Garden tractor lawn roller. 2023 Reviews: Best Lawn Roller | Push and Tow

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Best Lawn Roller (Tow Pull Behind, Poly Steel) for Your Needs! Top 7 Favorites!

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We all know that American families take special care of their lawns and keep them perfect.

Having a vast, flawless lawn full of healthy grass is one of the main tasks of all homeowners, but you need adequate tools to keep them beautiful.

For that reason, we have come up with the best lawn roller for your household!

So, stay tuned, find all the essential facts regarding their main benefits, and choose the best lawn rollers for your needs.

  • A Quick Overview of the Best Lawn Rollers
  • How do lawn rollers work?
  • What exactly do lawn rollers do?
  • Lawn rollers: Do you need them?
  • What kind of lawn rollers do I really need?
  • Are you creating your lawn rollers: (Im)possible?
  • What are the sizes?
  • When to use lawn rollers?
  • Steel vs. poly rollers
  • Water vs. sand
  • #1. Brinly PRC-241BH 270 lb. Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller – The best performance
  • #2. S AFSTAR Lawn Roller – Best efficiency
  • #3. Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller – Best quality
  • #4. Brinly 81174083617 PRT-36SBH 390 lb. Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller – Best maneuverability
  • #5. Toro Lawn Striping System – Best for small areas
  • #6. Goplus Lawn Roller – Most solid and reliable
  • #7. Precision Products PLR1824 Lawn Roller – Best potential
  • 1. Correct size
  • 2. Full capacity
  • 3. Durable materials
  • 4. Adequate weight
  • 5. Working style
  • What is the best weight for a lawn roller?
  • Should I roll my bumpy lawn?
  • Will a 400 lb lawn roller work?
  • What does a pull-behind roller do?
  • What does a tow-behind lawn roller do?

A Quick Overview of the Best Lawn Rollers

Before we glance at our top lawn rollers, we need to go through some details regarding their general use.

How do lawn rollers work?

The lawn rollers work in such a way to top the surface of the grass and soil for leveling the ground after the wintertime hazards, such as frost heaves, dirt, sod, etc.

But, you also use lawn rollers to flatten the earthworm tunnels, mole tunnels, and other damage that will harm your grass and lawn.

What exactly do lawn rollers do?

Lawn rollers press the grass seed into the soil and help them germinate faster when seeding lawns.

So, if some spots in your yard have difficulties growing new grass, the tools are ideal for better grass quality and a greener color.

Still, to use your lawn rollers correctly, you must fill them with water or sand and create sufficient pressure for soil and grass compaction.

So, the lawn rollers might need more or less sand or water for advanced performance, depending on their size.

Lawn rollers: Do you need them?

If you plan to beautify and improve your lawn, lawn rollers are the perfect tools for the procedure.

You can attach them to lawn tractors or lawn mowers to drag behind as you move the machines around your lawn.

You can level the ground, but if you still have issues with weed, you may use different weed killers to eliminate them.

What kind of lawn rollers do I really need?

The units are best used for cricket pitches, baseball fields, golf courses, etc.

Still, if you want a professional lawn, you will need them, specifically the large-sized tools, to get your job done instantly.

Larger rollers will finish the project quicker and compact the grass and soil thoroughly, but they might not suit your needs.

Still, you can go for small-sized rollers, as the units benefit everybody, particularly those with larger yards. They assist in growing new grass and beautifying your garden and lawn.

But, if you have a smaller yard or lawn, especially a bumpy one, the rollers may not be convenient for you.

However, you will need the rollers to complete the process to align and maintain them properly.

Are you creating your lawn rollers: (Im)possible?

Of course – possible!

Many farmers and homeowners create their lawn rollers using specific materials, such as quick-drying concrete or plywood.

Although it requires too much of your time and energy, it’s an excellent choice if you want to avoid all those high-end lawn rollers.

What are the sizes?

As you have seen, the most significant rollers might not be ideal for your households.

However, rollers can be of 60-inches and are even more critical for enormous lawns and professional uses.

But, for your residential uses, it would be best to select rollers between 24 and 36 inches for optimal working conditions.

When to use lawn rollers?

The best use is when the soil and grass are dumped, yet not watery. So, it would be best to use the rollers after a sprinkler or a short rain.

But, rollers won’t be practical for dry soil. And, the too wet ground will kill the potential grass.

You can also use them before and after seeding to flatten the ground and push the seeds into the soil.

Finally, you can use them after sodding for a better root system.

Another application is before mowing to get precisely cut yards and lawns. Yet, another use is after winter when the property is bumpy and uneven.

Steel vs. poly rollers

Lawn rollers differ not only in size but in construction as well. So, you can find either steel lawn rollers or poly lawn rollers.

Although the poly and steel rollers have similarities when performing, they have specific differences.

Steel lawn rollers seem more solid and sturdier than poly lawn rollers, and they are better for seeding, designing, flattening, etc.

In addition, steel lawn rollers will show excellent performance with all heavy-duty lawn tasks.

However, steel rollers have a huge drawback – they are too heavy and harder to operate on and move around. And, they can rust easily if not maintained properly.

On the other hand, poly lawn rollers are practical and valuable for domestic uses.

