How many liters in the trimmer tank. Hybrid trimmers for grass

Trimmers for Husqvarna grass: review of models, customs and operation tips

For people who have a country house, a personal plot or cottage, the question of leaving them is always relevant. Each owner wants his territory to always look well.groomed and attractive. Units from the Husqvarna brand can come to help everyone, which are characterized by a lot of positive characteristics and reviews from consumers.

Husqvarna has existed in the market for more than three hundred years. The Swedish brand has always specialized in a variety of park, garden equipment, as well as other agricultural machinery. The start of the company’s activities was the manufacture of muskets. Currently, Husqvarna produces not only equipment for external work, but also hunting rifles, bicycles, motorcycles, equipment for the kitchen and sewing. Each product manufactured is characterized by high quality, unique design, multifunctionality.

Lawn mowers and electric shoes are very popular among the population of the world. This product was appreciated by both masters and beginners of their field. When buying goods from Husqvarna, you can be sure that they will last a long time, and in the event of a breakdown, the spare parts can always be found without difficulty.

Regardless of external conditions, the units are always characterized by high performance.

Users note the following positive features of this technique:

  • ease of starting;
  • simplicity of use and maintenance;
  • low noise and vibration;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • the presence of a flexible shaft;
  • the presence of a protective casing, ranger mount;
  • Light weight

Types and their device

For cutting lawns, as well as other works on the personal plot, use gasoline and electric braids for grass. It is very convenient to work with these units, since everything is thought out in the design to the smallest detail. Therefore, to combat grass is better than technology than Husqvarna, you will not be found. Swedish technique is quite reliable. in trimmers there is practically nothing to break.

In addition, they are divided into the following types.


Elektokos is capable of working from an electric network. The features of their functioning can be called noiselessness, lack of exhaust gases, low weight and good performance. The minus of such a technique is the presence of a cord, the need for constant electric power, as well as the inability to work away from the house.

How to Replace String trimmer Line in Under 30 Seconds.


These tools are considered more maneuverable than the previous ones, since they are not attached to the power source. Its cost is higher than electric. Due to the presence of cast and high.quality batteries from Husqvarna, the unit can continuously function during the day. 35 minutes will be enough to recharge the device.


The most professional tool. This powerful unit is equipped with a long and thick fishing line, which is able to cut off rough grass, shrub branches and even a tree of wood with a thickness of 1, 5 cm. The disadvantage of this type of technology considers the need for constant refueling fuel, as well as weightyness, the presence of exhaust gases.

best inexpensive gasoline trimmers

What owner of a cottage or private house does not want his site to look neat and attractive? A special device will help to cope with the thickets of grass and tidy up the territory. a trimmer for grass. Consider the 10 best inexpensive models working on gasoline.

Trimmer for grass is a reliable assistant to any summer resident or owner of a country house. With this tool, you can simply and quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation in the garden or garden and maintain cleanliness on the site. It is best to give preference to gasoline devices. they have more functionality in comparison with the battery. Their main advantage is autonomy, and therefore the possibility of moving throughout the site, regardless of how far from the place of work is the power source. In addition, they are easy to operate and are very unpretentious in maintenance. The choice of a particular model depends on how exactly it is supposed to use the unit. Before you go for a purchase, you should study the technical characteristics of products of different manufacturers and decide which of them are of greatest importance for you. All the benzotrimers presented today on the market, in addition to cost, may also differ in a number of other indicators. The most significant are the following.

The location of the engine. Can be below, at the top or separately in the shoulder backpack. Below the engine is usually placed in low.power trimmers. In devices with medium and high power engines, the upper location is usually used. this simplifies the control of the unit and its movement in the site during operation. Models with an engine separately from the device itself are extremely rare.

Power. The most powerful units relate to professional technology. For household needs, these are rarely needed, since they are expensive, and they will be used at best half.heartedly. However, with low power, there is a risk that the trimmer for the grass cannot cope with dense grass. If you plan to use a trimmer for grass rarely, a small power model is quite suitable, with frequent use it is better to find the option more powerful.

The volume of the gas tank. The duration of work without refueling directly depends on this indicator. At the same time, it is worth considering that the more fuel tank, the trimmer itself for the grass will be harder. The minimum volume is 0.35 liters standard, the maximum is 1.2 liters, but there are models where the fuel tank is increased to 1.4 liters.

Type of bar. Can be straight or curved, as well as a solid or collapsible. The first option is more common, it is the easiest and most reliable. Models with a curved bar are characterized by increased maneuverability, so they are well suited for places. The collapsible is easily transported.

Cutting mechanism. Benzotrimmers can be equipped with fishing line, steel or plastic knife or a rookore. The greater the density of the vegetation on your site, the stronger the material of the cutting mechanism should be.

Almost all firms specializing in the production of tools and small construction equipment are engaged in the production of benzarimmers.

The main characteristics of the trimmers

The power of the trimmer for grass

The power indicator varies in different models quite significantly. from 250 to 3500 watts. For example, if the device is needed only for cutting grass on the flowerbed, then high power is unnecessary. A trimmer for grass up to 500 watts will also cope with such a simple task. On the other hand, do not blame the manufacturer and the seller if the low.power tool did not master dense grass or overheated from long.term work.

Edging Beds Landscape

Only a model of medium and high power will cope with such tasks. from 500 to 1500 watts. Devices with the highest watts. from 1,500 to 3500. will be joined for a professional extraction of grass, as well as the owners of large diverse areas where there are grass with thick stems, bushes, and small branches.

