How can you cut the bathroom tile. Types of tiles

How to cut the floor tiles

Very often, owners of apartments and houses decide to independently make repairs and lay ceramic tiles or ceramic tiles with their own hands. Regardless of whether you will lay floor tiles or wall, without such an operation as cutting tiles, you can not do.

In order to cut tiles as little as possible, you need to think over the way of laying it and then you can minimize the number of cut tiles.

In order to cut off the required size of the tile, you will need not only special tools, but also the skills of performing such work.


If when performing the angle, you have to cut the material, then the width of the elements should be at least half, otherwise such a coating will look ugly. If you are faced with the indicated work for the first time, then it is better to buy several tiles more and train them to cut them.

It is clear that you will ruin several elements, but you will acquire the necessary skills, understand how to carry out cutting correctly and further work will be performed simply, quickly and efficiently.

If we talk about cutting tiles, then everything is simple here. To do this, you can use ordinary glass cutter, also the indicated work can be performed using manual tile cutter.

For figured cut, you can use a hand.made lobby with a diamond wire or do it using an electrician with a special file. Equipment such as an electric tile cutter or corner grinder with a special disc is suitable for both tile cutting and working with porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tile has more hardness, so working with it is much harder.

When using mechanical tile cutter for these purposes, its knife will dull very quickly.

For cutting porcelain tiles, electric tile cutter is best suited, with it you can make both straight cuts and at an angle, make bends.

If you need to cut only a few elements, then buying such a tool is inappropriate, so you can take it for rent or work can be done using a corner grinder with a diamond disk.

Using glass cutter

If you need to cut several tiles, then you can cope with this with a simple and cheap tool. glass cutter.

For such work, a tool with a thin diamond disk is suitable, and not with a tip.

When working with porcelain tiles, glass cutter is not used, since this material is very solid.

If necessary, cut off a thin strip less than 1 cm wide, it will not work with a tile cutter.

If you worked with glass, you can cope with the tiles.

The tile is placed on a flat surface with the front side and apply a fishing line for a cutting trimmer using a marker.

A metal ruler is applied along the line and cut it when you pass the glossy part, you will need a slight effort to break.

If the windows are new, then it is enough to draw one fishing line for the trimmer, then it will be necessary to carry out several times with a tool along the cutting line.

After that, the wire or wooden bar is substituted from below, and evenly pressed to the edges of the tiles, after which it breaks clearly along the line.

The edges are processed with sandpaper and the work is done.

Manual tile cutter. how to use

With this tools, you can only make straight cuts along one of the sides of the tile or diagonally. The tiles have a base, the runners are fixed on it, a carriage and a cutting video are moving along them.

When the marking of the element is carried out, it is laid on the base, a video is set and when pressed on the handle, the process of cutting occurs.

Typically, the cutting tool is removable and if it is dull, it must be changed, be sure to follow this, otherwise you will not be able to do the work qualitatively. Using the specified tool, you can cut a wall or floor tile, but it will not be possible to cope with the porcelain tile.

The advantages of manual tile cutter are that the work is performed simply and quickly, it is inexpensive.

Of the minuses, it should be noted that it is impossible to make a curly cut, often the edges are uneven and they have to be modified with sandpaper, you can not cut stripes with a width of less than 5-6 mm.

Marking on the tile

Cut ceramic tiles with glass cutter does not represent much difficulties if you adhere to certain rules.

Having put it on an even surface, they mark 2 points with a thin marker, and draw a fishing line for a trimmer of the alleged cut. To do this, use a ruler or flat rail. It must be put on a line and you can start cut

In this case, it is important to hold the glass cutter correctly. He must be in an almost upright position

By pressing it with an effort with the index finger, you need to draw a line from the opposite side of the tile to yourself. An accompanying faint crackling sound and a thin feature notify that they cut ceramic tiles correctly. If the glass cutter is stupid or it was kept incorrectly, then small fragments will appear on the line. Before starting work, it is better to train on small pieces of material and understand how to cut ceramic tiles.

Is it worth using the ballerinka?

This tool attracts many newcomers, because at its low price, it promises unprecedented versatility in terms of choosing a diameter of the hole.

However, this impression is deceptive. During rotation, the carrier cutter describes the circle, and since the circle is a flat figure, its plane should coincide with the plane of the tile.

This, in turn, means that you need to keep the drill perfectly perpendicular to the plane of the tiles, which in practice is simply unrealistic.

No matter how you try, the drill will always deviate from the ideal position and as a result. the cutter will not smoothly remove ceramics, but beat on it, which often leads to a split in tiles. So it is better not to use this method.