Poly rollers are lighter, more durable without maintenance, and perfect for medium and massive jobs all homeowners expect from the units.

Yet, steel rollers are way better for heavy-duty units, but many still choose poly units as the best options.

Water vs. sand

To properly use your rollers, you need to fill them with sand or water.

Water is the more accessible and cheaper option, yet you cannot leave it inside the roller between uses.

So, after every use, you need to empty and refill it. If you don’t, you can damage the roller.

Sand is more expensive and requires more effort, but its primary benefit is that you don’t need to empty the roller repeatedly.

And although this is a huge advantage, it’s still a drawback, as the roller will be heavy forever, and you will move it around hardly.

Best Lawn Rollers 2022: Choose Your Fighter!

Best performance and versatility for all lawn applications. Easy to fill with a garden hose. Still, questionable quality.

– S AFSTAR Lawn Roller – 25.5 pounds.

Best efficiency, thanks to ergonomic design and ease of use. Dual system for more convenient use ad operations. Yet, metal part issues.

The best quality for advanced performance. Versatile and adjustable for different tasks and prolonged applications. But, construction issues.

The most maneuverable and adjustable unit. Effortless setup for various lawn projects. Still, construction and package issues.

– Toro Lawn Striping System – 8.7 pounds.

Best for smaller lawns, yet flexible for all lawn jobs. Easy setup and assembly. Anyhow, design issues.

– Goplus Lawn Roller – 30 pounds.

Most reliable and solid construction with ergonomic design for longer work hours. Nevertheless, missing parts.

Agri-Fab Lawn Roller Assembly and Overview

Best potential with increased strength and sturdiness. Robust and solid construction. Nonetheless, package issues.

#1. Brinly PRC-241BH 270 lb. Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller – The best performance

  • Brand: Brinly Hardy
  • Item dimensions: 48.33 x 31.31 x 18 inches
  • Capacity: 28 gallons
  • Best for: uneven ground uneven grass


Why should you choose the Brinly PRC lawn roller as your top pick?

As you will notice, the lawn roller is ideal for your lawn tractor as it contains a unique design.

Thus, you’ll see a brand-new drum plug construction, making emptying and filling your lawn mower quicker.

As the heavy-duty lawn roller contains poly construction, it’s rust-resistant, dent-resistant, and lasts for an extended period without water damage.

Thus, the sturdy poly roller drum keeps your roller free from dirt and debris while rolling, and the rounded edges keep the lawn optimal.

The poly lawn roller features a metal scraper bar above the drum to prevent damage both to the unit and your lawn.

Thanks to its specific construction, the lawn roller is either a push lawn roller or a pull-behind roller, so it’s an ideal attachment for your lawn tractor or lawn mower.

Due to its versatility, you can use the roller for large open spaces and tight corners and areas. So, it’s an ideal lawn roller for erasing lawn harm from sod, seed, loose dirt, etc.

Besides, the lawn roller has an excellent capacity of 270 pounds for water or sand, light enough for pushing through the yard, or towing behind the tractor or mower, thanks to its universal hitch.

Finally, you can easily store the poly lawn roller away – drain and hang it in the shed or garage to take minimum space. It will be lightweight for transport.

#2. S AFSTAR Lawn Roller – Best efficiency

  • Brand: S AFSTAR
  • Item dimensions: 36 x 12 x 45 inches
  • Capacity: 17 gallons
  • Best for: pushing pulling style


What’s so special about the S AFSTAR lawn roller?

Firstly, the push pull behind the lawn roller is ideal for its steel design.

Thus, you will notice the rugged and robust construction full of steel content for improved lawn maintenance.

Namely, the steel lawn roller features a durable and reliable structure, so it’s hard to dent, solid, and robust for different lawn operations and tasks.

Its surface is coated with rust-resistant paint to prevent weather damage, lawn rolling damage, bumpy lawn, fading, and other harm that might affect its overall quality and performance.

In addition, the grass roller has a huge capacity for water or sand and a fill plug to prevent leaking.

Thus, unlike other lawn rollers, it will be more effective and efficient when rolling huge lawns or mid-ranged lawns.

The manual lawn roller is also ideal for its ergonomic design. Thus, the U-shaped handle offers labor-saving push and pull operations for all-round lawn rolling in all areas.

The metal scraper bar and the rounded drum ends keep the steel lawn roller keep lawn roller free from damage and debris while rolling.

So, you can use the steel lawn roller to flatten uneven grass quickly for better grass seed and flower beds tasks.

The pushing and pulling style makes the mid-ranged lawn roller perfect for protecting your lawn from pests, sod, seeds, and loose dirt. So, you can keep it optimal.

#3. Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller – Best quality

  • Brand: Agri-Fab
  • Item dimensions: 50 x 30 x 18 inches
  • Capacity: 48 gallons
  • Best for: versatility and adjustability
garden, tractor, lawn, roller, 2023, reviews


Next off, the Agri-Fab 45-0267 push or tow lawn roller will wow you due to its massive capacity.

Namely, the poly roller requires water, so you will get 400 pounds of maximum capacity once you fill it.

over, the Agri-Fab 45-0267 poly lawn roller is a lightweight tow lawn roller when you empty it.

So, you can hang the lawn roller in your garage or another suitable place; it won’t occupy too much space and will be practical for various projects.

