Replacing the fuel filter of the Echo lawn mower. How to assemble a carburetor on a trimmer

Repair of benzos, gasoline trimmers

In order for the lawn mower to work properly and serves you for a long time, it is necessary to conduct a regular technical inspection, during which existing breakdowns or malfunctions can be detected, as well as those that may occur during future operation.

The consequences of the failure of the lawn mower can be different: from the replacement of a hand starter, to wear of the connecting rod piston group. At the same time, it must be understood that the cost of repairs can be completely different, and sometimes unprofitable.

The specialists of our service have a lot of work experience, so they serve all the well.known brands of benzosos. They cope with the tasks of any level of complexity, quickly reveal the cause of inoperability and quickly eliminate it.

For high.quality diagnosis and subsequent repairs of the benzotrimer, the use of special equipment is required, so we carry out its maintenance in our service zone.

In the diagnosis, we check not individual problem nodes and mechanisms, but carry out a thorough diagnosis of the entire benchinated tool in order to understand the profitability of the repair.

Our competitive advantages

Mtd, Husqvarna, Caiman, EFCO, Champion, Bolens, Solo, Oleo-Mac, Stihl, Echo, Honda, Partner, Patriot, Stiga, DDE, as well as the repair of Chinese trimmers.

Echo SRM-4605 Operating Instruction Institution online. Page 19

Echo SRM-4605 Instruction for the device contains pages in Russian.

File size: 978.00 kb. Consists of 26 pages.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

For any questions, contact the dealer

Close the air damper. Loosen the screw and

Remove the air filter (it is under

Remove the dirt from the filter or clean it

Set the lid back and tighten the screw.

Remove the fuel filter through the hole in the top-

Live tank, using a metal wire.

Remove the old fuel filter.

In the case of large contaminants and indifference of the filter, replace it.

Check every time before starting

After refueling with fuel, make sure that

excretion or fuel leakage in areas around the fuel pipeline, seal and fuel tank cover.

In the case of leakage or discharge, there is a danger-

fuel fire. Turn off the tool immediately and contact the Di-Ller service for repair or replacement.

Each tool passes the factory tests, and the carburetor is accurately tuned for maximum performance. Carry out adjustment, only using the exact tachometer (see. data on the number of revolutions per minute). In the absence of a tachometer, it is recommended to carry out only the “basic building” of the carburetor.

Before adjusting the carburetor, clean or over-air filter, start the engine and let it work for several minutes until the operating temperature is reached.

Turn the idle speed controller for the clockwise until the cutting part of the tool starts, then unscrew the screw, turning it counterclockwise until the cutting part of the tool stops rotation. Turn the screw counterclockwise by another 1/4 turnover.

The cutting part of the tool should not turn into idle.

Typical breakdown of echo trimmers

According to Servy statistics, the main malfunctions

  • The ECHO benzotrimmer is not started, there is no spark formation of the cause: the spark plug is faulty, the ignition coil (magneto), damage to the parts of the manual starter, the fuel system, wear the cylinder-piston group is faulty;
  • The gasoline trimmer for Echo grass stalls, possible causes: blockage of the fuel system (there is no fuel supply), wear of the cylinder-piston group, a carburetor, an air filter clogged;
  • The cutting nozzle of the ECHO gasolimmer, the main reasons: wear of the clutch parts (fists, springs, clutch cup), wear of the drive shaft, the gearbox is faulty.

These defects are typical of trimmers (benzos) echo: some are more common, others less often. And not rarely occur due to the simplest reasons: improper operation (no maintenance is carried out), the use of a non-high-quality benzo-mixture (oil and gasoline), the many-hour uninterrupted operation of the trimmer for grass, mowing herbal coating that does not correspond to the technical capacities of the trimmer for grass. However, all breakdowns with the right and professional approach are easy to repair with service specialists.

replacing, fuel, filter, echo, lawn, mower

How to properly serve a motorcycle

The device consists of the following mandatory elements:

Trimmer care involves monitoring the technical condition of each of them.

