Gasoline lawn mower Preparation for winter. Clean plastic parts

Recommendations for storage of lawn mowers with a gasoline engine

The duration of the operation of gasoline lawn mowers depends on the correct storage. To preserve the motorcycle resource of garden equipment, it is enough to comply with a simple instructions for preparing for winter.

Several easy actions will provide easy engine starting in the spring, comfortable work without breakdowns. This is only 5 steps:

Enough the fuel tank. Unused for more than a month, the fuel turns into a mixture that reduces the technical characteristics of the engine. There are two options for removing gasoline: use, drain. By applying the last method, start the mower, let it work until a complete stop so that there is no fuel in the system.

Unscrew the spark plug, clean from contamination or prepare a new one to install. This rule also provides unhindered starting of the motor after long storage.

Remove the knife, sharpen, lubricate with oil if necessary. Remove the grass, branches, pollution remaining in the body.

Replace the oil. The technique should not remain without lubricant, as it prevents the development of corrosive processes.

Plastic Carburetor Cleaning on 450E Briggs & Stratton E-Series Engine on Bolens Lawn Mower

Replace the air filter if it is paper, clean the foam. Wash thoroughly in warm water with a small amount of detergent. To preserve the physical properties of the material, soak the filter with oil.

The implementation of the above recommendations involves the use of the tool. This is a end key for unscrewing the knife mounting, the key to dismantling the candle. Fuel drain is carried out in a well.ventilated room or outdoor. It is also recommended to clean the hinged compounds of pollution, the grass collector from vegetation residues.

The right choice of room

Gasoline lawn mowers for the winter are placed in rooms where humidity does not exceed 70%. This will prevent the destruction of metal elements with corrosion. It is also necessary to exclude the contact of the wheels with the floor so that they do not sag under the weight of the technique. Wooden or rubber bars are used as stands. You can suspend a mower on reliable mounts.

It is not recommended to place a mower near explosive, flammable substances, open sources of fire, heating devices. Fulfillment of recommendations for conservation, storage of garden equipment. a guarantee of quick launch in the spring without the cost of buying components.

Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized Service Center “AgrotechService”. Warranty and post.warranty service of the equipment of world manufacturers! Attention! Information for users!

gasoline, lawn, mower, preparation

Husqvarna gives advice on competent conservation of garden equipment for the winter period

The summer season ends, and the time comes to remove garden equipment for the winter. With the right approach to conservation, garden tools will last several years more and will not require access to the service center longer.

As a rule, there are two types of tools in summer cottages: small garden and engine inventory and motor (electric, battery and gasoline) garden technique. Each type of tool and technology has its own approach, but the main thing is to store all the tools in a dry closed room. Owners of suburban sites choose a barn or garage for storing equipment, these are really convenient places, but it is important to ventilate and dry the room before wintering, check if there are no gaps in the roof, otherwise there is a risk of corrosion on the tools.

Before you remove the tool for storage, it is worth carrying out a number of actions to care for it.

Hose in most owners of summer cottages. It is necessary to drain the remaining water and dry, then twist it into the bobbin. this will help to avoid creases, bends and deformations of rubber.

gasoline, lawn, mower, preparation

Manual tool (rake, forks, tramps, etc.P.) First of all, it is necessary to clean from the ground and dirt and dry. If the tool has a blade, be sure to sharpen it and treat it with machine oil. If the inventory has plastic parts, then it is worth reading the storage conditions. not every plastic can be wintered in an unheated room.

Watering can and the bucket to be carefully dried before removing them.

From the garden carts, the winter period should be removed by the wheels, and grease the bearings with solidol. The body cleaned of dirt should be covered with a thin layer of machine oil. Wheel cart must also be stored in a closed room.

Check that all electrical tools are turned off from the network.

In battery lawn mowers and travokosyles, for example, Husqvarna 520IRX and HUSQVARNA 520ILX, the working part of the grass and land should be cleaned manually or dry fabric, observing the safety rules. It is impossible to wash the metal parts with a strong stream of water, which can get into the motor and lead to a closure. After the working parts are cleaned and dried, all metal nodes and knives should be greased machine oil. Do not forget to shake the remnants of grass from the grass cutters. The batteries should be reloaded and put into a warm room, protecting them as much as possible from moisture. Hang grass drivers, and put the lawn mowers in a closed room.

Modern gasoline technology, including travic and gas mowers, is equipped with a four.stroke internal combustion engine. Such engines are reliable, durable and easy to maintain, so that independent preparation of a gasoline travo for storage is simple, provided that the grass carp.

