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The best info about adjusting carburetors on a chainsaw

I greet you dear and most faithful readers of my blog. In this article, I decided to make out how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw. After all, it seems to me that you have repeatedly encountered a problem that your “darling” let you down when you needed it so much. Do-it-yourself Partner 350 chainsaw repair: video. And because we are economical and do not want to spend money on what we can do ourselves, then let’s learn how to regulate the carburetor on our chainsaws with our own hands, without recruiting professional repairmen. And as you will soon see, doing this is quite simple. It’s not even useful for you to do anything special. I specifically saw the adjustment of carburetors of all recognized brands of saws, each of which has its own tricks and aspects, and in my opinion this is the best information on the network!

So let’s get started!

What is still useful for you?

  • Firstly, an annotation on the operation of the device itself.
  • Secondly, a tachometer. Features and advantages of the Partner 371 chainsaw and partner 371 technical specifications, self-adjusting ignition and carburetor. Why specifically it is useful to us, we will consider a little later.
  • Thirdly, a screwdriver.

Surprisingly, this is all that we will need.

To get started, carefully familiarize yourself with the structure of your saw. What you need to do first is to find where the carburetor nozzles are, and even more important than the nozzles are the adjusting screws. Price chainsaw Partner 350 from 5 carburetor adjustment chainsaws work. video. Usually, there should be two to three screws. Setting up the Partner 350 s chainsaw, adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw. One of them regulates idle speed, and the other two. low and highest.

Specifically, they will need to be adjusted for you, or tightened, or unscrewed to enrich or impoverish the fuel mixture.

If you need to impoverish the mixture, then simply turn the knob clockwise, if enriched, then counter.

To adjust the idle speed, the screw that is responsible for this also needs to be twisted clockwise to increase the speed, or, as you might have guessed, in the opposite direction to reduce them.

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How to set up a Partner 350 carburetor chain saw

Repair and construction of the country can not do without the use of chainsaws, this is true even when caring for the garden. If the tool is defective, it will cause all the work, so it is important to have self-testing and troubleshooting skills. If you have some experience, then you can make adjustments to the carburetor, this procedure is complicated, although it is quite possible.

The need for adjustment

In rare cases, adjustment of the “Partner-350” carburetor chainsaw is required, most often there are problems associated with improper fuel injection or engine wear. But there are signs that you need to configure the mechanism, here are some of them. After the engine could be started, he nods immediately. In some cases, users cannot get it at all, and the reason is a lack of fuel or an excess of oxygen. A problem may arise in the event of an increase in fuel consumption, which results in an increase in the volume of exhaust gases. This may occur due to supersaturation of the mixture with fuel.

Mechanical causes of failure

You may need to adjust the Partner-350 carburetor chainsaw and with mechanical failures. For example, due to exposure to strong vibrations, the protective cap may be damaged. In the end, the bolts in the carburetor lose their fixation. The piston part of the engine can also wear out. Carb adjustment helps in this case for a certain time, to solve the problem, you need to replace the worn part. The cause may be clogging, which occurs due to the use of low-quality fuels. These effects can lead to filter damage and scaling. In this case, the carburetor will need to be disassembled, rinse well and adjust.


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If you are setting up a Partner-350 carburetor chain saw, you should learn more about the unit assembly, in many models the design features are almost identical, so these recommendations will be relevant.

Items should be removed with the utmost care, put them in order, during the assembly process this will help you. Three bolts hold the top cover, they must be removed, after which you will see a layer of foam rubber that acts as part of the air filter. The master will have to get rid of the fuel hose, this will lead to the removal of the traction drive.

Partner-350 carburetor chainsaw adjustment is not possible, if you do not remove the cable lug, this should be done in the next step. The gas hose to the left of the nozzle must be dropped. All of the above work will turn off the carburetor, which can be adjusted. This mechanism is complex, so if you need further disassembly, you need to carefully remove the elements, because their size is very small, because of which they can easily be lost.

