Gasoline Lawn Mower Echo Srm-22ges 0.7 kW

Gasoline Lawn Mower Echo Srm-22ges 0.7 kW

Features Echo SRM-22GES

  • ECHO SRM-22GES petrol trimmer lightweight Japanese trimmer with easy start system, T-handle and straight bar;
  • Designed for mowing grass and weed in small and medium areas with a total area of ​​up to 15 acres;
  • It is equipped with a high-strength semi-automatic reel with fishing line, glasses for protecting the organs of vision, a shoulder strap and a metal disk.
  • Perfect for older people and people with disabilities;
  • One of the lightest gas trimmers capable of working with a metal three-blade disc ECHO SRM-22GES, has a two-stroke high-speed Japanese engine, made using technologies inherent in a professional gasoline powered tool;
  • The engine has a forged knee shaft and connecting rod, as well as a patented triple coating of AL-FED cylinder walls. The crankcase is made of high carbon steel;
  • The motor shaft is mounted on a double bearing, which significantly reduces vibration and increases engine life;
  • Semi-automatic spool with fishing line is made of shockproof plastic and seasoned with large diameter fishing line (3 mm), which significantly distinguishes the trimmer from competitor models;
  • The three-bladed steel disc of the trimmer easily copes with weed and small bushes;
  • The trimmer has a straight shaft, as a result of which the torque is transmitted through an angular gear steel gearbox, increasing the strength and reliability of the structure;
  • Ergonomic handle, has a double safety trigger, blocking accidental pressing of the gas handle. The starter coil uses proprietary Japanese ES-start easy-start technology, which significantly reduces the force required to start the engine;
  • Fuel priming primer makes it easy to start a cold engine;
  • High-speed Japanese two-stroke engine;
  • Straight shaft;
  • Steel disc included;
  • Safety glasses included;
  • Shoulder strap included;
  • Forged crankshaft;
  • Forged connecting rod;
  • Large diameter of the cutting line (up to 3mm);
  • Semi-automatic reinforced spool with fishing line;
  • Easy start system;
  • T-handle adjustable for operator height

Package Contents Echo SRM-22GES

  • Shock-resistant semi-automatic spool with fishing line;
  • Factory winding fishing line (3mm) on the spool 7 meters;
  • Three-beam metal disk 230mm x 25.4mm;
  • Shoulder strap (loop);
  • Glasses for the protection of the organs of vision;
  • Warranty Card;
  • The instruction in Russian;
  • Cardboard box

You will receive additional information about the Echo SRM-22GES lawn mower by calling (044) 223-52-67, in consultation with our managers.

Echo Lawnmower Models Overview

Manual braids, which require a lot of effort and time, have been replaced by lawn mowers, the principle of which is based on the rotation of the cutting parts using an electric or gasoline engine.

With this tool, you can easily tidy up and trim grass, shrubs, and even small trees. There are many varieties and manufacturers of lawn mowers on the market. Among them can be distinguished lawn mowers brand Echo (Echo). The range of this brand allows you to choose a tool for professional mowing and for private use.

1 About Echo

Echo is a global brand and has held key market positions for sixty years. Since its inception, the company’s philosophy has not changed. To keep up with the times, new technologies are constantly being introduced.

lawn mower ECHO SRM-4300R

1.1 Types of lawn mowing

Depending on the operating mode, technical characteristics and field of activity, all lawn mowers can be divided into three main types:

  1. Household.
  2. Professional.
  3. Semi-professional.

Domestic lawn mowers are used by the middle class population. Such devices can eliminate grass and weed clippings on an area of ​​up to 20 acres, that is, they are designed to work in the garden, near the yard or house, in the garden. It is very difficult for an ordinary person without the experience of mowing with lawn mowers to distinguish household models from professional ones. Engine power of such tools does not exceed 2 hp

The cost of household lawn mowers is much cheaper than professional or semi-professional models.

Semi-professional lawn mowers are used by landscape designers and gardeners. Such models are similar to professional ones with their technical characteristics, their engine power is less than that of professional ones, but they have a more mobile design.

Echo lawn mowing headset

Professional lawn mowers are used in large areas, in public utilities for the cultivation of public areas. They can be used for harvesting hay for the winter. Such devices have large engine power, high build quality, large dimensions. They can do work in large areas with a long duration.
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2 lawn mowers brand Echo (Echo)

The products of this company are diverse. Echo Lawn Mowers are high-performance, lightweight gasoline-powered trimmers. These devices are designed to cut grass, shrubs, small shoots, young trees, remove weeds in places inaccessible to other mechanisms.

Like other manufacturers, Echo trimmers are divided into domestic, semi-professional and professional lawn mowers. Production of the Echo brand is located in Japan and technologies are developed there. The first shoulder braid was made in 1960, and already in 1963 the first compact lawn mowing machine was produced on the Japanese market.

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Echo household trimmers include:

  • lawn mower Echo lawn mower srm 22ges;
  • Lawnmow Echo GT-22ES.
  • petrol trimmer ECHO SRM-2655SI;
  • petrol trimmer ECHO SRM 2305 SI.
  • petrol trimmer ECHO SRM-330ES;
  • trimmer petrol ECHO SRM 350ES.

