. And the constant twitching of the starter handle was the norm.

Today’s systems are small, lightweight, and durable. Compared to earlier ignition systems, they are almost trouble-free. A modern coil is professional and almost always serves the entire life of a chainsaw. While changes to the ignition systems were overwhelming, work problems can sometimes occur. Often these problems are easily fixed by yourself and do not require a trip to the workshop for expensive repairs.

What to look for when it is difficult to start the engine?

When there are ignition problems, one of the first points for inspection is. spark plug. Look for damage to the ceramic insulator or signs of wear on the electrode. If the candle has a removable cap, make sure it fits snugly.

Next, look at the wires leading from the coil for breaks or damage to the insulation on them. Vibration of the motor can cause the wires to rub against each other or another component. When rubbing, even the most durable insulation suffers.

A switch wire that has been rubbed long enough can cause the same effect as a switch when turning off the saw. In other words, close the coil control wire.

Other problems arise when wires pass between parts of the saw’s anti-vibration system. Permanent bending and stretching can ultimately lead to their destruction. Sometimes these cliffs are not obvious, because they occur inside the isolation. The cliff is sometimes difficult to find, because the wire looks perfect.

The spark plug wire must also be checked. Sometimes the spark plug cap can cause problems. The visible sign of the problem is a brown or burnt residue on the outer ceramic of the spark plug. This is a sign that the spark is walking along the outer ceramic coil of the spark plug. At this time, the saw may work, but the work will be unstable and currents will walk.

Check the spark plug cap for continuity and cracks. If the spark plug cap is damaged, the saw may still work, but it may give the operator an unpleasant pain shock if he approaches it. In the photo above, keep an eye on the wire and cap. There is also a failure of the transistor, which is embedded in the cap, on some models of saws.

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In the ignition system, saws often fail toggle switches off, they can be checked. Disconnect the switch wires from the module and check the ignition. Sometimes a switch causes it to be constantly "off." If you have a spark after turning off the switch, replace it and test the saw.

The sheath on this wire is worn out, wear is visible in the place of moving parts. All wires are subject to vibration damage and must be checked from time to time.

Constantly check the wires, they should not be tight and not broken, and the wires should not tightly touch the vibrating parts.

Chainsaw Ignition Modules Problems

Ignition modules and coils sometimes fail. When everything else is checked, suspicion of them. When they fail, one of two usually occurs. The obvious symptom is no spark. The only thing you can do is replace the module with a new one. or better yet. try changing it with the used saw. If the spark did not appear after replacing the modules, apparently you missed something.

This is a load simulator used to diagnose a saw engine with ignition systems that have heating problems. This is an adjustable pneumatic brake system, the engine thinks that it is cutting wood. With this tool, we can heat the saw motor to operating temperature in a very short time. Since the load is constant and adjustable, it is easy to control the engine for misfires or other operational defects that would be difficult to observe when sawing wood.

It also makes sense under these conditions, after overheating it does not start, try to unscrew and tighten the tank cap. releasing accumulated fuel gases. If the saw then starts to start, you’ll think for yourself.

Replacing parts for the chainsaw ignition system

Some early electronic ignition systems consisted of two parts. launch module and coil. Today they are combined in one part. On saws with dual ignition systems, the trigger module can be replaced without changing the coil. This is an easy job, as the trigger is usually installed with a pair of screws. When replacing this part, simply remove the old module and install the new one in its place. Just make sure the new module has a good foundation. If you notice any corrosion on the mounting connections or if the screws were not tight, this could be your ignition problem. Modules should be well connected.

Replacing the coil is a little more difficult. The ignition coil is mounted in the fan housing next to the flywheel. The module, in contact with the magnetic field of the flywheel magneto, produces energy for the spark and contains a link to the ignition timing. When replacing a coil, remove the old coil and inspect it. Look for damage from contact with the flywheel. Contact between the coil and the flywheel may be caused by loosening the mounting screws or the wear of the main crankshaft bearing.

Even if you do not see any damage, check the crankshaft bearing. If you feel movement and play in this bearing, replace the bearing. Also inspect the flywheel. If everything looks good, install a new coil. The base of the coil should be installed about 1.5 mm above the magnets on the flywheel. If you don’t have any petals, try using a business card or a piece of cigarette pack as a spacer. Turn the handwheel until the magnets are in front of the coil. With the gasket in place, tighten the mounting screws of the coil and remove the gasket.

When replacing a coil, the gap should be set ideally to ensure that the flywheel does not touch the coil anywhere it rotates. It is also not permissible to use thick cardboard and thick paper, the clearance should be appropriate, pay special attention to this.

Features of modern electronic ignition systems

Today’s ignition systems have changed and have features that change momentum depending on the speed of the saw. Such "curve" programmed in "chip" and helps the saw to produce more energy, so the changed momentum gives more time to burn fuel, thereby getting more energy in the fuel. In addition to more power, some ignition systems make starting up the saw easier.

While ignition systems are becoming more powerful and powerful, the components themselves are becoming smaller and more durable. Nowadays, the failure of the ignition coil of a chainsaw. very rare.

Ignition systems have come a long way in the last ten years, but engineers say new technologies will drive even greater improvements in coming years.