After the completion of all work, the tool and gasoline should be drained with a gasoline engine, clean the spark plugs, and then pour new machine oil.

All parts of the chainsawhusqvarna chainsaw, first of all, must be checked for wear, and the air filter for clogging. After that, completely drain the fuel mixture from the tank. To remove fuel from the carburetor, you should pull several times behind the starting cord. Replace the fuel filter. If there is a switch, transfer it to the “Stop” position. Remove the chain and tire to extract sawdust. Then remove the spark plug and pour 10 ml of machine oil into the cylinder. Scroll the engine several times with a launch cord. Install the piston at the top, screw the candle, the tip does not need to put on the candle. After cleaning the chainsaw bus, the casing is put on. it will protect it from dust and moisture. And the chain should be wrapped in a rag in advance soaked in machine oil.

From gasoline lawn mowers and trawokosylcvarna, it is recommended to remove protective casings and remove dirt and dust. Be sure to check and clean the fan with a fairing. Internal combustion engines have air cooling, and any obstacle to normal air circulation can lead to breakdown. If the candle is damaged, is faulty or the engine was operated very actively last season, the candle must be replaced. A good candle with a small amount of soot can be cleaned yourself, the main thing is not to use sandpaper and sharp objects for this. it is better to use the rust cleaner or acetone for cleaning. Check the gap between the electrodes: it must comply with the declared in the instruction manual. Garbage getting between the flywheel and the brake block violates the density of their closure and leads to problems with the engine stop when turning off. The worn block must be replaced, good, if necessary, to adjust.

Cultivators, for example, Husqvarna TF230 or Husqvarna TF338, need to be cleaned of the ground and oil spots, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean the cooling ribs of the engine, muffler. Plastic parts, protective casings and control handles can be wiped with a damp sponge. Wipe the cultivator cutters and gearbox cutters and gearbox on the outside. The oil will create a protective film that protects the metal from rust. If there are additional nozzles, their metal parts should also be lubricated with oil, then placed in a separate box, shifting with thick paper. Remove the switching cable of movement, otherwise it can stretch over the winter.

Having cleaned the indicated parts of the cultivator, you can proceed to the conservation of the engine. Rinse in warm water with a means of foam air filter. Then dry and slightly soak with machine oil. If the model uses a paper air filter, then it should be replaced. After draining gasoline, it is necessary to turn out the spark plug and pour approximately 15 ml of oil into the cylinder. Clean the candle (preferably with a wooden stick, to avoid damage to the insulator), rinse it in gasoline, dry and put it back, checking before this the valve clearance. Then turn the engine shaft with the starter so that the oil filled into the cylinder is evenly distributed along its walls. The cultivator should be stored in a closed room.

In general, before the conservation of equipment for the winter, several simple procedures should be carried out to help save your equipment in working condition after winter:

Gasoline self.propelled lawn mower: how to choose

The lawn in the country can independently make a real work of art. And for this you need a good modern lawn mower. How to choose a gasoline self.propelled mower for the lawn. this will be discussed in the article.

Gasoline lawn mowers. excellent assistants for a large lawn care. Unlike the electric version, there is no need to pull an electric cable through the entire site. In addition, you can mow high wet grass without fear of electric shock. Compared to other lawnmands, gasoline vehicles are the most productive and powerful, they are able to cope with rough weeds and hard high grass on large areas with a rather difficult relief.

gasoline, lawn, mower, preparation

The ideal height of herbs mowing is about 5 cm, if you are wearing a new grass to an already growing one, and 7-8 centimeters-for all other cases

To avoid the appearance of weeds and save the even graphic type of the lawn, in the spring, after the second mowing, it should be treated with pre.routine herbicides

The principle of operation of a gasoline lawn mower is no different from others. due to the rapid rotation of metal blades, the grass is cut at a given height, and due to the emerging air stream, cut vegetation rises from the lawn. The main advantage of a self.propelled lawn mower. part of the energy produced by the engine, is directed to the wheels, so working with it will not require significant physical efforts. it is only necessary to set the direction of movement. In this case, there are two main types of self.propelled lawn mowers:

  • front.wheel drive. more maneuverable, suitable for even areas with a large number of flower beds, trees, paths, etc.D.;
  • rear.wheel drive. lawn mowers for not very even lawns (bumps, tubercles, etc.D.), as well as leaning areas.