HOW TO PUT THE GAP of the ignition coil, chainsaw Partner, McCulloch, Jonsered, the magneto clearance

The video talks about the ease of adjusting the magneto gap using the wall of a plastic bottle. Repairs.

"PARTNER 350" Correct clearance between short circuit and magneto.

In this video, as usual, I will simply and easily tell and show how to change ignition on the chainsaw,in private


If you have a Partner-350, carb adjustment can be made independently, without the participation of specialists. Having assessed their capabilities and experience, proceed with the disassembly, the recommendations for which were presented above. Then you can tune and tune. It is necessary to distinguish three screws, exactly in such quantity they are available on a saw "Partner", However, in some models the screw is installed in a single copy. The manufacturer has assigned each with its own letter, which will allow you to understand what this element is for. Thus, when setting a low speed, you should use a screw under the letter L. The top speed can be adjusted using a screw under the letter H. It can be adjusted with a screw under the designation T, other models can only have it.

Additional recommendations

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If you bought a Partner-350 saw, carb adjustment can be performed while working. Before performing these operations, you must remember that the factory settings are optimal. Using the above screws, you can regulate the engine in special situations, among which you can distinguish between different climatic conditions. Use when adjusting the screws under the letters L and H. To increase the speed, turn them clockwise.

To reduce speed, the screws rotate in the opposite direction. It is also important to consider the sequence of use of the elements, which looks like this: L-H-T. If during adjustment you encounter difficulties, it is better to contact a specialist, as improper adjustment can turn off the engine.

The need for adjustment

To understand how the adjustment of the Partner-350 chain saw is performed, it is best to find out about the design of this unit in the first stage. If you understand the principle of operation and the components, you can determine the cause of the failure yourself. The carburetor acts as one of the main parts of the engine, which is necessary for preparation and, the latter consists of fuel and oxygen. If the ratio of these ingredients is broken, then the engine may start to work incorrectly, and then it will fail.

Carburetor device

If you decide that you need to set up the Partner-350 saw, you first need to study the design of the elements. The system consists of a diffuser, which acts as a constriction to increase the oxygen flow rate. The diffuser is located in close proximity to the inlet through which fuel is supplied. In the carburetor there is also a pipe with a transverse damper, it is necessary to regulate the flow of oxygen. Fuel comes from a spray, it is represented by a needle. To adjust the fuel at the entrance to the channel, you need a float chamber, it is also available in a carburetor device.

Operating principle

If you bought a Partner-350 saw, you may need to work carb adjustment. To correctly perform these steps, you must also familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of this item of equipment. Fuel is sprayed in the diffuser by a stream of air, which allows you to create a mixture pumped into the cylinder. The more fuel that is supplied, the higher the engine speed. In the described model, as in any other, the carburetor operates in accordance with the same scheme described above.

Video: Find How To Set Up A Carburetor On A Partner Saw

Ignition adjustment

People who have a Partner-350 have seen that ignition adjustments are fairly common. At the first start-up, an idle run must be checked for its execution, it is necessary to turn the screw, which is responsible for adjusting the idle speed, clockwise. Once it cools, it should be turned counterclockwise by 4.5 turns. If, after given manipulations, the engine runs without chain rotation, everything is in order. Otherwise, you need to contact a service center, since working with such a saw can be dangerous.

Partner 350, a chain saw popular among gardeners, successfully combines endurance, the ability to cope with the most difficult household tasks and profitability. This model tolerates operation well in difficult weather conditions, which makes it possible to use it both in summer and in winter, without the risk of unexpected breakdown of the main work units

Partner 350 chainsaw device

The Partner model in the 350th configuration is distinguished by an excellent selection of components and high build quality. The basis of the garden tool is a 2-stroke 1-cylinder internal combustion engine, powered by a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and motor oil. The piston motor group is forged and coated with a chrome alloy to extend the internal combustion engine’s service life. The engine of the factory engine includes a proprietary CCS filter, characterized by the ability to trap the smallest foreign particles, preventing them from entering the fuel.

The Partner 350 chainsaw differs from its counterparts in the simplified start-up, which was achieved thanks to a modified starter with a self-cleaning drum, a professional fuel pump and durable electronic ignition. For preliminary pumping of used fuel into the cylinder, the model is equipped with a primer.

