Help to choose a gasoline self -propelled gun.

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TOP 11 best gasoline lawners

Gasoline law mmores are very popular all over the world. This is quite justified. On the one hand, they differ in greater power, which allows you to easily clean the excess of grass and even bushes extensive platforms. On the other hand, they have greater autonomy, since there is no need to connect the lawn mowers to the network. it is enough to pour a full fuel tank. It is not surprising that many people have a desire to acquire them. But how to choose the right assortment suitable for such a rich? It is for such readers that we make a rating of the best gasoline lawners and describe ten truly successful models from popular manufacturers.

It is necessary to approach the choice of a suitable model as seriously as possible-after all, this is a pretty expensive purchase. What should you pay attention to when buying?

First of all for power. It depends on it whether problems will arise when mowing hard weeds and young bushes.

In addition, do not forget about the noise level. it will affect not only the comfort of the neighbors, but also the workflow itself. it is not too nice to work for a few hours for a deafening noise.

Be sure to pay attention to the presence of mulching function. grinding of mowed grass for subsequent use as mulch.

High.quality models are produced by various large companies, but the products of such firms are still most popular:

Of course, this is not a complete list of good manufacturers. And not all their models are impeccable. But, having purchased the products of these companies, you probably will not have to regret.

Manufacturers of gasoline lawn mowers

Technical characteristics are not the only criterion for evaluating benzocosyles. The reliability of the manufacturer is important, and it is determined by a long.term presence in the market, stable sales and reviews of customers. The best brands:

  • “Caliber”. in the market since 2001, garden equipment has been distinguished by the optimal ratio of price and quality.
  • Champion. leadership positions of the brand are due to reliability, high performance and acceptable cost of equipment.
  • Carver. a brand belonging to Uraloptinstroy. Garden equipment has been produced since 2007 and is implemented in the foreign market.
  • “Zubrov” is a company that has been supplying garden equipment to the market for more than 20 years. The manufacturer’s motto is “Quality and reliability at an affordable price”. Technology is characterized by performance and ergonomicity.

World market leaders. foreign brands:

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  • Hyundai. the largest Korean car circulation produces electric and gasoline garden mowers. functional, reliable and compact.
  • Daewoo Power. South Korean household and garden equipment in the middle price segment is in demand all over the world thanks to excellent quality.
  • Makita. a famous Japanese brand that has a centenary experience in the professional tool market. Distributed functionality, increased power and low price are distinguished by gasoline mowers of this brand.
  • Huter. a German company operating in the market since 2000. It is popular among our customers due to high quality and the availability of a large number of service centers for warranty repair.
  • Patriot is an American company, one of the leaders of the market of professional garden technology. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products up to three years and provides an opportunity to undergo inspection in company service centers.
  • DDE is an American motor vehicle manufacturer working in the industrial and household equipment market since 1956. He uses innovative solutions to create durable and reliable benzocosyles.
  • Viking as part of the STIHL Corporation has a reputation as a reliable manufacturer. than 90-year history of the brand and the use of advanced engineering solutions guarantees high quality, multifunctionality and durability of garden technology.
  • Stiga. a Swedish company existing since 1934. Benzocosils of this brand is distinguished by power, high performance, convenience and multifunctionality.
  • Husqvarna. the oldest Swedish manufacturer of industrial equipment. The history of the company has several centuries. The modern assortment of the company is regularly replenished with novelties of garden equipment and tools.
  • Oleo-Mac-an Italian brand that has been supplying garden equipment to the world market since 1972. Investments in the latest development of professional technology can reduce labor intensity and simplify the care of the garden.

Assessment of the best models of gasoline lawners 2021

For the rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers 2020. Several parameters were taken into account:

  • weight and size;
  • Type of drive. self.propelled and non.self.propelled model;
  • number of wheels (three- or four-wheeled unit)
  • engine power;
  • capture width;
  • noisiness;
  • the presence of additional functions.

One of the main positions in evaluating is the ratio of price, the quality of technology and the reliability of the brand.

The best budget benzocosils 2021

Among the most popular gardeners are easy to manage inexpensive models. They provide a good haircut on relatively flat terrain without stones, pits and bumps.

