Gasoline Huter Trimmer Does Not Develop Turnover

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Features and benefits of the GGT-800T trimmer

  • The engine is mounted in the upper part, which allows you to cut the grass immediately after rain.
  • The ergonomic two-hand grip provides comfortable handling, handling and a secure grip.
  • A special casing on the working tool protects the operator from possible injuries and prevents the spread of cut grass.
  • The trimmer is driven by a gasoline engine with a fuel supply that provides maximum mobility and autonomy.
  • Reliable engine operation is ensured by electronic ignition.
  • There is a gas button lock that prevents an accidental increase in engine speed.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap in the kit, reducing the load on the hands. This avoids premature fatigue.
  • There is a system to smooth out vibration from the engine at high speeds.

General information

HUTER GGT-800T petrol trimmer He is a representative of the line of the most popular universal motorized braids, successfully used for cutting lawns in relatively small areas, as well as in inaccessible areas (along the fence, around trees, shrubs, flower beds, etc.). This device has a non-demountable bar and bevel gear. To "revive" the trimmer, a two-stroke gas-cooled internal combustion engine with electronic cooling and electronic ignition is used. It has a working volume of 25.4 cm 3, develops a power of 1.1 hp. and spins up to 9500 rpm. The engine is located in the upper part of the device, which makes it possible to work even with wet grass. The fuel tank holds 0.7 l of a two-stroke mixture (gasoline with added oil). The engine is started manually. There is also a gas lock button.

Gasoline Huter Trimmer Does Not Develop Turnover

The controls (ignition, "gas", as well as the button for its lock and lock) are concentrated on the right side of the conveniently curved two-handed handle, similar to a bicycle wheel. It can be adjusted as desired by the operator. To reduce the weight load on the hands (the product weighs 7 kg), a special shoulder strap is provided in the kit. The vibration damping system will also facilitate the work with the unit.

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As a working nozzle, a semi-automatic reel with a special fishing line, or various metal knives can be used. The bevel width is 255 mm. Such a variety significantly expands the practical capabilities of the device. The fishing line is suitable for a neat lawn mowing, including near the fence, tree, etc. In this case, the latter will not be damaged. A tougher metal knife can handle large weeds, dried grass, and even young shrubs. For user safety, the working part of the trimmer is equipped with a special protective cover. This casing will not allow, also, the spread of cut grass.

Device and principle of operation

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The HUTER GGT-800T petrol trimmer is a collection of various elements assembled into a single unit, which are necessary to ensure the given technological capabilities. The basis of the design can be considered a rod, inside which there is a drive shaft that transmits torque from the engine crankshaft to the angular gearbox. The rod is made in the water of a metal pipe coated with an anti-corrosion compound, which for a long time extends its service life and retains its original appearance.

In the middle of the rod, in a place convenient for the user, a curved “steering wheel” with two handles covered with corrugated polymer is fixed to prevent slipping. The adjustment of the “steering wheel” on the bar is made by means of a special bracket. The left handle serves to hold the unit securely, and all controls are concentrated on the right. The gas lock button is located so that the gas button will be unlocked only when the operator’s hand is on the handle. Here, there are also a gas lock button that allows you to keep the engine in operation for a long time without straining your hand and the ignition on / off switch. Everything is arranged in such a way that allows you to control the trimmer without removing your hands from the handles.

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In the upper part of the boom, a gas mower drive is installed. source of its mechanical energy. This is a two-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled gasoline internal combustion engine with a displacement of 25.4 cm 3 and a power of 0.8 kW. The fuel for it is AI-92 gasoline with the addition of the necessary amount of oil. The engine is able to develop decent speed (up to 9500 rpm), which contributes to the efficient operation of the braid. Engine cooling air, without compulsion. Therefore, to prevent overheating under operating conditions, the surface of the engine cylinder has a design that allows to increase the surface area of ​​heat transfer, which makes the heat transfer process more efficient. For high-quality operation, the motor is equipped with an air filter and a silencer, limiting the noise level to 96 dB. The engine is started manually using a cable starter mounted on its shaft. The entire motor part is enclosed in a plastic case having slots for air circulation. Torque is transmitted to the shaft of the rod only with an increase in engine speed.

An angular gearbox is installed on the bottom of the rod, the task of which is to enable the user to hold the plane of rotation of the working tool parallel to the ground. A cassette with fishing line or a metal knife is put on the gearbox shaft, depending on the conditions of the upcoming work. The cassette contains a certain supply of fishing line and allows you to always maintain the required cutting length.

A fast rotating engine, through an automatic centrifugal clutch, transfers very high revolutions to the cutting nozzle. This nozzle and cuts the grass in its plane. Thus, by moving the trimmer in the right direction, the operator can cut the grass in a certain space and to the desired height.

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Preparation for work

The HUTER GGT-800T petrol trimmer was created by the manufacturer for the care of the garden, park, etc., that is, for outdoor work. First you need to assemble all parts of the unit in accordance with the instructions. Then prepare the required amount of push-pull fuel mixture. This is done in a special tank, which is included in the general package. AI-92 gasoline is added to the required amount of oil intended for two-stroke air-cooled engines. Since gasoline is a highly flammable liquid, the rules of fire safety must be strictly observed when working with it.

After refueling the fuel tank and installing the right tool, you can turn on the ignition and start the engine with a manual starter. At the end of work, the engine should be turned off. To do this, just turn off the ignition.

A gas trimmer is a potential source of danger. Working with him can result in personal injury. Therefore, to carry out all the preparatory work and directly use it for its intended purpose only after a careful study of the instructions for use and the relevant safety rules. All these materials are contained in the technical documentation that came with the device.

The warranty period of the HUTER GGT-800T gas trimmer, established by the manufacturer, is 12 months. However, proper care and use of the unit strictly for its intended purpose can increase this period by several times.