Why Doesn't Start Stihl 180 Video

Why Doesn't Start Stihl 180 Video

And the world-famous company Stihl produces a huge range of quality chainsaws. For domestic purposes and simple work, the Stihl 180 chainsaw was created, which showed excellent performance and reliability. All the best practices of the German company were used here, with a weight of 3.9 kg, the chainsaw easily performed work in the garden. It is easy to cut small trees, branches with it, you can even prepare firewood. But even any of the highest quality equipment tends to break, and it happens that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start or starts with great difficulty. We tried to collect all the causes and repair methods of the German Stihl 180.

If you are the owner of the Stihl 180 chainsaw or wish to purchase it, we offer our detailed review and characteristics of the Stihl 180.

Lack of spark

If the chainsaw does not start, while you have not experienced any special difficulties, the first thing is to check the spark plug. There may simply not be a spark between its electrodes; this can only be determined after removing the spark plug. We check its operability, for this we stick a candle in the cap of the high-voltage wire, put the candle on the cylinder side (or other metal object) with the metal side. Now we are doing several manipulations with the starter, and if no spark is observed during them, the problem is specifically in the spark plug.

Attention: Be sure to make sure that the ignition is turned on, otherwise the candle in any case will not show a spark. Also, to make sure that the spark plug is faulty, and not the ignition coil, take a similar spark plug and check the spark on it. If present, the problem is solved by a simple replacement.

Malfunction of the ignition coil

Fuel supply to the chainsaw

If the Stihl 180 does not start, there is a spark, then the first thing we check is the presence of fuel in the tank of the chainsaw. Of course, the problem is funny, but quite common. Next, we check whether the fuel enters the carburetor, for this you can disconnect the gas hose from the carburetor and pump gasoline. After several manipulations, the gas should go from the hose, but not in a big stream, but in small jerks. If gasoline does not go or goes weak, the problem may be as follows:

Video: Why Doesn’t Start Stihl 180 Video

Clogged fuel supply channel;

The fuel filter is directly protected.

Check out the article that describes why gasoline doesn’t get into the chainsaw. The tips described apply to the Stihl 180.

It would not sound unusual, but even a too full fuel tank can be the cause. At high pressures, the fuel hose may be squeezed out or the necessary vacuum may not be created. Be sure to monitor the quality of the fuel used, for proper operation, never leave a chainsaw with gasoline for more than 2 weeks. Long-term storage of fuel in the tank contributes to the creation of resins and the polymerization process of the components.

Faulty crankshaft bearings

If you don’t start the Stihl 180 and the fuel arrives correctly, you will have to look further, namely into the crankshaft. Its bearings tend to wear out, because of which there appears a backlash and trying to stagger the flywheel. The fact is that in the presence of play, the flywheel magnets are attracted to the ignition coil, or rather to its contacts.

To repair and replace bearings, it is necessary to disassemble the engine, so this work is performed only by craftsmen or people with experience. Do not disassemble the engine if you are doing this for the first time.

Fills the spark plug

In some cases, the Stihl 180 will start and stall, or not at all. Then we check the condition of the candle, it can fill. There can be two reasons for this “overflow”. improper starting of the engine for a cold one and a carburetor malfunction. We are trying to solve the problem by the following actions:

Remove the spark plug;

Turn the chainsaw on the other side and wait until excess fuel flows out;

For better confidence, we pull the starter several times, so gasoline will probably come out of the cylinder;

We return the candle to its place, install the cap and try to start the engine again with the starter.

Other causes and solutions

If the chainsaw still does not start and the reason is not in the above details, you need to look deeper. Other common problems include:

Fuel pump failure;

About the absence of a pulse in the pipe channel from the crankcase;

There is no fuel supply from the carburetor;

Rupture of the membrane on the fuel pump;

Repair of the above malfunctions is carried out either independently, but of course it is better to give the chainsaw to the master, you can do the diagnosis yourself. Also, during diagnosis, you should check the following indicators:

The correct operation of the carburetor;

Optimum compression in the cylinder;

Compression in the crankcase.

Compression is checked both using a special device and manually. In order to "verify" the presence of compression, it is enough to remove the candle and insert a finger into the cylinder bore. After several times, scroll the starter and if the finger pulls into the hole. there is compression.