Carver Promo LMP-1940

Gasoline gasoline Carver Promo LMP-1940

The non-selfpropelled four-wheeled mower of the domestic brand Carver Promo LMP-1940 copes with the processing of an area of ​​up to 1200 kV. m.

choose, gasoline, self, propelled

It is equipped with steel knives, a mowing height regulator (8 levels from 2.5 to 7.6 cm), a capacious grass collector (40 l). Capture width is 40 cm, the power of the four.stroke engine is 2.4 liters. With., noise level. 96 dB, fuel tank holds 1.2 l of gasoline. The hull of the braid is made of steel, you can adjust the height of the handle. The design weighs 24 kg.

BlackDecker LM2000

Among the participants in the rating of the best lawnmands of 2022, LM2000 has few rivals in width and mowing height. So if you think which lawmaker is better to buy for a summer house or a large house site, and no more than 30 thousand, then BlackDecker LM2000. The best option.

The device is equipped with a brush engine with a belt drive. He has a 50.liter grass collector, mulching the nozzle and the function of emitting grass back. And seven.speed adjustment of the height of mowing, coupled with high power, makes it possible to save the site from tall and thick plants.

Worx WG713E

One of the most inexpensive options in the ranking of electric lawn mowers. Thanks to the compact size and maneuverable wheels, Worx WG713E will quickly manage with a small lawn. But this model’s mowing height adjustments are surprisingly a lot for the “state employee”. as many as 6.

The grass collector is combined (the bottom is soft, top. plastic) by 30 liters, also the lawn mower can throw mowed grass behind itself. Worx WG713E has and a guide button from random turned on, like more expensive models.

Which lawn mower is better, electric or gasoline?

Electric lawn mowers are chosen to ennoble small areas near the house or outbuildings, where there is source of electric power supply. In terms of operation, they are considered environmentally friendly, compared to gasoline, if you close your eyes to the harm caused to nature in the production of electricity. The electric motor emits less noise than gasoline. he will not wake the child, neighbors do not need headphones. It does not need regular maintenance (filter cleaning, gas supply and oil refueling).

Electric motors, with the same dimensions, less powerful, compared to gasoline, need stable voltage and extension cords. reduce maneuverability, limit the processing zone. It is not advisable to run them during high humidity (fog), dew, and it is strictly contraindicated in the rain.

Basy lawn mowers are more massive than electric, they are more noisy, they need preliminary warming up, combustible materials and maintenance (cleaning and replacing filters, oil change), release exhaust gases, more difficult to launch. Among the advantages: higher performance. withstand heavy loads, can work longer, the working area and maneuverability are not limited to the length of the extension cord.

How to choose an electric power border for a summer residence

Before buying an electric lawn mower, you will have to study dozens of models, comparing them in technical and operational characteristics. To evaluate, use the following parameters.


The lawn car is divided into three classes depending on the power of the electric motor:

  • Low.power. up to 1.5 kW. compact, maneuverable, weigh little. Suitable for small lawns and yards with young vegetation and relatively even relief. They capture a maximum of 40 cm for the passage.
  • Medium-1.5-2 kW-cut lawns with small slopes, cut thick and old stems, can mulch. Due to enlarged dimensions and masses, not every woman will cope with them.
  • Powerful. over 2 kW. reliable productive units with a mowing width up to 76 cm. In women, they can quickly cause fatigue, make a lot of noise and need a reliable power source. a cheap extension cord may not withstand the load.

Height and cut width

Each owner cuts the lawn for himself. In the courtyard, for example, they leave a low shoot-3-4 cm, in the garden-more authentic-up to 7-8 cm, a change in the height of mowing will come in handy when working on the slopes. Most models step up steps to the height of the deck for controlling the length of the cut stems:

The thick and old shoots are recommended to mow in two passes: to the maximum height, then. to the desired.

The rate of refinement of the site depends on the width of the capture. Selected based on its size. Manufacturers recommend focus on information in the table.

Square, acres Capture width, see
Up to 3-4 30-40
4-6 40-50
6 and more from 50

The more powerful the engine, the more the lawn mowers capture and knives.

Grassing and mulching

The simplest budget models are thrown out to be cut to the side, to turn into hay and fertilizer or manual cleaning. Most models are equipped with containers for collecting grass. grass collectors. The more voluminous, the less often it needs devastation, but makes the device heavier and lowers maneuverability. Containers are:

  • Fabric. light, compact, but clogged with chopped grass, you need to shake it out, carefully clean, not always moisture.permeable;
  • plastic ones. simple in devastation and cleaning, peerations can be clogged with grass;
  • combined. a plastic frame with a fabric base for grass.

