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Electric Gaykowert. Wheel Specialist!

During work, difficult situations are often found when the use of a wrench alone becomes clearly insufficient. Then you have to pick up special tools: they help in working with details that have a thread. Among them you can distinguish an electric screwdriver and a gaykowert. These technical devices serve for one goal. to accelerate work associated with a large number of nuts used, bolts and screws. At the same time, despite the similarity of the tasks to be solved, they have a number of significant differences. It will be possible to learn about this and which of the tools can be used from the view below.

An electric screwdriver is an electric tool, the main purpose of which is to carry out work on screwing or twisting various screws, bolts and screws. You can only imagine how much time it will take to screw several hundred screws manually when assembling, for example, a regular cabinet for things or tools for tools. Using this device, all work will take a few minutes. In addition, this power tool has some other additional opportunities:

  • use as a wireless drill;
  • replacement using special nozzles of ordinary hexagonal keys;
  • illumination function in conditions of insufficient visibility.

Electric electrical screwdriver is convenient because it can screw the screws to a given depth. Therefore, all the screws of the screws will be located in one plane, which will give the work a beautiful and finished look.

Additional functions of screwdrivers

Modern equipment has a number of additional functions to greatly simplify its operation. These functions include:

The speed of rotation is very important for the operation of an electric screwdriver, since the more revolutions per minute the tool, the less load on the engine.

  • The shock mechanism is a rather useful function that allows you to drill holes in stone and brick.
  • A pulsed increase in torque is useful for easier drowning fasteners into the material, when unscrewing the stuck self.tapping screw or drill.
  • The backlight is an relevant addition when working in places or in places with poor lighting. The most successful option is the placement of the light source above the battery block.
  • An important function of the device is the ability to regulate the speed of rotation. Almost all modern models are equipped with such a function. With its help, you can independently set the necessary speed of rotation of the drill, which allows you to better perform the tasks.

The device of the battery gaycover

The design is usually formed by the following set of components: battery block, handle, corps base and cartridge. Inside, a working technical filling is made, on which the operational capabilities of a particular model depend. As an optional addition, the tool can be provided with LED lighting lamps, an auxiliary handle and other retaining devices. At the same time, almost every modern model is supplied with ventilation holes.

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As for the energy supply system, the battery-through stresses are most often eaten from lithium-ion batteries. Although there are also models with a universal principle of battery charge, which also allow the use of nickel-cadmium elements.

Features of shock nuts

A few years ago, a light manual power tool did not at all suggest the principle of shock action. This opportunity was initially endowed with peorators, but this was their natural functional ability to destroy solid.state materials. The Gaikover is about a somewhat different principle of shock action. In the process of work, rotation is carried out not with constant and uniform force, but with shocks that do not act in a straight line in the direction of screwing, but to the side. This function provides a more effective work process, facilitating the physical voltage of the operator’s wrist.

Of course, different models may differ in the nature of the shock effect. For example, the Bosch battery stresses already in the models of the initial segment provides a frequency of 3000 beats/min, and in the families of little.known manufacturers this indicator can only correspond to the flagship versions.

What are the differences between the Gaikovers and the screwdrivers?

As you know, screwdrivers are created specifically for working with fasteners and for drilling holes.

In the presence of adapters, they work without problems paired with a end head head.

However, this tool is intended for small work, while the Gaikovert is considered a tool for professionals.

Gaykowerts are much more powerful, they give out a greater torque.

Gaikwortes are greater and heavier than screwdrivers.

Gaykowert does not have a cartridge as such.

Instead of it, a rod is installed with a mount specifically for the end of the end heads.

Unlike the Gaykowert, the use of which is limited by design and functionality, the screwdrivers are universal, solve a wide range of problems.

For example. In addition to working with fasteners, they can be used as a drill, while having many adjustments.

The principle of work of the Gaykowert

The shank with the wiper head is driven by the engine through the gearbox, which are installed inside the gaycorta case.


Some models of gaykortes twist only in one direction. for screwing, t.e. They have no reverse function (return).

On universal models, a reverse move (on the unscrewing) is activated by the switch on the case.

The tool can be powerful from a household power supply or battery.

Pneumatic options use the energy of compressed air, and hydraulic. fluid energy under pressure.

Twisting parameters

The high level of this working characteristic reflects the ability of the tool to work with large nuts and screws that are very rusted. If you try to use it when manipulating with small screws, then you risk deform and remove the head. The size of the torque should correspond to the diameter of the nut:

  • For a class of class M12, a tool is enough with the largest point of 100 nm;
  • nuts that do not exceed the M18 require a parameter of 250-300 nm;
  • To twist or twist the M20 screws, as well as conduct tires for tires and twisted rusticated structures, appropriately with an instrument of more than 600 nm.

