The Makita electric screwdriver button does not work. Hyundai a 2020li

Makita electric screwdriver does not work 2 speed

If it turned out that the charging unit and the tool battery work, then look for the cause of the malfunction of the electric part should be slightly deeper. To do this, you need to disassemble the electric screwdriver. Further actions to identify breakdowns and their elimination are as follows:

  • Measure the presence of a voltage coming from the battery to the terminals of the “Start” button. If there is a voltage, then the power is supplied to the button. If the voltage is absent, then the wire is damaged or the contact is disturbed. We follow the chain further to find the malfunction
  • Check the start button. First you need to remove the battery from the tool. this is necessary to check the serviceability of the button. After extracting the battery, the contacts should be closed (connect the wires that go from the battery to the input terminals of the button). To the output contacts of the button you need to connect the probes of the multimeter, and put the device in the resistance measurement mode. To measure the resistance value, you need to click on the tool button. If the button is serviceable, then the testimony of the device will strive for a zero value. With its malfunction, the testimony of the device will strive for infinity (cliff)

The button can be replaced or repair. If the part is collapsible, then you can disassemble it, and clean the contacts. Very often the cause of the buttons malfunction is to burn contacts. If you clean them with sandpaper, the device will work in the same mode. If the button is indifferent or its contacts are very burned out, then you will need to buy a new part. Its price is not high, so everyone can allow you to buy it to avoid repairs.

It is interesting! The button consists not only of contacts, but also small springs, which, with the slightest incorrect movement, can fly out. To prevent this from happening, you need to disassemble the button gently and slowly.

Dismantling of electric screwdriver “Makita

To disassemble an electric screwdriver, a cross screwdriver and a little personal time will need you for you. To disassemble the electric screwdriver is one hundred percent, it is required:

  • unscrew the screw screws;
  • remove the composite mechanism of the launch button;
  • Remove the electric motor together with the gearbox;
  • disconnect the gearbox from the motor, promoting the bolts consolidating them.

To disassemble the battery of an electric screwdriver, it is necessary to promote the bolts connecting the body, to differently divide the joints of the case on the adhesive base using a soldering iron. Snutri batteries are several nickel-cadmium batteries having a certain container and loading charge. If the battery repair passage requires their change to new.

DIY battery repair

To repair the screwdriver battery, you need to know its design and accurately determine the place of the breakdown and the malfunction itself. If at least one element fails, the whole chain will lose its performance. The presence of a “donor”, which in which all the elements are in order or new “banks” will help to solve this problem.

A multimeter or lamp for 12 V will tell you which element is faulty. To do this, put the battery to charge until it is fully charged. Then disassemble the body and measure the voltage of all circuit elements. If the voltage of the “cans” is below the nominal, then you need to mark them with a marker. Then collect the battery and let it work until its power drops. After that, disassemble again and measure the voltage of the marked “cans”. Squeezing the voltage on them should be the most noticeable. If the difference is 0.5 V and above, and the element works, then this indicates its imminent failure. Such elements must be replaced.

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Using a 12 V lamp, you can also determine the faulty elements of the chain. To do this, you need to connect a completely charged and disassembled battery to the contacts plus and minus on lamp 12 in. The load created by the lamp will discharge the battery. Then measure the sections of the chain and determine the faulty links. Repair (recovery or replacement) can be done in two ways.

  • The faulty element is cut and the soldier is soldered by a new. This applies to lithium. ion batteries. Since it is not possible to restore their work.
  • Nickel. cadmium and nickel. metal. hydride elements can be restored if there is an electrolyte that has lost volume. To do this, they are sewn with voltage, as well as increased current, which helps to eliminate the effect of memory and increases the capacity of the element. Although it will not work to completely eliminate the defect. Perhaps, after some time, the malfunction will return. A much better option would be to replace the failed elements.

Device and circuit of the electric screwdriver button

The electric screwdriver button is the main control element that performs several functions at once:

At the same time, each of the controls built into the buttons built into the block cannot work correctly. With the exception of the rotation switch, which is more often a separate functional block. The case in most cases consists of three conditional compartments in which the working nodes and mechanisms are located.

