How many years is a trimmer for electric grass. Comparison by key characteristics

Useful use of the lawn mower

For high.quality care for the lawn, maintaining it in a neat state, a lawn mower is required. A functional, productive tool copes with the mowing of excess vegetation at times faster than a manual braid for grass, while the quality of the mowing is much higher. A lawn mowel is useful in home, farm, garden farm. Tools are bought for caring for production areas, summer cottages. The range of lawn mowers is quite wide. Models differ in technical characteristics, price, quality of execution, have a different service life, which, however, depends on compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance.

The useful life is to important characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a tool. This is a period of time during which the lawn mower will be able to properly perform its functions. This indicator is especially relevant if the equipment is purchased for the enterprise. The correctly established service life will correctly calculate the depreciation, calculate property and profit taxes.

What amortization group does the Lawn Pitch belong to?

How to find out the life of the lawn mower? There is a special regulatory document that indicates the useful life for various tools. Its name is the classification of fixed assets included in the depreciation groups.

The state of the lawn mower to date is in the 2nd depreciation group. This means that their useful life is from 2 to 3 years. Switch in the document can be found under the Okof code: 330.28.thirty.51. Until 2017, the lawn mmores were attributed to the 4th group with a useful life of 5 to 7 years.

Trimmer for grass Krüger GTK 52-7

The Kruger gasoline trimmer demonstrates high German quality and at the same time has an affordable price. about 8000. The main advantage of a gasoline trimmer for Kruger grass is an increased power of 4 liters. With., Therefore, the tool is suitable for processing large territories (up to about 10 acres).

many, years, trimmer, electric, grass, characteristics

Kruger trimmer mophes not only grass. Knives for young trees and shrubs are supplied with it. It is not surprising that the German trimmer for grass occupies the priority position of our rating.

Safety precautions

To safely work with equipment, it is necessary to observe quite simple and obvious safety requirements. Before starting work, you must carefully study the instructions:

  • For work, appropriate clothes are required. Smarted vegetation flies at high speed, some cultures are poisonous, so pants and a jacket made of dense fabric are required.
  • We need a mask or glasses, grass can get into the eyes, bounce off a branch or pebble and cause injury.
  • Working as a gasoline trimmer, you need to take care of the acquisition of headphones.
  • There should not be outsiders in the area of ​​work.
  • All compounds of the unit are tightly delayed, and protection is fixed on the cutting parts. You can not use a car without a silencer.
  • Cutting parts must be serviceable.
  • You can not use a fishing line for a trimmer more or less than permissible diameter. No wire or other substitutes are allowed.
  • You need to be careful and careful when working with a metallic disk.
  • For work, fuel is required, which is indicated in the passport of the unit. You can not remove the fuel tank cover when the engine works. Use of fuel and lubricants for cleaning equipment is prohibited.
  • You can not use a device near explosives and flammable substances, as well as during the rain.

All modern models are available in accordance with the current security standards.

Criteria for choosing a battery trimmer for grass

Manufacturers produce models that differ in different parameters: power, dimensions and weight, cost, continuous operation, reliability of assembly, etc. It is necessary to analyze each criterion to choose a modification that is ideal for your use purposes. Be sure to pay attention to such characteristics of the battery for the grass:

  • price range;
  • manufacturing firm;
  • contents of delivery;
  • weight and dimensions;
  • guarantee period;
  • technical specifications.

In the features of the structure of the engine or battery (batteries), of course, there is no need to go deeper, but it is desirable to study key criteria.

The price range of trimmers

Judging superficially, yes, batteries for grass are more expensive compared to similar tools that work from the network. But. The TRIMMER for grass is more mobile, it does not require the use of any additional devices. Network devices are equipped with short power cords. To ensure productive operation, electric ships will have to purchase an extension cord (about 30 meters), and it costs an average of 2,000. So it turns out that the difference is not so significant.

The price range is quite wide. The cost depends on such criteria:

Reliable, productive units of famous brands are quite expensive. 35,000. But there are also standing models in the budget price category. You can buy an unit in full configuration for only 5-7,000, and without a charger and battery-for 3-5,000.

Is it possible to save? Yes. If you have previously used trimmers with a battery, perhaps the charger will be compatible with a new tool. But this needs to be checked.

