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Self.propelled lawn mowers of the Stihl brand. The lineup. Features of operation, maintenance

The Stihl FS55 lawn mower belongs to the category of amateur equipment. Its power 1 liter.With. It is enough to process garden plots, lawns, neatly mowing overgrown grass near flower beds, under trees in small and medium.sized territories. The Stihl FS55 lawn mower is lightweight (4.9 kg.) and unpretentiousness in care. The great advantage of the Stihl FS55 lawn mower is reliability in operation, high performance, the ability to perform significant volumes of work. Playing braids for grass is simply performed-it is enough not to overload the engine during the first 2-3 gas tank gas stations. Subsequently, after 5-15 full refueling, you can go to full power.

The disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer for STIHL grass include some problems with the launch. In order to avoid this, you should always check the fullness of the fuel tank, carefully read the step.by.step factory recommendations for the correct launch. With a contaminated air filter, a drop in the power of the Stihl lawn mower is immediately felt, to eliminate this, the filter of dirt should be cleaned.

It is important to consider the features of setting when working at different heights above sea level-in mountainous terrain and plain, since the degree of enrichment of the combustible mixture may affect due to varying degrees of air saturation with oxygen.

Among the main advantages of this STIHL motorcycles, excellent balancing is highlighted and the layout of components is well thought out. The model works from a company 1-cylinder 2-stroke gasoline engine with an improved compulsory air cooling system. The proprietary handle of Stihl Elastostart is responsible for the launch of the motor, the device of which excludes possible jerks and return when moving the cable.

For a smooth launch, the manufacturer provided a STIHL ergostsrt system of lightweight launch in the engine device. It consists of a special spring placed between the crankshaft of the motor and the launch coil. The spring aligns the races when starting the motor, protecting its details from increased wear.

The model of the Japanese brand Walbro is included in the package of the model. Its walls are covered with protective nickel alloy, preventing increased wear and heating of the node.

The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower is equipped with an improved electronic ignition system. It guarantees the stable operation of the engine and supports the constantly high voltage required for a more efficient combustion of the fuel mixture. This significantly reduces the amount of emitted exhaust gases.

For transferring the effort from the engine to the gearbox of a trimmer for the grass, an enhanced shaft placed in a non.vegetable straight bar is responsible. For convenience with regular operation, the manufacturer provided a bicycle in the device STIHL FS 55. The latter design includes a multifunctional handle equipped with all the buttons and switches necessary for working.

In order for the operator to have the opportunity to work on the site comfortably, the manufacturer provided for the STIHL Motokos. Durable shoulder belt. The durable plastic casing is responsible for protecting the operator. Its walls are provided on its walls that protect the element from strokes on stones.

STIHL FS 55 motorcycles have a nearby plus and minuses.

  • High reliability and endurance. engine, carburetor and other mechanisms of the STIHL model are able to withstand high loads even when working in extreme weather and operational conditions;
  • Ease of use and operation. The model of the model is performed quite simply. it is enough for the operator to not overload the trimmer motor for grass during the consumption of the first 2-3 fuel tanks. Further use of motorcycles does not require certain skills. Free access to frequently replaced elements of a trimmer for grass makes it possible to quickly lubricate the rubbing mechanisms and replace faulty spare parts;
  • High speed of work and modest fuel consumption. on average, 1 hundredth of a section at a trimmer for grass leaves for no more than 1 hour. For this, the motorcycle is required no more than 200 ml of fuel mixture.

Among the main disadvantages of the model, you need to highlight:

  • a small volume of fuel tank-because of this, the operator often needs to interrupt the work for additional refueling;
  • possible problems with launching a small amount of fuel in the tank. To avoid this, the owner of the STIHL motorcycles is forced to constantly fill the fuel reservoir;
  • A rapid drop in power with a contaminated air filter. in this case, dust and garbage should be removed from the filter, which has to spend extra time.

