Features And Popular Models Of Chinese Tillers.

The domestic market of small-scale mechanization boasts a large assortment of gardening equipment, most of which are tillers and motor-cultivators. However, the varieties of compact tractors produced by Chinese engineers do not lose their relevance and even become more significant.
This is due to the high quality of products, their reliability and versatility, low cost, and the engines for tillers from China can compete with American, Japanese and Italian. Therefore, this material is dedicated to the segment that represents the Chinese tillers.

Technical features of chinece agro-technical equipment, advantages and disadvantages.

Often, products from East Asia are serious units that can function even in difficult conditions. Due to the following advantages.

Chinese cars deservedly received special popularity and trust:

  • affordable price;
  • multifunctionality;
  • aggregation with a large number of attachments;
  • high productivity (the area of ​​the cultivated area ranges from 70 hectare to 3 hectares);
  • large working capacity;
  • high power engines;
  • duration of uninterrupted operation due to the equipment of water cooling.

Universal devices make them adapted to the climate and soil of our country. A significant advantage is the ability to purchase parts, no problems with maintenance and repair, prolonging life — compact design, economical fuel consumption, design. not unimportant distinctive indicators of agricultural machinery.
There are also disadvantages: the fragility of the electronic ignition of the motors, the metal’s weakness, the fragility of plastic products, frequent breakdowns. rapid wear of the rings on the piston, crankshaft necks, erasing gear teeth, failure of the starter for the tillers.
Most Chinese tillers have four gears: two front and two rear. They are equipped with a steering wheel rotating in both horizontal and vertical direction. In the market of equipment from the People’s China Republic, there are instances whose engines run on gasoline and diesel fuel. The latter, as a rule, are superior to gas due to their high torque, excellent efficiency and economy.

Vehicles, mainly large class, have a simple design, consisting of nodes and mechanisms:

  • fuel tank with a capacity of 4 to 6 liters;
  • 4-stroke engine with direct fuel injection;
  • gear reducer;
  • disc clutch in the oil bath;
  • cooling system;
  • speed shifter;
  • PTO;
  • pneumatic wheels.

Some products receive instead of wheels, soil cutter, whose width is as close as possible to 100 mm. With that, the cutters install a detachable type, which means the possibility of their adjustment. You set the width required for tillage.
On average, the weight reaches 200 kg. They are easy to use, maneuverable. Motorcycle life is increased to 3,000 hours. The working depth is no more than 30 cm, and the width is about 140 cm. Some “Chinese” are equipped with an electric starter with a battery — fuel tanks. the volume of 2-10 litres. Additional comfort is based on a low degree of vibration and noise.
Engines for Chinese tillers are of particular interest. They also have low cost, differ in proper construction and reliability. These factors favour their use for various types of garden equipment, home-made machines. Greenfield and FORTE offer a complete set containing additional items. Suppose you need motors for self-made tillers, then they must be equipped with a gearbox to simplify installation in the design of the unit itself.

Made in China: the most popular models.

The choice of any garden tools, in particular, the tiller, should begin with defining the tasks that your new acquisition should perform, and the intensity of the planned work, the area of ​​the backyard plot. After all, a small-sized tractor is used not only to care for a garden or a vegetable garden, but also as a pump, food cutter, snow blower, etc. A variety of agricultural production in China is quite large.
The Chinese machines are manufactured by the following manufacturers, who distinguished themselves with a successful price/quality combination, a large selection of mounted units, well-established deliveries of original parts and auxiliary spare parts for the tillers:

  • Aurora
  • Kentavr. analogue of ZIRKA tillers
  • Forester
  • Rotex
  • ZUBR
  • КАМА
  • Iron Angel
  • Samson
  • Greenfield
  • Champion
  • Profi
  • Huter

Higher demand is for Chinese tillers of brands ZIRKA, KDT, Kipor, Weifang, Kama.
For owners of small plots (6-7 acres), it is better to look at popular models that are more related to the household category. the Centaur 3060B, 3060D, IRON ANGEL GT1050. In the presence of 12 acres and more, appropriate to give preference to semi-professional tiller. Aurora 105, Centaur 2060D, 2060B.
Entrepreneurs and farmers engaged in the mass cultivation of vegetables, it is desirable to opt for professional machines. Aurora MT-101DE, Centaur 1013D, 1081D, Aurora MT 125 D. Varieties of small-sized tractors, whose “hearts” are diesel engines, such as Aurora 81DE, MT.101D, ZIRKA LX1090D, LX 1081D (and other air-cooled counterparts) are often bought from authorized dealers of the companies.

Tiller of what firm to choose?

KIPOR’s Chinese KDT tillers deserve serious attention. They are awarded a European quality certificate. Therefore, the first thing that causes recognition is the high-quality manufacture of motorcycles.
Accurate assembly, painting, bending sheet metal parts, welds, stamping and casting — make machines stand out among other similar Chinese devices. Due to optimal design solutions, the endurance of aggregates, the ZIRKA brand received positive recommendations.
In conclusion, we emphasize that not all Chinese-made products are questionable. And it’s up to you to decide whether to buy Chinese cars. It is better not to rely on someone else’s advice, but to make sure that the Chinese tillers are productive on personal experience.