Got a ZTR Mower? You Need Brinly’s ZTR Attachments. John deere zero turn attachments

Will It Work With My Zero-Turn Mower?

The short answer is yes. You bet. We connect to Zero Turn Mowers all the time. Your new Cyclone Rake has been engineered to fit your mower, whether it’s a ZTR, a traditional riding mower, or a sub-compact tractor. As long as your mower has a right-handed discharge chances are, we’ll be able to connect your new Cyclone Rake to it.

After being in business for more than 20 years we’ve come to learn a thing or two about connecting to lawn mowers. We’ve found that the more custom the connection can be, the better. Customizing the way your Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum connects to your mower gives you a better performance, a better connection, and a better experience. For this reason, we’ll connect the Cyclone Rake to your ZTR the same way we connect to a traditional riding mower, no extra kit needed.

There are 3 things on your Cyclone Rake that can change depending on the make, model, and deck size of your mower.

The Mower Deck Adapter (MDA) is the boot piece that connects the deck of your mower to the Cyclone Rake system. They’re made from high density polyethylene to handle all the grass, leaves, nuts, on your property. Even the occasional rock! We have several dozen different MDA designs depending on the make, model, and deck size of your mower. Many of them come pre-cut to fit the deck of your mower specifically. While these do change depending on your mower, they connect to zero turn mowers the same way they connect to traditional riding mowers.

NOTE: The Mower Deck Adapter is included in our Cyclone Rake Bundles. If you purchase one of the standard models you will need a way to connect the deck of our mower to the Cyclone Rake if you don’t have a boot or adapter from a previous bagging unit.

2. The Deck Hose

Not only does the dual pin hitch allow a rigid mount, and make it impossible to jackknife, it also allows us to use the shortest, and straightest length of deck hose possible. When you connect your Zero Turn Mower to other leaf and lawn vacuums on the market, you also need to purchase a whole other kit to hold their long hose in place. Not with the Cyclone Rake. We custom fit the length of hose that you need for your mower to be just the right length. The dual pin hitch allows us to use a fixed length of hose, all but eliminating the opportunity for the clogging and hassle you see in other machines with long, winding hoses. And doesn’t everyone want less clogging and hassle?

3. The Hitch

One of the things we’re most proud of about the Cyclone Rake is the way it connects to the rear of your mower with our Dual Pin Hitch. This means that the Cyclone Rake is connected in two separate points which creates a rigid mount to the rear of your mower. Just like our MDA’s we have many different varieties of this dual pin designs to accommodate hundreds of different mowers. That includes your zero-turn mower! The rigid mount makes it impossible to jackknife the Cyclone Rake when you’re backing up.

Always Use Caution When You Hook Up Your ZTR Accessories

First, you need to consult your owner’s manual to see what capacity your particular zero turn mower can handle. You don’t want to hitch anything to the back of your ZTR if your mower wasn’t designed to carry attachments.

After that, you need to make sure that your ZTR has a hitch kit included with it or if you need to buy one for your mower. If your ZTR came outfitted with hitch capacity, check the ball size to make sure you can attach ZTR accessories to your mower.

When you hook up your lawn care attachment to your ZTR, use care, and make sure children and pets aren’t playing nearby.

Brinly recommends that you reduce your speed to three to five miles per hour when towing one of our ZTR accessories. The Sisters Grimm also added these guidelines:

John Deere Residential Zero-Turn Mowers Compared

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John Deere residential zero-turn mowers come in various models suitable for entry-level use up to large property owners. With ample options for power, comfort, and budget, John Deere continues to offer one of the widest selections of residential zero-turn lawnmowers on the market. We compare their three primary lines so you can make the right decision on which model works best for your needs.

Editor’s Note: If you want a mower that does double-duty to haul debris or utilize various PTO accessories, check out our John Deere lawn tractors article.

John Deere Z300 Series Residential Zero-turn Mowers

For homeowners looking to mow up to 4 acres, these zero-turn lawn mowers provide comfortable options with 42–54-inch forged Accel Deep decks.

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These mowers feature anything from 20 to 24 horsepower engines to help you get the job done. Aside from the Z370R electric zero-turn mower, these models all run off gas and feature foot-operated deck lifts.

The decks range in size from 42 to 54 inches in width and utilize forged 10-gauge steel fabrication. The high-back seats include either an 18-inch or 20-inch model and all models offer optional armrests with the “R” models coming standard.

Most Ztrak mowers in the Z300 series include a rear hitch standard (the exceptions being the more entry-level Z315E and Z325E mowers).

Available Models

Comparing John Deere Z300 Series Zero-turn Mowers

A side-by-side comparison of Z300 ZTrak zero-turns helps clarify some of the key differentiating factors that may cause you to choose one over the other. While some other options float—like the rear hitch mentioned above—this table hits the main points.

Depending on what you need, these residential ZT mowers from John Deere give you plenty of entry-level choices. All Z300 Series ZTrak mowers include the option of a bagger or Mulchcontrol kit.