If you have a small yard with a sufficient number of obstacles. benches, paths, stones, fences. choose a front.wheel drive lawmaker

In addition, there are several more parameters that should be paid to.

Building material-plastic decks are cheaper and lighter, but in the case of a lawn mower, the metal is still preferable, because from under the knife something can not fly out. That is why aluminum alloys are better suited. they are less prone to corrosion. While on steel decks, even qualitatively painted, scratches may appear over time. harvesters of corrosion.

Aluminum houses of lawn mowers are a reasonable compromise between weight and resistance to corrosion and damage, they are quite easy and safe

Engine power. it should be enough for the movement of the lawn mower, and, in fact, kosbu. Given the weight, take a lawn mower in which less than 3 liters.With Inappropriate. Rnoving self.propelled lawn mowers are usually more powerful (after all, they have to overcome climbs), but at the same time they consume more fuel.

gasoline, lawn, mower, preparation

The rear.wheel drive lawners justify themselves in areas with slopes. it is much easier to work with them here

The width of the strip. for a small section, there are quite enough models with a capture width of up to 43 cm, for large ones. from 43 or more, while the model with a capture of 51 cm is customary to be attributed to professional lawnmands.

When buying a lawn mower, select the desired strip width. Such an option with a reasonable approach can allow graphic designs in large areas

Wheels. the wider they are, the less the lawn damage. Big (t.e. with a large diameter) The wheels are suitable for those cases when it is necessary to pump out high grass. If regular care is carried out behind the lawn, then this criterion is not so important.

Mulching is an additional option in which the grass is not only cut off, but also crushed, falling on the lawn and turning into a finished natural fertilizer.

The mulching function will justify itself many times: mulch will not let the weeds germinate, slow down evaporation and reduce the need for watering, the need will decrease in fertilizers

Graduate collection. usually a grass collector is needed for lawn mowers used to care for a regular lawn, when there is a need to remove mowed vegetable mass. A hard (usually plastic) container for grass is easier to wash, and cloth is much easier in weight. The side emission is often used in the mowing of raw grass or large weeds.

Environmentally friendly braids

Side effect of gasoline technology. emissions unsafe for the environment. The problem of fuel evaporation from a non.working engine is also familiar to users, which gives rise to certain difficulties with the storage of gasoline equipment. Engine manufacturers are constantly improving technologies that allow you to minimize these unpleasant phenomena. Now on the market there are novelties of garden equipment equipped with engines with a record low emissions. In addition, the problem of fuel evaporation with a simple one is eliminated in these engines.

It should be noted. that the engine of the lawn mower can be equipped with a set of technologies that simplify its use and maintenance. This is somewhat addictive, but the costs justify themselves due to greater comfort when using. Engines with a number of listed functions are installed on the model of gasoline braids of such authoritative manufacturers as Husqvarna, MTD, Al-KO, etc.

Prepared users acquiring a new gasoline mowing to change the old are the presence of an easy launch function with a determining factor when choosing, since they know firsthand what it is repeatedly tugging with the cable in an attempt to launch the engine. Therefore, if you purchase a lawn mower for the first time, it is better to immediately give preference to a model with a light start. And so that it serves you as long as possible, be sure and timely perform maintenance, following the instructions of the instructions for operating.

We thank the Briggs and Stratton company for the help of preparing the material and the photos provided

Hand tools

With a manual tool, everything is simple: pitchfork, rakes, shovels, tramps clean from adhering land and plant residues. If the blades are swept away, imprison them with a file or bar, wipe the metal parts dry, treat with machine oil. and your manual inventory is ready for storage. It is best to keep it on special racks or shelves in a barn or another closed room.

At the end of the season, free the working part of the lawn mower from the ground and grass. Clusted residues can lead to corrosion of metal parts. But in no case do not wash the metal parts under a strong stream of water. having hit the mechanism, it can bring it into disrepair. Shake and carefully clean the grass collector, grease all the nodes with machine oil and a jack of lawn mower.

After the completion of all work, drain oil and gasoline in models with a gasoline engine, clean the spark plugs, and then fill the fresh machine oil.

If the lawn mower operates on batteries, they must be reloaded, and in the electrical check all the contacts and the connecting cable.


The cultivator also needs winter conservation. First of all, clean all the details and nodes from the ground, oil spots. The dried earth with a milling and gearbox is best cleaned with a wooden stick, since rust can form in the places of scratches, or under a stream of water.

After that, wipe them with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean the engine cooling ribs, muffler. Plastic parts, protective casings and control handles can be wiped with a damp sponge.