The location of the engine

The location of the engine is the upper and lower. The lower engine is located in the ground and often makes a single block with a cutting head. Such a trimmer for grass is easier to hold in their hands, it is easier and perfect for women and pensioners. It is believed that the device with the lower engine arrangement is more maneuverable, which means it will drain unnecessary grass in the most inaccessible places. But there are shortcomings. They can’t work after rain or morning dew.

trimmer for grass with the upper location of the engine is more productive, durable. They can work in any weather. Yes, this tool is not so comfortable, but if you get used to it, what various belts and pens help, then the cover will simplify.

Reducer drive

A shaft is installed inside the bar: straight (hard) shaft or flexible shaft (cable). The difference between a flexible and steel shaft can be felt if you start cutting dense grass or shrub. In this case, the inhibitory load on the gearbox increases, in which the cable is curled up, and the hard straight shaft continues to work.

If you decide to use a metal knife, then the gearbox experiences a large load than when working with a fishing line. That is why trimmers for grass with a flexible shaft are mainly equipped only by fishing line or a special set of knives. Any cutting elements can be installed on the tools with a direct shaft.

Type of the bar

The bar can be straight and curved. Direct designs are characteristic of professional and farm devices. They transfer all weight to the cutting head of the trimmer for grass, due to which it is possible to cut hard grass.

Curved rods are more ergonomic. Their maneuverability allows you to process complex, inaccessible areas. Another plus is the ability to spend less effort to work with a trimmer, it is more convenient to hold it in your hands. The bar can be whole and collapsible. The latter is convenient for storage and transportation in transport.

Type of cutting element

Most trimmers are equipped with a rogue coil, on which a fishing line for a trimmer is wound. This is the main cutting element. The diameter of the fishing line is different. from 1 to 3.5 mm. The greater the value, the higher the ability of the trimmer for the grass to work with dense grass.

There are two options for feeding the fishing line: semi.automatic, in which they press the rogue to the ground to rewind a new fishing line for a trimmer, and automatic, when no effort is required from the operator. Just at each engine turning on, the fishing line is submitted instead of the worked out.

A lawn mower with a high.quality metal disk can be compared with a saw. Its main advantage is universality. Such a braid for grass provides a cut of shrub, dissects thick grass, but only on a flat earth. On the slopes, the disk motorcycles will crash into the soil. In addition, in a collision with stones from under the gas mowing, crumbs can fly out, so when working with such a trimmer, protective glasses are required that are often equipped with braids.

The width of the mowing

The width of the mowing is determined by the size of the deck (protection), which limits the departure of the fishing line or knife. The larger the width of the mowing, the faster you will pass overgrown areas. Such an emission can be from 35 to 55 cm. In some braids, the width of the mowing is large only because the deck is located further and it is smaller in size. This is not always good, since the less deck, the more likely that grass and garbage will fly to the operator. Optimal is the width of the mowing of 40. 45 cm. For large areas, take a device with a width of a 55 cm width.

Review of popular motos models

Champion T517 grass trimmer

Budget gasoline trimmer for grass for processing the garden and summer cottage. His width of his nobility is 40 cm. optimal for motorcycle. 2 liter engine. With. accelerates a bobbin to 9000 rpm, users note that a full tank with a volume of 1.2 liters is enough for about an hour. It is worth noting that although the manufacturer recommends working for no more than 20 minutes, and then take a short break, in practice you can work freely up to 35 minutes without a break and overheating of the engine.

The lawn mower copes with thick grass perfectly. True, the bobbin is small here, and two fishing lines are placed in it only 2. 2.5 m (some models can accommodate up to 5 m). The device is quite heavy (7.8 kg), but some do not scare.

Trimmer for Patriot Pt 3555es grass

The device of domestic production is suitable for those whose plot is overgrown with a thick hogweed or sedge. The power of the unit is 1.8 liters. With. This power is enough to work with a fishing line with a thickness of 2.7. 3 mm (includes 2.4 mm). A trimmer for grass, in principle, can mow burdock in a person’s growth, but only with a disk. The width of the mowing line is 44 cm, with a knife. 25 cm.

Good design of the deck (protection). it is made without stiffeners, but at the same time quite strong. And due to the absence of ribs of stiffness, the grass does not clog under them and is easily cleaned. The gas tank is small here. only 0.9 liters, which is enough for about 40 minutes of work. Like the previous model, the Patriot PT 3555ES lawn mower is not easy (8 kg), so hands will get tired of long.term mowing. But given the small price for it, you can forget this “disadvantage”.

Trimmer for Makita EM2500U grass

A light compact Japanese grass braid is suitable for those who regularly mowing grass on the site and do not launch it. You can work at least a few hours in a row, since it is very light. only 4.5 kg. The width of the mowing is 42 cm at the fishing line and 23 cm at the knife. The power here is small, only 1 liter. With., Therefore, it is recommended to mow grass no thicker than 3. 4 mm.

The fuel tank is small, only 0.5 liters, but there are enough of it by about 4 acres (depending on the height and thickness of the grass). The handle can be adjusted in height under its growth. In a word, a great option for those who want to buy an instrument of the famous world brand and make their own site comfortably.

Trimmer for grass AL-KO 113758 BC

Good German unit to combat weed grass. A 2-stroke engine of 1.2 liters is installed here. With. Also, the unit is equipped with a fishing line 2.4 mm thick with a flight up to 41 cm as much as possible and with a blade knife 25 cm wide. There is good assembly quality: nothing creaks and does not play, you don’t need to modify anything.