Another disadvantage is the acute need to take into account the height at which the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower is used in the plain and mountainous areas. The higher the height, the more oxygen in the air. Accordingly, the owner of the braids for the grass needs to constantly change the settings of the carburetor. Otherwise, the risk of breakdown of the CPG trimmer for STIHL grass.

TOP-4 lawn mowers in an inexpensive price segment

Hammer KMT145SB

The self.propelled model is opened by our rating, which belongs to the semi.professional line, well suited for constant operation. It operates on the basis of a four.stroke engine, the power of which is 3.5 liters.With., and volume. 145 cubic meters. cm. The valves are located on top, due to which good cooling is ensured. In addition, this design feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and does not allow the formation of a large number of exhausts harmful to the environment. The air filter here is double. made of foam and paper. The cylinder sleeve is made of cast cast iron, a cast iron crankshaft. The design provides a muffler that reduces noise pollution.

The device is capable of working in one of three mode. side emission, collection of mowed grass into the grass collector and mulching. Cut width is 46 cm. The height of the cut is regulated by a semi.positive lever in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The volume of the grass collector is 60 liters. It is fabric, fixed on the metal frame. Plastic wheels, front diameter 200 mm, rear. 255 mm. Due to this, the radius of rotation is reduced and the maneuverability of the device increases. The handle can be adjusted in height, in addition, it is folding, which ensures the convenience of storage and transportation. On the handle there is a non.reproaches, it will reduce vibration and allows you to provide the most dense grip.

  • A fairly strong and comfortable design that does not cause complaints;
  • A fairly voluminous grass collector;
  • Easily passes through uneven areas. you do not have to make additional efforts.

Champion LM4630

Another self.propelled model, characterized by a fairly acceptable cost. It is designed to care for a medium.sized lawn. not more than 16 acres. The design is quite reliable, durable and easy to use. The model is equipped with a four.stroke engine with high environmental characteristics, the engine power is 4.1 liters.With. The width of the cut is 46 cm. this parameter is ideally selected for the power of the motor, due to which you can trim the grass at high speed. The central system of adjusting the level of the cut height is represented by one lever. the range is in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The knife is made of high strength material. He does not stupid for a long time and does not wear out. Accordingly, it will not have to be often changed. The blade is two blades of a special shape, which will also escalate air, creating a good suction force. Thanks to such a constructive solution, not only cut grass, but also leaves and even small branches will be sent to the grass collector.

The volume of the grass collector is 60 liters, it is made of high.quality tissue.type materials, the upper part is plastic, equipped with a very comfortable handle. The maximum speed of the lawn mower is 3.5 km/h. this is a good indicator for an engine with a volume of 173 cubic meters. cm. The gas tank is designed for one liter of gasoline. The design is quite heavy. with an empty gas tank and an emptied grass collector, it will weigh about 34 kg.

Huter GLM-5.0 s

This model ideally shows itself on relatively even surface areas. The device operates thanks to a single.cylinder four.stroke motor with a system of air cooling and manual start. The maximum power of the model is 5 liters.With. The two main handles responsible for the set of speeds and braking are carried out on the handle made in the form of an arc. It has an adjustment in height, if necessary, it can be completely removed.

The lawn mower is equipped with four plastic wheels with polymer treads that will not harm lawn grass. The model is completely self.propelled, the rear drive. The user can only set the required direction to her. The cut width is 46 cm, and the case is designed in such a way that the cut is larger than the width of the wheel axis. This allows you to easily process areas adjacent to the fence, wall of the house or wood. Like past models, the height of the cut is from 25 to 75 mm in the interval. Small grass enters the grass collector. All the main elements are very convenient, so it is very convenient to get to them if their maintenance or repair is required. The engine is equipped with a strong air filter, which reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases, making equipment safe for the environment.

  • The engine starts very easily;
  • Full gas tank will be quite enough to process the lawn with an area of ​​1000 kV. m;
  • High maneuverability.