Wipe the cutters of the cultivator and gearbox on the outside with a napkin moistened with machine oil. The oil will create a protective film that protects the metal from rust. If in addition to the milling cutters you have additional nozzles, they also grease their metal parts with oil, then place in a wooden box, shifting with thick packaging paper. Remove the switching cable, otherwise it can stretch over the winter.

Having finished with a cleanliness, you can proceed to conservation of the engine.

Rinse the foam air filter in warm water with a detergent. Then dry dry and soak slightly with machine oil. In those models where there is a paper filter, replace it. Drain the gasoline remaining there from the fuel tank. After that, turn the spark plug and pour approximately 15 ml of oil into the cylinder. Cleam the candle (better with a wooden stick, to avoid damage to the insulator), rinse it in gasoline, dry and put it back, checking before this the valve clearance. Then turn the engine shaft with the starter so that the oil filled into the cylinder is evenly distributed along its walls. If your cultivator model has a trunk fuel filter, then clean it and.

And now you can drain the oil from the engine crankcase and pour new. On this, the conservation of the cultivator for the winter is over. It must be stored in a dry ventilated room, far from heating devices.

Tips for the start of work by the lawnical mower

Before starting work, any lawn mower should carefully study the instructions for operation.

Any equipment with a gasoline engine is sold without fuel in the tank.

For launch, you need to season the engine with recommended fuel. Two.stroke engines of gasoline lawn mowers are seasoned with oil and gasoline in a proportion of 25 g of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. You can not use a spent oil mixture to avoid breakdown. Some manufacturers stain their own production oil in corporate color. This allows you to find out whether the recommended oil or other.

In four.stroke engines, the oil is poured separately into the crankcase, and gasoline is used clean, without impurities. To maintain good engine lubrication, you need to constantly monitor the oil level.

The engine is not carried out at idle-this is permissible only during the first 10-15 minutes. Further running-in should take about 3-4 hours in the mode of operation with the average load. It involves the minimal efforts of the operator and mowing soft, low grass.

In the future, you will need to follow the instructions for the engine, monitor the level of oil, gasoline, check the cleanliness of air filters.

Before starting work, the electrhemer should check the correctness of all fasteners, especially protective covers and knives. Make sure the network supports the necessary voltage for work. trimmer for grass trigger on a flat and dry surface. Use only a special fishing line for a trimmer.

When choosing a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass, evaluate the relief and size of the site

Barrow care

When preparing lawn mowers for wintering and during their storage, follow several important rules. The room in which it is supposed to store the lawn mower should not be raw. And it should also have a temperature above 0 ° C.

When preparing for the storage of gasoline lawn mowers, fuel remnants are removed from the tank. Do not forget to thoroughly erase everything to the last drop, otherwise it will lead to the formation of condensate, which can fall into the cylinders and carburetor. It is advisable to wipe all the metal parts dry and treat with special solutions to avoid the appearance of rust.

It’s easier with an electric mower. it’s just enough to examine it for the formation of rust or oxidation on contacts.

Trammers for grass are stored in an upright position, but it is not advisable to contact the wheels of the lawn moutine-mushrooms with the floor.

Maintaining the lawn in good condition does not require much effort and means. The choice of the correct model of the lawn mower depends solely on the characteristics of the site, which is planned to be processed. From its features should be pushed away. Then the purchase will not disappoint you.

Cleaning technology

After each mowing of the grass, it is necessary to carefully clean the lawn mower. first of all, from below. To do this, we can use brushes or compressed air, and if it is equipment on gasoline. a stream of cold water. Thanks to this, we will quickly and effectively get to all corners and cracks. It must be remembered that the grass remaining there reduces the strength of the materials and leads to corrosion.

In a mower with an internal combustion engine, it is also worth checking from time to time to check an air filter, the effective operation of which contributes to the proper operation of the engine. If it is contaminated, carefully clean it, and with severe contamination it must be replaced.

Checking the state of the engine

In the case of an electric lawnmill, the wire must be checked at the time of problems in the work. Otherwise, the intervention is not required. attention will have to be paid to gasoline or diesel unit.

EASIEST WAY To Clean a Plastic Briggs Carburetor

Routine measures should include checking the spark plugs and oil replacement, which should be carried out after every 25 hours of operation of the mowing.

It is best to do this after complete fuel burnout in the tank, because it increases the level of safety (it will be confident that it will not reach spontaneous combustion).