The lawn mower mows well hogweed, sedge and other thick weed grass. True, here is a small fuel tank with a volume of 0.8 liters, which is enough for 45 minutes of work of the trimmer for grass. The handle is very comfortable and adjustable in height. In general, this is a good device for your money.

Trimmer for the grass Stihl FS 55

Good gasoline lawn mower for large sprouts overgrown with weeds. The width of the nobility is as much as 55 cm, so if you have more than 10 acres of the garden covered with storm, feel free to take this model. Like all Shtlevskoye, this braid for the grass is made qualitatively and with reliability, too, everything is in order. Its power is only 1 liter.With., but even a high burdock is cut off without problems.

Modest tank with a volume of 0.33 liters enough for 20 minutes. It’s not enough, but the device is light, and it is difficult to overheat it for such an interval (by the way, there is also overheating protection here). The unit weighs with its width of the mowing of only 5 kg, which, in conjunction with a comfortable shoulder belt, makes it possible to work comfortably for a long time with interruptions for refueling. It is equipped with a fishing line 2.4 mm thick and a blade knife with a width of a mowing 23 cm. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for goods for 2 years.

Trimmer for Husqvarna grass 128r

One of the most popular motos for home use. The width of the nobility is 45 cm (in the kit. a fishing line for a trimmer 2.4 mm thick). Here is a very convenient shoulder belt, which is worn not on one shoulder, but on both, so the load is distributed evenly. 1.1 liter engine. With. accelerates a bobbin to 8000 rpm.

The volume of the tank here, as in the previous model of the Stihl FS 55, is small and is 0.4 liters. It is enough for processing about 5-6 acres depending on the size of the grass. Please note that you will need to sharpen the knife yourself. The instructions describe in detail how to do this. The braid is very light (5 kg), so you can work for a long time without fatigue in your hands.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass: rating of the best models, reviews of specialists and the main criteria

To find out which is better to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must first study the main components of a typical technique of this category:

  • Cutting of grass and other plants will perform a metal mill (6), or other rotating tools.
  • To prevent the scattering of litter through the territory and protect the user, a special casing is installed slightly above this node (5).
  • The drive shaft is inside the bar (4).
  • The handles (3) with control elements are fixed on this part. The entire node can be moved for accurate adjustment for user growth.
  • The gasoline engine (1) is rigidly fixed on the upper end.
  • In a single block, a fuel tank is installed with it (2).

The previous photo shows a bicycle wheelbarrow. Such a product provides reliable and convenient capture. It facilitates manipulations with heavy equipment.

As they wear out, the worthless parts of the fishing line are cut off. Such a benzotrimer is suitable only for alignment.

The equipment of this class has a good power supply. This can be used to solve other problems. It will be enough to buy spare parts for gasoline trimmers suitable for certain models. Below are special nozzles that expand the basic functions:

Electric or gasoline trimmers for grass: which is better and more reliable?

Attentive buyers study these types of drives to choose an acceptable option for themselves. Which trimmer for grass is better to buy will help to find out a comparative analysis. A technique with an electric engine has the following advantages:

  • She is ready for immediate performance of her functions when connecting a power source;
  • Such a power unit is launched without problems at high and low air temperatures;
  • He does not issue excessive vibrations and excessive noise in all operating modes;
  • The electric motor is compact, slight weight, high power, durability;
  • Maintaining its technical condition is not accompanied by frequent regulatory work, replacing filters and other complex operations.

The low cost of equipment of this type is also a significant advantage. The only significant drawback is a small radius of action, limited by the length of the power cord of the power supply. It should also be noted the following negative features of models with batteries:

  • They are more expensive than standard products;
  • They install low.power power units to extend the battery life;
  • This equipment increases weight and size.

Such a technique at one gas station can work for about an hour with maximum performance. You can pour the next portion of fuel into the tank in a few minutes. Engine power is enough to connect a variety.

For the objectivity of the analysis, the shortcomings should be listed:

  • large weight;
  • complexity of the design;
  • the need for regular maintenance;
  • high requirements for fuel mixture parameters;
  • Light noise, excessive vibrations, pollution of environmental exhausts.

All shortcomings are blocked by the best autonomy.

Note! With the help of the following information, it is not difficult to find out which benzotrimmer is better. Price, quality, technical parameters of different models. these and other important factors should be considered in the aggregate. It is necessary to take into account the real needs and the features of future operation.

Here, designers used a rotational.type carburetor. It differs from standard models by maintaining functionality when changing the position relative to horizontal. This solution is well suited for working operations on the slope.

Note! In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of users there are no identified significant shortcomings. One of them reports the complexity of cutting thick grass. After installing knives, instead of fishing line, the problem was eliminated. This example indicates that even excellent equipment must be able to use. It is necessary to study in detail the accompanying documentation and the tips of the manufacturer before the start of operation.

Champion T233

The photo shows that a rounded handle of an unusual shape is installed here. She simplifies work in constrained conditions. If necessary, the operator can quickly change the capture position. This design is worse than a bicycle handle is adapted for manipulations with heavy equipment. But we must not forget that the weight of this model is only 5.4 kg. You can work with such equipment even without a shoulder belt (in standard configuration from accessories. only a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife).

Convenient mechanism for fixing the bar. With it, the length of this part can be quickly increased/reduced. The folding casing mechanism is useful during transportation, in storage mode.