Engine care

When caring for a gasoline engine, it is worth paying special attention to the cleanliness of the air filter. it should not have sawdust and dirt. Foam filter should be constantly moistened with oil. Check should be carried out weekly, quickly change the filter as necessary. Before starting each work, you should check how the nuts and screws are tightened. It is also necessary to clean the muffler and candles from the carbon fiber as it is contaminated.

In the electric version, it is enough to follow the operating time prescribed by the manufacturer.

Monitoring of the condition of the fishing line

How to care for the cordial part? The most important thing in this case is the use of a specially designed mowing fishing line.

In no case should you replace the fishing line for a trimmer with metal cables or wire. this is traumatic.

How to monitor the corner gearbox

The priority task of the user is to prevent the accumulation of dirt on it. This circumstance will not allow the details to cool normally. The second requirement is to use consistent lubricant (such as Husqvarna or like), designed for a reducer pair. Usually enough annual lubrication procedure.

What you need to know about the casing to protect

It is forbidden to work without a protective casing. initiative can be dangerous for the user and others. But it is impossible to select such details from among the non.violent, it is necessary to use the recommended by the manufacturer. Damaged casing should be changed in a timely manner.

Casings can be attached both on the bar and on the gearbox. In universal models (working and fishing line and disk) two different kokhuzha are attached. A special cutting plate that cuts off the excess cord can also be located on the “forest”.

We summarize what has been said about the main points of departure in this maintenance of the Hitachi brand Motokos:

Features of the replacement of the wedge belt

Clevel belts are the most common on household self.propelled lawn mowers of the rotary type. Their replacement and adjustment is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Install the lawn mower on the side for convenient access to the drive.
  • Remove the protection of the drive mechanism by turning away the screws or by the click of the latch.
  • Remove the belt lock near the leading pulley.
  • Unscrew the knife fixation screw.
  • Gently remove the knife.
  • Remove the driven pulley from the shaft with the belt.
  • Put on a new wedge.shaped belt on the lead shaft.
  • Pre.putting the belt on the driven pulley, install it on the shaft.
  • Install a knife in your place and fix it with a screw or nut.
  • Install the belt lock in place.

In such structures, the adjustment of the drive belt of the lawn mower is usually not provided.

The principle of operation of the carburetor of the lawn mower

The throttle dashes determines the amount of air for supply, and the engine power directly depends on this.

Fuel is sucked into the carburetor system (its membrane). Then passes through the fitting in the carburetor. Next, the liquid moves through the intake and exhaust valve of the pump. Filtered with a net. The needle valve moves into the membrane chamber.

  • Air supply to the tube with an air septum (damper). The partition regulates the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel supply system is necessarily narrowed by a diffuser to increase the flow rate.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and nozzle with narrowing. The chamber with a float regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, and in the tube with narrowing is already low. Thanks to the pressure drop, fuel penetrates through the jetler.
  • Air flow acceleration contributes to the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its spray. As a result, the air-fuel mixture of the necessary proportion or density is formed.
  • The air-fuel mixture penetrates the engine cylinder through the fuel tube.

The level of air density in the system depends on the area of ​​the open air damper. The wider the damper is, the greater the fuel consumption and power.

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a benzocos. creating an optimal fuel mixture due to the correct air supply.

How to clean a filter on a trimmer

Sooner or later, there will be a need to rinse the air filter of a trimmer for Husqvarna grass or any other manufacturer. There is nothing complicated, and you can remove pollution from it yourself a couple of hours before mowing.

How to replace an air filter in a trimmer

  • Unscrew the bolt on the protective casing or squeeze the latches.
  • We take out the filter and inspect. To remove all accumulated oil and other pollution, gasoline will be required.
  • We water the gasoline from the canister to the contaminated filter and wash off all the oil. Squeeze and leave to dry for at least 2 hours.
  • We wipe the installation site with a cloth moistened in gasoline.
  • Set everything in place and close the casing.