The possibility of adjusting the torque for specific goals and design is especially welcome.

Features of the cartridge

For different types of nuts having a certain diameter and shape, a separate type of cartridge is intended. The parameters of the torque are also taken into account. The equipment will be useful with additional adapters or universal cartridges.

A hexagonal type for a quarter of an inch is equipped with a small tool in power. You can carry out manipulations with cross bits within 1-3 and nuts to M12. Bits for shock screwdrivers require a 3/8-inch cartridge, and a square type of half-inch is suitable for M8-M20 nuts.

Models per inch or ¾ inch of a square shape are often used in production, when working with metal structures or trucks.

Shock mechanism

The shock mechanism itself is very useful in the Gaikovert. Its presence allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of this tool. If you recall, then each of us at least once pounded with a hammer on a sour bolt or nut, when he could not unscrew it. The strike mechanism in the Gaikovert performs this action with a high frequency, and this frequency is regulated (including automatically) at different stages of twisting (unscrewing).

Types of the shock mechanism are diverse, as many as 7 are used in gaykoverts:

  • One.sided action. one revolution is equal to one impact;
  • Double action. one revolution is equal to two blows;
  • Bespaltsevo clutch;
  • Finger clutch;
  • One.sided clamp;
  • Bilateral clamp;
  • Fist clutch.

All these species can be incomprehensible to the ordinary user. But they in their own way affect the operation. Parameters such as durability, vibration, applicability on an industrial scale, and fatigue of the operator are influenced.

Types of shock mechanisms of nuts

Taking into account such criteria, the leader for domestic use is a gaykowert with a double.acting strike mechanism, since it is easy to maintain, durable, has reduced vibration and leads to less user fatigue. For work on an industrial scale, mechanisms with one.sided and bilateral clamp clutch are more often used.

Types of nuts

There are three types of similar tools. hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical. It is not possible to use the first two modifications in everyday life, as a rule, since the use of additional, sometimes quite impressive in mass and unsafe equipment is required.

Pneumatic gayworts are indispensable at the maintenance stations of vehicles, at various industrial facilities. They are able to unscrew even those nuts that sit “tightly”. Caused such an increased performance of the instrument by its large torque. The market presents pneumatic devices of unstressed and shock type. The latter are indispensable in those situations when it is required to make significant efforts to unscrew or twist the joints.

For the operation of the hydraulic gaykowert, it requires the creation of a flow of oil (sometimes a different liquid). Such a tool can be performed in an angular form or in the usual one, which allows you to use it in those places of any design where it is very difficult to get (for example, under the hood of the car).

gaikovert, battery, speed

For a simple person, the best option is an electric network or a battery of a shock gayword, which is not ranked for professional equipment, but performs its functional tasks perfectly.

How to choose?

For the domestic use of a shock gaykorte, you should pay attention to the models equipped with a spindle ½ inch. It is designed to install sizes from 8 mm to 32 mm dimensions. This means that this tool can unscrew a small nut in the inside of the table and, if necessary, a car bolt.

The main attention when choosing the necessary model should be given to a protracted mechanism. This indicator reports on the pressure power on the mounting element. Too weak the device will not be able to affect a rusty bolt.

Ideally, the household gaykowert does not have superpowers, respectively, the torque should not exceed 160 nm. If the tool is necessary for professional work in the construction sector, it is best to pay attention to powerful devices with a torque of 700-1000 nm.

Another feature of a quality device is the case. It is very important that it is made of metal, not plastic. Of course, instruments with plastic cases are lower, but wear is much faster. On the other hand, the portable gaykort in the plastic shell is not inferior to its brothers with a metal shell.

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gaikovert, battery, speed

When choosing a pneumatic gaykort, it is necessary to view not only the device itself, but also its addition. For example, a compressor, without which the tool cannot work, is better to choose with a rolling function, that is, on wheels, which is very convenient when moving around the working area.

In the variety of electroger.furters models, the best copy is distinguished by quiet and even work.

Unfortunately, underground analogues, although inferior in price, but they are quite loud, and in the process they can sharply pull.

How to choose a battery gaykort

Ratings, friends and other sources of information help to make the right choice of power tools, but do not completely guarantee that it will be the perfect gaykowert. First of all, you need to know the main parameters yourself. Based on them, it will be easier to choose the most suitable gaykowert that will cope with the task.

The battery gaykoVERT is useful not only in the garage, but also to carry out repairs in the room


The parameter is considered the importance. He is paid attention to first of all. It depends on the power of torque whether the electroga.controlle will cope with the torn off the nut. If the battery tool has a weak parameter, it will not tear out acidified metizes. However, too much a supply of power of torque will also not go in favor. The tool will simply tear the nuts from the thread.