Still, remember that the Agri-Fab lawn roller requires some assembly.

However, you can refer to the following video and install all parts correctly for effortless use, tight corners, uneven ground, etc.

Thus, you can use a lawn roller for frost heaves, loose soil, smooth rough dirt, newly sewn seed, etc., to prevent lawn damage and make it bloom again.

Yet, the Agri-Fab 45-0267 lawn roller is the right lawn roller for your needs, as it has a dual working system – push and pull.

So, you can use it as you like, and the push/tow lawn roller will adjust to your needs.

You can quickly fill it with a regular garden hose and prevent leakage thanks to the fill plug.

Besides, the round edges and the universal hitch will make the heavy-duty lawn roller ideal for a riding mower, garden tractor, or another vehicle.

And the lawn roller has a 3-year warranty period for potential risks, but it’s not probable.

#4. Brinly 81174083617 PRT-36SBH 390 lb. Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller – Best maneuverability

  • Brand: Brinly
  • Item dimensions: 52.41 x 45.06 x 18 inches
  • Capacity: 42 gallons
  • Best for: flexibility and ease of use


The Brinly lawn roller repairs the lawn damage quickly and efficiently, thanks to its specific and brand-new design.

Hence, the tow-behind poly lawn roller contains a drum-plug design for quick filling and emptying.

The Brinly PRT is ideal for medium to large lawns, with an extra-large diameter, so the grass roller easily erases frost heaves, sod, seed, dirt, and another hazard that might ruin your property.

Thanks to its tow-behind design, you can attach it to the garden tractor, lawn tractor, and mover due to its universal hitch.

So, the poly lawn roller served for various operations and increased performance.

Additionally, the Brinly PRT requires water or sand and has a removable drain plug using a standard garden hose when filling it.

And the fill plug has an extra sealing plug for leakage prevention.

Due to its diameter, the Brinly PRT poly lawn roller has a faster filling, unlike standard lawn rollers, and you can quickly empty the drum.

Also, it’s advanced thanks to the poly scraper bar that easily keeps all potential hazards away from the poly surface and the drum.

So, the tow-behind rounded edges and the construction, in general, are durable and sturdy for an extended period.

The lawn roller is also suitable for its storage options – once you finish the rolling, you can easily hang the Brinly PRT lawn roller in your shed, garage, or another place to prepare it for subsequent use.

#5. Toro Lawn Striping System – Best for small areas

  • Brand: Toro
  • Item dimensions: 26 x 13 x 24 inches
  • Capacity: up to 2.4 gallons
  • Best for: a push lawn mower


To use a lawn roller correctly, you can fill it with water or sand.

But, the Toro lawn striping system requires 16-20 pounds of dry sand for optimal working performance and effective results.

over, the Toro lawn striping system has a double-work system. So, you can use the lawn roller with or without the bagger attachment.

Still, the advanced lawn roller might seem small in design, yet, it will be preferable and suitable for storage areas where striping is not desired.

Also, when working on your lawn, the Toro lawn striping system will be effective for those hard-to-reach areas, bumpy rides, and other harsh conditions.

When assembling it, you will find that you can use a lawn roller with various lawn mowers, and the Toro striping system will significantly adjust to your needs and lawn-working demands.

Of course, the Toro lawn roller uses a Phillips screwdriver for an effortless setup.

Thus, you can effortlessly and straightforwardly attach it to the mowing vehicles and finish your projects in no time.

Due to solid and reliable construction, the lawn roller will be ideal for extended use, more robust conditions, and heavy jobs.

So, regardless of the requirements, you can use a lawn roller for all law projects to beautify your green areas and make them bloom again.

Finally, you will get a satisfying warranty period to replace the lawn roller or get a full monetary refund if you notice something irregular.

#6. Goplus Lawn Roller – Most solid and reliable

  • Brand: Superbuy
  • Item dimensions: 36 x 12 x 44 inches
  • Capacity: 17 gallons
  • Best for: ergonomic design


Thanks to its reliable and solid design, the steel lawn roller is ideal for 142 pounds of water or sand, and the steel construction will endure all external pressure, conditions, forces, or impacts.

So, the large cylinder and the overall structure make the lawn roller extraordinarily durable and sturdy for more robust applications.

over, the lawn roller has a spray-treated to prevent dents and rust.

Besides, the rounded drum ends will also avoid the damage to the lawn roller and keep it protected from all damage your lawn might cause.

Due to the ergonomically designed U-shaped handle, the lawn roller is easy to use as a pushing or towing tool to complete the job efficiently.

And, the curved corners of the handle won’t hurt your hands.

As it has the fill plug/drain plug, the lawn roller is ideal for filling and emptying, so after you finish leveling and aligning your lawn, you can quickly open and store it away for subsequent use and better maintenance.

Still, the steel lawn roller has a simple yet effective structure, ideal for effortless attaching and detaching.

So, once you hand it at the proper place, the lawn roller will take minimum storage space.

And, the lawn roller comes with a correct warranty period, so you can replace it or get a full money refund if you’re not satisfied with the unit. But, I doubt so, as the lawn roller features only the best quality.