Find How To Set Up A Carburetor On A Partner Saw

For the operator’s safety during the operation of a working chainsaw, Partner equipped the garden tool with a high-quality inertial brake that instantly operates when the saw headset hits a nail or any other foreign object.

Partner saw blades are metal bar and chain. Their tension is carried out using two keys, without the need to remove the protective cover of the plastic case.

One of the main advantages of the Partner 350 chainsaw is the convenient location of the necessary controls. The gas lever, the combined switch and the starter cable are located at the rear of the tool, which greatly simplifies its operation in confined spaces.

Partner 350 chainsaw oil. how to choose?

To extend the life of the engine and other working mechanisms of the garden tool, it is necessary to use high-quality engine oil to prepare the fuel mixture. When burning in a cylinder, it should form as little ash as possible, which settles on the walls of the muffler and on the spark plug.

The engine oil used for refueling should quickly dissolve in gasoline and be thoroughly cleaned of harmful impurities that, over time, settle in the narrow channels of the partner factory carburetor saw.

In addition, Partner 350 chainsaw oil must have high lubricating and anti-corrosion properties, as well as withstand wear and tear.

It is best used to prepare the fuel mixture for 2-stroke engines of the Stihl and Husqvarna brands. They lubricate the working parts of the Partner garden tools well and, when burned, do not emit large amounts of ash.

Partner 350 chainsaw. model specifications

The high efficiency of the Partner chain saw in the garden area was achieved due to good factory parameters.

Garden tool specifications include:

  • the power of the internal combustion engine is 1.8 liters. s./ 1.3 kW;
  • the volume of the staff forged cylinder. 36 cm3;
  • engine idle speed. 4000 rpm;
  • fuel tank capacity. 400 ml;
  • oil tank volume. 200 ml;
  • recommended tire length. 40 cm;
  • chain pitch. 3/8 ";
  • weight. 4.7 kg.

During operation, the Partner chainsaw creates minimal noise and vibration. Sound pressure on the operator when the engine is running at maximum speed does not exceed 108 dB.

Do-it-yourself partner carburetor adjustment for the Partner 350 chainsaw

Before you start setting up a standard Partner model carburetor, you need to thoroughly clean it from dust, dirt and carbon deposits that accumulated on the walls. In addition to the carburetor, you will need to rinse and dry the fuel and air filter. Otherwise, the operator will not be able to accurately set the required engine speed.

In the upper left part of the protective plastic case of the Partner saw there are holes in which the manufacturer provides bolts for adjusting the carburetor. Having found them, you can proceed to the basic configuration of the node. To do this, the left and right screws, which are responsible for the number and quality of revolutions, respectively, must be installed in a fully twisted position. Immediately after this, they must be weakened by 1/5 of a turn. The third adjusting bolt, marked T beech, must be left in the position in which it is installed.

The final adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw is carried out in the following order:

  1. First, you need to start the saw and let it work for the motor to completely warm up;
  2. After 5 minutes, you can begin to adjust. First, the left bolt must be started to turn in the direction of the clock until the engine reaches its maximum speed. Then the left bolt must be turned 1.4 turns in the opposite direction. After completing these steps, the Partner chainsaw engine should operate at idle confidently;
  3. If after manipulating the left adjusting screw, the chain on the tire starts to rotate, then it must be stopped by turning the bolt T in turn;
  4. Then you need to proceed to setting the quality of the fuel mixture. To do this, turn the right adjusting screw in the direction of the clock. As soon as the motor reaches the maximum allowable speed, the screw must be unscrewed 1/4 turn in the opposite direction.

When setting the maximum revolutions of the Partner 350 saw engine, it is better to use a tachometer connected in advance to the motor. As soon as the device shows the same speed, which is indicated by the branded instruction manual for the model, it means that turning the screw must be stopped.