Instead of gasoline, you can use soapy water, but it removes dirt still not so effective.

As an alternative to flushing, you can advise blowing or just shaking the litter. These options for cleaning are suitable if there is no oil pollution.

Replacing the crankshaft oil sector, throws oil on the case repair of the gas.suction of the ignition coil

Why change the crankshaft oil seal, how to do it, we look at the order of work on my channel. Why.

The performance of a wheelbanger is several times higher than a manual lawn mower. And managing it is no more difficult than rolling a baby stroller. Just go and direct it. Especially if the lawn mower is self.propelled. Even children will manage with her.

Wheel lawn mowers have a 4-stroke and their maintenance is difficult like a car.

Wheel lawn mowers usually have four.stroke engines. The fundamental difference between four.stroke engines and two.stroke. the presence of a crankcase in which the oil lubrication is located. Therefore, for the normal operation of the 4-stroke engine, you do not need to prepare a fuel mixture of oil and gasoline, it is enough to fill only gasoline into a gas tank. This circumstance is presented by some dishonest sellers as a dignity. “they say, do not mess with the preparation of the fuel mixture”. At the same time, they “sweetly” miss such a detail as the need for at least annual oil replacement in a wheelhouse of a wheeled lawn. The procedure is not complicated, it is much simpler than that of the change of oil in the car, but more complicated than the preparation of the fuel mixture. Generally speaking, the oil in the crankcase of the wheeled lawn mower must be changed about every 50 hours of its operating. The lawn mower is not an oil filter and therefore the oil is not cleaned there. This determines the rapid oil replacement mode. On the other hand. 50 hours of operation of the lawn mower in the season. this is a very big developing.

The process of replacing the oil in a wheeled lawn mower is simple. Before replacing the oil, it is advisable to give the lawnapers to work for 10-15 minutes, so that the oil warms up and becomes more liquid.

In the design of any lawn mower there is a special screw covering the drain hole from the motor crankcase. Usually it is located under the filled and measured neck of the crankcase. (in the photo. indicated by an arrow).

The lawn mower is installed with a slope towards the drain hole, placing wooden churbak or brick under the casing from the opposite side. After that, unscrew the screw. cork. So that the oil does not spill on the casing of the lawn mower, a gutter is cut out of a plastic bottle, according to which the oil will flow into a substituted container. It is advisable to produce gasoline before replacing the oil from the gas tank.

After that, the screw. the cork is unscrewed and the cliff is dragged, tilting the lawn mower. When the oil is draining, the screw is screwed into place. Fresh oil is poured through a measured neck. Typically, it is recommended to use oil with a viscosity of 10W40, mineral or semi.synthetic.

Inexperienced owner of garden motorcycle equipment, of course, is inclined to almost idolize a new purchased technique, up to fetishism. He wants to fill it into it and better gasoline and the oil is more expensive. This is a typical mistake leading to a very quick way out of the technique!

The fact is that this garden technique is made by the “stream”, t.e. The materials in it used the most common, not special. The gaps to the engines are “conveyor”, no one was rubbing anything there. Therefore, you can not pour more liquid oil than recommended by the manufacturer. It simply will not stay in the clearances between the details.

You can not pour gasoline of a higher brand than recommended. Since gasoline with a higher octane number burns longer. And this is fraught with the fifth of the valve, piston or rings.

It is impossible to fill the oil more than the supposedly in the fuel mixture for two.stroke engines (so that it would be better lubricated). The saying “Porridge can not spoil” porridge “here at all. Everything should be in moderation here. In general, carefully read the instructions and follow it, not the advice in Internet forums.

In general, maintenance of both 2 and 4-stroke engines is simple and does not require any special skills or efforts. For two.stroke engines, it all comes down to the preparation of the fuel mixture and cleaning the air filters and ventilation holes. And for four.stroke, service is reduced to annual oil replacement and cleaning water filters. Other annual preparation of the lawn mower for the season are described in another article.