Drilling holes with a drill on ceramics

For drilling small holes, it is best to use special ceramics drill. In the common people, such a drill is called “a pen of tiles”.

The working part of the drill has two identical cutting edges on the sides, which delicately scraped ceramics, erasing it into powder.

There is no complexity when using a pen according to the tile.

The main thing is to catch on the outer layer of glaze. To do this, start drilling at low speeds.

If the tiles are already laid, and you need to drill a hole in the wall, then first drill the tile itself with a drill on ceramics, and then we change the drill to the winning (by concrete) and continue to drill.

To begin with a little theory

Ceramics in itself. rather fragile material. But the glaze, which is covered with facing tiles. on the contrary, is quite strong. It not only creates a decorative coating, but also strengthens ceramics.

Accordingly, in order to cut ceramic tiles, it is necessary to loosen the glazed coating. To this end, a continuous scratch is applied from one edge to another.

With a high tension at the beginning of the scratch (at the time of pressure on the tile), the thin glaze cracks exactly along a given path. And with her. all ceramics.

How can you cut the tile

There are actually a lot of ways. And it’s good that there is a lot. Because every master can choose the most suitable way for himself, depending on the situation.

With the help of a nail

Cutting tiles with a nail is, of course, a rather exotic way. However, he is a worker. To cut one tile, one nail is enough.

If you need to cut several tiles, then it is advisable to use several nails or one, but the best. But in any case, you will have to periodically undermine it, since do not forget that it is made of low.carbon steel.

Using glass cutter

Most often for cutting tiles manually, glass cutter is used. The principle of cutting is the same as in a tile. Unlike a nail, it does not need to be grinded, because the cutting video is rather hard.

If you purchase a tile, there is no way, for small volumes of glass cutter, it is quite a working option.

Using a tile cutter

Titty cutter is a faithful assistant to any tile. The design of the tool allows you to perform both cutting tiles and its broken.

The basis of the tile cutter is the bed, along which the rib passes in the center. it concentrates the voltage exactly along the cut line so that when pressed the tile breaks exactly where it is necessary.

The supports are fixed along the edges of the bed, on which the guides are held.

Typically, guides are a couple of round rods. the carriage moves along them on plastic bushings or bearings.

Also, the guide can be one. in the form of a rail, and the carriage in this case moves only on the bearings.

A cutting video, a clamp (or a paw) and a lever that performs two functions are attached to the carriage:

With the help of a sheath for a hacksaw

This method is not as popular as the previous ones, but it can also be used to cut tiles.

tile, types, tiles

In this case, a canvas for a hacksaw for metal acts as a cutting tool. But not ordinary, but with carbide-wolframic spraying.

Such a canvas can easily not only cut ceramic tiles, but also cut a full.bodied brick.

Before cutting, it is useful to soak the tiles in warm water for 40-50 minutes. (except for porcelain tiles), this will give a triple effect:

It is not worth maintaining tiles in water for a longer time. it will deteriorate. It is possible to supply water to the cutting zone when using a corner grinder without a special device.

Craftsmen attach the hose to the casing of the tool and connect it to the water supply. An easier option is to invite an assistant and arm it with the same hose or spray made of a plastic bottle.

Cooling with water allows:

When using an electric tile cutter with a bath under the desktop, the water in it is often changed. Otherwise, the garbage accumulated in large quantities is captured by the disk, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of cutting. If you don’t want to mess with this, you need to choose a model with a supply of running water.

Oblique lines and curly edges

Very often, tiles are laid in non.standard rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to cut it not in a straight line, but to form a more complex shape than a rectangle. Oblique cutting can be performed by almost any previously described tool.

The technology of cutting such non.standard products consists of such consistent steps:

  • First of all, you should accurately and evenly break the tile into several figures. The main thing is that the final result can be adjusted to a specific place of installation.
  • Cutting is performed by corner grinding, tiles or other tools. If you need to cut along several lines, then the best option will be the tool that completely cuts through the entire thickness of the tiles. The material is not processed to the end of the lines so that chips do not form. When all the elements are cut out, you should just carefully break off or knock out an extra piece.

As for the formation of complex figures, then only hydro.carbonated cutting will help you here. With its help, you can process almost any tiles with both spraying and classic. If you need to remove the chamfer, then special machines are used for such purposes that are equipped with the corresponding in shape circles. In this case, not only the angle can change, but also the shape of the end.