Al-ko 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A

This model is rightfully considered the best in its price segment. She perfectly copes even with high and wet grass thanks to the latest technologies that were used in its development and production. The model operates in three modes. grass haircuts, mulching and collecting grass in the container. The lawn mower has self.propelled wheel chassis, the rear drive. They have a rather large size, they use reliable bearings with slow wear. Thanks to them, the stroke is ensured, good grip with soil. In addition, the rear.wheel drive allows you to easily cope with minor soil irregularities. In the process of performing the work, the device does not violate the integrity of the grass collector at all.

The grass collector itself has a rigid design, it has an indicator of filling out, which will promptly inform the user about the need to clean the container. Of course, the height of the mowing can be adjusted. The handle can also change its height depending on the growth of the user. The emission channel has a significant diameter, so it will never clog. The blades are reliable, well hardened, they will not dull for a long time, they will not need to replace the model during the entire period of operation of the model. The product removes hard and high grows well. If necessary, the handle can be folded.

Review of gas mowers of gasoline non.self.propelled

Overview of the gas mowing gasoline includes models with basic technical characteristics and photos of leading world manufacturers. Information is presented by a summary table of non-self-propelled lawn mowers of the following brands Honda (Honda), Husqvarna (Husqvarna), Makita (Makita), Oleo-Mac (Oleo-Mac), Motor-Sich and others.

The time of work with a full tank is 90 minutes. Fuel tank. 0.77 liters. Decumination of stamping of sheet steel. Starting manual.

BASS BAMS NEPARISE Non.self.propelled Husgvama

Fuel tank 5l. Dimensional dimensions, mm. 1340 /626 /1100. Fuel consumption. 1.87 kg/h.

Manufacturers of the best gasoline non.self.propelled lawn mowers

The largest manufacturers of lawn mowers of gasoline non.self.propelled ones from Italy, Japan, Sweden, Ukraine are presented in this section of the catalog. Husqvarna (Husqvarna), Honda (Honda), Oleo-Mac (Oleo-Mac or Emak), Makita, Motor Sich. Most foreign companies have in their representative offices or organizations representing their interests. Each manufacturer indicates the address, company name, telephone, site, main specialization and launcher produced. The list of manufacturers of lawn mowers with a gasoline engine that included in this section:

EMAK S.P.A. (Oleo-Mac) Italiagianni Ferrari S.r.L. Italyhonda Motor Co., Ltd Japanhusqvarna AB (headquarters apartment), Swedenmakita Corporation Japanmotor Sich OJSC

Sale of gas mowers of gasoline

Sale of non.self.propelled lawn mowers of gasoline, including spare parts, is carried out by manufacturers and official dealers for sale from equipped warehouses. You can choose and buy the required lawn mowers with an engine working on gasoline at an affordable price in our catalog.

Basils gasoline. video

All video models of gas mowers of gasoline are available in the video channel communal machines. Komashpr.RU.

Factors affecting gasoline consumption. fuel materials consumption on the generator

The screw t At serves as a limiter of the reciprocating movement of the fuel damper and when it is twisted, the engine speed is increased, and the reservation leads to a decrease in the speed of rotation of the crankshaft. Read also the Unoa Tractor Ural.

Fuel consumption for the Husqvarna lawn mower. Thus, at present, on the basis of paragraph 6 of the Decree of the Organization, it is entitled to include in the normalized costs when calculating income tax the cost of fuel for the special equipment specified in the issue, spent within the norms established by the head of the organization. It should be noted that at present, most organizations use the tariff form of remuneration of labor, and, therefore, the driver’s salary is determined by the salary and does not directly depend on the number of trips made.
  • two.stroke two.stroke gasoline unit with a 28 cm3 working volume;
  • engine power 0.8 kW or 1.1 liter C;
  • fuel tank with a volume of 0.4 liters with a fuel consumption of 507 liters per hour;
  • Direct non.removable rod with a diameter of 24 mm;
  • a bike-type bicycle handle with engine control details, increased ergonomics;
  • the presence of an anti.vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a blade of 2.4 mm wide and a metallic four.lobed knife;
  • cut width 25.5 cm of a knife and up to 40 cm of fishing line;
  • overall dimensions 286 × 244×1829 mm;
  • Weight 5.0 kg.