Tips for quickly launching the unit

Under such conditions, it is possible to say about violations in the adjustment of the carburetor. Since quite often saved money when buying a trimmer for grass will be able to turn into the need for frequent repairs or its full replacement with a new unit. It took 2 days to understand the scheme, but the repair itself took only 15 minutes.

Exchange of experience, entertaining and necessary about everything that has their own wheels for those who decided to organize their own business.

The necessary recommendations, needlework and descriptions of self.proofs with a photo of the house is home home, maintaining and life of the household. from choosing and cooking household appliances, to leaving and raising children for pets, a home.made snowman. Trimmers for grass. Lawn mowers.

Bishops and black cutters. Boil repairs with your own hands.

With all the thirst, the chainsaws cannot be attributed to difficult if there is no confidence and experience in their own abilities, the repair of the carburetor computers, the Internet about everything regarding computers, the Internet and office equipment active vacation of the article on travel and tourism, fishing and hunting, amateur sports, about Equipment and equipment for outdoor activities, repairing a carburetor with your own hands requires certain maximum concentration and knowledge.

The most popular malfunctions of a carburetor with a mesh filter of a malfunction carburetor, much more often, two. it either clogs or breaks. In order to determine which of the malfunctions of your carburetor befell, it is necessary to unscrew the fuel filter cover and reach the mesh filter.

Removing the carburetor on the VAZ 2109-2108 The procedure is not complicated enough, and it should immediately bring the list of tools that are useful for the execution of this repair of the carburetor starting device in most cases lies in the pollution: the starting device is washed with acetone or simple gasoline. If possible, it is possible to blow out the starting device with compressed air.

In case of malfunction of the intake pipeline, the carburetor can appear traces of soot near the place with a loose connection, or a narrow fuel film. Understand the places in which fuel leaks are going on, perhaps dry, wipe all the places that arouse suspicion.

The tightening of the mounts is to be sent evenly and carefully so that there is no distortion of the carburetor flange. In some cases, tightness disturbances still remain besides at the end of the tightening of the mounting nuts.

In this case, you must clean the place of suction, and replace the gasket in it. If the circumstance of the carburetor malfunction is a breakdown of an accelerating pump, then you will need to come to terms with its replacement. Details of the acceleration pump are not subject to repair.

If the pump is working, it can be washed with gasoline or blow. It is also worth checking how the details and levers of the diaphragm of the pump freely move

Pay special attention to the ball in the spray

Replacing or flushing the filter of thin cleaning?

If the resource of the fuel filter has not yet been developed, then it makes sense to tackle it. To do this, use kerosene, acetone or blowing with air from an ordinary pump. However, not all drivers share this opinion and believe that in case of violation of the engine, it is necessary to replace the fuel filter in a timely manner, especially if in the instructions for the car it is ordered to change it through a certain mileage, thereby not creating interference with the operation of the fuel system. over, the cost of such a filter allows you to do this without any difficulties.

Rinse such a fuel filter late, it should be replaced

Pain or numbness in the fingers.

Pain or numbness in the fingers? See a doctor immediately!

It is believed that the state called the Raynod phenomenon, which affects the fingers, can be caused by cold and vibration. The action of vibration and cold can cause a tingling and burning sensation, accompanied by whitewashing and numbness of the fingers. The following recommendations are extremely important to reduce manifestations that can cause an unknown disease. Keep the body warm, especially the head and neck, feet and ankles, palms and wrists.

Maintain good blood circulation by performing energetic

replacing, fuel, filter, echo, lawn, mower

Hand exercises during frequent breaks in work. Do not smoke.

Limit the working hours. Try to plan the work in this way,

In order not to work as a trimmer or other manual devices daily.

If you have the redness and swelling of the fingers, accompanied by pale and loss of sensitivity, consult a doctor before being exposed to cold and vibration.