For gasoline trimmers for Champion grass, reviews are mainly positive. Of the negative nuances, users note an uncomfortable bobbin for fishing line. Refueling a new tool. takes from 5 to 8 minutes. To release a new segment during operation, a strong blow is needed on a solid surface. On soft soil, the corresponding node does not work clearly.

Compact design: connecting the Huter GGT-1000s lawn mushroom in one block with tanks and a hand starter

Checking the spark plug in this case is possible without a difficult disassembly. The protruding part of this product is reliably protected from moisture and mechanical influences with a thick rubber lining. Drives and wires are installed inside. Wide gaps in the case do not prevent effective cooling.

How much are gasoline trimmers for grass for grass: market review

Trademark Model Engine power, l. With. Weight of technology, kg Price,
Stihl (stihl) FS 55 one 5 11900-15600
Husqvarna (Husqvarna) 128r 1.1 5 10900-13500
Al-ko 112387 FRS 4125 1.2 7 6800-12100
Patriot PT 3355 1.8 6.6 6500-9800
Hitachi (Hitachi) CG22EAS 0.85 4.7 9400-11200
Husqvarna (Husqvarna) 143r-II 2 7.6 19500-24600
Hitachi (Hitachi) CG40Y (t) 2.28 8.3 23400-25900
Champion (Champion) T527-2 7600-10400
DDE (DDE) GB43RD 1.65 10.5 5800-8900
Stihl (stihl) FS 130 1.9 5.9 26690-28900
Echo (echo) SRM-2655SI (L) 1.2 5.9 16800-20300
Champion (Champion) T233 0.87 5.4 6600-8900
Huter (Huter) GGT-1000S 1.3 7 4400-7300
Stihl (stihl) FS 38 0.9 4.1 7900-8800
Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 one 6.2 11800-13900

The of gasoline trimmers for cottage, other household and commercial objects are significantly different. Models of a professional level are more expensive, but they are originally designed for significant loads, so they retain consumer properties longer.

Important! It is recommended to study information about the repair of gasoline trimmers at home. This information will help restore the operation of equipment with your own hands quickly, without contacting expensive masters.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people began to master such an agricultural manual tool as a braid for grass. A lot of time has passed, and the needs of a person have not changed. Maintenance of the lawn in proper condition will not work, if you do not make a periodic haircut. Many owners of personal plots are increasingly wondering which tool to use for the cut of grass. The old grandfather’s method in the form of a wooden cuttings with a metal blade in modern times, in the presence of the latest technologies, is not very effective. He was replaced by a kind of lawn mower. Trimmer for grass.

This tool is a light bar, on the one side of which an electric or gasoline engine, and on the other. rotating head for fishing line or knife. This device is very mobile and independently. The global difference from a manual braid for grass is that the owner of a trimmer for grass does not need to make great efforts in order to cut his lawn evenly. However, there are many those trimmers on the market, working with which turns into flour. We will talk about what parameters to pay attention to, which cutting head to choose and why the handles of such tools can be of a ripe shape.

The best gasoline trimmers for grass in price and quality

When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, everyone strives to get a tool with an ideal combination of price and quality so that the technique justifies expectations and does not harm the budget. In this category you will not find a model of 5000, but you can choose an inexpensive and popular trimmer for grass. Representatives of the middle segment (semi.professional) are universal: equipment can be used for regular work in domestic conditions or periodic and short.term. in professional conditions. In narrow circles, such tools are the title of “farm”, thanks to the optimal combination of characteristics.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

One of the best trimmers in reliability for home use continues this category of rating. Recommended field of operation. mowing of grass, it is permissible to “intersperson” of a small shrub. The durable gasoline trimmer for grass is not highly performance and has an average power of 1 liter.With. But in conjunction with a fuel tank of 0.75 liters and a high.quality anti.vibration system, it is very light and convenient to use. No claims will arise to the reliability of the presented apparatus even after 5 years of operation.

  • start;
  • durability and reliability of internal nodes;
  • forged shaft;
  • small weight;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • repairs.


If you ask a professional which trimmer for grass is better to buy, you will undoubtedly be recommended by STIHL. The FS 55 model is the best unit in the price ratio. quality. The benzotrimmer is designed for regular use in domestic conditions: it will go both for the household and for servicing a large personal plot. In addition to the global brand, the owner of a trimmer for grass receives 1 liter.With. Power, balanced launch due to the implementation of the Ergostart system, a reliable electronic ignition system and all this at an affordable price.

Echo SRM-22GES

The light gas-22ges benzotrimmer is intended for small areas of 5-7 acres, however, as follows from the reviews, its strong side is in the highest quality of manufacture and reliability. A trimmer for grass can serve for a very long time without breakdowns, forgiving even heavy loads. So that the operator is not transmitted to vibrations, the design provides a vibration insulator that separates the bar and the motor. ES-START function and reduced starter resistance help to launch a non-warmed engine. over, a light start in conjunction with a relatively small weight makes the unit accessible to use even for women. The only drawback of the tool is a small power of 0.9 liters.C prevents hard grass to mow.

  • small weight;
  • good system of dumping vibration;
  • A great combination of price-quality;
  • high reliability;
  • Light start.