  • In the lower part of the case is the control unit by turning/off and adjusting the electric motor speeds.
  • In the middle part, the “trigger” itself is located in a smooth start (the deeper to press it, the higher the speed of rotation of the cartridge). The button when pressing slides in a special unit along the guides, a variable resistor is responsible for adjusting the revolutions.
  • The reverse button is located in the upper part. the switch of the rotation of the cartridge. The direction changes due to the change in the polarity of the voltage switch.

This is how all the units of control of screwdrivers of different brands are arranged. To familiarize yourself with the device of the button of a particular tool model in more detail, we recommend that you study the circuit of the electrical screwdriver button (it is in the instructions).

Dismantling of a screwdriver

Most often, to find a malfunction and repair the device, you will need to disassemble it. Since all devices are outwardly similar, reminiscent of the shape of a gun, their disassembly can be represented in the form of recommendations for repairing the Interskol screwdriver:

  • First of all, the battery block is disconnected. To do this, you need to press on the latch and unfasten the module.
  • All the screws using a crossbow are removed along the perimeter of the device.
  • After unscrewing the screws, the two halves of the case are disconnected, while the structures installed in the grooves adhere to.
  • The speed switch, the start button and the reverse mechanism are neatly disconnected.
  • A gearbox is extracted from the removed half. To remove it, you will need to crank the gearbox in the seat.

The assembly occurs in the reverse order. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that all the removed elements and wires are located in the recesses specially executed for them.

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To make a lubricant of mechanical parts or restore the gearbox, often the latter has to disassemble. For this, the protective plate is first removed, after which screws are removed in a circle, and the upper cover is removed. Visit materials are used as lubrication, for example, lip. It is important to note that it is almost impossible to carry out a serious repair of the screwdriver gearbox with your own hands, since separately the gears are not produced by manufacturers. Therefore, when it is damaged, you will have to replace the entire block.

The next element that has to be disassembled is the cartridge. It is a rapidly packed design, which is fixed using a threaded connection, a screw, or a cone of a morse. In the first method, it will be necessary to unscrew the mount with a hexagonal key, and then, by installing the key in the cartridge, squeeze it tightly. The cartridge is unscrewed by rotation of the key.

With a second form of connection, using a screwdriver counterclockwise, a screw located in the middle of the sponges of the cartridge is twisted. Further, by installing and holding a M-shaped key in the lips, the key must be turned counterclockwise with a sharp movement. Extracting mounting with a cone Morsa is neatly blows into the end of the cartridge.

Finding the cause of the breakdown and its elimination

The final breakdown of the tool is often accompanied by preliminary events, paying attention to which you can prevent a serious malfunction: the appearance of extraneous sounds, sparking, smells of burning, increased vibration, fast battery discharge.

By dismantling the device, you can understand which knot is faulty. All devices are divided into two types:

Each type is characterized by their primary signs, by which a damaged part is easily calculated. A special family includes malfunctions associated with the battery. The nature of the breakdown is due to the fact that the battery is quickly discharged, or the device does not want to start at all.

If the purchase of a new battery is problematic, you can try to disassemble it and replace it in it faulty element.

The battery is disassembled by withdrawing its latch from the grooves. Under the casing are elements with a capacity. Their connection is made by contact welding. A multimeter can measure the voltage value on each bank. The normal value of the charged element is 1.2 volts. Faulty elements are removed. for this they are carefully bought by nippers at the contact site, and similar ones are installed instead of them. If there is no welding, it is possible to use the soldering iron. Then the battery must be assembled and installed in a screwdriver for verification.

But the problem is not always related to the battery. For example, when repairing a Bosch screwdriver with your own hands, damage to the charger circuit (ZU), not a battery, is often detected with your own hands. Repair of the item consists in calling the radio elements. First of all, the network fuse and rectifier bridge are checked.

Usually, when opening the body housing by external signs in the form of blackening of radio elements or a textolite board, you can immediately see which element requires a replacement. Most often, transistors that are located on the radiators and the operational amplifier come out of the system.

Damage to the electric part

Most often, the malfunctions in the electric part are associated not only with the inability to turn on the tool, but also the lack of switching into the reverse mode or the ability to adjust the speed.