Permanent load injury

It is believed that the excessive load on the muscles and tendons of the fingers, hands, hands and shoulders can cause sensitivity, swelling, numbness and severe pain in the above parts of the body. Certain repeated actions with brushes can cause the risk of injury to constant load (TPN). To reduce the risk of TPN, follow the following instructions:

Do not work curved or elongated wrist.

replacing, fuel, filter, echo, lawn, mower

Periodically take breaks to reduce the constant load and give

Rest to the hands. Reduce the speed and force with which you make repeated movements.

Do exercises aimed at stretching the muscles of the hands and hands.

Consult a doctor if you feel tingling, numbness or pain in your fingers, brush, wrist or hands. Early diagnosis of TPN will prevent irreversible damage to muscles and nerves.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. There are only two problems with this element more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If dirt just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purging will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, you must definitely put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and convenient repair practice.

Echo String Trimmer Fuel Line Replacement #V471001230

The hull of throttles, the ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, the intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check in a primitive way. spread the problem area with soap foam.

Review: Echo SRM 22GES lawners. Not the most powerful unit, but there is enough for a garden plot. Experience for using more than 8 years.

Autumn came, the grass in the garden and on the lawns and it is time to remove trimmers for grass, motorcycles, lawn mowers for the winter.

I have been using an excellent tool on my site for more than 8 years. Motokosa (you can also a trimmer, as many call it) Echo SRM-22GES.

I decided to buy a trimmer for the grass, having a hand.lumpy scythe when I got a site. Over time, I increased the square slightly, having bought the neighboring site. it became equal to 25 acres and, of course, manually bunched off such a volume was unrealistic. While you’ll get from one corner to the other, you need to start again. grass grows quickly in the summer.The question was not yet about to buy a lawn mower, since the surface of the earth on the site was uneven and the lawn mower simply would not have passed through the entire site.

When buying motorcycles of suitable options for selection, there were few. precisely, I considered only two brands. Stihl and Echo. In general, both brands have long gathered their products at China factories, so they turned out to be approximately equal.

The STIHL trimmer was more interesting in that it was possible to immediately buy a nozzle, which, after replacing usual, turned it into a small cultivator. But now the same model is sold, but of course, more expensive.

The tool weighs about 9 kg. This weight is not felt visually, since the dimensions of the motorcycles are great and it is expected that it should be harder.

During operation, the weight is not at all felt, thanks to a very convenient belt, on which the tool is attached.

over, in order to, for example, put a trimmer for grass on the ground, taking a short break in work, you do not need to remove the entire belt over your head. The lawn mower is very quickly fastened and unfastened with a special carbine.

trimmer for grass gasoline. It is equipped with a two.stroke internal combustion engine with a power of slightly less than 1 kW. precisely 0.91 kW. Quite a little, but this is enough for me even to mow small thickets of shrub with a diameter of stems up to 1.0-1.5 cm. To do this, you only need to replace the head with a fishing line with a special three.lobed steel knife, which comes complete with the tool. The diameter of the knife. 230 mm, the diameter of the landing hole. 25.4 mm.

All the necessary tools and installation devices are also available. The main thing. Do not lose the nut that fixes the clamping washer, otherwise it will be to find the replacement for it.

The fact is that the thread here is specific.

If desired, knives with sizes that meet the requirements for installation on a trimmer for grass, you can buy additionally. Depending on the task performed, their configuration will vary. For example, I saw a hay knife that looks like a circle with small radial slots. According to the manufacturer, he carefully cuts off the grass and puts it in an even “roll”. But I have enough of what I have. And it is rarely used now. I even managed to rust a bit.

And earlier, when I had to break through the “clearing” into the thicket of a wild shrub, he helped me very much.

often I use a head with a cutting fishing line.

The diameter of the used fishing line. 3 mm, and you can refuel it almost 3 m, if you carefully lay it.

If stones or large bushes do not come across the grass, about which the fishing line for a trimmer breaks, then on one styling you can mow a very decent area.