Safety precautions

In order for the use of a trimmer for grass to bring only positive emotions, both after mowing and in the process of work, urgent security recommendations should be followed.

  • Better in dry weather.
  • The operator’s arms and legs should be closed with long sleeves/trousers. It is better not to wear open shoes.
  • You need to work in special glasses: small garbage and scraps of grass can injure eyes.
  • With strong noise, you should use the bers.
  • Keep a cutting nozzle better with a casing to yourself.
  • You cannot bring your arms and legs to the head of the appliance on!
  • It is necessary to monitor the position of the wire: it must be behind the operator.

So, the variety of models of trimmers in the market allows you to easily choose the optimal device for any needs. Despite the presence of gasoline motorcycle, the rating of compact devices for kosba is headed by electric models. This indicates the desire of consumers to avoid trouble with a tank dressing. While using a trimmer working from a network/battery, you need to be more careful due to a short circuit.

many, years, trimmer, electric, grass, characteristics

How to make a trimmer for grass with your own hands

The simplest electric costs can be built from plastic pipes, a small electric motor and a battery from a conventional screwdriver. For this you will need:

  • A plastic pipe with a diameter of 40 mm of sufficient length so that it is convenient to mow grass;
  • a corner from a plastic profile of 45 degrees;
  • a plug on a plastic pipe with a diameter of 40 mm;
  • adapter 40/50 mm.
  • Connecting wires.

To make from these materials the simplest battery trimmer for grass with the lower engine arrangement is necessary:

  • Drill holes in a plug to install an electric motor;
  • Fix the engine to the plug, and solder the wires to it. Install the collected structure in the corner;
  • In a convenient place of the pipe, drill a hole for the switch. Skip the wires coming from the engine through the pipe, and attach the corner with the motor to its lower part.
  • Install the switch button and terminal for connecting wires, sequentially to the outputs of the battery.
  • Fix the battery through the adapter on the pipe. It is perfectly placed in a hole with a diameter of 50 mm.
  • From the blades of the stationery knife, a metal plate with holes and a bolt with a diameter equal to the diameter of the motor shaft of the motor to build a cutting element of our trimmer for grass. Attach this design to the shaft using a terminal for wires.
  • Cut the protective casing from a plastic leash and glue it to the corner with a heat.mowing gun.

A trimmer for grass, quite capable of mowing grass, even with a hard and thick stem, is ready. For ease of use, you can come up with a simple handle.


Electimimers are equipped with knives or a reel with a fishing line. They have different tasks: what the coil does, do not take knives, and vice versa.

Knives can be plastic or metal. The former cope with hard grass, the latter. with young shrubs, reeds and hogweed. But they do not cut soft grass, but crumble and twist.

Trimmer fishing line for a trimmer copes with weeds and soft grass. The thickness of the fishing line is selected depending on the engine power (accurate information is in the instructions for each model). By the way, about the right choice of fishing line for the electrimmer, we have a whole article.

Some models work with knives and a trimmer reel. These are the most universal models.

The width of processing

The width of the strip, which covers the cutting element, depends on the length of the knife or size of the protective casing (if the trimmer for the grass is equipped with a fishing line). There are models with a width of processing from 200 to 420 mm. For large territories, choose models 350-420 mm. For small lawns near the house, enough 200-350 mm.

The power affects the weight: the harder the engine, the more massive the tool. Low-power electric braids for grass weigh about 2 kg, powerful-up to 9-10 kg.

It was more convenient to work with an electric shock, do not forget about the belt (ordinary one shoulder or backpack on both). It will help to evenly distribute the load and not get tired ahead of time.

Some trimmers have wheels. They allow you to carry the tool on the ground and cut the grass to a given height. If you do not like to carry weights, choose just such models.

Which company is better to buy a trimmer for grass?

Which firms are better? Among the leaders in the production of professional garden equipment are Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, whose benzotrimers are reliable, high functionality and good technical characteristics.

  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. This benzotrimer is perfect for the owner of the average in size of the site.
  • Husqvarna 128 r. Choosing which braid can be called reliable, I immediately recall the Husqvarna brand.
  • Makita EM3400U.
  • Solo by al-ko Comfort 118 b.