ModelEngineDeck SizesSeat/ArmrestsStarting MSRP

Z315E 20 HP V-Twin 42 in. 18 in./Optional 3,199
Z320R 21.5 HP V-Twin 42 in. 20 in./Yes 3,699
Z320M 21.5 HP V-Twin 42 in. 20 in./Optional 3,499
Z325E 24 HP V-Twin 48–54 in. 18 in./Optional 3,499
Z330R 23 HP V-Twin 48–54 in. 20 in./Yes 3,999
Z330M 23 HP V-Twin 48–54 in. 20 in./Optional 3,799
Z370R 3.2 kWh Electric 42 in. 20 in./Yes 6,399

John Deere Z300 Pricing

John Deere Z300 Series residential zero-turn mowers range in pricing, starting from 3,199 to 6,399 for the electric model. You can find them at Lowe’s and also from John Deere dealers or through The Z300 Series zero-turn mowers all include a 3-year/200-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

John Deere Z500 Residential Zero-Turn Mowers

The John Deere Z500 Series ZTrack ZT mowers offer additional power, comfort, and features for those who spend a bit more time in the seat. You get more engine options and finally stretch into that 60-inch deck size for larger properties. Armrests become standard and even the control levers begin showing premium features. These mowers simply cater more to those who have more work to do in the day.

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V-Twin ELS engines yield to EFI and ETC models on the higher-end models. At that point, you also start to see those larger 22.5-inch ComfortGlide seats. These mowers move at up to 9 mph vs the 7 mph speed of the Z500 series so you get your work done more quickly.

The Z500 Series mowers include a single 4.5-gallon fuel tank. An LCD fuel gauge comes standard on the Z515E and Z530M models with an Advanced LCD appearing on the Z530R and Z545R models. Want more? Add an optional 7 cubic-foot poly cart and your residential zero-turn now doubles as a transport for leaves, firewood, and more.

Comparing the John Deere Z500 Series Models

The John Deere Z500 Series residential zero-turn mowers offer fewer model options but more deck sizes across the board. With pricing below their flagship Z700 Series, you can pick up some premium features for less. The Z500 Series mowers specialize in hitting that 5 acre size that appeals to lots of landowners.

With V-Twin and EFI options, you can also grab a mower that has the technology and power you need to get the job done.

ModelEngineDeck SizesSeatStarting MSRP

Z515E 24 HP V-Twin ELS 48–60 in. 18 in. Cut Sewn 4,899
Z530M 24 HP V-Twin 48–60 in. 20 in. Cut Sewn 5,599
Z530R 24 HP V-Twin 54–60 in. 22.5 in. Cut Sewn 6,499
Z545R 25 HP EFI 48–60 in. 22.5 in. ComfortGlide 6,799

Z500 Series Residential ZT Mowers Pricing

The Z500 Series ZT mowers range in starting price from 4,899 to 6,799. These mowers include a 4-year/500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, and you can get them from Lowe’s or any local John Deere dealer (as well as through the website).

John Deere Z700 Series ZTrak Zero-turn Mowers

Finally, John Deere zero-turns top out with the Z700 Series residential mowers. These mowers give residential consumers the very best John Deere offers. Perfect for large property owners, the Z700 Series mowers cut at up to 10 mph and include deck sizes up to 60 inches.

mower, need, brinly, attachments

Nearly every model in the lineup lets you choose from either a 48, 54, or 60-inch wide mowing deck. The high-capacity pro mower decks are stamped from 9-gauge steel and feature welded deck reinforcements in the critical contact areas. Deere even gives you a three-position foot platform that adjusts without the need for tools.

The Z730M, Z735M, Z740R, and Z760R models include the premium ComfortGlide seat suspension system.

Available Models

John Deere Z700 Series Residential ZT Mowers Compared

Deere seems to pull out all the stops with its flagship Z700 ZTrak mowers. From the adjustable air-cushion seat dials to the customizable control levers, everything about the Z700 zero-turns is designed to make the process of mowing more comfortable.

ModelEngineDeck SizesSeat/SuspensionStarting MSRP

Z720E 23 HP V-Twin FR 48-60 in. Adjustable springs 8,079
Z735E 25 HP V-Twin 60 in. Adjustable springs 8,919
Z730M 24 HP V-Twin FR 54-60 in. ComfortGlide 9,729
Z735M 25 HP V-Twin 48-60 in. ComfortGlide 9,209
Z740R 23.5 HP V-Twin FX 48-60 in. ComfortGlide 10,719
Z760R 27 HP V-Twin FX 54-60 in. ComfortGlide 11,479

Z700 Series Residential Zero Turn Mowers Pricing

You can buy John Deere Z700 residential zero-turn lawn mowers starting at 8,079 to over 11,479. These mowers come with an impressive 4-year/1000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. You can purchase them from any John Deere dealer or order one online at the website.