Partner 350 chainsaw. ignition adjustment

You need to think about setting the ignition of the Partner garden tool when its engine has stopped starting, or when the rated motor power has fallen noticeably. Before adjusting the ignition, you will need to thoroughly clean the candle, as well as wipe the coil itself from dust.

The further procedure is as follows:

  1. First you need to remove the left cover of the protective plastic case;
  2. Under the cover are a flywheel and an ignition coil. They should be located at a certain distance from each other. Set a gap between them will help a template or a regular paper business card;
  3. To perform the adjustment, you will need to unscrew the 2 screws located next to the flywheel. During their rotation, the element will move away from the coil;
  4. Next, on the side of the coil, you will need to install the template motionlessly and begin to turn the screws in the opposite direction;
  5. As soon as the flywheel comes in contact with the template, you will need to finish the adjustment.

After setting the ignition, you need to put the case cover back in place and check the operation of the Partner 350 chainsaw. If the assembly has been adjusted correctly, the chainsaw engine will start the first time.

Partner 350 chainsaw. malfunctions and their elimination

Partner garden tools can break down for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are improper use and mechanical shock. To fix the malfunction, you will need to determine its exact cause in advance. After that, you can start an independent tool repair.

Partner 350 chainsaw starts and stalls

There can be several reasons for this malfunction. Most often, the engine of the tool starts and immediately stalls due to a clogged factory breather, as a result of which fuel enters the engine cylinder in an amount sufficient for operation. To fix the damage, remove and clean the breather. If it is damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

Another reason is the missing contact of the plug with the cap of the electrical wiring. This can happen due to mechanical shock or the formation of carbon deposits on the candle from engine oil. To repair the Partner 350 chainsaw, the spark plug will need to be removed and cleaned. In some cases, a complete candle replacement may help.

The third cause of the malfunction is the severe clogging of a standard muffler muffler. Over time, soot forms on its walls, which prevents the exhaust from leaving the engine. As a result, gases accumulate inside the motor and interfere with its proper operation. To eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary to remove the muffler and clean it with compressed air. You will also need to disassemble the motor and blow out its cylinder.

Partner 350 chainsaw does not start. how to fix the malfunction?

If this breakdown is detected, the first thing to inspect is the condition of the air filter. If a large amount of dust has accumulated on it, then the filter will need to be rinsed using pure gasoline.

Another common cause of the malfunction is problems with the ignition system. To repair the chain saw, you need to remove its left protective cover and set the correct clearance between the flywheel and the ignition coil.

In some cases, replacing the fuel mixture will help solve the problem. For this, the used fuel will need to be drained and a new mixture of pure gasoline and engine oil filled into the tank.

What to do if the chain on the Partner 350 chainsaw is not lubricated?

If the Partner 350 chain for the chainsaw is no longer lubricated with oil, this can lead to overheating of the tire and rupture of the saw set. Ignoring this problem is also fraught with increased load on the engine, which can lead to its breakdown.

The first thing to inspect when there is no lubrication to the chain is the oil pump. Over time, the teeth on its drive wear out, which can also occur due to clogging of the pump. It is usually impossible to restore an element, so it is best to replace it.

Often, grease does not get onto the Partner 350 chainsaw chain due to clogged oil pipes. In this case, the hoses will need to be replaced by treating the joints with the fittings with a sealant.

Pours a candle on the Partner 350 chainsaw

This common problem is faced by those chainsaw owners who add too much engine oil to the fuel mixture. In the cylinder, it does not have time to burn, so part of the lubricant settles on the candle and other important elements of the garden tool.

To eliminate the breakdown, you need to remove the factory candle, clean it of carbon deposits and dry. After this, it is necessary to blow out the cylinder of the factory engine of the chainsaw, several times abruptly pulling the starter cable towards itself.

Next, you need to inspect the condition of the carburetor and fuel hoses. Often, oil gets on the candle due to loss of system tightness. This occurs as a result of a break in one of the pipes or a breakdown of the oil pump. To repair the Partner 350 chainsaw, you will need to replace all defective fuel system parts. After that, you need to install the candle in place, start the motor of the instrument and check its operation at idle, low and high speeds.

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