#7. Precision Products PLR1824 Lawn Roller – Best potential

  • Brand: Precision Products Inc
  • Item dimensions: 41 x 31.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Capacity: 27 gallons
  • Best for: strength and reliability


And finally, we’re closing our reviews with the Precision Products lawn roller for your advanced requirements.

The lawn roller will astonish you due to its steel frame. Therefore, the steel lawn roller is ideal for its potential, maximum strength, reliability, and sturdiness.

over, it will wow you, as the lawn roller contains a poly-drum body design, so the combination of the two increases its power and solid construction.

Also, you will find it reliable as it takes only thirty minutes to assemble and attach to your tractor or mower.

Still, the lawn roller is ideal for its dual using design. Thus, you will find the specific T-handle and use the lawn roller as you like – either by pushing or pulling it to your preference.

So, the lawn roller will be ideal for multiple uses and different heavy-duty or lighter lawn tasks.

In addition, you can use a lawn roller to flatten and level ground, sand, gravel, dirt, and more.

And to do so correctly, you can fill the lawn roller with either water or sand, and you need 225 pounds of these materials for successful performance.

Of course, the overall body and structure will offer you limitless working possibilities and hours, as the steel and poly combination makes it highly resistant to all external forces, impacts, pressure, and harsh conditions.

Yet, the combination of the two will also protect it from other various harms and hazardous elements, making it last longer and more robust.

23 Reviews : Best Lawn Roller | Push and Tow

A lawn roller is an invaluable tool if you’re someone who cares about having a flat lawn that looks beautiful and inviting. You know what I’m talking about — the type of flawless lawn that you might see in the movies. There are three main uses for a lawn roller. and they are as follows :

If you’re someone who takes great pride in keeping your grass looking well manicured and lush then a lawn roller (or yard roller) is an excellent tool (and necessary) to have around the house.

If you have a small yard then a push lawn mower is all you need but for large yards you’ll be better off using a tow lawn roller, which connects to an ATV or garden tractor, such as the Husqvarna YTA24V48 (48″). In this article we’ll be featuring both push and tow lawn rollers.

Lawn Roller | When to Use?

The best time to use your lawn roller is when the ground is damp but not soaked. The ground is far more flexible when it’s damp and much more likely to flatten out your lawn properly. On the other hand, using a lawn roller when the ground is soaked will increase the likelihood of soil compaction, which reduces the flow of air and water throughout your soil.

Moderation is important when it comes to using your lawn roller. Don’t overdo it. Use it only when needed.

Use Your Lawn Roller BEFORE and AFTER rolling out your sod

Before Seeding:Clear out the seeding area first and make sure it’s free of twigs, stones and other debris. Make sure that you rake out any remaining dead grass. Once the area is clear, use your lawn roller to flatten out the soil.

After Seeding:After your seeds have been scattered and sown, use your lawn roller to go over the area again. This will push the seeds deeper into the soil and increase the probability of the roots growing into the soil.

After Sodding:After you’ve laid down your sod, use your lawn roller to ensure your sod’s roots grow into the soil and also to eliminate air s. Once your grass starts to take root you should use a lightweight lawn roller on the sod to help the roots grow deeper into the soil.

Before Mowing your Lawn:Rolling your lawn before mowing will ensure an accurate and evenly cut lawn.

Regular Lawn Maintenance:By using your lawn roller on a regular basis it will create that smooth manicured look of a green carpet.

After Winter:Fluctuating winter temperatures and bitter cold can often cause frost heaving, which essentially makes your lawn bumpy. A lawn roller will smooth and flatten the damage done by winter.

Mole Hills and Other Animal-made Bumps

First get rid of the mole — a mole trap will accomplish this task for you. Consider using one of the many mole repellent’s available on Amazon for a more humane way to tackle the problem.

Before you use your yard roller, flush the mole hill soil back down the hole with your garden hose. After all, that’s where the soil belongs. Now you can use your yard roller to even out the surface. Too many people make the mistake of just trying to flatten out mole hills without dispersing the soil first, which doesn’t really work too well.

If you do it right, the grass will start growing again and you’ll restore your lawn back to its former glory.

Lawn Roller | Sand or Water?

You have the option of filling up your lawn roller with either water or sand. The question is: Which one should you use?

Well, filling it with water is faster and cheaper but you’ll have to empty it from your yard roller between uses. If you don’t, your poly (polyethylene) yard roller will warp and get damaged, making it useless. Thankfully, water is easy to drain so it’s not too tedious.

Many homeowners don’t realize that storing a lawn roller with water will ruin it so I’m going to stress this point. Please, do not leave water in your poly lawn roller overnight.

Steel Lawn Roller vs Poly — Which Type to Buy?

If you want more flexibility and the scope of your projects are diverse then you’d likely benefit from buying a steel yard roller like the Ohio Steel (TS-2452LR) Lawn Roller from Ohio Steel Industries. Ohio Steel has been in business since 1958 and their products are made in the USA.

The disadvantage of a steel lawn roller is that it’s likely to rust over time and when it’s empty it’s much heavier but don’t let that stop you. After all, they are designed to roll. The 24″ x 60″ Agri-Fab steel roller (model : 45-0549) in the photo below, weighs 137 lbs. — without water. Yes, steel makes everything dramatically heavier, which is actually an advantage when it comes to lawn rollers. The extra weight will ensure a perfectly flat and smooth surface in less time when compared to a poly model. Nothing is perfect. Every lawn roller has their own list of advantages and disadvantages. You have to weigh the pros and cons.