The best inexpensive in general: Huter GGT-2500T 2 TRAMMER TRAMMER for grass for grass

Best Powerful Price/Quality: Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T

Best universal: Stihl FS 55 Reliable trimmer for grass

Battery Grass Trimmer. Weed Trimmers Women Can Use

Best Professional: Husqvarna 143r-II gasoline trimmer for grass

Which trimmer for grass choose 2021?

The best inexpensive trimmer for grass for beard 2021 is the Philips Oneblade QP2510 model equipped with a double protection system. The block allows you to perform up to 200 movements per second. The manufacturer recommends changing nozzles in this gadget 4 times a month.

  • Echo SRM-222ES/U. Productive Japanese braid for grass with a strong bicycle handle for a reason takes the first position of the rating of household motorcycle.
  • AL-KO FRS 4125 lawn mower.
  • Grunhelm GR-3200M Professional.
  • Al-ko Comfort BC 400 B (113784)
  • Stiga SBC243D.
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25.
  • Iron Angel BC53.
  • Maruama BC263H.R.

Ergonomics and mobility

The ease of operation of the tool depends on weight and dimensions. Electimimers weigh less. They are more compact compared to gasoline units, since there are no containers for working fluids. If a trimmer for grass with ICE weighs about 9 kg, then electric. half as much.

When buying a tool, pay attention to the location of the engine. Not only comfort depends on this, but also the safety of operation. Models with the upper location can be used for mowing wet grass, and tools with the lower are more ergonomic and productive, but you can only work with dry vegetation.

Tools with adjustable rods are considered very convenient. So the operator will be able to configure the height of the trimmer for grass under his height. For uniform distribution of the load in the design, a belt equipment is provided, which can be made in the shape of a shoulder belt or a satchel. The latter option is more preferable, because in this case the load is distributed evenly on the shoulders and body of the operator, the hands remain free and are responsible only for the correct direction.

Noisiness in the process of work

Electric motors work much quieter than internal combustion engines. Consider the example of two tools with the same power (600 W). The noise level during the operation of a gasoline trimmer for grass is 103 dB, and an electric. 89 dB. If you use for mowing grass units with an internal combustion engine, put on headphones to make the operation of a trimmer for grass more comfortable.

Gasoline trimmers for grass are more demanding to care. They need to be cleaned regularly, change the oil. Before sending to winter storage to the garage, the unit also needs to be served:

  • drain the remains of the fuel-oil mixture;
  • develop fuel remnants so that the carburetor remains empty and clean;
  • conduct an air filter inspection;
  • Clean the candle and other details on which soot accumulates in the process.

It is necessary to store tools only in a dry, heated room. This applies to both electric and gasoline trimmer for grass. Cold, dampness and frost can cause damage to important components that are responsible for the performance of the unit.

After winter, be sure to diagnose the tool. Examine the trimmer for the presence of damage on the network cable, run, let the device idle at idle.

The rating of the best electrimmers continues mowers of the middle price segment. Capacity 1000-1200 watts is enough even for young shoots and dense herbal thickets.

Makita UR3501

The lawn mower is ideal for caring for small areas. The power of the model reaches 1000 watts. Speasing is carried out by fishing line. Its width is 35 cm. Spindle per minute makes approximately 7500 revolutions.

The mass of the product is 4.3 kg, which was significantly influenced by the power of the trimmer engine for grass. Makita UR3501 is a mild tool, so a woman and an elderly person will cope with his control. A curved rod and shoulder belt allow the operator to work for a long time with maximum efficiency without tired.

The engine located in the upper part of the case is equipped with a system of protection against overheating and voltage drops. There is a cable holder here, created for comfortable storage of the cord.

  • light;
  • easy to operate;
  • powerful;
  • gradual overclocking;
  • Convenient protective casing;
  • high.quality assembly;
  • There is a cable holder.
  • expensive spare parts;
  • Unknown start button;
  • noisy work;
  • Not suitable for high.status people;
  • In an uncomfortable reel with a fishing line.

