Forte 80 g3 single axle tractor in operation

Forte 80 g3 single axle tractor in operation. Forte MD-101E single axle tractor

It has a gasoline engine, but not a two-stroke as budget models, and a full-fledged four-stroke. With a small volume of 200 cubic centimeters you get about 6 liters.с. of power at a low gas consumption (a little over a liter per hour). Five-liter tank is enough for a day of work, because more than 4 hours it is difficult to work with it. The weight may not be the greatest, but 100 kilograms is not insignificant and it is necessary to make efforts to direct them and level them. 8 cutters, 4 on each side, blast the ground to a depth of 24-26 centimeters, the cultivation turns out quite good. There are few gears, only three, of which one is rear. The steering wheel is ok, and the steering is more or less comfortable. It is decently warm during operation, but overheating has not been observed yet. Let’s see what happens in the real July heat. There is a one year warranty.

Low-speed, but tractive and powerful diesel, this is the best kind of engine for a power tiller. The force is good. Wide tiller (more than a meter wide) without problems plows the ground to a depth of about 20-25 cm. Three speeds: two in the front and one slow in the back. Higher speeds increase fluffing up, but it is more difficult to balance the cultivator. It is easier to work with less, but the speed drops by 30%. In general, the work turns out to be physically difficult, a woman can not cope (with rare exceptions).

Good price, it accomplishes its tasks on previously cultivated soil, which makes the work easier and saves time. It’s more fun than a shovel and a rake))))

We offer you a video review of power tiller Forte 80-G3.

In addition, look at the comparative video of two Forte power tillers.

Among the most purchased types of farm equipment are power tillers, which can perform a wide range of earthworks. over, they can work with a wide range of additional equipment with different functions. By the way, you can buy similar attachments in our store.


Sufficiently high power of 7 horsepower makes this model an ideal option for processing garden plots, farm plots with soils of different complexity. The presence of transport wheels makes it easy to get the technique to the place of work and back to the place of storage.

Long life for the Forte 80-G3 NEW power tillers, provides a quality assembly unit. Durable plastic housing protects all components from all kinds of dirt and mechanical damage. Protection of the engine from dust, and the singleaxle tractor operates almost all the time in a dusty environment, is provided by an air oil filter.

Heavy-duty cultivator with a powerful engine

Motorized cultivator Forte 80-G3 good Chinese manufacturer of machinery for the care of the household plot is a good option to replace heavy manual labor. Machine designed for efficient tillage of gardens and orchards up to 50 acres. The tiller is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke 7 hp engine, which is started with a manual starter with an air damper. Filter with oil bath cleans the cooling air efficiently and prolongs the life of the engine. Fuel tank holds 3.5L of gasoline AI-92, and 0 in the crankcase.6 liters of mineral oil 15W40 or semi-synthetic 10W40. Declared quiet operation noise level of 78 dB, not bad for an engine in this class.

Transmission realized by cast iron gearbox with chain transmission, 3-way pulley with 2 V-belts and power take-off shaft under belt transmission. Gearbox has 4 speeds: 3 forward and 1 reverse, for fast up-shifting speeds. A bonus in the karma adds the ability to adjust the steering handle by height and in the horizontal plane without the use of special keys. And there’s an emergency engine kill switch mounted right on the handlebar. Two 8-inch pneumatic wheels, replaced by 2 rotary cutters with 3 sections of blades left and right, also allow you to work with a trailed cart and other auxiliary soil tillage attachments. The maximum working width of the arable strip is 80 cm and the maximum cutting depth is 30 cm. The front linkage tube with holes can be used as an additional carrying handle and to attach additional weights that increase the load on the ground for more effective loosening.

Forte” power tillers: an overview of the characteristics of popular models

“Forte”. brand-manufacturer, which produces high-quality and long-lasting equipment. Ukrainian company is popular and trusted by many customers. Forte” motor blocks are characterized by high productivity and endurance.