Industrial Grade Towable Lawn Roller : Agri-Fab 45-0549

For the majority of homeowners a poly yard roller is the best option, but if you have a large property, or a farm and your property requires significant flattening then a steel lawn roller is a better choice for you.

Tip : To increase your water draining speed simply stick a vinyl tube through the drain hole and place the end into the air inside of your lawn roller.

The other option is to fill your yard roller with sand, more specifically DRY SAND. Yes, make sure it’s dry! Sand is heavier and also more permanent since there’s more work involved when removing the sand so you’re more committed to the weight of the sand once you put it in. Don’t completely fill your poly yard roller with sand; instead, fill it 1/2 way.

Also, it will be more work transporting your lawn roller once it’s filled with sand, whereas with water, you can easily drain it and move it around with minimal effort. Don’t expect to throw your sand-filled lawn roller in the back of your pick-up truck. It’s not going to happen. But, with water, you can easily empty it then transport it elsewhere.

The advantage of sand is that you can leave it in your grass roller all-year round. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what works best for you.

A brand with a rich history, starting with a man named “Little John Brinly.”

Many people recommend using anti-freeze in your steel lawn roller as a way to prevent rust but I would not follow that advice for one simple reason. What happens if your lawn roller starts leaking — now you have a massive amount of toxic water leaching into the environment, poisoning everything. This would be a bio-hazard and could end up killing small animals, like your dog or your neighbors dog. Either way, it’s a bad idea. Don’t do it.

Another advantage of water over filling with sand is the fact that you can easily remove water, and quickly. If you fill it with sand your stuck with it. Having the ability to control the weight is a big advantage over sand.

The Right Garden Tractor for Towing

If you’re going to buy a towable lawn roller make sure you have a capable garden tractor, like the Husqvarna YTH24V48. Check your manual and make sure the towing capacity is equal to or greater than the weight of your yard roller.

Be careful when using a grass roller on inclines or hills. These are heavy tools that can cause injury if you lose control of it. Be particularly cautious on hills with your garden tractor. Don’t take sharp turns. Don’t try to tow your grass roller when the grass is drenched. It’s easy to lose traction and the last thing you want is to lose control going uphill or downhill. Use common sense.

Never roll up or down a slope with your tractor! Use caution and roll across slopes (never straight up or down). The minimum horsepower required to tow a grass roller is 12 HP.

Tip: For maximum effectiveness, make sure the ground is wet when using your lawn roller. Rolling after a light rain is perfect, or if you have a small yard, you can water it down with your hose or sprinkler just before. Don’t roll your lawn if your grass is drenched. If there are puddles then it’s too wet to use your lawn roller.

Soil condition is a vital component to good leveling. My advice is simple: Your soil should be moist, but not wet or muddy.

Now, let’s take a look at our list of —

Best Lawn Rollers for homeowners…

Brinly PRC-24BH | Best Push or Tow Lawn Roller

  • Easy-Turn Plug: Innovative drum plug design, making filling and emptying your roller quicker and easier than ever
  • Push/Pull Combination: Convenient push or tow-behind design provides versatility for rolling tight areas or larger open spaces. Perfect tool for erasing lawn damage from moles and frost, or packing down loose dirt, seed, or sod.
  • 28 Gallon Capacity: Sturdy roller holds up to 28 gallons (270 lbs.) of water or sand and is both light enough to push through the yard and rugged enough to withstand towing behind a tractor.
  • Well-made: Sturdy poly roller drum won’t dent or rust, and resists weather damage for use season after season. Measures 24″ in width.
  • Fast Filling: Includes fill opening with extra-large diameter to expedite filling and emptying of the drum. Can be easily filled with a garden hose.
  • Easy to Store : When you’re finished rolling your lawn, simply drain and hang this compact roller in your garage or shed to occupy minimal space. Empty roller is lightweight for easy transport.
  • Avoid Lawn Damage: The rounded drum ends help avoid damage to your lawn during turns, while the metal scraper bar above the drum keeps the roller free from debris while rolling.

The Brinly PRC-24BH is designed for versatility. You can either push it or tow it with your lawn tractor. It’s well-suited for getting rid of lawn damage caused by those annoying moles and frost heaves. Perfect for packing down loose dirt, imbedding sown seeds or flattening sod.

When filled with either water or sand it weighs 270 lbs, but its shipping weight is only about 37 lbs. It’s easy to move around when empty but it rolls smoothly when filled, making it easy to push across your lawn. Also, it’s designed to be durable enough to withstand towing. The Brinly PRC-24BH gives you the best of both worlds.

Made from a heavy-duty polyethylene drum that won’t dent or rust. You’ll appreciate the extra-large diameter opening when it comes time to fill or empty your yard roller — especially emptying, which is a slower process.

Every Brinly roller is designed with rounded ends to protect your lawn when turning. It’s light enough to hang in your garage or shed once the yard roller is empty. It looks heavy but that’s just an illusion. The polyethylene construction gives you strength and mobility.

