Hours of Operation With a Perforator In a Residential Building

Hours of Operation With a Perforator In a Residential Building

With the rules on the time, when and how many hours it is possible to carry out construction work, make noise in the apartment according to the law, every citizen of the Russian Federation needs to be familiar with what rights they have and what consequences of their violations. This is especially true for repair and construction work, when they are very noisy, carried out with a drill, hammer drill, with the need to drill and knock for several hours.

Awareness will allow not only neighbors to assert their right to rest and peace in their own apartment, but also to do the necessary work for those citizens who make noise strictly up to the allowed time, no matter how much time and hours it takes, according to the law.


As for any regulatory documents that regulate when you can start drilling and how much you can make noise, to carry out construction, similar actions that make noise on weekdays and weekends, there is simply no single act. Therefore, each region of the Russian Federation has its own rules on the time of repair, how long it can last, which is allowed by law in an apartment. According to the same principle, for violation of these standards, for noise from repair and construction work during the prohibited time on weekdays and weekends, administrative liability is imposed, which is imposed on the violator in the form of a fine. For each region of the Russian Federation, the amount of the fine for noisy actions will differ.

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Existing norms and rules are in the interests of individuals as well as legal entities, for both parties to carry out repairs in the apartment, no matter how long they last. over, each region for which its own order is in force is guided by the Housing, Civil, Administrative Code, as well as the decisions of the Gosstroy of the Russian Federation.

Time frame

As noted above, according to the law there is no single normative act for the whole of Russia regarding the time for repair and construction work in the apartment, which are very noisy, how long they can last, how long they are allowed, when you can start on weekdays or weekends, etc. But, referring to the general regional order, we can distinguish the following mandatory requirements, what can and cannot be done:

  • it is forbidden to carry out repair operations, make noise on weekends and holidays, which are recognized as state ones;
  • noisy construction and repair processes in the apartment can be started from 9 am, after 19 they should be stopped, in some regions the deadline can be extended by an hour;
  • continuous noisy processes in the house should not exceed a duration of six hours, no matter how necessary, an obligatory hour break for longer actions;
  • it doesn’t matter how long the noisy repair and construction work is going on, they should not last more than three months by the time they are carried out;
  • equipment that emits noise above 40 dBA is forbidden to use in an apartment at home;
  • repair work is prohibited, because of which damage to adjacent apartments can be caused;
  • cluttering passages with construction waste is also prohibited by law.

Residential new building

The question of the time for repair, similar work on weekdays, as well as on weekends in the apartment of a new apartment building, namely a new building, deserves special attention, since there are some exceptions to it. First of all, it is worth noting that a new building is considered to be a house that was commissioned no more than a year and a half ago.

In such a house, repairs can be made and noise can begin at seven in the morning and end at eleven in the evening on weekdays and weekends. Noise is prohibited at night.

According to new changes, such noise is allowed exclusively for repair and similar works, for example, redevelopment of housing, which can be carried out, done only with permission. It is also important to note that strong building noise, no matter how long, is prohibited from an hour to three days. But what exactly is meant by repair work that can be carried out is not yet clearly indicated in the law.