Advice! Masters recommend buying a gaykortes with the function of adjusting the torque. Such a power tool is suitable for all occasions.


It depends on the size of the cartridge, which nuts will cope with the battery tool. However, there is one rule here. The size of the cartridge is closely related to the power. If you put a large cartridge on the battery, low.power tool, it will not cope with unscrewing the nut. Manufacturers take into account this nuance. Most often, they compose power tools with a universal cartridge. Adapters for suitable nuts are attached to it.

Spindle rotation speed

Only the speed of work depends on the number of revolutions of the working shaft. The greater the speed, the faster it will turn out to unscrew or tighten the nuts.

Battery capacity

Each manufacturer equips his own battery. Sometimes it does not come in the kit. It is bought separately. The duration of the GaikoVERT without recharging depends on the battery capacity of the battery.


The price is always overestimated for well.known brands. However, it is better to choose the battery of the battery, and not to chase meager discounts. Cheap power tool will quickly disappoint. Parameters may not match the declared characteristics. Instead of unscrewing the nut, the tool will simply “mumble”. The battery of cheap nuts is also not designed for long.term work.

Which battery gayword to choose for garage

Any power tool is always chosen taking into account the conditions in which it has to work. If a gaykover is needed to perform small tasks in a house or garage, do not overpay for professional models. There will be enough ordinary battery model, but not a Chinese fake. Optimally give preference to branded products. Well, if there is a set of the battery and a set of heads.

The concept of “the most powerful”. extensible. Each class has a large.power accumulative tool. If you take professional electroger.envelope, then the weakest of them will win from any household model by power. The battery tool of this class is designed for continuous operation in a car service conditions.

The power tool of the brand Dewalt can boast of high power

There is a separate type of specialized electroger.envelope. They are designed to perform certain tasks. For example, a tie.up tool is used on tire fitting, where trucks are served. Naturally, in terms of power, such gaykortes surpass many professional models.

What to choose pneumonskover for trucks

Large cargo vehicles. From contact with moisture, they rust, the threads sour. To unscrew the wheel or disassemble another node, you will need a powerful pneumatic nut with a function of impact. Choose a professional tool with maximum power and torque. The pneuman carpet will cope with rusty nuts, while not tore the thread.

For freight vehicles, professional gaywo versions with maximum power and torque are used

How to choose a pneumatic ovation for a car service

The functionality and parameters of the tool for a car service need expanded, since you will have to perform different tasks. Pneumonskoireword requires professional, but less powerful than for freight vehicles.

  • Idle is closely related to the power. The optimal parameter is from 3 thousand. rpm.
  • For a hundred, the tool should have a torque from 1.5 to 2.8 thousand. Nm.
  • Air consumption. from 500 to 700 l/min.

Pneumonskoireword is always chosen with a margin in all parameters by about 45%.

For a car service, they use professional pneumons and tools operating from the battery

How to choose a pneumatic gaykort?

Be sure to purchase a pneumatic tool compatible with the compressor for working pressure and air consumption. The importance has a set, it is better to choose a gaywortens in cases with additional consumable accessories. Consider other nuances affecting the right choice of a pneumatic gaykoVert:

  • An unstressed tool is suitable for working with sensitive mechanisms where great efforts are not required and the maximum accuracy is needed.
  • Shock devices will help out when unscrewing rusticated, old connections, and also in working with great fasteners.
  • The ratchet mechanism is good for small loads, it is often used in corner pneumons.
  • Tightening power is the most important nuance. The most running parameter is 30-3000 nm, the maximum values ​​are selected based on specific conditions.
  • A spindle with a 1/2 inch landing spindle is suitable for a car service. To work with a thread of up to 25 mm. 3/4 inches, for heavy loading equipment (thread more than 50 mm). from 1 to 1.5 inch.
  • The weight of the device. with a heavy tool, the hands get tired faster, but too light pneumonskiwort is worse tightly tightening the nuts with great efforts.
  • The composite case is easier, stronger, more practical.

Rating of pneumatic gaycroverts

Studying the top of the newest models of tools for working with threaded fasteners, it is easier to choose devices for a personal workshop. We suggest considering the best pneumatic gaywo verses in different categories:

Shocky gayworms

A tool that significantly facilitates the life of the large number of builders, installers, repairmen, mechanical shutters of car services. an impact (it is also impulse, tangential, radial) gaykowert, also called a screw control and an electric screwdriver. It allows you to quickly and reliably screw the bolts and nuts of different diameters, as well as unscrewing the metizes, including those who have been boiled and declined. How this tool works? What is the difference between models? What to pay attention to when choosing?