Brinly has been in business since 1839 and all of their products are made in the USA. So, if you care about how you spend your money and you’re American then Brinly is a great company to support — and most importantly, they make excellent lawn and garden products for homeowners, like the Brinly BS36BH Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader.

Features Overview — Brinly PRC-24BH

The only complaint I have with this model is the drain/fill plug is not very forgiving so you have to be precise when screwing it in. You also need to use a wrench to remove the drain plug. I recommend that you use a high-quality grease on the threads to make it easier to screw the plug in and remove it. If you don’t already have grease in your tool box then I recommend something like Super Lube 21030 or Lucas Oil 10533 lithium grease.

The Agri-Fab lawn rollers in this article have a much better drain/fill plug than the Brinly drain plug. I know it seems like a small detail but on a tool with so few parts it’s unfortunate that Brinly couldn’t find a better solution. You can see the comparison between the two plugs in the next section. Either way, the Brinly PRC-24BH is an excellent yard roller overall.

  • View or download the MANUAL for the Brinly PRC-24BH.
  • View or download the PARTS LIST for the Brinly PRC-24BH.
garden, tractor, lawn, roller, 2023, reviews

Learn more or buy from Amazon.

Fast Facts :

  • 18 x 24″ wide.
  • Shipping weight: 40 lbs (18 kg).
  • Combination push or tow lawn roller.
  • Made from polyethylene which won’t rust or dent.
  • Holds up to 270 lbs (28 gallons) filled with sand or water.
  • Removable handle allows for easy pushing.
  • The rounded drum ends ensure a smooth tractor turn without damaging lawns.
  • Extra large fill opening speeds up filling and emptying.
  • The scraper bar above drum keeps roller free from debris as you roll.
  • Steel frame. Will fit most garden tractors.
  • Includes hitch pin.

VIDEO | A Closer Look at Brinly Lawn Rollers

  • Capacity : 28 gallons (106 L)
  • Weight w/ Water : 270 lbs (122 kg)
  • Fill Hole Diameter : 1.625″ (41 mm)
  • Thread Size : 1.5″ (38 mm) NPT
  • Dimensions (D x L) : 18″ x 24″ (457 x 610 mm)
  • Rounded Ends : Yes

Best Lawn Rollers in 2023 | Ultimate Using and buying Guide

A uneven bumpy lawn is difficult to maintain, doesn’t have much curb appeal, and can be a real ankle-twister if you aren’t careful! The best way to achieve that smooth, even lawn of your dreams is to get a high-quality lawn roller.

Here, we’re taking a look at the best lawn rollers of 2023 to know why use a lawn roller and make sure you get the right tools to get the job done.

Agri-Fab, Inc. 45-0267 18” x 24” Poly Push Tow Behind Lawn Roller

Agri-Fab, Inc. 45-0268 18” x 36” Poly Tow Behind Lawn Roller

Brinly’s 24″ PRC-24BH Combination Push Lawn Roller or Tow-Behind Lawn Roller

Ohio Steel TS-2452LR 52-inch Lawn Roller

Ohio Steel 36-inch Lawn Roller

Precision Products PLR1824 Lawn Roller

What is a Lawn Roller?

These are cylindrical mini rollers that look a bit like a barrel with a long handle. You push them across your lawn, and the weight of the roller gently evens out the ground without damaging the grass.

What Does a Lawn Roller Do?

Whenever you need to gently compact and level your ground, a lawn roller is a big help. They’re typically used for:

  • Evening out a bumpy lawn
  • Laying new turf evenly
  • Smoothing out molehills
  • Striping your lawn

When to Use a Lawn Roller?

You can use a lawn roller any time of year, but the best time to even your lawn out is in early spring, when new grass growth is appearing and the roots are in an active growth stage.

You can also use a grass roller when you are establishing a new lawn, as it helps bed roots into the soil, removing air s and helping the turf settle in faster. Try to roll your lawn when the soil is fairly dry to avoid over-compacting the soil.

How Often Should You Use a Lawn Roller?

Heavy lawn rollers should only be used infrequently – to flatten a bumpy lawn or to settle new turf. Lighter lawn rollers can be used more frequently to roll out your lawn, deal with problem areas, and stripe your lawn.

Does Rolling Grass Help it Grow?

Rolling is more for creating an even, smooth lawn rather than stimulating grass growth. If you have sandy soil, you can roll your lawn fairly frequently.

If you have heavier clay soil, only roll when the soil is dry, and do so infrequently as the soil can easily become compacted, which restricts grass growth.

Should You Roll Over Grass Seed?

Grass seeds are very fine and lightweight, so it’s better to avoid rolling your area when the seeds have just been spread.

Instead, lightly roll the space before spreading the seeds to even it out, then lightly disrupt the top inch or two of soil to create little gaps where the seeds can settle in and are more protected from the wind.

When you water them in, the soil will even out. You can then lightly roll the lawn again once the new grass is established, around 1 month to 6 weeks after planting.

Push or Tow Behind

If you own a riding mower or garden tractor, it may be a good idea to choose a tow behind lawn roller to make levelling your lawn easy as you mow. If you have a push lawn mower or self-propelled lawn mower, you’ll need to look at push lawn rollers.