Factors affecting gasoline consumption

In most cases, trimmers working on gasoline, the existing tank is designed for a volume of 0.5-1.5 liters. Depending on this, the weight of the tool may vary significantly, as well as the duration of work. It can be a maximum of forty minutes.

This is a lot, given that another version of this unit, electric, works for no more than twenty minutes.

As a rule, gasoline trimmers for grass are customary to be equipped with two.stroke engines. For them, experts advise using fuel, which has an octane number of at least AI-92, which is mixed with butter.

There are four indicators that affect the level of gasoline consumption.

How to calculate the cost of OSAGO yourself? Selection of the most profitable insurance: calculate the cost

POWER. The higher this indicator, the larger the fuel needs the unit. However, whether it is always necessary to give preference to the increased values ​​of this characteristic? Since four.stroke engines consume more fuel compared to two.stroke, they have more power.

The devices in this sense are customary to divide into groups, each of them corresponds to a certain area of ​​use. The engine can be:

It turns out that household units of low power should have a fairly long period of validity without refueling. However, the manufacturer, in order to make the model’s data cheaper and reduce their weight, sets not only small fuel tanks on them, but also engines that in any case need a stop. After all, they need to cool down.

Machines in which the power is 1-3 horsepower is customary to be classified as semi-professional. They are not so rarely installed on them more economical improved engines.

In such devices, fuel consumption, of course, is more economical. As for the size of the tank, it is usually designed for about one hour of continuous activity. Sellers and buyers polls showed that it is this category of units that is the most popular.

IMPORTANT!. Due to its status, it is customary to equip professional equipment with a powerful engine and a large tank. To facilitate the user’s work, you can introduce such an option as a wide shoulder belt.

When we are talking about such a gasoline trimmer, we mean that fuel consumption in it cannot be economical. After all, high power, as well as a large bevel width inevitably leads to the fact that such a device will need a lot of fuel.

Design features. It is clear that the fuel consumption depends on what the quality of the engine. In those structures that provide maximum fuel combustion, efficiency of the highest. That is why they optimally consume fuel.

You will pay much more for the purchase of a four.stroke engine than for the purchase of a two.stroke. However, it works so that it does not create many exhausts. After all, the fuel that did not burn out and which remains unused disappears with them.

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If it is possible to choose a mode of operation, then this also leads to the efficiency of a gasoline trimmer for grass. In this case, fuel consumption is adjusted as necessary.

The surface of the site and its dimensions. The lion’s share of the devices is designed that they will work on a flat surface. However, there are no ideal conditions. Often on the way you can meet, for example, bricks and stones, branches and stumps, like other objects.

This automatically leads to fuel costs. And therefore, if anyone has bumps on the site, then you need to make sure that the gasoline trimeter has more wheels. They could provide the machine with increased cross.country ability. Thus, the trimmer for the grass will not strain and spend an increased amount of fuel.


There are models of gasoline lawn mowers without wheels. Their movement is carried out on the air cushion. Some have mulching knives grinding mowed grass, after which it is thrown out onto the lawn.

  • Non.self.propelled ones that are moved by the lawn by hand by the operator.
  • Self.propelled ones that have a drive from the engine to wheels (often rear). The lever to control motion (turning on/off) is located on the handle.

Gasoline units differ from electric power.

Have vertical motors, therefore can be used on lawns, the slope of the surface of which does not exceed 15 °.