Filling indication. a pleasant bonus for the operator.

Mulching. the process of grinding grass and uniform scattering in a beveled area for its fertilizer and covering soil in drought. Activating the function during dew and cutting long grass is not recommended. it will have a noticeable load on the motor and mechanical parts.

Wheels, handle and body

It’s easier to ride thick grass with wide and large wheels and overcome minor obstacles. For sites with many barriers in the form of flower beds, trees and buildings, it is advisable to take a three.wheeled model. it is more maneuverable. Wheels on bearings will live many times longer than on bushings, especially plastic.

The pen should change position and height. Preferably soft anti.vibration coating or at least rubber.

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The cases are made of plastic and metal (steel, aluminum). Polymer material is quickly covered with scratches, fades in the sun. Steel. durable, durable, but with the appearance of scratches, they can rust. Aluminum. scratches shine in the sun, they are almost not visible, corrosion is not subject to corrosion.

Which is better electric or gasoline?

Electric motors, with the same dimensions, less powerful, compared to gasoline, need stable voltage and extension cords. reduce maneuverability, limit the processing zone. It is not advisable to run them during high humidity (fog), dew, and it is strictly contraindicated in the rain.

When choosing a lawn mower with a gasoline engine, first of all, consider the processed area and its features: the curvature of the surface, the width of the passage, for example, in the aisles of flowers or bushes. Experts recommend the following ratios between the power of the motor and the area of ​​the lawn:

  • up to 4 acres. up to 3 l.With. (2.2 kW). suitable for small sites near the house;
  • 4-12 acres-3-5 liters.With for a summer residence, lawns in the backyard, garden;
  • For large lawns with an area of ​​12 acres, you need a tool with an engine of 5-6 liters.With. and more depending on the size of the lawn or garden.

Consider the density, type and stiffness of vegetation: when combating old thick grass in the middle of summer, the load on the lawn mowing mechanics will be greater than when the young spring stems are spent.

The width of the mowing of most models is in the range of 36-56 cm. Models with a wide capture are relevant for the refinement of even areas of large area, like golf lawns, stadiums with a natural coating. Miniature models are used for small areas, territories with many barriers (trees, structures), narrow aisles.

Lawners are non.self.propelled and self.propelled. The former are miniature and light models for refinement to several hundredths with complex geometry. Move through human muscle strength. Self.propelled. heavy units, the engine of which through the gearbox transfers torque to wheeled. They only need to be sent.

Depending on the type of lawn and the preferences of the owner, the grass is mowed to a different height. Someone is enough 3-4 cm by a stalk above the ground, and someone leaves 7-8 cm so that the vegetation is restored faster. Height adjustment is important for areas with uneven relief. The height of the mowing changes by changing the position of the wheels relative to the deck located on their axis lever or screw.

Wheels rotate on bushings. they wear out quickly, play back. in bearings. durable. Differ in diameter and width: the more, the easier it is to move to the device, especially by uneven relief. Three.wheeled models are relevant on lawns with a complex shape. they are more maneuverable. For comfortable operation, the position and height of the handle must be adjusted.

The convenience of using the lawn mower depends on the method of discharge of cut grass. Budget models drop it behind themselves or to the side, which are more expensive. collect in a special grass collector. They are hard (plastic), soft. fabric and combined.

There are models of lawn mowers with mulching function: the grass is crushed and thrown back to the lawn. Such a mass covers the soil, becomes a fertilizer for Otava, delays and condenses moisture at the surface of the earth.

Our rating of lawn mowers includes a wide variety of devices. everyone will choose a model to solve their own problems of problems.

Among the dozens of manufacturers in the market, lawnmands have proven themselves:

  • Gardena. expensive and reliable devices with advanced solutions in the field.
  • Husqvarna. produces a variety of models with a number of branded technologies and adjustments, products differ in high cost.
  • Toro. represents medium.water and top devices used both in the country and when ennoble huge lawns for sports events.

Among the Midnetan Category, one cannot fail to mention models of brands such as Makita, Stihl, Hyundai, Bosch, Al-Co.

Economic niche is occupied by devices from Elitech, Carver, Interskol.