Gasoline Lawn Mower Stihl Rm 248 T

Gasoline Lawn Mower Stihl Rm 248 T

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Gasoline mower Stihl RM 248 T mowing area up to 1200 m² very quickly. Cutting height adjustment has 7 steps. When mowing in corner places, the compact form of the lawn mower shows itself on the excellent side, great maneuverability and low weight. The whole grass collector holds 55 liters and can be easily emptied in one move for removal. New engine from American company B&S 550 EX OHV RS provides high performance and low vibration, the engine is specially designed for this model of STIHL RM 248 T. lawn mowers. The lawn mower has a wheel drive, you can put it into operation with a convenient lever, which will greatly facilitate work on the site. The drive has a single speed of 3.7 km / h. It is not possible to install a mulching kit and a drive on this model.

The STIHL RM 248 T petrol lawn mower is designed to work comfortably with medium-sized lawns. The practical entry-level model with a single-speed drive is especially flexible and easy to handle. With the RM 248 T, you can mow the lawn completely relaxed and effortlessly. In addition, a folding steering wheel with a super-soft grip provides convenient ergonomic control of the device. Simple control of the central seven-step adjustment of the cutting height allows precise mowing of the lawn with a cutting height of 25 to 75 mm. The large 55-liter grass catcher ensures quick mowing without many interruptions.

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Features and advantages of MB 248:

  • Central adjustment of cutting height. Thanks to the central height adjustment in several stages, the cutting height can be quickly and easily adapted to the conditions of the lawn and use;
  • Installed updated engine B&S 550 EX OHV RS, increased lawnmower power and Ready Start added;
  • Steel body. Reliability: the particularly rigid construction of the sheet steel frame remains stable even for complex tasks. The frame consists of three durable metal embossed parts. The forces applied to the beam are deflected directly into the body. the mower responds quickly and therefore can be easily maneuvered;
  • Lightweight running wheels. The wheels are very durable. The drive wheels are equipped with a traction stability profile and a guide profile;
  • Built-in grass level indicator. For all STIHL gas mowers, a level indicator is integrated in the grass catcher. It signals the correct filling time;
  • Special wind knife. The blade creates a strong airflow in the aerodynamic body, which straightens the grass before cutting and removes grass clippings using a turbine unit in the grass catcher with integrated air conditioning system. Excellent cutting and good cleaning guaranteed.
  • ReadyStart reduces the effort required to start: just one jerk of the starter cord and the engine starts. The use of an automatic throttle that does not require suction means that reliable start is ensured at all temperatures;
  • The mower has a wheel drive, thanks to the V-belt, the drive facilitates the control of the mower on the site, large volumes of lawn are easily overcome, the drive speed is 3.7 km / h.


Due to the spring-loaded central adjustment mechanism, the cutting height is set very easily. The current height is visible on the scale.