Husqvarna 128r

Husqvarna trademark is one of the leaders in the production of high.class gasoline technology. Model 128R is rightfully unique. this is a combination of reliability, excellent ergonomics, modern technologies and acceptable cost. This is the best gasoline trimmer for home grass. it is light, but hardy and ergonomic. Comfort is provided by Smart Start technologies. a lightweight launch of a gasoline engine, and Air Purge. swimming fuel with a primer. As well as the usual design and a comfortable bicycle handle. The model has an advanced e-tech II technology-a decrease in exhaust gas emissions without compromising performance and power. According to the owners, a trimmer for grass is easy to operate. a light replacement of filters, without the use of auxiliary tools, a lightweight start.up start.

  • The collapsible design facilitates frequent transportation;
  • a reel for fishing line and a knife in the kit;
  • Very small vibrations;
  • ergonomics;
  • durable and unpretentious to combustible materials;
  • Easy to start.

Professional benzotrimers are distinguished by endurance, high performance and the ability to work for a long time even in strict conditions. Their practicality and independence from the energy network bribes even those who are used to working only eclectic units. At the same time, the technical characteristics do not affect the scale, however, this does not prevent the tool from serving many times longer than more powerful and budget versions. Such a trimmer for the grass will work out without a time for a long time, demanding only periodic it is to replace worn.out consumables. A great advantage will be impeccable ergonomics and the absence of even small flaws of assembly.


The most powerful trimmer for grass in the ranking was made by the Stihl brand. The unit with a two.handed handle is designed to maintain forestry, garden work. The trimmer for the grass perfectly copes with the reeds, fallen grass, nettles, burdocks, when installing the knife “overpower” young trees and a knotted shrub. Technical side: light and start, reliable mounts, STIHL compensator prevents the oversaturation of the mixture, maintaining constant capacity. The electronic ignition system, a manual fuel pump and competent control, concentrated on one handle, completes the picture.

  • high power of the trimmer for the grass to match professional technology;
  • Soft shoulder straps evenly distribute the load;
  • the presence of a light start system;
  • reliability in work;
  • thoughtful design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • Lack of vibrations.

Husqvarna 143r-II

A good professional trimmer for grass is offered by Husqvarna. The high.class unit with proper maintenance will last for many years, attractive not only with quality and good assembly, which is characteristic of any professional equipment, but also comfortable operation. The anti.vibration system operates 100%, a trimmer engine for grass with a capacity of 2 liters.With. durable and hardy, which confirms numerous user response.

  • easy replacement of fishing line, reel and starter cord;
  • durable coupling;
  • good power supply;
  • anti.vibration system;
  • long time of continuous work;
  • Great quality to the smallest detail.

Echo SRM-350ES

This model is one of the best representatives in the class of professional benzotrimmers for hard work. SRM-350S with a power of 1.5 l.With. can mow small lawn grass, large and high weeds, weeds, shrubs, young trees. For this, a combined mount for a reel with a fishing line or knife is provided, both are included. Externally, this is a soundly made lawn mower of a standard design, but all the most interesting is hidden inside: ES-starth technology for easy starting excludes the “reverse blow” effect, a durable rubber vibro-insulator significantly reduced vibration to a minimum, covering the walls of the cylinder Hard Chrome. And these are only part of the advantages of a professional trimmer for grass from Echo, which included in the top-best from our editorial office. Especially users noted the simplicity of use and maintenance, the reliability of the starting device, a noticeably low fuel consumption and the low level of noise of the lawn mower.

  • Suitable for processing large areas;
  • It copes with prolonged loads;
  • Easy to start;
  • excellent build quality;
  • powerful and hardy;
  • noise and vibrations are inconspicuous.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

The gasoline trimmer for the grass of the Italian manufacturer is suitable not only for the home, but also for operation in professional conditions (improvement of garden and summer cottages, adjoining territory, parks, yards). In the best traditions of professional technology, the main emphasis was on the quality and reliability of a trimmer for grass. wear.resistant fists of the coupling, an aluminum engine support, self.losing bushings of a transmission shaft. The rod is made of aluminum, which reduces weight and excludes corrosion, the main bicycle handle with convenient lining in the place of grip. On a hard, forged straight shaft as a cutting element, you can put a knife or reel with a fishing line as a cutting element. As a result, users receive a simple, but good lawn mower who is not whimsical to domestic combustible materials and capable of working for many years even in Spartan conditions.

  • easy access to the air filter;
  • the engine and design are very reliable and durable;
  • not noisy in work;
  • convenient management;
  • The vibrations are inconspicuous.

Champion T333

A popular model weighing only 6.7 kg from a budget segment, which is a lot of positive reviews on the network that note both the quality of the assembly and the general reliability of the tool.

The lightest gasoline trimmer for grass for 6.7 kilograms. The most convenient model for long work and with high user grades, where it is praised for reliability and durability even at high loads.

Carver Promo PBC-52

Inexpensive, but at the same time the most equipped trimmer for grass, ready to work directly from the box and does not require the acquisition of some components.

One of the cheapest gasoline trimmers in the market. The cost of a model with rich equipment is a little more than 6 thousand, which is especially impressive, given the characteristics of the tool and its basic configuration, which includes everything necessary to start work.

Gasoline trimmer device for grass

The basis of a gasoline trimmer for grass is a bar, on which the cutting module, engine and tool control elements are located. Special belts during operation distribute the load on the operator.


Gasoline trimmers for grass are most often equipped with two.stroke engines, but there are models with a four.stroke engine.