How to prepare a lawn mower for winter

First of all, the remnants of the grass are removed from the lawn mower: from the body, cooling ribs, exhaust area. You can clean the tool with warm water and brush, as well as a garden hose.

Electric chainsaw or saw. what to choose for the garden? 4 Errors when growing tomatoes in pots that almost all housewives are the secrets of growing seedlings from the Japanese, who are very reverent to the ground

For machines with an electric launch, wintering should be preceded by a complete charge of the battery and a thorough revision of the insulation, all wires and contacts.

Rules for preparing a lawn mower for winter:

  • Drain the remaining fuel from the tank and drive the car at idle, otherwise at low temperatures over a long time the fuel will cease to ignite;
  • You should check the amount of oil that must comply with the requirements for this model;
  • Air and preliminary fuel filters also need to be checked, cleaned and replaced if necessary;
  • 1 h is poured into the combustion chamber. l. oil after removing the candle, and to distribute the oil over the chamber several times stretches the starter handle and the cord is pulled.

General rules for conservation of technology

Any tool, regardless of the type and purpose, before laying on storage, you need to wash, dry and inspect the details for wear and replacement. There is nothing worse than moisture that fell into mobile or vulnerable details and mechanisms. Freezing in an unheated room, it turns into ice and damages the elements of the system. It is also advisable to drain gas tank gasoline for fire safety reasons. But for the clock, other recommendations. the equipment cannot be left “dry”, so the oil is not removed for the winter, but they are changed.

When stored, fold the equipment as indicated in the operating manual

The cutting parts (such as lawnmand knives) should be sharpened, and hinged joints should be cleaned of dust and dirt and grease. Check the condition of the fasteners and power cord of the power tool, if necessary, replace them without leaving until spring. Next, we consider each type of technique and the requirements for its conservation in more detail.

How to prepare your lawn mower for winter.

Like any technically difficult tool, the lawn mower requires an attentive and accurate relationship. But not only in the summer, when it is used very often, but also in winter. In the coldest season, snow falls in, which means that the usual trimming of the lawn becomes impossible. (In Europe, with its warmer climate, for example, the lawn mower is used almost all year round.) However, if you want your garden technique to work properly in the spring, you need to remember simple rules for its maintenance since autumn. STIHL professionals recommend fulfilling only 5 simple requirements:

  • First of all, all fuel must be drained from the lawn mower. There is a good argument for this. During the long winter season, excess gasoline or fuel mixture, most likely, will lose their fitness for ignition. And, if you do not empty the tank, in the spring you may begin to start with the engine. STIHL experts advise if the lawn mower is at least a little fuel after final use, let the tool work idle until the engine stops its operation.
  • Next, you must inspect the level of the remaining oil in the lawn mower. After all, the technique should be ready for use at any time. If the level or quality of the oil seems unsatisfactory to you, you need to replace it. You can do this yourself, but we recommend that you contact our service center located at:. Mitinskaya, d.55, Our qualified specialists will conduct all the necessary manipulations with your equipment and give you comprehensive consultations on its use and storage.

If you still decide to deal with the oil yourself, always remember that you need to follow all the instructions in the instructions for operating.

  • The next task will be thoroughly washed the lawn mower. It is necessary to remove the remains of the grass on / in the body of the tool. Special brushes or shoulder blades will help you with this. In no case am I in the exhaust area, in the ribs of cooling or in the exhaust area there should not be dry grass. This can lead to fire.

In particularly neglected cases, you can use the garden hose with water. However, you need to work very carefully and carefully here: do not direct a stream of hot water to the bearings and engine.

To clean the bottom of the body from dirt, overturn the lawn mower so that the spark plug is directed upward. In no case do not overturn the tool on the side. In this case, the remaining oil can fall into the exhaust or into the air filter, which will most likely lead to heavy breakdowns.

  • After all the technical work, the lawn mower is advised to carefully cover/cover.
  • And the last step is to place the tool in dry, non.powered, inaccessible place for children. The lawn mower should be in the same position as when using. If you. The lucky owner of the lawn mower with a start.up battery, then the place of storage of the tool, plus to all of the above, should be relatively warm. Battery lawmakers cannot be exposed to low temperatures.

And most importantly, in the spring, before the first use, do not forget to check the condition of the knives in the lawn mower! If you find grooves and cracks on them, the knife will need to be replaced, and immediately. The qualified specialists of our company “Little Motors” will carry out these and other work with your lawn mower inexpensive. Our address and phones you will find here

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