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John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale in Missouri | Heritage Tractor

When it comes to maintaining the perfect lawn, there are no better tools out there than a John Deere zero-turn mower. These mowers are built to handle large lawns quickly while maintaining a quality cut and keeping you comfortable. With three different model lines for you to choose from, there’s a John Deere zero-turn for you. So if you’re looking for a John Deere zero-turn mower for sale in Missouri, then drop by your local Heritage Tractor location today!

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Good. The Z300 Series

The John Deere Z300 Series zero-turn mowers offer everything you need in a zero-turn mower and nothing you don’t. Although this line is basic in both form and function, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in performance. You still get the same high-quality mowing decks and reliable engine performance that would expect from a machine with the John Deere name.

The Z500 Series zero-turn mowers take everything good about the Z300 and turn it up a notch. Higher capacity mower decks, faster mowing speeds and more creature comforts can all be found here. If you’ve got a bit larger of a lawn to tackle and want to stay comfortable while you mow it, then the Z500 is for you.

Better. Z700 Series

If you’ve got a lot of land to handle or maybe you just like the idea of having some commercial features on your residential mower, then the Z700 is right up your alley. Featuring the fastest forward mowing speed, and features like an adjustable suspension seat, it’s built for handling tough acreage and large area mowing chores, without having to buy a commercial zero-turn to get professional-level features.

If nothing but the very best will do, then consider the Z900 commercial ZTrak zero-turn mowers. This line of mowers is built to mow all day, every day in a wide variety of environments. So you’ll get all the features you would need to make that a reality. For instance, you’ll get adjustable suspension seats as well as comfort and convenience packages that put all the controls right on the handles. For work that requires various fuel types, there are gas, propane and diesel models of the Z900 available. And you’ll get a wide variety of discharge options if different jobs require different approaches, like mulching or bagging.

No matter what level of zero-turn mower is right for you, our sales staff can help you get the model that fits your needs. Drop by your local Missouri Heritage Tractor location today!

JRCO Heavy-Duty Attachments

JRCO has manufactured quality innovative attachments for the outdoor power equipment industry since 1975.

Commercial JRCO heavy-duty attachments are front-mounted and all attach to the JRCO mount bar with clevis pins. These outdoor power equipment accessories increase productivity for the lawn care professional by saving both time and labor. JRCO offers a limited 90-day warranty for commercial use.

JRCO/Maxim 48″ Tow Behind Plug Aerator (MSP48)

JRCO Broadcast Spreader for Walk-Behind and Stand-On Mowers (504)

JRCO/Maxim 36″ Tow Behind Plug Aerator (MSP36)

JRCO Trash Receptacle Holder. Frame Mount Kit (08BH)

JRCO 38″ Front Mount Hooker Aerator (751)

JRCO/Maxim 48″ Tow Behind Spike Aerator (MSAT48)

JRCO/Maxim 36″ Tow Behind Spike Aerator (MSAT36)

JRCO/Maxim 48″ 3-Point Hitch Lawn Roller (MLR3P48)

JRCO Broadcast Spreader for Utility Vehicles (504U)

JRCO Transporter for Walk-Behind Mowers (490)

JRCO/Maxim 48″ Tow Behind Lawn Roller (MLR48)

JRCO/Maxim 48″ 3-Point Hitch Spike Aerator (MSA3P48)

JRCO Trash Receptacle Holder. JRCO Mount Bar Kit (10BH)

JRCO Trash Receptacle Holder. Roll Bar Mount Kit (09BH)

JRCO/Maxim 48″ 3-Point Hitch Plug Aerator (MPA3P48)

Ryobi 48V

Best electric zero-turn mower

Cutting width: 54 inches | Power source: 48V integrated battery | Transmission: Variable speed hydrostatic | Engine: Brushless electric motor | Mulching and bagger capable: Mulching only | Max cutting area: 3.5 acres

The Ryobi 48V zero-turn electric mower was one of my alternative picks on the list of best electric mowers, and after doing more research, I can say that it is the best electric zero-turn on the market. The integrated 48V battery can be charged via a regular wall outlet, which means you won’t have to worry about keeping special chargers and cables on hand to top up your mower when not in use. It also makes the Ryobi 48V easier to integrate into your garage or workshop if you don’t have any other Ryobi tools or equipment that could share a battery with the mower. The battery gives you enough power on a full charge to mow up to 3.5 acres, which is great news for anyone with a larger yard.

It features a 54-inch cutting deck with 3 sets of blades for a more even cut on each pass, and the deck can be set to 12 different heights for the perfect mow all season long. A control panel lets you monitor battery levels, turn on the LED headlights, mow in reverse, and even charge your phone with the built-in USB port.

Since the Ryobi 48V zero-turn mower doesn’t have a gas engine, that means that you’ll save both time and money by not having to do any oil changes, spark plug cleanings, or fuel treatments at the start and end of every season. And no gas engine means no exhaust emissions, making this a more environmentally friendly option for lawn care.