Each internal combustion engine has a working cycle. a number of processes, as a result of which a portion of the force affecting the crankshaft is formed. The working cycle is:

expansion of gases and their withdrawal from the cylinder

The tact is called the movement of the piston in one direction (up or down). If the engine has a working cycle for two tacts (with one turn of the shaft), it is called two.stroke, if four. four.stroke. Fuel engines can operate on gasoline or diesel fuel, but only gasoline motors are used in garden trimmers.

Two.stroke engines are relatively simple, less weigh and are not afraid of low temperatures. They are cheaper than four-stroke, which is why they are popular. At the same time, two.stroke engines are no more noisy and give more harmful exhausts, so they are almost unsuitable for working in greenhouses and greenhouses.

For two.stroke engines, it is necessary to prepare a special fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil 2t. Typically, in the instructions, it is recommended to use gasoline with an octane number of more than 89, but the best option would be a fresh unhealthy AI-92. Gasoline with a higher octane number (95 and 98) contains additives that can be detrimental to the piston system of the motor, leading it to overheating and breakdown.

Each manufacturer has its own recommendations on what proportions to create a fuel mixture and which components to use. Conventional car oil in this case is not suitable, since it is created for water cooling engines. 2T oil is suitable for air.cooled engines. Some large brands for engines of their own production produce special oils.

Four-flowing engines on gasoline trimmers are much less common due to the fact that they are heavier and more expensive than two-stroke. However, such a technique is quieter, more economical and gives less harmful exhausts. For a quad.stroke motor, there is no need to prepare the fuel mixture, since the mechanism on pure gasoline works. The oil is also used, but it does not mix with the combustible, poured into a separate container, does not burn and serves exclusively for the correct operation of the engine.

Cutting equipment

As equipment in gasoline trimmers, a fishing line for a trimmer (cord) or cutting knives and discs is used.

The coil with the cord can be installed on any trimmer for the grass. The recommended diameter of the fishing line is always indicated in the instructions. With the help of the cord it is convenient to mow grass next to trees, fences, walls. The fishing line for trimmer copes well with dense thickets of grass, which is not too thick stems.

The cord supply system can be semi.automatic or automatic. The semi.automatic is more common: on the bottom of the coil is a button, by pressing the length of the protruding ends of the fishing line. Automatic system involves the supply of the motor at each turning on.

Almost all gasoline trimmers for grass are equipped with knives and cutting disks. The exception is only a few models with low power (up to 700 W).

Knives are metal and plastic. It is convenient to mow reeds with a knife, burdocks, prickly herbs with thick stems and cut the shrub, but the knife is not a universal equipment. The knife cannot be used where there is construction garbage, where you can hook stones or metal elements hidden in the grass. The probability of damaging the gearbox in this case increases greatly. To mow in places near trees, fences, walls and greenhouses is much more convenient and safer than a fishing line.


The bar can be straight or curved, have a collapsible or monolithic structure. Telescopic constructions in benzocos are not used.

Trammers for grass with a curved bar are somewhat more convenient in handling, but rotation from the engine to the gearbox is transmitted to them due to a flexible cable. Such a system is not too well adapted for high loads and short.lived. Models with a direct bar, where torque is transmitted due to the hard transmitting shaft, are better suited for intensive use.

It is easier to store and transport trimmers with a collapsible barbell in a car, but this design is less common, since it does not always guarantee a high safety margin of safety. Models with a monolithic bar are better with high loads and are more durable.


A gearbox is a module consisting of two conical gears that ensure the transmission of rotation from the engine to the cutting nozzle. Reducer gears require periodic lubrication. In the absence of lubrication, the moving parts fail much faster. The lubrication hole is located above the block of rotating nozzles.


The cutting equipment of a trimmer for grass is always protected by a casing (skirt). The casing protects the operator, do not let the garbage and small stones fly apart. A cutter is usually located on the casing. a sharp knife with which the excess fish length is removed.

many, liters, trimmer, tank


Since gasoline trimmers for grass rarely weigh less than 4 kilograms, special belts with fasteners and fasteners help to distribute the load. Belts can be shoulder or outbound type. Range distribute the load more efficiently and are considered a more preferred option.

TOP of the best manufacturers of gasoline trimmers

The efficiency, reliability and durability of the trimmer for grass directly depends on the quality of its components and how well the whole structure is thought out and developed. The leading world manufacturers invest a lot of funds in the creation of new models and are constantly improving existing rulers. We list several of the most famous brands whose technique deserves attention.

Huter is a German company, but is registered by entrepreneurs from specializing in the sale of generators and garden equipment. The brand catalog is electric, battery and gasoline trimmers for grass. Huter technique has a good quality and is inexpensive. Almost all products are collected in China.

many, liters, trimmer, tank

Patriot. a company, a large manufacturer of construction equipment, power tools and power equipment. Own production is organized in the completions for production are ordered in China.

Husqvarna. a Swedish company, one of the leading world manufacturers of a construction tool and professional equipment. All technique of very high quality and is expensive.

Makita is a world.famous Japanese company that specializes in the production of power tools. The assortment of the brand has a large selection of trimmers of everyday, semi.professional and professional class. Makita garden tools are reliable and durable.

ECHO. Japanese world.famous company. Produces tools and garden equipment of household and professional class. There are only gasoline motorcycles and black cutters in the catalog. All models are very high quality.

Hitachi. a Japanese world.famous company. Garden instrument produces under the brand Hikoki. Hikoki gasoline trimmers are relatively inexpensive and are of good quality.

These are only a few of the most famous companies whose products can be trusted. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer has budget models from this list that can be purchased for use in the country from case to case.