Gasoline consumption rates for trimmers

Say, the Husqvarna 122C device, which has a two.stroke engine with a capacity of 0.8 liters, consumes 630 g/kWh. The fuel consumption of the Stihl FS 50 CE of 20 percent lower. To everything, she throws 70 percent less harmful exhausts into the environment than models that have a two.stroke engine.

Then there will be tips that specialists give users. They relate to the selection and use of the fuel mixture

Experts advise buying mainly gasoline of the AI-92 brand for trimmers. To prepare a mixture with a true ratio of oil and gasoline, you need to observe balance 1:30. Violation of this ratio leads to engine damage.

Store the mixture in containers that should be clean and safe. Since the fuel mixture sometimes defends, before making a refueling, it is necessary to confuse the canister.

It makes no sense to fill in gasoline more than you can spend. It is better then to add then than to clean the tank.

IMPORTANT! The lawn mower will last a long time and will be for a long time in the fuel consumption of one who strictly complies with the simple rules for storing a trimmer for grass.

The gasoline engine is a complex structure, and therefore requires constant care. That is why, before starting work, it is necessary to study the rules of operation of the device and follow the recommendations that the manufacturer developed.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the purity of the inner surface of the body. So that caustic juice from the grass does not corrode any parts of the device, experts recommend after the work is completed, clean the machine.

Gasoline consumption of a lawn mower

The gasoline lawn mower is currently not uncommon, and you can meet it on almost every household site. There is nothing special in her device, and even a beginner can use it. However, there are moments that should pay special attention to. For example, you know what should be the rate of gasoline for the lawn mower. and what values ​​this figure depends on? If not, this article will serve you a very useful source of information.

So, for starters, let’s find out on what the gasoline consumption of gasoline depends on. There are several points important here:

Let’s talk in more detail about each of the factors.

You want the gasoline consumption of your lawn mower to be minimal? Take a closer look at the units with a 4-stroke engine, such as Huter GLM-5.0. Such a model is more expensive than with a 2-stroke engine, but the economical fuel consumption will significantly cover all the costs of your budget.

When purchasing a lawn mower, keep in mind that most of them are designed for even surfaces. Therefore, if there are irregularities on your site, make sure that your new garden assistant has large wheels that would provide her with good cross. Thus, the device does not have to strain hard and spend a lot of fuel.

It should be noted that for a site with a complex relief, it is better to purchase a front.wheel drive lawmaker, which is endowed with the best maneuverability.

Both indicators are closely interconnected. The higher the power, the greater the width of the mowing. Please note that in the model you are interested in, these concepts are correctly balanced. Accordingly, the larger the width of the mowing, the less time you will spend on the haircut of the lawn, and the consumption of gasoline on the lawn mower in this case will not exceed the norm.

In addition, all cutting parts will not be subjected to a lot of load, which will significantly increase their service life. Recall that all repair and sharpening of cutting parts must be carried out only with a specialist in the service.

Gasoline consumption rate for a lawn mower

Let us consider as an example several indicators for well.known models. For such a lawn mower as AL-KO Silver 520BR, endowed with the Briggs Stratton engine (3.7), norm. 1 l/mash.-hour. For Honda HRX 426C SDE with a powerful Honda GCV-160 (4 Honda.1). 0, 8 tank l/mash.-hour.

How to Use & Operate a Commercial Zero Turn Gas Lawn Mower | Husqvarna

In order for your lawn mower to serve for a long time and is economical in fuel consumption, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several rules for storing this unit.

  • The gasoline engine is a complex design that requires special attention and regular care. Therefore, before starting work, you must read the rules of operation of the machine and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Follow the purity of the inner surface of the body. The juice from the grass is very caustic, so after work do not be lazy and clean your technological assistant.
  • When purchasing a mower, take care of the place of storage. Consider the dimensions of the unit and look at the model with a folding handle, which will be perfectly located in the storage.

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Huter GLM-6 self-propelled gasoline gas mowing.0st

Leader among self.propelled mowers, a device of a semi.professional level. Designed for large lawns and plots with an area of ​​several hundred square meters. m. Four.stroke gasoline engine rotates two rear wheels. To increase safety is equipped with a brake.

