First Daewoo Lawnmower Oil Change

Stock! Oil change in the engine 180 UAH. running diagnostics 1 UAH.

Call (068) 229-29-17, (044) 229-29-15 and sign up for an oil and filter change at a convenient time and day.

Prices for replacing fluids and filters (UAH)

Engine oil change from 180
Engine flushing from 30
Power Steering Fluid Replacement from 100
Coolant fluid replacement from 120
Manual gearbox oil change from 100
Oil change in the bridge from 100
Oil change in transfer case from 100
Replacing the air filter from 40
Replacing the air filter (2 elements) from 80
Replacing the cabin filter (air conditioner) in the glove compartment from 50
Replacing the cabin filter (air conditioner) pedal assembly from 150
Replacing diesel fuel filter from 80
Replacing the fuel filter in the tank from 240
Replacing the fuel filter from 40

The oil in the car engine performs a protective function, during operation over time it begins to lose viscosity, become dirty and poorly perform its tasks, which affects the wear of engine parts. In such a situation, the oil must be changed immediately, because it is easier to replace the oil than then repair the engine.

First Daewoo Lawnmower Oil Change

When do i need to change the oil?

The frequency of changing the engine oil for each car is individual, auto manufacturers recommend doing this up to 15,000 km, for some cars up to 50,000 km. For diesel engines, the oil change period falls on 7000-8000 km, for gasoline on 10000-12000 mileage.

However, much depends on the conditions in which the car is operated, the fuel on which it operates. So, the increased sulfur content, which is usually for our diesel fuel much faster reduces the resource of engine oil.

We advise you to control the indicator of oil in the engine every few thousand kilometers to be sure.

Severe operating conditions

Severe operating conditions of the car reduce the oil resource and require more frequent replacement. For mineral oil, mileage is up to 5,000 km, semi-synthetic. up to 7,000 km, synthetics. up to 10,000 km.

What conditions can be considered difficult:

  • Frequency in using a car. To last longer, the machine must drive regularly, otherwise when idle, condensation forms inside the engine, which causes corrosion of the motor.
  • Frequent trips over short distances. The motor cannot warm up completely during this operation, which also leads to condensation. This ride is especially harmful in winter.
  • Idling and frequent traffic jams. If the car is standing with the engine running, then the oil heats up and wears out faster.
  • Overloaded riding with a tug. also leads to rapid heating and wear of the oil.
  • Operation in polluted air is a frequent replacement of filters.
  • Poor low-quality fuel, not completely burned. Residues of such fuel are deposited in the oil and reduce efficiency.
  • Vacuum oil change assumes that part of the old oil remains in the engine, so even after pouring new oil, it will have to be changed much earlier.

Full engine oil change

As mentioned above, the vacuum method only partially changes the oil in the engine. And when do you need to make a full replacement?

  • in the time specified by the manufacturer of the car or deduced by you based on the operating conditions of the car
  • after emergency situations in which oil of unknown origin was poured;
  • after buying a used car, as it is unclear when the replacement was made and what kind of oil in the engine.

Video: First Daewoo Lawnmower Oil Change

We do not recommend mixing oils of various grades, this is only in extreme cases permissible if you need to add oil on the way. It is necessary to add oil no more than 15%, at the first opportunity this mixture needs to be drained and to fill in new oil.

In no case do not interfere with synthetics and mineral oil, because many additives that are used for mineral oil may not be suitable for synthetics and as a result, the oil will not become so viscous and the engine may jam, and this is a very serious breakdown.

Many of the conditions described correspond to those in which your car is operated, so we recommend that you do not rely on what is written in the service book, but change the oil more often. To do this, you can contact our service center.

  1. Preparation and setup
  2. Tools and materials
  3. Removing old oil
  4. Tank filling

Lawn maintenance starts with a well-maintained lawn mower, which means that there are certain tasks that must be constantly performed to keep the machine in perfect working condition. One of the most important aspects of owning a lawn mower is knowing how to change the oil.

Preparation and setup

The location of the mower is important when preparing this machine for an oil change. Because of the likelihood of leakage, it is better not to do such work on the grass or next to flower beds, as oil droplets can adversely affect plant life. Choose a hard, flat surface, such as a roadway or sidewalk, and be sure to use plastic wrap so that oil droplets and stains remain on this protective film.

A good rule of thumb before changing grease is to start the mower for one or two minutes to warm up the engine a bit. Then you will have much less trouble removing the old grease. It is also useful to take precautions when working with the mower after turning it on, as the likelihood of burns to the engine will increase, for example. Work gloves are recommended to reduce the risk of personal injury.

And finally, you can disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug itself and take it away to avoid accidentally starting the engine. And also make sure that the pump (pump) is turned off. The final step in your preparation should also include cleaning the area around the oil filler hole., to prevent foreign particles or dirt from entering the oil tank.

Tools and materials

You may need tool kit:

  • oil container;
  • clean, dry rags, napkins or towels;
  • socket wrench with corresponding socket;
  • empty plastic containers (household with lids);
  • machine oil;
  • set of wrenches;
  • trumpet;
  • syringe for pumping;
  • siphon.

Removing old oil

Removing old grease is one of the most important steps in the process. You can use three methods to make sure that you remove a large amount of old oil.

  • Use a siphon. Insert one end of the tube into the dipstick hole to measure the oil level until it reaches the bottom of the oil reservoir. Place the other end of the siphon in a structurally sturdy container that you will specifically use for this and future grease changes. Finally, place wooden blocks or other durable material under the wheels of the mower on the opposite side of the fill hole. It is easier to remove almost all of the oil in a tilted mower.
  • Remove the oil plug. Depending on the type of gas mower, you can remove the oil plug to drain the old grease. Refer to the user manual to locate your drain plug and make sure you have the right size socket wrench to operate. After installing the wrench on the plug, remove it. When the oil drains completely, you can replace the plug.
  • Use a special tool such as a syringe to pump out and fill the oil tank. This is very convenient when the tank opening is too narrow, and it is inconvenient or impossible to fill new oil from the bottle. The syringe can easily pass through the hole to pump out old used oil.
  • Tilt method. If you don’t have access to the oil tank, you can drain it by tilting the mower to the side. When tilting the mower, install the filler cap on the container that you use to collect the used oil. After proper positioning, remove the filler cap and let the oil drain completely. Using this method, you must know exactly what fuel level the mower is. It is also important to note where the air filter is located so as not to contaminate it with drain oil.

Tank filling

Now that the old oil has been removed, it’s time to fill the tank with fresh grease. Refer to the lawnmower manual again to find out what type of oil is suitable for your machine and how much oil to fill.

Fill the oil tank. Allow the oil to stand for at least two minutes, and then check the level with a dipstick to ensure that it is filled correctly.

After the oil tank is filled to the proper level, you will need to re-secure the spark plug wire. Do not turn on the mower immediately; let the machine stand for several minutes before starting work.

Next, watch a video on how to change oil in a 4-stroke engine mower.