It was taken as an addition to the lawn mower, where it is inconvenient to crawl with that bandura (near the flower beds). Very light, wife mows without problems, does not get tired. Quiet, then his head does not hurt half a day from the noise of the engine. If only for tall people it will be inconvenient, the bar is short, but we are both a “meter with a cap” and we don’t notice such a problem. Presses for his money normally, young bushes take without problems that older is already tight, but it is not 20. I think for this cost. price/quality is beyond praise.

They took as a gift to her grandmother to the cottage, for her the very thing, especially a curved bar, which turned out to be very convenient with her low growth. The trimmer itself for the grass works without complaints, although the assembly and the Chinese. Very convenient for baking tracks between the beds and in other evil places where you will not break with a gasoline mower.


Quite powerful household trimmer Etletric for grass. This indicator in this model is 1200 watts. The device can mow either with a knife or fishing line. The width of the nobility in any case is approximately 40 cm.

The mass of the device. 4.8 kg, which is associated with a relatively powerful engine. In this case, the device is maneuverable and mobile, because the bar is disassembled. Thus, the motorcycle is simply not only transported, but also to store. Ease of use is provided by a smooth start and the ability to adjust the height of the handle.

A powerful engine has overload protection, which increases the service life of the model. It is safe to use a trimmer. there is a fuse from random inclusion.

  • simplicity of use;
  • collapsible bar;
  • smooth start;
  • unwashful;
  • compact;
  • You can mow both fishing line and knife;
  • power.
  • the bolts of fastening the bar to the body fly out;
  • poor.quality coil;
  • The knife requires sharpening;
  • incomprehensible instruction;
  • Short cord.

It mows perfectly, does not bask (squinted 8 acres of grass of medium height, 25 °), the power is enough for mowing any grass, good balancing when attaching a braid on a belt, a convenient launch button, the length of the rod is quite enough. When working, I noticed that the gearbox is quite heated, the instructions indicate the control gap, the presence of reducer lubrication. 3 months, I think it will have to be reduced by half of it.

Allows you to easily transport it in public transport, not afraid to hurt people going out in the crowd. A large enough power for an electric trimmer for grass. And the disk included in the kit mows a small shrub and high grass like clockwork. I hope the Chinese assembly will not affect quality. While the season has passed perfectly, I will experience it further.

Hammer ETR1200C

This maneuverable device is great for mowing vegetation in places: under benches, at the fence, in the aisles. The device is suitable for painstaking work. For example, processing curly flower beds. The power of the trimmer for grass is relatively large. 1200 watts. Per minute, the technique makes 9,000 revolutions.

Model mass. 4.8 kg, which is associated with a powerful electric motor. The collapsible bar increases the mobility of the device, and also makes its storage convenient. The engine in the upper position allows you to mow in any weather, even in rainy, because it is not afraid of moisture.

The curved bar and the shoulder belt contribute to the long operation of the operator without overwork, increasing the efficiency of muscle effort to the engine. The protective casing warns the scattering of garbage and collects it in one place.

  • unwashful;
  • maneuverability;
  • comfortable handle;
  • compactness;
  • easy to operate;
  • warranty from the manufacturer 5 years;
  • simple assembly;
  • powerful.

An excellent addition to a gasoline lawn mower, where it is difficult to drive (along the entire fence, at the foundation, etc.P.) I cope with a new acquisition, the life of 2 months, there are no special Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

I bought my parents as a gift, because I recently purchased a gasoline motorcycle for this brand, I liked the quality. In general, the trimmer for the grass met expectations, mows well, the technical parameters are fully consistent, there are no complaints yet.

BEST STRING TRIMMER 2020 | EGO Milwaukee Dewalt Ryobi Stihl ������


The power of the model is 1000 watts, which affects the significant mass of the device. a little more than 5 kg. A minute, the tool makes 8,000 revolutions, so it is effective in cutting the lawn in small areas. The mowing is carried out by a fishing line captivating 35 cm of the earth. Special ventilation holes have been created to cool the engine. This extends the life of the device.

If you want to buy a trimmer for grass for working with large loads and volumes, we offer options for the most powerful models.


The model is equipped with a semi.automatic line of fishing line. For its release, it is enough to slightly hit a trimmer head on the ground. The D-shaped handle is regulated by human growth, and the ergonomic coating reduces the level of vibration.

The controls located on the handle are always at hand.

The well.thought.out balancing of the model reduces fatigue during operation.