The main difference between the shock gaykowert and a conventional drill-electrical screwdriver is that its maximum torque exceeds a similar parameter of a more familiar tool ten times. This allows, for example, it is easy to turn the welded nut, almost instantly tighten the attaching wheel bolt, wrap a 200-mm screw in the tree of the tree without preliminary sprinkling. At the same time, the mass.body characteristics and the capacity of the tools of two types of tools are comparable, but the moment of return on the case during operation by pulsed nuts are very small. That, the laws of physics are no longer valid?! Even how they act. We explain the example: it is impossible to press the nail into the board with your hand, for this you will need a powerful press, but without much effort, the nail is driven by a dozen hammer blows weighing only a hundred grams. By analogy: a constant delaying moment in the Gaikovert is replaced by a series of rapidly repeating short blows (pulses) with very high energy, directed by tangenting to the nut, bolt head or capercaillie head. Hence, by the way, the name is “tangential”, “impulse”. A short.term impulse of even high power transfers to the tool case only a very weak reactive moment. the Gaykowert does not seek to break out. It’s time to deal with some definitions.

Characteristics of shock nuts

The concept of torque from the mechanics, strictly speaking, is not applicable. The moment on the engine shaft (it is permanent) practically does not correlate with the effort applied through the end head or bit to the nut rotated through short pulses or the bolt head. The shock gaycings are characterized not by the maximum torque, like ordinary screwdrivers, but with an impulse (or effective) moment of puffing, which consists of the moments of each individual short.term blow: it can reach 1200 nm. while the usual electric screwdriver rarely exceeds 30 nm.

gaikovert, battery, speed

As we recall from the course of physics, the moment is a force multiplied by the length of the lever; In our case, this is the distance from the projection of the axis of the equipment to the nut/bolt to the outer corner of the hexagon of its head. the force is applied there. The value of the force is obtained by dividing the impulse of the drummer during the council, proportional to the elasticity of the processed fasteners. With each of the strokes, the head of the metiz is transmitted not a fixed moment, but a certain energy, therefore, the real tightening is the function of the collapse of the collision. This duration, in turn, depends on the elasticity of the material, backlash on the way from the spindle to the head of the bolt, the speed of rotation, etc.D. Therefore, it is very difficult to measure an effective moment. What is indicated in the tool passport as a “maximum moment” is applicable only when entering the fasteners into a very solid object. which means this is a somewhat idealized value. Closer to the realities is a “working torque” related to continuous hard screwing of bolts or large screws. The ability to unscrew the nut or bolt overwhelmed with a given moment is called “Torque when unscrewing”. Note that in the twisting and unscrewing modes, the maximum moment is usually different. when unscrewing it is larger.

From all these wisdom it follows that the mechanical regulation of the maximum tightening moment of a pulse tool is a difficult task, depending on many variables. Therefore, the ring of the moment of tightening of the moment of tightening in most electric shock tools is absent (such switches, which is characteristic of ordinary screwdrivers, (such switches are available only on some pneumatic nuts, where partial air flow shunting is implemented).

But how to be? The required effective tightening moment is achieved (with acceptable accuracy) cutting off the tightening time in shock mode, usually 0.5–1.5 seconds.

Opportunities and restrictions

If the moment of gayworms with a pneumatic drive reaches approximately 12,000 nm, then the limit values ​​for the most powerful network power tools, as already mentioned, are located in the region of 1200 nm. but this is only with the hard torsion of large hardware. Therefore, for the most “heavy” bolts and nuts, you will still need a pneumatic screw control and compressor for its power. By the way, with the advent of sufficiently compact and powerful compressors, the scope of the air tool has expanded significantly. However, it should be borne in mind that the pneumatic drive does not like the pressure reduced relative to the value of the blow. the power of the blow falls, and in the non.linear dependence.

It is also possible to drill a pulsed gayword, but with some restrictions. Due to the lack of such a cam cartridge tool, only a drill with a hexagonal shank is suitable-this is if the spindle has a hexagonal axial hole, because many, especially powerful models of the spindle’s square section and equipment is put on it outside. In addition, the maximum rotation speed of a typical shock tool is small, usually from 200 to 2500 rpm., which is often not enough for drilling (although some models develop a sufficient number of revolutions for effective drilling). But most importantly. with increasing resistance to the drill to the threshold limit, the stroke mode is automatically turned on, and the drill can instantly crumble from emergency loads. This limits the diameter of the drilling, especially in solid materials.

However, recently, special drills for wood and metal have appeared for shock gaywortes, and even adapters for this class of tools for the oz-MAX peorator equipment. The equipment does not work as efficiently as with a pedorator with a gaykowert to perform holes, for example, in brick it is quite possible. A powerful tool, surprisingly, may not cope with the twisting of a nut or a small.size bolt. This happens with pronounced torsion or energy.absorbing properties of the screwing object. the impulse is not transmitted to it, and with strong springiness, the reactive force of the bolt can even rotate the end head in the opposite direction.