The emission of grass is possible back, to the side or in the installed collection of 65 liters. Such a container is quite sufficient for processing a site of at least 1000 kV. m. without interruptions in the devastation of a bag for grass.

The height of the mowing is regulated stepped, the number of positions is 7. The handle is folding, you can change the position. Its control bodies are installed on it. Large diameter plastic wheels do not crumble the coating. To reduce the danger of injury, cutting elements (rotor knives) are hidden under the case.


Users mention the ergonomics of control, a powerful engine, ease of operation and maintenance. It spins thick grass and shoots with thick stems, works well in uneven areas.


  • knives do not clog even when mockery of wet grass;
  • Easy to start;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • large and stable wheels.

Robomow RX20U battleship

The best mower-robot. The owner needs to connect the charger, lay out the perimeter cord and set the schedule. At the same time, the width of the mowing of 18 cm compared to manual mowers does not look too small. the robot will pass through the site without the participation of the owner as many times as required. Two rubberized wheels will provide high cross.country ability in an unprepared area.

The height of the mowing from 15 to 45 mm is adjusted step, but 27 gradations are practically smooth tuning. The kit includes a base station that performs two functions: charging and perimeter management.

At the end of the specified work time, the robot returns to the base station on its own. The safety system during the coup disconnects the rotation of knives to avoid injury to people and animals.


The main advantage appears in the reviews. from the moment of purchase, the hosts are free from work to bring the site in order. The remaining advantages are service functions that bring the owner’s cares for periodic control.

Motokos on the mowing

Senocos continues-a suffering time for many villagers and owners of garden plots. One must prepare hay, the other should bake the site and lay the compost. Most of us are in service with the usual braid braid, some supported in working condition an old, but trouble-free horse mowing, someone manages to use motoblock units in the case. The accident on the first day

The craftsmen explained to me that the mower scattered due to the fact that before operation I did not go through it, and the factories supply products collected in a hurry. Did not download the rights, but tried to quickly restore the mower. Representatives of manufacturers quickly cooled my impulse, saying that enterprises supply units on sale only assembly. And these are already other prices.

The second time I did not want to step on the rake, so I decided to replace the walk.behind mower with a manual motorcycle. According to information on the Internet, made an unexpected opening: domestic enterprises of manual motorcycle do not produce. Having rummaged into imports, he soon found what was needed: some trimmers for grass with fishing line equipped with special nozzles do not hammer mowed grass in fluff, but neatly put them in rolls, like a manual oblique.

After consulting with sellers by phone, I chose the tool and immediately made an order. And he did not regret it: Senos spent on time and without much stress. In order not to make unauthorized advertising, I do not call the company, but I advise you to buy a professional motorcycle with a gasoline engine with a capacity of at least 1 kW, with wide shoulder belts, straight shaft and bicycle handles for a long mowing.

I will give other facts that vote for this tool: labor productivity is several times higher than that of a manual braid for grass, since it cuts grass in any direction, that is, motorcycles do not have idle. She is much more maneuverable “Lithuanian”, does not require a skill even from a novice mowing.

Without imposing my own opinion, I will give the characteristics of the main models of motorcycle and the calculation of their payback, I will also tell about the technique of the mowing

Motokos can be divided conditionally into household and professional, which are approximately twice as much. How to explain this?

hand, lawn, mower, gasoline, fuel

Professional tool is designed for serious loads and constant use, it is reliable and repaired, its maintenance is technologically advanced. Sometimes unclean sellers give out household models for professional. With a careful examination, the discrepancy will necessarily be found.

When choosing a tool, ask the seller to show how to replace the nozzles, maintenance, check whether the air filter, the spark plug are conveniently changing, let him talk about the features of assembly of the lawn mower and its operation.