Makita UR3501

The curved shape of the bar allows you to work in the most inaccessible places. Adjustable handle and low weight of a trimmer for grass, facilitate the operation of the operator. The protective casing provides user safety. Suitable for caring for summer cottages with an area of ​​up to 10 acres.

Suitable for cutting all types of thickets and small bushes.

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Forte EMC-420m

The model is suitable not only for mowing grass, as well as for bushes or young growth of trees. The motor is located in the upper part of the bar. This allows you to safely mow wet grass. The control handle has an ergonomic design, which significantly reduces vibration during operation.

The kit includes a three.lobed knife that expands the additional possibilities of using a trimmer for grass.

Stavr TE-1700R

Suitable for mowing weed grass and small shrub, up to 12 mm thick. Has a switch lock button. Bicycle handle is very convenient when working users of different growth.

The model has gained popularity among users due to its power and reliability.

Motos maintenance

For trimmers and electricity with a curved bar, everything is simple. It is only required to change the fishing line for the trimmer. For the served gearboxes, about once every 50 hours or once a year, you need to turn off the screw and add consistent grease. In the lawn mower, everything is reduced mainly to servicing the engine itself. periodic cleaning of the air filter. Usually you just need to remove the filter, blow (sometimes soak with oil) and put in place. About once a year (or with a noticeable reduction in power), you need to check the condition of the fuel filter. It is in the tank, you can get it using a curved wire. Most often after purging the filter can be set back. If there is a sparkle in the muffler, it also needs to be cleaned from time to time.

If the engine works on a mixture of gasoline and oil, after work you need to drain it from the tank, start a braid and wait until the engine develops the rest. Pure gasoline engines do not require fuel drainage.

But the most important thing is cleanliness. Any braid must be cleaned after work. And not only the zone of the cutting tool in which the “porridge” accumulates from the remains of the grass, but also the ventilation holes of the engine. The gasoline machines are added to this list of cylinder cooling ribs. If you do not cleanse them, then over time a peculiar “fur coat” grows from a mixture of dust and dried scraps of grass, which sharply worsens the removal of heat. So the neglect of the “hygiene norms” in this case may be fraught with overheating and the failure of the engine. And this, recall, is the most expensive part of the lawn mower, and its repair can fly into such a penny that it is easier to buy a new tool.

Typical trimmers and motorcycle malfunctions

The main malfunction during work is a broken reel. The loads on it are great, the lands on the ground also do not add strength. Repair is simple. replacement. The coil is a “consumable”, there is no guarantee for it, but the price can be unpleasant to surprise. If there is a desire to extend the service life of a semi.automatic coil, you need to pull the fishing line for a trimmer manually or carefully choose a place of impact on the ground. Safely, the most solid and even soil.

many, years, trimmer, electric, grass, characteristics

Other malfunctions are usually associated with engines, and even more often. with their overheating from long or hard work. There is only one advice here. do not try to work everyday oblique for a long time. In electrical, the degree of heating is easy to determine by touching the motor casing. Gasoline are usually designed for continuous operation of no more than the time of burning one fuel tank. Professional models allow longer continuous use. Playing by the method “burn the tank on idle” is unacceptable, but at first it is not worth it and overtake the motor. The disk is better to put after spending at least one or two volumes of the fuel tank. Recall once again: you can’t hide the discs!

Electricians are afraid of moisture, gasoline greatly lose the power from clogging of filters, and simple, occupying several minutes of cleaning operations can literally give the “second wind” engine. And everything is simple here: if you relate to the technique carefully, then it will not let you down.

Another, often encountered malfunction of the gas station, is “not started”. in about half of the cases it is eliminated very simply. Before going to the service, you must try to replace the fuel mixture. The smaller the engine, the more sensitive to fuel quality. It is recommended to use gasoline, purchased no more than a month ago, and the mixture loses its properties even faster, literally in a few days or weeks. Most of the other malfunctions are rare and require either the skills in the repair or spare parts that can only be obtained in the service.

Semi.automatic trimmer head (coil) in a disassembled state

We hope that our detailed descriptions of the principle of operation of units for mowing grass and recommendations for competent care for them have no doubt. this technique is useful, reliable, convenient to use and, with proper operation, will serve you for many years.