It was easier to choose the right model, we made a rating of the most popular gasoline trimmers of 2020. In the first part of the list, inexpensive trimmers for the grass for giving, in the second. the best models in the ratio of price/quality, in the third. a powerful trimmers for grass, which are great for daily work and are not afraid of high loads.

TOP 20 of the best benzotrimmers presented on the market

The rating below included both budget, but worthy attention of the model, as well as models of medium and expensive price segment, characterized by good reliability and durability.

Stavr “TB-1700LR”

Universal gasoline trimmer for grass, capable of cutting vegetation up to 1.2 cm thick. Thanks to the collapsible rod, the device is easily folded and placed in the trunk.

It is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with chrome cylinder, which provides a long service life and work without breakdowns.

The device is equipped with a hard shaft, a special protective casing and has an air cooling of the motor.

  • bevel width, cm. 44;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9500;
  • Motor volume, cube. cm. 53;
  • power, kW / l.C. 1.7/2.31;
  • Fuel tank, l. 1.2;
  • pen-folding, T-shaped;
  • weight. 8 kg;
  • The manufacturer-China (brand-the kit includes a coil with a fishing line, a 3-lobed knife, shoulder belt, hexagonal keys (2 pcs.) and wiper 8×10 mm, candle key, screwdriver, mounting kit and guidance. Price. 5800 r.

    • Fishing limiter.
    • Rich equipment.
    • Relatively small weight.
    • The engine starts the first time.
    • The ability to mow any grass without problems.
    • High power.
    • Collapsible bar, which allows you to achieve maximum compactness.
    • Grass is often clogged between the casing and the coil.
    • Large consumption. about 2 liters of gasoline for six “acres”.
    • Thin belt and weak carbine.
    • Low quality of the native coil for fishing line.
    • Large weight.

    Stavr TB-1700LR-a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass with a collapsible bar, convenient to use, transport and storage.

    Differs in light start.up, rich in equipment and acceptable noise. Rightfully enters the top and takes the 20th line of our rating.

    Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

    Model of a gasoline trimmer for grass with light access to an air filter, which simplifies service and allows you to quickly replace a contaminated element.

    The bicycle handle simplifies control and allows you to work for a long time without fatigue.

    The bar is made of aluminum, which excludes the appearance of rust and extends the service life of the product.

    Governing bodies are displayed on the handle, which simplifies control, there is a system of extinguishing vibrations and noise. A primer for quick starting is provided.

    • bevel width, cm. 40;
    • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
    • Motor volume, cube. cm. 25;
    • power, kW / l.C. 0.8/1.1;
    • Fuel tank, l. 0.75;
    • pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
    • weight. 6.2 kg;
    • Producer Country-China (brand-Italy).

    In addition to the lawn mower itself, the package itself includes a nozzle for grass, a suspension, a set of tools for assembly, instructions. Cost. 18,000 r.

    • The main elements are made of metal, which indicates high reliability.
    • Easily mowing thick grass with a fishing line with a square section.
    • Quickly starts “on hot”.
    • Low vibration level.
    • Substantial and reliable engine.
    • High.quality plastic.
    • Increased reliability even with active use.
    • Convenient management.
    • Difficulties are possible with the launch of the “cold”.
    • Not a very comfortable belt.
    • A container for downloading gasoline and oil is not provided.
    • The engine is poorly pulled if it is necessary to cut thick grass.
    • Expensive spare parts.

    OLEO-MAC SPARTA 25-a reliable gasoline trimmer for grass with a slight weight, a smooth launch and a large resource of work.

    Despite small Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the users, the device deservedly fell into our rating and is on the 19th line.

    ST-65M Stavmash (3.4 liters. C, 2500 W)

    Benzotrimmer with a comfortable T-shaped handle and the upper engine location. Thanks to a thought.out design, allows you to work for a long time without much fatigue.

    The engine has air cooling, which allows you to do without oil. The lock button is provided, the ability to work using fishing line and disk.

    • bevel width, cm. 44;
    • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
    • Motor volume, cube. cm. 52;
    • power, kW / l.C. 2.5/3.4;
    • Fuel tank, l. 0.95;
    • pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
    • weight. 7 kg;
    • The manufacturer is standard. Cost. 5800 r.

      • Easily mows grass of any thickness.
      • High power.
      • Small cost.
      • Convenient management.
      • Upper location of the motor, which simplifies control.
      • The ability to cut with a fishing line or disk.
      • Reliable gasoline motor with a good resource.

      ST-65M Stavmash is a universal apparatus from a well-known brand that is in demand among customers and is one of the best solutions among budget models. Located on the 18th line of our rating.

      What to look for when choosing

      The above models are included in the top of the best for 2022, but if desired, you can choose the option yourself. To do this, it is important to know the criteria that is worth paying attention to when buying.

      For manufacturers

      The most reliable include gasoline trimmers for grass from the following manufacturers.


      A German enterprise operating in many countries of the world with the main office in Vibelingen.

      Is engaged in the development, production and sale of chainsaws, trimmers and other motorized tools for the construction sector, rural and forestry.

      The STIHL assortment also includes batteries and electric trimmers for grass, special.purpose heaps and other similar equipment.

      All products are characterized by low noise, ease of work, slight weight and democratic price.


      A Swedish manufacturer engaged in the production of lawns and grass-beams, chain saws, bushes, vacuum cleaners, altitude and other equipment.