When it comes to size, it’s all about the size and complexity of your yard. Larger cylinders get the job done in fewer passes, but can be heavy as well as difficult to use in tight corners or around obstacles.

Smaller cylinders are lightweight and more maneuverable, but can make rolling a very large space a bit time-consuming.

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Heavy lawn rollers are a good option for very bumpy lawns and sandy soil, and are a good option when laying new turf. Lighter lawn rollers can be used more frequently and are a good option for regular garden maintenance, lighter work on clay soils, and striping your lawn.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic elements such as adjustable, well-shaped handles and soft grips are very important on push lawn rollers, as they make the job easier and help reduce back strain.

Best Lawn Rollers of 2023

Agri-Fab, Inc. 45-0267 18” x 24” Poly Push Tow Behind Lawn Roller

This tow-behind lawn roller is lightweight at 50lbs, but can weigh up to 400lbs when filled with sand or water. It’s tough, well-built from rust-proof poly for durability, and has a great scraper bar for preventing soil from clumping on the roller.

It’s big and wide, easy to fill and empty, and has a universal hitch for compatibility with any garden tractor or riding mower.

  • Rust resistant
  • Dent resistant
  • High-quality build
  • Push and tow-behind capabilities
  • Centre buffer creates more stability
  • Detachable drain plug
  • 3-year warranty

Agri-Fab, Inc. 45-0268 18” x 36” Poly Tow Behind Lawn Roller

Slightly smaller than the lawn roller mentioned above, this model offers the same, rust-resistant, dent-resistant features for small yards.

It offers a 400lbs weight using water, and weighs less than 50lbs when empty, making it easy to use and store. It has a removable drain plug and fills quickly using a normal garden hose, and the poly scraper bar keeps the drum clean.

  • Rust resistant
  • Dent resistant
  • High-quality build
  • Centre buffer creates more stability
  • Universal hitch
  • Detachable drain plug
  • 3-year warranty

Brinly’s 24″ PRC-24BH Combination Push Lawn Roller or Tow-Behind Lawn Roller

If you are looking for affordability and quality, this Brinly lawn roller is a great option! It works as both a push lawn roller or tow-behind lawn roller, levelling mole hills and bumpy lawns with ease.

The smoothed drum ends help prevent lawn damage and the scraper bar keeps the drum clean. It’s easy to store thanks to its compact design, and you can fill the 28 gallon drum with water or sand to get an impressive 270lbs of weight.

  • Prevents lawn damage
  • Easy to store
  • Compact design
  • Durable rust-resistant construction
  • Affordable
  • Tow behind or push capabilities

Ohio Steel TS-2452LR 52-inch Lawn Roller

This tow behind model is one of the best lawn rollers for heavy duty work. With a 52-inch rolling swath and a 94-gallon steel drum that weighs up to 920lbs when filled with water, there’s no uneven lawn that can withstand it!

It will easily level mole hills and ant hills, as well as treating freeze/thaw damage to your lawn. The rounded edges help to prevent lawn damage while still delivering a smooth finish, and it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

  • Large 52-inch rolling swath
  • Rolling weight up to 920lbs
  • Easily flatten ant hills and mole hills
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Standard pin hitch
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Ideal for commercial use

Ohio Steel 36-inch Lawn Roller

If you like the sound of the Ohio Steel 52-inch Lawn Roller but want something smaller and more compact, then this is a great option. With a 36-inch rolling swath, it will still get the job done quickly.

The 71 gallon steel drum is well-constructed for powerful smoothing action, weighing up to 600lbs when filled with water. The rounded edges reduce damage to the grass, and it’s ideal for smoothing lawns as well as horse arenas.

  • Heavy-duty and built to last
  • Powder-coated steel drum
  • Rolling weight of up to 600lbs
  • Ideal for horse arenas and lawns
  • Standard pin hitch
  • 2-year limited warranty

Precision Products PLR1824 Lawn Roller

This compact lawn roller is best-suited to smaller yards and everyday lawn maintenance, with a practical and maneuverable 18×24-inch cylinder.

Despite the smaller size, it still offers 220lbs of rolling weight when the 27 gallon tank is filled, which is more than enough for flattening a bumpy lawn, laying new turf or working on more clay-heavy soil.

It’s made of heavy-duty polyethylene that’s rust-resistant, dent-resistant, and built to last, and it’s easy to assemble.

  • Push and tow behind capabilities
  • Compact for smaller yards
  • High quality frame and cylinder
  • Comfortable T-shaped handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable

Our Top Pick. Best Lawn Roller for 2023

We’ve chosen the Agri-Fab, Inc. 45-0267 18” x 24” Poly Push Tow Behind Lawn Roller as the best lawn roller for 2023! With its 400lbs rolling weight and 24-inch rolling swath, it’s a practical size for almost every application and lawn size.

The polyurethane cylinder is lightweight and easy to store, and the drain empty/fill plug works with a normal garden hose for easy filling. It’s weather-resistant and rust-resistant, making it ideal for working on freeze/thaw lawn damage as well as bumps from moles, gophers and ants.

One of the best things about this roller is that it can be used as a tow-behind lawn roller (it comes with a universal hitch) or push roller, so it works regardless of the type of lawnmower you have.