If the battery is serviceable, and when connected to the screwdriver circuit, the voltage on its terminals drops, then this indicates a malfunction in the elements of the device motor. If the voltage is normal, the button is checked. To do this, the tester switches to the call mode and its probes are installed parallel to the button. When it clicks it, the multimeter should issue a squeak, otherwise the non.working button. You can try to restore the detail yourself, cleaning its contact groups.

Reversion checks also using a multimeter. One probe should touch the button entry, and the other to the contact of the electric motor. When switching a reverse, resistance should occur, if it is absent, then damage should be sought in the wiring. If the engine speed adjustment does not work, then the breakdown is associated with the control transistor or button.

Checking the electric motor brushes is visually carried out, their wear should be no more than 60 percent. If everything is in order, you should check other engine elements. To measure the resistance of the windings, the engine contacts must be disconnected from the rest of the circuit. With a cliff, inter.trough circuit or closing on the housing, the winding will need to be rewound. The anchor is also checked in the same way. To measure its resistance, the probe probes are installed on the collector plates. The resistance value should be zero. If the winding cannot be repaired, you have to purchase a new engine.

Electric malfunctions also are considered sparking and crackling during operation. This is due to the wear of the brushes or the slow rotation of the collector due to its blockage.

Malfunctions in mechanical nodes

If extraneous sounds appeared during operation and the wedge of the device occurs, then this indicates the wear of bushings or bearings. After disassembling the gearbox, it will become clear that it could break. Uncharacteristic noise can also form with shaft deformation. Such a breakdown also manifests itself during the beating of the cartridge. If tightening weakens in the cartridge, then it is necessary to check the coupling for wear. When working the tool, the teeth wear out, and the coupling begins to scroll through.

To avoid breakdowns in the gearbox, it is necessary to periodically serve it. To do this, it is recommended to lubricate all the rubbing mechanical parts, preferably removing the remaining old lubricants in advance. The clogging of the structure can also affect the turnover of the tool.

Extraneous sounds can be characteristic not only due to damage to the gearbox, but also caused by the engine. Noise occurs with a torn magnet or with wear of the anchor bushings. To restore the anchor, you can try to lubricate it with machine oil.

Thus, with mechanical breakdowns, the reason is easy to find, but the repair will require the purchase of new components in return for the broken. To find electrical faults, you will need to use a multimeter.

Repair of the cartridge and other parts of the electric screwdriver “Makita

Here, an electric screwdriver from the well.known brand “Makita” will be considered, we describe its technical properties and a general device, tell about the main dilemmas and defects that occur during the use of the tool, in addition, how, how to diagnose a breakdown and repair one or another element of electric screwdriver.

Repair button of the Makita electric screwdriver with your own hands

Details: Repair button of the Makita electric screwdriver with your own hands from a real master for

Electric screwdriver is one of the most necessary tools for a modern person. With it, you can perform a lot of various housework. It is indispensable both in global construction and during local repair work. However, many parts of the device sooner or later may fail. This is most often due to improper operation of the power tool. Sometimes you need to repair an electric screwdriver with your own hands.

Circuit of the battery electrical screwdriver.

Yes, of course, in most cases it is easier to contact a specialized workshop, but this can take a lot of time, besides, repairs can go into a penny. In any case, small breakdowns can be eliminated independently. For example, you can repair the start button. She often fails. About how to repair the button of the electric screwdriver with your own hands, and it will be discussed later.

Electric connection diagram of the electrical screwdriver button and power transistor.

First you should think about how easily you can make repairs by spending a minimum of money. Of course, the complete replacement of the constructive element, and in this case, the buttons will save money and display the device to the initial level.

Electric screwdriver itself is easy enough. To do this, you just need to take a cross screwdriver and unscrew all the screws around the perimeter, which are located here as fasteners. By dismantling the device, you can find that it has a fairly simple structure. There is a motor, gearbox, button with two wires that connect it to the battery, as well as 2 wires that connect it to the engine.

So, the simplest repair method is to replace the button, it is simply soldered from the motor. Then the connector is removed, which connects it to the nutrition element. Such an element of the design is quite inexpensive. It can be purchased today for about 300-500. Next, the wires from the engine to the button are soldered in place, and those that go to the power element are installed along with the connector. Now you can install the battery again and check the tools of the tool. If everything is in order, then you can safely state the fact that all repair work has been carried out correctly and competently. Now you can assemble an electric screwdriver. There is also a less expensive repair method in which the button does not change, but is restored.

Electrical circuit of the electric screwdriver button.

Of course, before starting directly to the repair work, it is worth mandatory to choose all the most necessary tools and materials. These include:

These are mainly all the tools and materials that may be needed for work. The list is not so big. All this can be at home with any man.

The diagram of the device gearbox of the battery electrical screwdriver.

Well, now let’s move directly to the recovery process. As a rule, the button is not so easy to purchase. Often you have to make a preliminary order in the service center, and then wait a few weeks while it arrives. That is why the repair of the button of the electric screwdriver with your own hands is relevant.

It can be noted right away that the wires that go from the button are not necessary to solder. They do not interfere with the process of assembling and disassembling the structural element. So, the electric screwdriver is disassembled using the same technology that was indicated above, which means that the button is in the immediate vicinity, that is, various repair work can be carried out with it. First you should remove the pressing mechanism. This must be done extremely neatly so that the base is not damaged.

The clamping mechanism often has a red color, but it all directly depends on the specific model of the power tool.

Do not remove the clamping mechanism with a sharp jerk. It is best to use slow rotational movements clockwise or against it. Here, too, it all depends on the specific model of an electric screwdriver. Now you can proceed directly to repair, more precisely, to identifying problems that have led to a malfunction.

On any button product of this kind there is a protective mechanism. It needs to be removed too. To do this, you will have to use improvised tools, namely a flat screwdriver and knife. Moving in a circle, you need to free the latches. This is done extremely simple, so it should not cause any problems in the work. Now you can remove the button cover under which the reverse mechanism is located. In fact, the inclusion element itself is not yet visible. He will have to get to him again.

To do this, pick up a soldering iron and rosin. It helps to warm up the rations, which leads to the separation of details. In this case, two compartments must be divided among themselves. First, the soldering iron is immersed in rosin, and then leaning against the separation site. As a result of these manipulations, the mechanism from a single whole is divided into two parts. But now you can try to get to the switch. For this, the cover is removed from the corresponding compartment. Now the compartment of the inclusion of an electric screwdriver becomes a completely open human gaze.

Next, you need to gently extract the mechanism from your rightful place, while holding a return spring installed here without fail. Now you can look inside. Each person at this moment with the naked eye is able to see that all the contact sites were erased during operation. The main reason for this is most often the low quality of the metal that is used to create these sites. As a result of the fact that the material is destroyed, its dust gradually settles between the contacts. This leads to the fact that those surfaces that were once dielectrics become electrical conductors. This is often the reason for the spontaneous inclusion of power tools.

Repair of the electric screwdriver Makita 6271D with your own hands

Details: Repair of the Makita 6271D electrical screwdriver with your own hands from a real master for

In this article, we will consider an electric screwdriver from the well.known brand “Makita”, describe its technical characteristics and a general device, talk about the main problems and malfunctions that arise during the operation of the tool, as well as how to diagnose a breakdown and repair one or another Element of electrical screwdriver.

Makita company produces various power tools, among which there are screwdrivers. The company began its history in the beginning of the 20th century, and to this day it continues to delight consumers with its high quality goods. Let’s look at the general features and characteristics of the models of this company.

Makita screwdrivers are very powerful. The average speed rate for various models is about 2300 rpm, which is a good indicator compared to other brands. The weight of most tool models lies in the range of 1.5 kg. Its small mass indicates that such a tool will work comfortably. The manufacturer also took care of the convenience of working in poorly lit rooms, making the majority of models backlight by LEDs. Separately, it is worth highlighting the type of handle to keep these tools on the weight. As a rule, they are made by rubberized, and therefore it is convenient to keep them in the brush, respectively, the workflow is much easier.

The disadvantage of these screwdrivers is the strong vibration of the handle during operation, as well as their short.lived batteries. In addition, the price of the products of this company is quite high, which is important for the domestic consumer.

Consider the device of an electric screwdriver on a particular model 6271d. We present the diagram of this model in the figure below.

The diagram shows:

makita, electric, screwdriver, button
  • Switching lever
  • The hub of the case
  • Branded plate
  • Screw
  • Spring
  • Right switching lever
  • Start button
  • Contact terminal
  • Screw
  • Fasted cartridge
  • Reducer assembly
  • Electric motor
  • Screw
  • The hub of the case
  • Charged knot
  • Battery

Modern electric screwdriver is a device. Important structural elements:

  • Removable battery
  • Rubbed handle handle
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Metal planetary gearbox
  • Smooth start button
  • The reverse switch button
  • Twisting control regulator

These are the main components of the design of the electrical screwdriver, which are included in the basic package of any model of electrical screwdriver.

To disassemble an electric screwdriver, you will need a cross screwdriver and a little personal time. To disassemble the electric screwdriver completely, you need:

  • unscrew the screw screws;
  • remove the composite mechanism of the start button;
  • Remove the electric motor with the gearbox;
  • disconnect the gearbox from the engine, promoting the bolts consolidating them.

To disassemble the battery of an electric screwdriver, you need to spin the bolts connecting the housing, or divide the joints of the body on a glue basis using a soldering iron. Inside the battery there are several nickel-cadmium batteries having a certain container and loading charge. In the case of repairing the battery, they are required to replace them with new.

The cartridge changes using a screwdriver and a hexagonal key. First, you promote the fastener screw in the cartridge with a screwdriver, rotating it clockwise. Then the hexagon is inserted, the reverse button is turned on, clamped, and then the cartridge is easy.

The most frequent breakdowns of the electrical screwdriver of Makita are as follows:

  • Electric screwdriver does not turn on. Here everything is clear. First of all, you need to inspect the battery, as well as contacts and connections in the case, wiring. Multimeter will help you perform a check.
  • The reverse button does not work. This means that you cannot either tighten or twist screws and bolts. Here you must check the button resistance by a multimeter by placing the probes on the input and output wire of the button.
  • The revolution regulator does not work. In this case, the turns will either be constantly lowered or constantly overstated. Here can be guilty regulatory transistor or brushes. A visual inspection of the details is needed.

The turning on-off button is a complex electronic mechanism. It consists of several components of its elements:

When repairing the button, first you need to disassemble it by promoting the screw screws and disconnecting the battery. After that, you must check the connections and contacts for the presence of contaminants, clean them. If the stripping of contacts did not help to eliminate the problem, the button should be replaced in the collection.

When repairing a charger, it is necessary to promote the screws fastening the cover covers. Inside there is a printed circuit board with contacts. First you need to check the transformer by the tester. To do this, measure the voltage at the output. Then you should call the cable to exclude its fracture. Then the primary and secondary windings of the transformer and the fuse are checked. You need to collect it in the reverse order.

When repairing the battery with a cross with a screwdriver, spin the screws of the body mounting. There are several cans inside the case. With the help of a visual inspection, it is necessary to inspect them and identify geometry disorders, such as bloating, for example. We test the banks using a multimeter for the presence of a residual charge. In its absence, the bank is replaced by a new.

electric screwdriver and its design features

You should start repairing an electric screwdriver with your own hands with familiarization with its design. The main element of the electrical screwdriver is an electric motor. Screwdrivers are both network and battery type. The use of network electric screwdriver resorts less often, due to such a drawback as the need to connect the tool to the 220V network. The battery.type tools are more popular, as they allow not only the repair work of the house, but also beyond its borders.

The main nodes of the battery electrical screwdriver are:

  • Frame. Usually all screwdrivers are made of durable plastic.
  • Start button. It is arranged so that the number of revolutions of the cartridge depends on it.
  • Electric motor. In the battery tools, single.phase collector.type and direct current engines are used. The engine is a rotor, a stator in the form of magnets, as well as a brush unit.
  • Gearbox.
  • Effort regulator.
  • Reversion switch.
  • Battery. It is usually removable and often equipped with a product in a double copy.
  • Cartridge. As a rule, fast.and.packed cartridges are used.

Some models are additionally equipped with LED lighting lights, as well as battery charging indicators. Returning to problems with an electric screwdriver, it should be noted that any of the above elements can cause a tool malfunction. What is needed for repair? First of all, it is required to find the cause of the breakdown, and then make the appropriate decision to eliminate it. The tool can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical. Initially, it is required to find out what is the problem of the inoperability of the electrical screwdriver: in mechanics or electrician. This will not be difficult to do, so we consider the breakdown in more detail.

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Malfunctions of the mechanical part

It is possible to identify mechanical malfunctions of screwdrivers by such a feature as the audibility of the functioning of the electric motor. When you press the start button, signs of the electric motor are heard, but at the same time the tool cartridge does not rotate or the characteristic sounds of a malfunction are heard during rotation.

The device of an electric screwdriver is quite simple, but a significant disadvantage is that all elements are almost 2-3 times smaller than electric drill. The mechanical possible breakdowns of electrical screwdriver include the following malfunctions:

    Bench of the cartridge. Despite the fact that fast.sounding cartridges are more universal and simple in work, their significant drawback can be called a low service life. It is impossible to fix a fast.packed cartridge, so if the tool refuses to hold a drill or bit, then the cartridge should be removed and replaced with a new. This is one of the most frequent malfunctions of the tool, but you will not need to disassemble an electric screwdriver.

It should be noted that the small dimensions of the mechanical part of the tool are somewhat complicated by the process of repairing the tool, so be sure to be careful when carrying out repair work.

Malfunctions of the electric part

Unlike a drill, screwdrivers function mainly from batteries. This means that different electric motors are used in the design of these tools. Determining the malfunction of the electrical part of the electrical screwdriver is not difficult. If the battery is charged, but when the “Start” button is pressed, the sound of the electric motor is not heard, then the reason is the breakdown in the electrician. Consider the main types of malfunctions of the screwdrivers on the electric part.

  • Battery malfunction. Initially, you should pay attention to the battery. As a rule, boat-quality nickel-cadmium batteries are used at screwdrivers. They have a significant drawback, which consists in the need to charge it only when it completely “sits”. Such batteries cannot be recharged, as this reduces their service life. If one day an electric screwdriver refuses to function, then do not rush to disassemble it, make sure that the battery is working and gives out a charge. You can check by connecting the second battery. The battery charge can also be checked using a tester, which should show the corresponding voltage value.
  • Charger malfunction. There is a special charger for charging the battery. If the battery is discharged even after you have charged it, then you should check the integrity of the charger. For these purposes, there are usually light indicators on charging devices. If they are not, then you need to use the multimeter.
  • Failure to include button. It is necessary to check the start button, since often the cause of its inoperability is the oxidation of contacts or dust. The tool should be disassembled, then clean the contacts. Buttons usually in screwdrivers have a function of regulating the speed of rotation of the cartridge, for which the transistor is installed. If the tool works, but the function of regulating the speed number is absent, then you need to replace the transistor.

Now you know the main signs and types of malfunctions of an electric screwdriver. To repair it, you do not need to be a specialist, but enough to stock up on the tool and free time.

How to repair an electrical screwdriver button if it does not work, detailed instructions

The following tools will be needed to carry out diagnostics and repair of an electrical screwdriver:

As a result of the active operation of any power tool, dirt is inevitably accumulated inside its body.

Once in the control unit, it prevents the full movement of the “trigger” and blocks it.

Therefore, before going to the store for a new block, you should try to clean the old. Feasted on the contacts should also be cleaned with small sandpaper. If the button is indifferent, you will have to replace the entire block.

If the cleaning of the control unit did not give the result, it is necessary to replace the entire button block.

It is very important to choose a button for a specific model of an electric screwdriver, since with all external similarities and visual accordance the part may not stand in the grooves. As a rule, new buttons are sold complete with battery terminals and transistor.

How to repair an electric screwdriver button

Malfunctions with the inclusion and control of modes can occur due to dust or dirt stuffed into the device.

The case of the device, even quite qualitatively assembled, will gradually pass small contaminants in the places of contact with the button, getting out of the system.

Therefore, in many cases, it is enough to remove the button for repair and clean it.

Conservation sequence when checking/repair:

  • The case must be carefully disassembled by first turning off the battery (or pulling out a network cord out of the outlet, if a non.autonomous model is used). The screws are twisted with a cross blade, it may also be necessary to remove decorative elements or rubber inserts;
  • To exclude problems in the motor, you need to attach the wires coming from it directly to the accumulation terminals. If the engine has not earned during the feed, the case is in it, and not the button (or the battery has not been in a charger for a long time). After checking, the engine must be turned off again;
  • with a flat screwdriver (it is better to take thinner) should carefully disconnect the case in which the button moves. Usually they are connected by latches, which are easiest to open with a movement in a circle;
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to solder the mount holding the lid;
  • The button itself needs to be carefully removed, holding the spring. If it turns out that the spring burst or does not provide pressing, it is necessary to replace it with a similar one, otherwise the design will work unstable;
  • The dirt found inside the case must be carefully cleaned. You also need to pay attention to the condition of the contact sites. If they were oxidized, they need to be cleaned and wiped with alcohol. At the same time, it is not recommended to grind the worn surfaces with the skin, it is better to use cotton wool.

Then you need to assemble the device in the reverse order and check if the tool works correctly.

Problems with adjusting the revolutions of electric screwdriver

The full.time regulator uses the simistor activating depending on the voltage amplitude that controls it. Accordingly, the value of the amplitude is regulated with a variable resistor. The latter is directly related to the launch button. Specific details of the implementation depend on the tool model, in particular, the capacitor may join the speed regulator.

To restore (or even creation from scratch, if it does not have it in the model) of the revolutions of the electrical screwdriver, a circuit is used, which is built on a SWM controller. It also uses a field transistor.

When using the circuit, the resistor responsible for the turnover will control the PWM unit and the transistor. Draft contacts attached to the reverse button are responsible for the change of poles and switching the direction of twisting.

A circuit scheme

  • the engine consists of consecutive elements with active and inductive resistance;
  • Their attitude is changing according to the load;
  • The regulator, respectively, changes the filling of PWM, controlling the speed.

Shim itself can be powered in an inexpensive electronic transformer 220 by 12 volts, which is placed in halogen lamps. Additionally, 4 diodes for the rectifier, the capacitor (25 volts, several thousand microfarads) will be required).

Simple repair and basic cleaning is easy to perform using conventional screwdrivers and cotton wool. In some models, difficulties may occur even when installing a return spring in place, and directly with the disassembly of the button case. Similarly, for the independent manufacture of the adjustment scheme, you need skills to work with electronics. In such cases, it makes sense not to deal with the repair of individual parts, but to change the entire button (or even a control unit) entirely.

DIY repair electric screwdriver

Details: Makita Electric screwdriver repair from a real master for

One of the most “running” instruments of the home master is an electric screwdriver. But, like any product. it breaks. What in this case to do? In some types of work, an electric drill can save the position, but only in some. You can attribute the tool to the service center and expect its repair. But this will require the time and money that you will have to pay for the repair of the tool. But, as a rule, the third option is also available. the repair of the Makita electrical screwdriver, and the device of an electric screwdriver is not so complicated.

Let’s look at the main signs of malfunctions of the screwdrivers and how they can be eliminated at home on your own.

Before proceeding directly to the malfunctions of this tool, it would be nice to briefly get acquainted with the device of an electric screwdriver and the purpose of its main nodes. We’ll start with this. The photo below shows a disassembled electric screwdriver, on its basis and consider the purpose of the details.

Let’s start with the start button. The button performs two functions: turning on the power circuit of the electric motor and its speed controller. When the button is pressed, the engine power circuit is closed by the button contacts to the line, providing maximum power and number of revolutions. Revolutions. electronic, consists of a PWM generator located on the board. Depending on the strength of pressing the contact button located on the button moves along the board. The degree of the generated pulse on the key depends on its location along the board, the field transistor plays the role of the key (in the photo above, it is designated as “rotation speed regulator”). That is, the dependence is as follows: the stronger the user presses on the button, the higher the value of the pulse on the transistor and the more it opens, thereby increasing the voltage on the electric motor.

The reverse of the engine rotation is carried out by changing polarity on the terminals. The change of polarity is carried out using cross.line contacts, which are thrown by the user using the reverse handle.

Electric motor. In this tool, as a rule, single.phase collector engines of direct current are used. They are characterized by reliability, simplicity of production and maintenance. The design of such an engine is as follows: the case on which the magnets are located, anchor and brush are located.

Gearbox. Its purpose consists in converting a large number of revolutions of the electric motor shaft into significantly lower speeds of the cartridge shaft. There are two types of gearboxes for screwdrivers: planetary and classic. The latter is very rarely used, so we will pay attention to the planetary type gearbox. The planetary gearbox consists of:

  • ring gear;
  • solar gear, which is fixed on the shaft of the electric motor;
  • satellite and drive (their number depends on the number of steps, there are two and three steps).

Without going into subtleties, we consider the principle of operation of such a gearbox. The solar gear is driven by the rampart shaft, in turn, its teeth are driven by satellites that transmit the rotation of drive. With a two.stage gearbox, the cartridge shaft is connected to the second drive, with a three.stage one. with the third.

The force regulator is designed to adjust the effort that is supplied to the screw. As a rule, 16 adjustment positions are used. Thus, there is a wide range of tightening screws, which allows you to work with very fragile materials (drywall and pr.). Its principle of action is well shown in the video below.

The cartridge is attached to the output shaft of the gearbox and has three fists, which reliably hold the part in the cartridge.

Having examined the main elements of electrical screwdriver, let’s move on to possible malfunctions and possible methods of repairing the AEG electrical screwdriver. And we will start with the electric part. The main signs of a malfunction of the electrical component of an electric screwdriver are:

The tool does not turn on. The first thing to pay attention to is when repairing an electric screwdriver Skil. battery. If you put it on charging, and did not help, then we arm ourselves with a multimeter and proceed to find a malfunction. To begin with, we measure the voltage value to the battery, it should less. less correspond to the battery indicated on the body. In the case of low voltage, it is necessary to determine the faulty element: the battery or charger.

You can determine the serviceability of the charger by a multimeter, for this we include it on the network and measure the voltage at idle on terminals. It should be a couple of volts more from the nominal indicated on the device. If there is no voltage, the charging block is faulty. For such a repair of the Interskol electric screwdriver, knowledge of electronics will be required, otherwise it is easier to buy a new.

If the problem is with the battery, then for the repair of the Makita electrical screwdriver with your own hands, it is necessary to open the block with elements. After the block has been dismantled, it is necessary to carefully examine all the places of the wire connection and check the quality of the soldering, whether what kind of. In the case of the integrity of all connections. take a multimeter and measure the voltage on each element. On each element should be not lower than 0.9. 1 in voltage. If an element with a lower voltage is found, it is necessary to replace it. The main thing is that the capacity and type of element correspond to the rest (t.e. if nicd, then Nicd is also needed). You can find out in more detail about the repair of batteries from the article: “Repair of the battery of an electric screwdriver with your own hands”.

If the charging and the battery are working, and the electric screwdriver does not turn on, it is necessary to disassemble an electric screwdriver. Two wires go from the battery terminals to the button, take the multimeter and measure the voltage at the buttons in the input (the battery is inserted). If there is a voltage at the input, then we take out the battery and with the help of Crocodile clamps, we will stop the wires from the battery. Put the device on the measurement of resistance in OM. Press the button until it stops and measure at the exit from the button. The device should show the value of the resistance striving to zero, if it is. the button is good, the problem is either in brushes or in other elements of the electric motor. If the tester shows a break, you need to replace or repair the button. You can try to repair it yourself, as it often happens that there is no contact at the terminals due to burning, it will be enough to clean with sandpaper and collect. The main thing when analyzing the button does not rush and act carefully, otherwise all the details will scatter, and you will have to rack your head for more than one hour. how to collect.