      Benzotrimmers of this brand are highly performance, low noise and emissions, loyal pricing policy.

      The features of the brand models include hollow rods with a wear.resistant shaft, the upper location of the engine, the durable cast reducer and a high.quality cutting set.

      Japanese brand engaged in the development and sale of equipment. The company produces chain saws, motorcycles and black cutters, blower devices and much more.

      The manufacturer’s products are characterized by good equipment, high quality parts and a long service life.


      A large Japanese concern with an office in Tokyo, who released the first product back in 1910.

      Benzotrimmers of this brand have economical and reliable engines, high.quality cutting elements and affordable price.

      Have a little weight, a comfortable belt and many protection elements.

      Other manufacturers, such as Huter, Makita, Patriot, Champion, Bosch, DDE, can also boast of quality goods at an affordable price.

      They have a good configuration, have earned many positive reviews, and their benzotrimers are included in the ratings of the best in terms of price and quality ratings.

      Sales indicators for manufacturers are shown below.

      Power choice

      When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must look at the power. If it is high, this indicates the ability of the engine to cope with complex tasks, for example, the removal of thick vegetation.

      Of the minuses of this option, it is worth highlighting a high price (not always), more weight and fuel consumption.

      To process the country, garden plots and with a rare use of the tool (up to two times a month), you can choose a small power benzotrimer. It will last for many years, and its purchase will not hit much on your

      For frequent use and long.term work, it is better to take trimmers for grass of higher power from proven brands, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna or Echo.

      many, liters, trimmer, tank

      They are distinguished by a longer resource and reliability, which explains a higher price.

      Trimmer design for grass

      Structurally, the rod of the benzotrimer can be straight, curved or collapsible.

      The first option is characterized by simplicity and reliability of use, used in the most part of the devices under consideration.

      The curved form allows you to reduce the total length and simplify the process of work in places.

      A collapsible bar is a big plus, implying the possibility of disassembling and reducing the total size of the device.

      For ease of use, a shoulder belt is provided, with which you can hang a trimmer for grass on the shoulder and transfer most of the weight to the back. This is very convenient when you need to work with a trimmer for a long time.

      The handles can be D- or T-shaped. The first option is compact and convenient for left and right-handed operators.

      But in general, T-shaped bicycle handles are more convenient, therefore, most often are used on light trimmers.

      The downside is that T-shaped handles are most often focused on right-handed users.

      The engine can be placed on top or below. The upper location is the best option for devices with medium and high power motors.

      This is due to the ability to unload the operator and simplify the movement during operation.

      The lower location of the engine implies a simpler design, but makes the work more difficult (especially with large engine weight).

      That is why the location of the motor from below is more suitable for low power trimmers.

      In rare cases, the engine can be transferred separately in the shoulder backpack.

      In some models of benzotrimmers, support videos and even wheels are found that allow you to roll the design on the ground and facilitate the process of use (see the photo above).

      The pluses of this design should include the support of the nozzle at the same height and the possibility of obtaining an almost perfect result. Of the minuses. weight gain and higher price.

      A large plus is the presence of a metal deck. an element of the case, which closes the knives.

      In more budget models, this element is made of plastic, but the metal is a more reliable and durable option.

      The main disadvantage of metal decks is the high price, which is especially true when using aluminum.

      Steel devices have a lower price, but also more weight. In addition, they require additional protection against rust.

      Functional features

      When choosing a suitable benzotrimmer, it is worth considering its additional functional features.

      • Blocking random inclusion.
      • overheat protection.
      • Fuel level indicator.
      • Collapsible shaft.
      • Adjustable / folded handles.
      • Handles for transportation and others.

      Huter GLM-5.0 L at the wheelbase

      This hybrid Motokos and lawn mowers in our ranking appeared not just like that, we claim an objective overview in the field of gasoline trimmers, this model deserves attention due to its design, which very strongly distinguishes it from ordinary trimmers with two.stroke engines located on a counterweight of a cutting element, and transferred only on the mower’s shoulder, this trimmer for grass has a pair of wheels and the engine based on the subframe, the uniqueness consists of its high power, which is already a four.stroke engine, as you know, such motors are able to issue good power at lower speeds than the “two.stroke” as a result What they have the smallest level of noise and vibration, which of course affects fatigue if the mowing of grass takes more than 1-2 hours. In addition, this Rimmer does not need to be dragged with you on the shoulder and adjust the level of a bevel of grass manually, constantly controlling the height of the cutting head with your hands, here you can put the height on the mowing itself and for even mowing you can only push the trimmer for the grass, regulating the engine speed in the engine in the engine. dependence on the density of the grass.

      For whom this model is suitable?

      The question when it is worth buying such a trimmer for grass with wheels, you can approach on the basis of users who bought this model, our recommendations for buying are one for owners of large areas, where it is impossible to use an ordinary four.wheeled lawn mower due to the irregularities of the site or high hard grass, as you know They are clogged with the pumping of areas with high grass, they also do not like irregularities, the same are still small, and here such a hybrid comes to the rescue

      Of course, if you are not afraid of the cost of this device can be safely bought, especially since this type of structure is much more reliable than a manual benzotrimmer, a four.stroke engine does not work at the limit of its capabilities, which means it will last a long time on your site, a large dirty and a thick stem bushed with teeth on the teeth “This monster, it is able to grind a thick burdock that has already thrown out the stem, cope with the pig or wheatgrass, which, as you know, is quite” viscous “grass for gaps.