Useful tips

Working with tiles requires some skills. To get a high.quality and beautiful cut, you should adhere to several recommendations:

  • Using an electric tool, all safety rules should be followed. Process the materials carefully and slowly.
  • Do not try to cut the tile of the corner grinder completely in one pass. It is advisable to initially cut out a small groove, repeating this in several approaches.
  • Cut curly elements (for example, snowflakes) from ceiling and other tiles best with the help of corner grinders, drills and other tools.
tile, types, tiles
  • Give preference only to quality tools. This is especially true for diamond discs and crowns that quickly fail.
  • Capal of ceramic tiles can be facilitated if it is soaked in water for a while. This will lead to softening its structure, which minimizes the risk of chips.

Tile cutting technology differs depending on the selected material. To simplify this process, select a quality tool that is optimally suitable both in terms of quality and efficiency.

Use angular grinding

Tiles can be cut using an angular grinding machine. This tool helps to make a perfectly even cut with exact dimensions.

However, in order to get such a good result, you need to buy the right disc for a machine. There are many models on the market, but you need a disk with spraying from diamond crumbs.

The main thing is that the size of the baby was as low as possible.

Conducting hydro.carbonated cutting

This method of cutting appeared not so long ago, but he has already gained some popularity among users.

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  • Its essence is to use water to cut tiles.
  • A powerful stream of water easily cuts the material, while the tile is not subjected to temperature.
  • Thanks to this, it is not damaged.
  • The result will also be accurate and even.

Using alternative tile cutting methods, you can do work without buying expensive equipment.

Varieties of cuts

There are several different cuts by which you can cut ceramic tiles.

Consider each of them individually so that you can choose the most optimal option for specific conditions.

  • Direct cut is a cut of tiles in a straight line. This type is recommended to be used if it is necessary to make a few smaller ones from one whole tile, the same size. This method is used to create small patterns of tiles of the same type.
  • Round holes in the tile. This method is much more complicated, however, it allows you to create a more original and interesting appearance of the finish, it is extremely rare at home.
  • Figure cut is used if it is necessary to cut certain forms from whole tiles. It can be rectangles, triangles, circles and other elements.

The mosaic cut, if it is supposed to be used to create small elements, followed by the purpose of creating a single picture, it can also be attributed to a figure cut.

The methods below are perfect for cutting tile, ceramic tiles at home, due to the lack of the possibility of using a professional tool.

Corner grinder

This tool can be found actually in any pantry or garage, if necessary, it can be bought, it is inexpensive. In addition, with this tool, you can easily cut the tiles at home, you only need to have basic skills to work with this device.

  • In order to carry out the correct and high.quality cut using this tool, it is necessary to use a high.quality circle to work on stone, as well as protective devices of the organs of vision, breathing and hand.
  • With the help of this tool, you can carry out direct and figured cuts, it is quite possible to even cut even circles, diameters of at least 5 cm, but this is possible only with a great experience in the master.
  • In order to facilitate the process of work, it is necessary to apply landmarks for subsequent cutting. Further, according to these landmarks, it is necessary to create recesses with any sharp object, this will improve the quality of the work on the tool.

It is also recommended to be carried out not on the floor, but on any, stable elevation. Previously, a piece of any board must be placed under the tile, so as not to spoil anything during operation.


This tool is very underestimated by many masters, but it may well be used for cutting tiles if there is no professional tool and corner grinder.

  • For TGO, so that with this device you can beautifully and correctly cut the tiles, you will need to install a file on it on it, which will allow you to work with several varieties of tiles.
  • Also, do not forget about safety requirements, it is necessary to use protective glasses, gloves and protection of the respiratory system, because dust will form, which can adversely affect human health.

Particular attention should be paid to this tool if it is necessary to carry out a curly cut, because with the help of an electrician you can easily create very sharp angles and transitions. Such a tool is perfect if it is necessary to cut complex figures from tiles.

Glass cutter

This tool is used at home in extreme cases, if there are no other options. A feature of the use of this tool is that only direct cut can be carried out.

It is also worth considering that the width of the tiles that has to be cut should be at least 2 cm in width.

  • Before applying glass cutter, you need to create an approximate scratch so that the cut is the most neat and clear.
  • To do this, use a metal line and household (stationery knife).
  • Pay attention, working with this knife is as neat as possible, it will be enough to apply a deep scratch to the glossy surface, after which it will be possible to work as a tool.

Shock on the sharp corner

A very risky method, it is used only if there is no need for even split, because in this way it will not be possible to get it.

The main condition is the presence of an acute and durable angle, which is not deformed when the tile is hit. It can be a metal corner or wooden beam.