Consider the technical characteristics of the above lawn mowers Echo, which the people nicknamed Ehami.

lawn mower Echo SRM-420ES

2.1 Lawn Mowing Echo SRM-22GES

An engine with an easy-start system was installed on this model, which made it possible to solve the problem of a “back strike”. During operation with this trimmer, vibration is almost not felt due to the anti-vibration system. It is represented by a rubber vibration isolator that separates the motor from the rod. To start a cold engine without problems, a trimmer is installed on the trimmer for pumping fuel into the carburetor. The engine is equipped with a two-stroke engine with Es-Start.

Comparative review of the Echo and Patriot lawn mowers

Echo and Patriot lawn mowers are used for mowing grass in the area near houses, in the garden, as well as in inaccessible places, such as near curbs, flower beds or fences. The equipment of both companies is of high quality and excellent performance.

Echo Model SRM-22GES

The lawn mowing machine of this version is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a power of 0.67 kW. To protect against overheating, air cooling is installed. The working volume is 21.2 cm 3. The maximum rotational speed of the cutting disc is 10000 rpm. For smooth start-up without back impact, the ES-start system is built into the Echo SRM-22GES lawn mower. Thanks to the installed primer and electronic ignition, the cold engine will start quickly even after a long downtime. The vibration reduction system allows you to work with the tool for a long time. A vibration isolator is located between the engine and the bar, which absorbs all shocks.

The handles of the Echo lawn mowers are made like a bicycle, so they help to fully control the mowing process. It is possible to adjust the height. To cut thin and fine grass, use a trimmer head with fishing line. Rigid and large weeds and bushes are cut with a knife-disk with blades. The weight of the Echo SRM-22GES lawn mowers without installed cutting elements and fuel poured is 4.8 kg. In order to prevent the user from accidentally burning himself against the hot muffler during operation, it is closed with a special casing.

The tool kit includes:

  • knife with 3 blades for mowing hard and tall grass or shrubs;
  • trimmer head (semi-automatic) with double fishing line;
  • supporting shoulder strap;
  • keys set;
  • bicycle handle;
  • operation and repair manual;
  • protective cover;
  • non-separable bar.

Above the disc or trimmer head is a protective casing that prevents cut grass from flying into the operator. Echo Lawnmow controls are located on its rubberized grip. The fuel tank is made of white transparent plastic, making it easier to control the amount of its contents during operation. To prevent the start button from being accidentally pressed again, its stop is located nearby. To quickly replace the air filter without any keys, a special cover is provided on the housing.

At maximum load, the Echo Lawn Mowers SRM-22GES version will have a fuel consumption of 0.62 l / h. The power level of the published noise is 89-91 dB. The dimensions of the trimmer are 176x65x45 / 178x65x49.5 cm.

It is recommended to use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 89 as fuel. In no case should methyl alcohol be added.

Lawn Mowing Patriot Version 555

As in the previous model, the Patriot lawnmow uses a trimmer head and a cutting knife to mow grass. The gas trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a power of 3 hp. The rotation frequency is 6500 rpm. The working volume of the Patriot 555 lawn mowers is 51.7 cm 3. For the equipment to start easily after a long period of inactivity, a primer is built in.

For comfortable work, bicycle handles and an anti-vibration damping system are installed. It is possible to adjust the handle in a position convenient for the user. From accidental repeated pressing of the trigger, a lock is installed, there is also a gas lock. If during cutting by the trimmer head the ground was hit, then the fishing line will be automatically fed, and the excess part will be cut off with a restrictive knife. To protect the operator from flying grass or accidental injury, a protective cover is located above the trimmer head or cutting knife.

The following details are included with the lawn mowing machine:

  • a knife with 3 blades for mowing grass or small shrubs;
  • trimmer head (semi-automatic);
  • saw blade;
  • fuel canister;
  • shoulder strap;
  • universal and hex keys;
  • lever;
  • user manual;
  • protective cover.

As in the previous model, the Patriot 555 petrol trimmer easily replaces the air filter. The width of the possible treatment is almost 42 cm. The price of the Patriot 555 lawn mowers as of mid-2016 is about 10 thousand rubles.

lawn mowing Patriot 3355

The power of this tool is 1.8 hp. The working volume of the chromed cylinder of a two-stroke engine is 33 cm 3. The rotation speed is 8000 rpm. Just like in model 555, in this version a primer is installed to quickly turn on the lawn mowers and lock the gas button. This feature especially helps after long periods of inactivity. U-shaped adjustable handle not only makes the work convenient and comfortable, but also allows you to completely control the direction of the knife. The protective cover over the cutting equipment does not allow the grass to fly apart in different directions, and also protects the operator.

For convenient transportation and storage, the bar can be disassembled. So that working with a gas trimmer is not too tiring, a shoulder support belt comes with it. It is also quick and easy to replace the air filter in it.

The following components are supplied with the lawn mowing:

  • cutting knife and fishing line;
  • shoulder strap made of anti-allergenic fabric;
  • transparent plastic fuel tank;
  • universal, special for trimmer and hex keys;
  • usage guide;
  • protective cover;
  • knife for trimming fishing line;
  • fixing rod;
  • collapsible aluminum bar.

The size of the capture of the cultivated area is 43 cm.

Comparison table of the main characteristics of the Patriot 3355 and 555 and Echo SRM-22GES: