Hammer Speed ​​Angle Grinder

Hammer Speed ​​Angle Grinder

General view of the angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E: Brief TTX:
– Manufacturer. Caliber
– Model. МШУ-125 / 955Е
– Case. shockproof plastic
– Power consumption. 950W
– The number of revolutions per minute. 0-11000 rpm
– Speed ​​control. present
– Circle diameter. 125mm
– Thread on the spindle. M14
– Safety class. II
– Supply voltage. 220V
– Dimensions. 380mm125mm110mm
– Weight. 2.1kg

– angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E
– protective cover
– side handle
– wrench for tightening
– set of spare brushes
– instruction angle grinder comes in a light box made of dense corrugated cardboard: On the box there is a company logo, appearance of the product, as well as some features of the model. The main performance characteristics are indicated from the end of the box: Since Caliber is a Russian brand, the instruction is completely in Russian: Appearance:

Video: Hammer Speed ​​Angle Grinder

Disassembly and main parts:

It should be noted that I conducted the tests in the country with a very mediocre wiring. In the video you can see how the voltage sags under load (dipped to 210V), therefore, with high-quality wiring, this grinder will consume more than 1.1kW. Be that as it may, for working with 125mm circles this power is enough for the eyes.

I mentioned earlier that it is necessary to periodically disassemble the tool and clean the main components from dirt / dust. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the brushes and, if necessary, replace them. For this, a pair of spare brushes is supplied. Due to the successful design of the grinder, this operation will take very little time, because no need to disassemble the entire case. It is enough to unscrew the plastic clamping screws: And finally, a couple of recommendations for work:
– use protective equipment (glasses, protective cover). Do not neglect the use of the side handle. The power of this model, although sufficient, is possible jamming of the disk with strong pressure
– after prolonged use, allow the tool to cool. If the work is “on”, then for faster cooling, just turn on the tool “idle” at increased (maximum) speed. The cold air flow driven by the fan will cool the tool much faster than a simple break in work
– Do not work for a long time at low speeds. This model allows it, but you should not abuse it
– when working at low rpm, do not immediately turn off the tool to avoid local overheating. Let him work for a while, preferably at higher speeds
– do not exceed the number of revolutions indicated on the disc to avoid personal injury
– Do not operate the grinder near containers with flammable liquids, as well as in “oiled” work clothes. Sparks of such clothes from sparks are not rare

A small demonstration of the work:

good workmanship
high power
speed control
hypoid gear in gearbox
Safety class II (double insulation)
the ability to adjust the angle grinder (direction of rotation, rotation of the gearbox)
quick access to brushes

– there is no function to maintain the set speed depending on the pressure on the tool

Conclusion: the tool is really high-quality, there are no complaints about the work. Due to the sufficiently high engine power and the presence of a speed controller, this model allows you to solve most of the tasks. I definitely recommend buying it.