Comparative characteristics of some professional models of benzos

Firm, model engine’s type Working volume, cm cube. KV/l power.With. Weight, kg V tank, l Catalyst Anti.Vibration.Naya system Electron ignition Nozzle for a warehouse. rolls Trime-dimensional nozzle Disks for a handicraft approximate price,
EFCO 8300 2 Tact. 30.8 1.0/1.4 6.6 0.90 390
Honda UMK422 UT4E 4 Tact. 22.0 0.8/1.0 7.1 0.45 n/d 590
Honda UMK431 UT4E 4 Tact. 31.0 1.1/1.5 7.5 0.65 n/d 640
Husqvarna 232r 2 Tact. 30.8 1.1/1.5 6.5 0.50 430
Husqvarna 235r 2 Tact. 36.3 1.3/1.8 7.3 0.50 460
Husqvarna 245r 2 Tact. 44.3 2.0/2.7 8.6 0.80 650
Jonsred GR 2032D 2 Tact. 30.8 1.1/1.5 6.5 0.50 400
Jonsred GR 2036D 2 Tact. 36.3 1.3/1.8 7.3 0.50 420
Oleo-Mac 740 2 Tact. 37.7 1.3/1.8 6.6 n/d 330
Oleo-Mac 755 Master 2 Tact. 52.5 2.3/2.8 8.5 n/d 480
STIHL FS300 2 Tact. 30.8 1.3/1.8 7.0 0.64 480
STIHL FS350 2 Tact. 36.3 1.6/2.2 7.0 0.64 510
STIHL FS400 2 Tact. 40.2 1.9/2.6 8.0 0.67 700

Each model has its own advantages: EFCO has an affordable price; Husqvarna’s models have a catalyst, a wide dealer network and reliability; STIHL. high specific power and low weight; Oleo-Mac-a favorable ratio of price and quality. over, some models of Husqvarna and Jonshed are absolutely identical.

I must note that the lawn mower is a modern high.tech tool. Therefore, not cheap. But it is easy for them to work. It allows you to not only mow grass or lawn, but also cut small trees and shrubs. With motor skots of some models, such as OLEO-MAM, you can use special nozzles-a cultivator or a high-precision saw. But most of the bush and motorcycle can use 5 main types of nozzles.

Appearance Purpose
This nozzle is called a trimmer. It will allow you to mowing non.burned grass in hard.to.reach places and provide trees, buildings and stones. He cuts the grass with fishing line, suitable for the lawn, but is not suitable for hayfields, t.to. cuts grass on very small parts.
Head with interchangeable plastic blades-knobs. Similar to the trimmer, but it can mow tougher grass. Knives are replaced separately. When meeting with hard objects, the knives are removed, and then again go out at the expense of centrifugal force.
The disk is intended for rubbing any grass and even small trees up to 1 cm in diameter, but is afraid of stones and other solid objects. Also not entirely suitable for hay harvesting, t.to. cuts grass on very small parts.
This nozzle is similar to the previous sample, but thanks to a special design and small cutting surfaces, the grass is held on the surface of the disk and is neatly folded into the rolls. There are modifications with the number of teeth from 4 to 10.
Disk for cutting bushes and small trees: the more powerful the lawn mower is, the larger the diameter of the disk is recommended to use manufacturers. Just do not saw firewood.

Several recommendations for choosing and using the fuel mixture

According to your calculations.25 1 refueling 40 minutes or 38 hours 124 3.3 then the question suggests itself- how appropriate is it to have a saw T. However, in order to make these models cheaper and reduce their weight, the manufacturer sets not only small fuel tanks on them, but also engines, which in any case should be stopped.

Fuel expert: buying fuel for a lawn mower, give preference to 98 gasoline

Using 95 motor gasoline, it is important to remember that this fuel should not be kept in cans for a long time. If gasoline is still required for the lawn mower, it is better to give preference to 98.