The Forte diesel single axle tractor is a high-quality, professional-grade machine. Such power tillers are designed for working the ground, reaching a depth of thirty centimeters. The maximum quality of the work done is ensured by the good power of the device. 6-9 horsepower, and in addition, the optimal level of efficiency of the transmission and gearbox. We should also mention the durability of the power tiller. The frame of the device is made of high-grade steel, which ensures high strength of the part. In addition to all of the above, we can say that the Forte single axle tractor has the following features:

  • ergonomic handles;
  • economy in the amount of fuel consumed;
  • Highly reliable engine and transmission;
  • The availability of wheels and cutters, which are included in the kit;
  • Built-in power take-off shaft;
  • the machine is simple and easy to handle;
  • Low noise performance during operation;
  • The frame with very high rigidity.

Thanks to the pneumatic wheels of a given diameter, the range of functions that can perform a single-axle tractor Forte, greatly expands: in the process of work is possible to apply different types of attachments, it also becomes possible to produce transportation of various goods, using the trailer. Among other things, it should be noted that the brand “Forte” manufactures its products in China, due to which the cost of the finished unit is quite small and acceptable for the consumer of our market. There are many models of tractors with this brand.

Forte HSD1G-105 single axle tractor

Forte 105 single axle tractor (diesel) provides good results with any kind of work with minimum time consumption. This is influenced by the engine, a bit shifted forward, the clutch. multi-disk, in an oil bath, the modified transmission, which does without chains and belts, the new gearbox. the Forte single axle tractor of this model has the following technical characteristics:

  • power. 6 litres.с.;
  • geared type of drive;
  • High quality air filter;
  • the engine has a displacement of 296 cc;
  • The machine is equipped with a cylinder with a diameter of 78 millimeters;
  • 62 mm piston stroke;
  • the fuel tank has a capacity of 3.2 liters;
  • the weight of the machine is 140 kg;
  • Fuel consumption of 0,6 l per hour or so. operating process.

Each model has its own technical characteristics, and you should choose your future machine based on the types of work you plan to perform with this device. For example, a single-axle 1050 tractor has the same engine power, but differs in the width of the cultivated soil and t.д.

If a single-axle tractor fails to start, it may be due to several reasons. Check the clutch and the connection between all the parts, as well as the amount of fuel in the tank.

Differences between the Forte HSD1G-135 and the Forte 1050g

Both versions belong to the middle class of mini-machines, and they use air-cooled diesel engines. One of the main differences is power, because the Forte 105 single axle tractor produces only 6hp, and the 135 model shown in the photo below can be pushed to 9hp.

Both can easily cope with areas up to one hectare, and can use both a milling machine and a full-fledged plow. But, the more powerful variant has a larger fuel tank and increased weight, due to which, among other things, greater stability and better traction are achieved. Otherwise, they are very similar and perform equally well in similar conditions.

In addition to the models discussed above, this Chinese brand offers their improved version on the electric starter, and a novelty in the heavyweight class. single-axle tractor Forte HSD1G-121 with the biggest tank in the range, weighing almost 300 kg and capacity as much as 12 liters.с., And the lightweight compact HSD1G-80 and MK-2K-7 models.0 to 7 hp. The last two will certainly be liked by the dacha owners, especially since their cost seems affordable to almost everyone, without exception.

All these models of power tillers and not only can be found on the website Agrosad, which offers a wide range of garden equipment for every taste.

In operation, any representative of motor blocks Forte demonstrates exceptional durability and efficiency, and cloudless operation will certainly contribute competently written by the manufacturer manual, clearly following which you can easily protect yourself from a variety of faults.

Forte 1050G single axle tractor

Powerful and rugged model with reliable air-cooled engine. Type of fuel. diesel. which is very advantageous in terms of savings. Multidisc clutch will last much longer due to being immersed in an oil bath, it ensures a soft and smooth operation of the mechanism. Gearbox. pinion, number of gears. 3 (2 forward, 1 reverse). frame and wheels are reinforced and are suitable for heavier loads.

This model is suitable for plots of up to 50 acres with any type of soil. Sufficient weight and engine power to perform a wide range of works even on difficult terrains.