I hope this information helps you diagnose and resolve problems with your saw’s ignition system. If you did not manage to eliminate the breakdown, we are always glad to see you in our workshop. We offer only high-quality repair of chainsaws. Phone of our workshop 8 (499) 390-93-49

The Lawn Mower Does Not Start No Sparks MEHANIKABIZ.RU

This article is about the problem with the trimmer, and specifically how to solve the problem if there is no spark on the trimer

Many owners of trimmers face a problem when the device simply does not start.

One of the circumstances of this may be the absence of a spark. The best lawn mowing economy class. lawn mowing bad stalls. This usually happens when fuel fills the spark plug. In addition, it is necessary to check the candles for serviceability, as this can also lead to the absence of a spark.

The first sign of a faulty candle is the presence of a short circuit between its contacts, and in short there is no spark on the trimmer.

In addition, the candle is considered defective in this case, if it is covered with a black wet layer.

This layer arises from oil that has fallen into the combustion chamber. Bad lawn mower forester probable background. In this situation, you have two options: either clean the candle as needed, or purchase the latest.

From time to time, it happens that candles are spotless, but with all this, the problem may be in its isolation, which is often covered with black dry soot.

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A prerequisite for this may be a weak spark, an excessively low temperature of the spark plug, poor fuel quality, a dirty air filter, or long idle operation.

The Chinese lawn mowing will not start. This is interesting.

Spare parts for Chinese lawn mowing Chinese lawn mowing will not start. it

Motor pump repair. The lawn mowing rhythm 2400 does not start. Cedar lawn mowing 4200 description. There is no spark.

They brought a motor pump for repair, complaining of the absence of a spark. The problem was not serious.

Here the solution is the same. clean the candle or replace it with a new one. lawn mowing Champion and interskol compare. over, the candle should be replaced even if the contacts are worn enough.

In the case when there is no spark on the trimmer, professionals at the service station will tell you how to solve the problem.

Sometimes, the problem may be with magneto. Magneto may become unusable due to the fact that you could pull the starter cord at the moment when the ignition was turned off and the spark plug was not grounded to ground.

Such actions can easily disable magneto. lawn mowing cedar bg 3700 assembly. Champion Lawn Mowing Does Not Start. In such a situation, the only way out is to buy a new magneto.

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In addition, the problem may lie in the ignition assembly. This option can be considered if the candle and wire do not have any malfunctions.

In such a situation, it is necessary to deal with the replacement of the ignition unit. lawn mowing mowing. It can be found attached with two screws to the engine cylinder.

To obtain free access to the node, it is necessary to remove the enclosure.

To correct this situation, it will be necessary to replace the entire assembly, since, as practice has shown, replacing individual parts gives insufficient results.

If there is no spark on the trimmer, you can fix it in only one way. replace it.

over, sometimes a problem should be sought in the ignition coil. The absence of a spark can result in coil failure or a malfunction in the circuit.

To check the current flow into the primary winding of the coil, you can use a light bulb that must be turned on instead of the coil.

Then you need to carefully inspect the breaker contacts. If a strong spark occurs between the contacts at the moment of opening, you can be sure that the capacitor is broken.

In this case, you have only one option for further action. replacing the capacitor.

These are the main reasons why there may be no spark on the trimmer.

lawn mowing stalls at high speeds on gas

When buying a lawn mower, you need to be prepared for the fact that, like in all other similar tools, it can also cause breakdowns that require repair.

However, you should not immediately run to the service center and pay a lot of money to the masters who convince you of a serious malfunction in the device.

lawn mowing stalls at high speeds on gas

Perhaps the most common complaint related to gas trimmers is: "the lawn mowers stall."

Of course, this can be caused by a rather serious malfunction. However, most often the situation is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

To cope with such a problem, first of all, try to figure out its causes on your own, because after finding out the cause, it is much easier to deal with the problem, and sometimes it will even self-destruct.

In fact, the reasons are that when the lawn mower stalls at high speeds, there are quite a few of these reasons.

Another is the presence of malfunctions in the power system.

In this case, the lawn mowing will stall at idle. Out of alignment or improper carburetor adjustment can lead to problems with the power system.

Vibrations that occur during the operation of lawn mowers can lead to misregistration.

Incorrect adjustment of the lawn mowers can be corrected by simply adjusting it in accordance with the requirements specified in the instruction manual.

In addition, sometimes gasoline trimmers can stall due to the valve located in the gas tank cap simply clogging or sticking.

To find out, try using a scythe by loosening the gas tank cap.

If the device works properly in this mode, clean the valve.

over, the lawn mower may stall due to poor intake of fuel into the carburetor

Why, then, the device starts up, you ask?

The reason for this is that at first the fuel gradually runs into the carburetor and is enough to work at high power.

However, then it is developed and at high speeds the engine begins to stall.

As for the carburetor, the problem here may also be that its body is too tight.

The reason that the lawn mower stalls at high speeds on gas may also be air leaks.

We are talking about the possible presence of space through which air can pass during the heating of the engine.

In addition, be sure to check the fuel intake hose. The problem may be that it is weakly held or cracked at all.

These are the main reasons why the lawn mower can stall.