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  • It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the blow should be from a distance of 5-8 cm, and should be as sharp as possible.
  • You need to take the tile with two hands, on both sides of the edge.
  • A blow can be applied in fact at any angle, at which it is convenient, the main conditions are sharpness, distance and fortress of the angle, which will be struck on.

This method is often used for the convenience of transporting old tiles, large in size. After her dismantling, so that it is convenient to carry it, it is broken on the corners, thus reducing it in size. It is not recommended to use this method to reduce new tiles.

Cutting papillary with corner grinder

Cramping of ceramic tiles at home is performed by means of corner grinder. If there is no specialized tool for ceramics at hand, then the corner grinder is always under a fray. In addition, there are cases in which you need to perform a thin adjustment, cutting off only a thin strip of 0.5–2 cm. In this case, the tile cutter will not help because.

How to cut ceramic tiles at home using a corner grinder? It is enough to take a pencil or a marker, make a fishing line for a trimmer on a wastewater, and then cut. In the process, follow the heating. Do not cut it in one approach. Otherwise, the product may crack. For the desired result of a corner grinder, they are made smooth, without pressing.

Advice! It is necessary to pass the corner grinder along the drawn line not along the center itself, but along the line, from the side of the trimmed part. Cutting ceramics along the strictly planned line, the fragment will become smaller by a couple of millimeters.

How to cut a corner grinding with a ceramic tile? There are some tips for this:

  • The process is better to be carried out by weight, in which case the vibration from the tool will be compensated by the hands.
  • After cutting the edges can be inaccurate. Therefore, in the place of the first cut, a neat repeated pass is made.
  • Enjoy paper will help to smooth out irregularities.
  • Corner grinder is a very dangerous tool. To protect yourself, you should put on gloves, wide protective glasses or screen in front of a harsh. Need tight clothes, and shoes are leather.

Choosing a cut disk

It is important to know which disk to cut ceramic tiles. Only metal discs with diamond spraying are suitable for this purpose. However, 3 types of such products are sold on sale:

Crampling disk can be recognized by missing holes on the attack. She is uniform and smooth. As for concrete discs, they are made with slots. Using such discs, severe vibration will form during cutting. This is fraught with the destruction of the facing material and the appearance of chips on it.

Important! Shards formed along the cutting of the cut. The probability of getting injuries is increasing.

Using manual tile cutter

It is such a tool that is most often used when working with facing material, because for this it was created. Ceramic tile cutting a machine is used by both masters and amateurs. It is enough to buy it in the nearest construction store. The price depends on the size. The minimum for an additional price is provided an improved option to cut ceramics at an angle of 45 ° for joining.

note! Do not buy the cheapest tile cutters. They can break the finishing material, due to the incorrect balance of the elements.

How to cut ceramic tiles at home with a tile? Instructions:

  • Ceramics are installed in a tile cutter. There is a special mark on the tool. Tile trimmer fishing line, made as a guide for cutting, should converge with a tag.
  • The handle of the tile cutter drops, after which the handle is drawn along the tiles from the tile with a smooth movement, at one speed and pressure. It is necessary that the video cuts the coating (glaze) to uniform depth. It is enough to perform one wiring. It is not recommended to make several passes. They will not improve the cut, but only aggravate the situation. Microscopic discrepancies are created and the final break will turn out to be low.quality.
  • There are special paws on the tile, with which you need to break the cut product. The movement is sharp and strong.
tile, types, tiles

There is a metal tubercle on the platform of the tile cutter. It is protected by soft lining that helps tiles not to damage after the fault.

What tools are used for cutting

A full list of tools used to cut and drill porcelain tile includes manual or electrical devices.

Handing tiles

A cutting element in a manual tile cutter, as in the glass cutter, is a video, but not carbide, but diamond. When rolling with a clamping force along porcelain tile, microcracks form in the surface layer. Next, the tiles are broken into two parts.

Manual tiles are used as follows:

  • Check the condition of the tool: you need to make sure that the video is sharply sharpened and firmly fixed, and the carriage has no backlash. Dumb edge and shook supports will affect the quality of the cut. In this case, the video is changed. If he dangles from side to side, it is necessary to tighten the fasteners. When jamming the carriage, in the guides, when moving, the bearings are changed or the guides are cleaned, lubricated with machine oil. The same is done if there is a backlash. It is useful to drip oil on the video so that it is easier to turn and wear out less.
  • Based on the results of the measurements, a fishing line for a trimmer cut is applied to the tile.
  • Put the module on the base of the tool so that the video passes exactly along the line. In this case, the carriage is installed on the tile with supporting paws so that its cutting element does not touch.
  • With an effort, pressing the tile with one hand to the base, the other is taken by the handle of the tool and set the carriage in the working position: the supports are removed and the video is placed on the tile.
  • They bring the video to the beginning of the cut line and, pressing the handle, roll it along the module from one edge to the other. For a high.quality cut, constant effort and speed of movement are required.
  • With the second hand they continue to hold the tile, preventing its shift.
  • Then the carriage is again installed with supporting paws on the tile and continuing to hold the module with your hand, with pressing the handle it is broken. With low cut quality, the edge is polished by a corner grinder armed with a cutting disk over stone.