  • Power. 6 l. с.;
  • fuel capacity. 3,5 l;
  • approximate fuel consumption. 285 kWh;
  • working depth. 300 mm;
  • Working width. 1050 mm;
  • weight. 127 kg;
  • dimensions. 17401050980.
forte, single, axle, tractor, operation

Forte HSD1G-81 single axle tractor

The model is equipped with a water-cooled diesel engine. Combined with reinforced frame and wide wheels with massive tread can perform a wide range of works on your territory. Gearbox. two-level, with the possibility of using low and high gears (31). The single-axle tractor is equipped with a differential lock and rubberized handles for ease of operation.

  • power. 8 l. с.;
  • fuel tank capacity is 6 liters;
  • The approximate fuel consumption is 278 gcw/hour;
  • Working depth. 18 cm;
  • Cultivation width. 90 cm;
  • weighing 230 kilograms;
  • dimensions. 21409051175.

Comment: The Forte cultivator is a great machine. It is powerful, but also has a lot of functions. Instantly starts up. Everything is so well thought out that the work is easy, without stress. It has both a steering wheel and rear gear. I worked with it in winter, the ground is wooden, and it managed with a bang, and I thought that the fuel consumption would be just enormous, in the end I was wrong.

Disadvantages: The main and most important disadvantage is the reverse. You have to constantly lubricate the gears. In addition, it makes a lot of noise over time and you often have to change the oil.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought FORTE HSD1G-80B for the garden and was horribly unhappy with it. First we want to say that for such a price you can buy an excellent cultivator from other manufacturers, and this one is suitable only for the lightest tasks on the farm.

Products similar to the Forte HSD1G-80B

We have presented all known reviews and discussions of the model HSD1G-80B of the manufacturer Forte in one place for your convenience. You can also watch video reviews and video critiques of the HSD1G-80B. Other popular Forte power tillers and power tillers are listed on our site with ratings. Our most popular Forte tillers and power tillers are sorted by popularity. Top of list. most popular power tillers and cultivators.

Read our reviews of the Forte HSD1G-80B. Other owners’ experiences can be very helpful in making a decision about buying a power tool. You can learn in advance about possible problems, usability, service life, maintainability of the power tiller. If you own a HSD1G-80B, leave your testimonial, your experience with this tractor. This information will be extremely useful to other users!

Already a single axle tractor or still a cultivator? Video review of the Forte 80G3 gasoline-powered tractor with three forward gears.

My Single Axle Tractor” Shop. In this video we will show a Forte 80G-3 belt-driven single axle tractor with three forward gears and one. back. The model is interesting because it has a lower gear, but the single axle tractor is very light and maneuverable. Main issue: Forte 80 G-3. Is it already a single axle tractor or is it still a cultivator? Write your reasoned opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Forte 80G-3 single axle tractor on our website. View and order in Ukraine on our website. or by phone 0987986329 Viber 0990112801 0931702151 FB Group com/moimotoblokua VK Group Instagram account

have a nice day! Please tell me if it is possible to buy individually the front support leg for Forte. 80 г3? I have it only with the crank under the mower, and without the front support is not useful in operation!

You didn’t say anything about the drivetrain, chain or gears?

forte, single, axle, tractor, operation

Vom does not have a potato planter, you can’t hitch a potato planter to it ?

I have a Weima m-3, so it has a PTO from the box, so-so?

A single-axle tractor. т.к. such motor units are able to “take on” additional mounted agricultural tools.

It’s a heavy tiller! Motor cultivators, as well as motor blocks are conditionally divided into several subspecies, so for example there is a heavy motor blocks and there is just a motor block, just as there is a gradation and motokultivators: There are motocultivators light or mini naprimet Mantis and others, which are a couple of horsepower only, and here in this case is motocultivator, since vosnovnom with the Dana model in the kit come with wheels and rotary hoe and motocultivator itself that the video says that this gasoline tiller, then you can conclude about the basic orientation of the Dana unit. If we take into account weight of the walking tractor and presence of a lower gear, it shows its capabilities of expanding functions, like carrying a load on the trailer and additional attachments. Why is it impossible to call this machine a walking tractor?? One can call it a walking tractor, but for a complete power tiller given unit lacks only attachments as standard and the name itself on the passport, that’s all!:) So the conclusion for myself is: this is either a heavy motocultivator or a light single-axle tractor, or the best name would be what comes from the factory. gasoline-driven grit cutter, by main purpose!)