Some assembly is required, but it’s performance and durability will win you over in no time!

Enjoy a Professionally-Finished Lawn with the Best Lawn Roller of 2023

Now you know what is a lawn roller used for and more. If you want a smooth, even spread of lawn that is the envy of every neighborhood, then you need a great lawn roller. The best lawn rollers will handle all types of bumps and uneven areas, from ant hills and gopher mounds to freeze/thaw damage with ease.

Remember to look for a tow behind model if you have a garden tractor to smooth as you mow, and make sure your lawn roller is ergonomic and easy to maneuver if you are getting a push model.

We hope you’ll share pictures of your perfect lawn with us after you get the best lawn roller on the market!

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Brinly Push/Tow-Behind Lawn Roller

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Brinly Push/Tow-Behind Lawn Roller

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Keep your lawn smooth and even!

Brinly designed their Combination Lawn Roller as both a push and tow-behind roller. This roller features a 24-inch wide, 18-inch diameter polyethylene drum. This rounded-edged drum holds up to 28 gallons of water. An extra-wide opening allows for faster filling and emptying.

A scraper bar above the drum removes debris as it rolls. Brinly’s universal hitch pin fits any riding lawn/garden tractor and ZTR mower with a rear hitch plate. The Brinly Combination Push/Tow Lawn Roller is perfect for achieving a smooth, even lawn. It is ideal for repairing damage caused by moles and frost heaves.

Use it to pack down loose dirt or newly sewn seed or sod. It is light enough to push into hard-to-reach areas yet rugged enough for towing behind your tractor or mower. Brinly’s unique roller design maximizes versatility and efficiency. The durable polyethylene drum resists denting and will never rust. Its rounded ends won’t damage your lawn during turns. Brinly covers this product with a two-year warranty!

The lawn roller I bought was easy to set up and worked great! I am looking forward to years of use in keeping my lawn flatter and more level. We have many wet spots that get quite lumpy. This roller has helped us combat that effect. Thank you! [Click to see all reviews]

Product Information

What is the working width of the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller? The working width of the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller is 24 inches.

What is the tank capacity of the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller? The tank capacity of the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller is 28 gallons.

What is the material of the drum on the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller? The drum on the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller is made of polyethylene.

What is the warranty on the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller? Brinly covers the Brinly Combination Lawn Roller with a two year warranty.

Lawn Roller – Should You Use One?

A lawn roller is traditionally used in spring as part of regular lawn maintenance. Golf courses do it and they have great greens – so it must be good for your lawn too – right? Wrong. Don’t do it. If you own a lawn roller it is time to find another use for it.

Lawn Roller – not good for your lawn

Lawn Roller

What does rolling your lawn do to soil? Good soil consists of 25% air and 25% water. The rest is organic matter and minerals. The air and water are critical for plant growth. Soil will only have the right amount of air and water if the soil has proper aggregation. Aggregation is that friable lumpy type soil you find in forests.

Rolling the lawn destroys the aggregation and compacts the soil. Compacted soil contains less air and less water, making it much more difficult for roots to grow. Grass grows better without rolling.

Lumpy Lawns

The reason most people roll their lawn is because it is lumpy in spring. Frost has caused some soil heaving and moles dig tunnels making the lawn uneven. We want flat grass again.

The best way to deal with high spots is to wait until late spring, or even fall. Then dig out some soil from under the grass in the high spots. This will lower them for a flatter grass. The opposite process can be used for low spots. Use a flat shovel and lift the grass. Then put some soil under it. Add more soil than you think you need since the soil will compact.

Spots that are slightly low can be top dressed with 1/2 inch of soil. You might have to add more soil every year for a few years to fill the holes left by animals. Don’t add too much soil at once since a thick layer will kill the grass.

Should You Ever Roll?

Rolling can be done directly on the soil when you are first installing grass seed to give you a level bed. But even this will cause compaction.

Some people roll newly laid sod which helps the sod come in close contact with soil so it can make roots.

Both of these applications should be done with a light roller.

Except for these installation steps – don’t roll your grass.

7 Responses to ‘Lawn Roller – Should You Use One?’

I would like to know if the lawn roller can be effective in getting rid of ruts from having to mow heavily saturated lawns? We had a few weeks of heavy rain recently and there are lots of ruts on my lawn.

Cricket pitches are regularly rolled – even between each innings – over here. Good for the sport, horrible for the grass. Needs a lot of aerating between matches! Love Richard’s comment, boys….

We roll golf courses regularly, but they are grown on a bed of sand. Cricket pitches may be done the same way. The sand does not compact like soil.

My yard is lumpy, my neighbor’s yard is lumpy… My son’s two year old yard is now lumpy! Lumpy is good! I compost… That means I always have extra worms – started them by simply tossing stuff to rot on the ground… Now that I have composting bins, my worms Happily Multiply! They escape into – and under – my lawn… My lumps disappear by the end of July! My neighbor’s come over, take their shoes off, walk around, then complain that my lawn is “So Soft!” I blame it on the worms! Don’t roll! COMPOST!

Rolling your lawn is bad enough, but even worse (this includes most people) is pulling the roller with a small tractor or riding mower when the soil is soft This will really compact the soil even more. Boys and their toys.