The tool works using the AI-92 gasoline fuel mixture and oil with 50: 1. I advise you not to skimp if there is a similar tool, and use the original oil. I experimented with Lukoil 2t for two-stroke engines, but still then returned to the Echo-Wishl. The engine works with it somehow smoother and more stable.

The volume of the fuel tank. 450 ml and this, frankly, is not enough. We have to carry with you a “one and a half” with fuel so as not to run to Saray every half hour. Therefore, only 4 stars for “convenience”.

Air cooling. At a temperature of 32 degrees, I mowed a trimmer quite successfully. But at temperatures close to 0 (this happens in the fall, when the cat is grass for covering the nipes of onion and garlic), the engine works tight. It is felt that there is not enough power. You can, of course, cover the air damper, but then there will be more than more so upwards inside the cylinder.

To start the engine, you need to turn on the ignition by the engine switch and slightly pull the manual starter by the cord.

Usually starts from the first jerk. If the engine did not work for a long time, you need to pump up fuel into the carburetor, clicking on a manual pumping pump.

Repair of Echo gasoline trimmers

The 1st specialized service center “Agrotekervis” is ready to offer you professional repair of Benzosos and Trammers Echo. Our company has experienced, certified and qualified mechanics that qualitatively perform any types of work in the field of maintenance and repair of garden equipment.

SRM-2655SI, GT-22GES, SRM-22GES, SRM-2305SI, PAS-265ES, SRM-26555SI, SRM-330ES, SRM-350ES, SRM-335TES, SRM-4605, SRM-420S

The list does not indicate all models of the repaired trimmers. Contact, take for repair any gasoline trimmer for Echo grass!

Attention! Before contacting the service center!

We ask you to inform the manager of our company in advance: the exact model of equipment. If you need spare parts for Echo lawn mmores, you need to know: the brand of your engine; engine model; type of; The code located at the installation site of the carburetor, the spark plugs or muffler. The engine code is indicated by a line consisting of 3 groups (in each line 6-signs without additional quotes and stars).

The cost of repairing benzos and trimmers Echo

Name of works Price in rubles
Diagnostics (during repair diagnostics is not paid) 600
Complex maintenance (consumables and work) 1800
The overcoming of the engine 2500
Replacing the cylinder 1500
Replacing the crankshaft of the engine 2500
Replacing the spark plug 100
Replacing the piston 1500
Replacing the piston ring 1500
Replacing the engine oil seals 1500
Replacing the intake pipe 300
Replacing the flywheel 500
Replacing the flywheel gap 500
Clutch replacement 500
Replacement of the clutch coupling drum 500
Replacement of the clutch clutch spring 500
Replacement of dogs/springs 300
Carburetor replacement and adjustment 500
Replacing Magneto 500
Replacing the muffler 200
Carter replacement 500. 900
Replacing crankcase gaskets 500. 900
Replacement of the primer of fuel pumping 100
Replacing the fuel tank 500
Replacing the fuel hose 200
Fuel/Filter replacement 300
Replacing the air filter 100
Replacement (removal and installation) of the gas cable 100
Replacement of trigger/gas blocker 500
Replacement of high.voltage wires 500
Replacing a manual starter 500. 1000
Replacing the starter spring 500
Replacing the starter cord 600
Replacing the ignition switch 200
Replacing the bar 500
Shaft replacement/rods 200
Replacing a protective casing 100
Replacing a knife 100
Replacement of a spray 100
Replacement of fishing line in a spool 100
Replacing the gearbox 300
Repair of a hand starter 500. 1500
Repair of the carburetor 600. 2500
Carburetor adjustment 500
Adjusting the gase cable 100
Adjustment of valves 1400
Fuel system cleaning 600. 800
Gear lubrication 100

We are responsible for the results of our work, confirming that our words do not disperse with the deed!

Echo Trimmer Repair – How to replace the Carburetor Repair Kit

Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized Service Center “AgrotechService”. Warranty and post.warranty service of the equipment of world manufacturers! Attention! Information for users!