“95 motor gasoline is intended for food, not idle cars. If the fuel tank is filled at least once a month, it can be used with a calm soul. of course, if the manufacturer also approved the use of 95 gasoline, ”said the head of the NESSTE Eesti, Urmas Kuuz.

“In summer, people often stock up on fuel cans for lawn mowers and other garden equipment. so that it is always at hand. In domestic conditions, fuel is spent a little and often they do not have time to use it until the end.

However, the air in contact longer than 95 gasoline can create a problem for the motor, ”said the fuel expert.

Urmas Kuuze does not advise using 95 gasoline, stored at home for more than a month: “The fuel stored in the canister inevitably contacts the air, and if ethanol in engine gasoline is up to 10%, the likelihood of water condensation is formed in the fuel. The danger of this is lower in the case of 98 gasoline, the permissible ethanol in which is up to 5%”.

Ethanol in engine gasoline increases the octane number. It gives the motor power and reduces fuel consumption.

Ethanol is one of the most famous components of motor gasoline. Alternatively as an oxygen component, a third-butyl methyl ether (MTBE) is used, but from an environmental point of view, ethanol is the best choice.

Alkylbenzin, which is specially produced for 2- and 4-stroke engines, does not contain any additives. This gasoline for small engines is sold in garden and construction stores in 5-liter cans, and has an even longer shelf life-three years.

NESSTE (NESSTE, NASDAQ exchange in Helsinki) creates and develops environmentally friendly solutions based on the needs of transport, as well as its business and private consumers. Our products created from renewable raw materials allow customers who care about ecology reduce their carbon trace. Our range also includes high.quality solutions for aviation and plastic production. Neste concern is one of the world’s largest diesel fuel producers from renewable raw materials. We strive to be a reliable partner, the basis of the knowledge of which is large.scale scientific research and which uses environmentally friendly production processes. In 2019, Neste sales income amounted to 15.8 billion euros. In 2020, in the Global100 rating, Neste concern was called the third most environmentally friendly major company in the world. Neste has been operating in Estonia since 1989.

Several recommendations for choosing and using the fuel mixture

According to your calculations.25 1 refueling 40 minutes or 38 hours 124 3.3 then the question suggests itself- how appropriate is it to have a saw T. However, in order to make these models cheaper and reduce their weight, the manufacturer sets not only small fuel tanks on them, but also engines, which in any case should be stopped.

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User manual

This document is a mandatory application to any model of mowing for grass. The instructions for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower contains:

  • Description of the design of the unit, characters on its case, in t.h. brands of the installed engine, gasoline consumption, oil;
  • instruction instructions with clarifications for the appointment;
  • safety precautions when handling a gas station;
  • the procedure for spinning the grass;
  • Maintenance of the device, care for it.

A mandatory section in the leadership is a list of possible malfunctions and options for their elimination.

Norms of gasoline consumption on trimmers. preparation for work

Gasoline lawnmands have a huge sphere of use, large devices such as riders can be used in agriculture. It is more advisable to use trimmers for grass or devices on wheels for servicing cottages and houses, since they are cheaper and easier to operate. A large number of trimmers are purchased for private organizations that monitor the surrounding territory of their offices and enterprises.

Review of the best models

Among the large number of braids in the market, such models from the rating can be distinguished:

How to Choose the Right Fuel for Your Mower

  • Among the wheel models, one of the best is Garden Scout. This is a rotary lawn mower, which is ideal for middle sites in a house or cottage;
  • Champion produces both mechanical and many models of trimmers and wheeled devices. Models from the LM series are suitable for home and cottage.

Important! A gasoline lawn mower does not require special care. It is enough to regularly change the oil, clean the working elements and nodes. The frequency and conditions of service are indicated in the instructions.

The gasoline lawn mower is a simple and most common device for working in various conditions. But when buying, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a particular model, as well as what goals the summer resident sets before acquiring the unit. In any case, a gasoline lawn mower will become indispensable for assistants in any household, no matter how much it costs!