The section must be made in one pass. With a repeated rolled roller, the cut will turn out to be uneven.

Electric tile

Electric tile cutting cuts a disk with diamond spraying, rotated by an electric motor. In addition, the engine moves the table along the cut line with a tile fixed on it or a head with a disk (depends on the model).

Discs called sparks are used. They provide a slice of high quality, but need liquid cooling. Two cooling methods are used in different models:

  • The speed of the disk rotation at the beginning and end of the cutting slows down.
  • The tile is held with hands with sufficient effort to avoid vibration. The module is pressed with hands on both sides of the cut.
  • When using a tool with non.flowing cooling, the water in the container is changed more often, otherwise the disk will capture the garbage accumulating in it, which will negatively affect the quality of the cut and the resource of the cutting element.

The disk clogged with a crumb is cleaned by cutting a brick from pressed sand or setting it with the back (in the absence of a indicator of the required direction of rotation).

Corner grinder

To cut porcelain tiles, a cutting disk with diamond spraying is also installed on an angular grinder, but designed for dry cutting (dry cutting).

It consists of segments, which is why the heat sink improves, but the quality of the cut is deteriorating.

Rules for choosing a disk for cutting porcelain tiles:

Matters which way the disk rotates. When installed by the wrong side, the cut is low.quality and the traumatic hazard of the tool increases.

When cutting porcelain tiles, corner grinders adhere to the following rules:

tile, types, tiles
  • The disk is periodically examined and when chips and other damage are detected. they change.
  • The tile is fixed with clamps. It is useful to attach a steel strip along the cutting line. then it will be easier to cut off the tiles smoothly.
  • The operation is performed in one pass. Cutting disk is accompanied by the formation of chips and the more passes there are, the higher the percentage of such defects.

The tile is cut not in size, but with a margin of 2. 5 mm. It will allow you to polish the edge, removing chips and cracks. Grinding is performed around stone.

If the edge is supposed to be hidden with a baseboard or corner and therefore high requirements for its quality are not presented, the grinding can not be done. Also, in this case, it is not necessary to dissect the tile completely: it is cut and then broken.

Eyes protect with glasses, the respiratory tract. a respirator, because a lot of dust is formed. It is possible to reduce its amount in the surrounding space in the process of work, with the help of a construction vacuum cleaner. This will need an assistant.

In order to less damage the front surface, it is recommended to first cut a shallow furrow in it, and then select the remaining material on the back.

A circular saw

You can turn the circular into electric tile cutter by replacing the disk saw with a detachable disc with diamond spray. The tile will have to be served manually to the disk, so you need to act very carefully.


This tool can be used to cut porcelain tiles of small thickness. To do this, it is armed with a thread with diamond spraying.


Kusachki can break off the edge of a small width-within 1-1.5 cm. To make the cut more even, you can first walk along the tile with glass cutter.


This tool is used to perform large.diameter holes in porcelain tiles.

Reminds the compass: has a central drill and one or two incisors on the legs designated aside.

The distance between the central drill and incisors, and, accordingly, the diameter of the opening of the opening, are regulated.

The choice of tools

For one.time work, it is impractical to purchase a specialized tool. It is more rational to use a corner grinder, which is a universal tool and available in each household.

For dissection by a curve, manual tile cutter is not suitable. Only a hydro.carbrane installation, an angular grinder, an electrolobian and, if there is an appropriate skill, electric tile cutter will cope with this task.

Non.specialized tool does not allow you to perform pruning efficiently. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a combined approach to the home master: most of the modules, the edges of which will be hidden by a skirting board or a corner, cut on their own with a corner grinding or manual tile, and those that will be in sight, take the workshop for cutting with an electric tile.cutting cutter or a hydro.carbard installation.

In view of the absence of pores, porcelain tile is an extremely hard material, therefore, to cut it, you need to choose the right tool and equipment. It is more quickly and more convenient to use an electric tool, manual tiles are suitable only with small volumes of work.