How much compression should a Husqvarna chainsaw have?

Why the chainsaw won’t start. causes and remedies

Each model has its own weaknesses. Some saws require regular carburetor adjustments. Others have a weakness in the chain lubrication system. Be that as it may, any malfunction can be eliminated with your own hands, if you understand what its cause is, and what its signs are.

What to do if the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas?

As a rule, owners of chain saws begin to encounter this breakdown after the first 6 months of intensive use of the tool. There may be several reasons for this malfunction.

  • using a fuel mixture prepared in the wrong proportion. If you regularly pour low-quality gasoline with too much or too little oil in the tank of your chainsaw, the tool will not start. In this case it is necessary to drain the fuel, as well as dry the engine cylinder. Pulling the starter rope several times. After that, you need to pour in properly prepared fuel, and start the saw’s engine;
  • the spark plug is covered with oil when you start the engine. You can solve this problem by removing, cleaning, and drying the spark plug. After 30 minutes the spark plug is dry and can be re-installed. After that it will be necessary to start the chainsaw;
  • Lack of spark. This indicates poor contact between the factory high voltage wire and the tip of the spark plug. If the contact is intact but there is still no spark, check the chainsaw’s ignition electronics. This item cannot be repaired, so it will need to be completely replaced;
  • The air filter is clogged. This item should be cleaned regularly to remove debris, small bugs, and dust. Otherwise air will not enter the carburetor, where it should enrich the fuel mixture. This will cause the saw to stop starting. To fix the problem, you will need to clean the filter, or replace it.

Husqvarna brand chain saw instruction manual

In order to extend the life of your chainsaw and reduce the wear of its main parts, you should carefully study and adhere to all the tips specified by the manufacturer in the instruction manual. Below we list some of the most common questions concerning the use of Chinese and Swedish Husqvarna chainsaws, and give detailed answers to them.

What kind of gasoline to fill Husqvarna chainsaw?

To prepare the Husqvarna gasoline mix, it is necessary to use fuel grade AI-92. It is very seldom it is mentioned in instruction manuals of newer models of this brand that 95-rd gasoline can be used to prepare the mixture.

As practice shows, it is better not to do it, because the producing country of Husqvarna garden tools is Sweden, where the gasoline is of much better quality than in the post-Soviet space.

What oil is suitable for a Husqvarna chainsaw??

Husqvarna chainsaw parts can last for quite a long time, if the tool owner will not skimp on motor oil.

Mineral or synthetic oil can be used to dilute the fuel mixture. The second option will always cost more, but it will also have a much better effect.

Gasoline to oil ratio for the Husqvarna chain saw

The ratio of gasoline to oil used is influenced by the power of the available chainsaw. If the power of the tool is less than 2 liters. с the ratio of gasoline to oil is 1:40. In other words, you need 25 ml of engine oil diluted in 1 liter of fuel. If your Husqvarna chain saw has more than 2 liters of power. с., To dilute gasoline for a Husqvarna chainsaw you must use the ratio 1:50, i.e. dilute 20 ml of oil in 1 liter of fuel.

Proper running-in of a Husqvarna chainsaw

  • Start the chainsaw and let it run for 2-3 minutes. At the same time sawing branches or logs is strictly forbidden;
  • After that, move on to sawing small limbs;
  • After another half hour you can start sawing large logs.

Always follow these instructions to help extend the life of your motor and carburetor.

Detect and correct obvious chainsaw malfunctions.

To determine the reason why the chainsaw does not start or stalls when starting, it is necessary to perform defectoscopy of the tool. The essence of the procedure is to consistently inspect the condition and operation of the main working elements of the saw’s engine. At this stage we check:

  • Presence of spark on the spark plug;
  • How the fuel is flowing;
  • Condition of filters;
  • Operation of the breather built into the fuel cap of the stalling unit;
  • How is the exhaust line working?

Checking spark plugs and eliminating causes.

The first step in finding the reasons why the gasoline saw does not start is to check the spark on the spark plug. There are many factors that affect the performance of this element. However, the main ones at the initial stage of tool defects are:

  • Improper adjustment of the carburetor;
  • oil in the gasoline is present than it should be;
  • Clogged air filter.

They all contribute to carbon buildup on the spark plug electrodes. In 50 out of 100 cases, the saw doesn’t start when cold, because of the lack of spark due to deposits of carbon on the electrodes and their corrosion. The result is either a decrease in clearance or an increase in clearance.

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Checking spark plugs on a non-functioning chainsaw

Checking for spark plugs is simple. This will require:

  • Remove the tip of the high-voltage wire;
  • Unscrew spark plug;
  • Put the lug back on;
  • Lean the spark plug with the skirt on the cylinder;
  • Starts with the starter motor.

If when the chainsaw engine is started, there is a good spark between the electrodes, then the ignition unit is fine. If there is no spark, it is worth cleaning the element itself and checking the electrode gap. If necessary, use a special feeler gauge to adjust the distance between the contacts.

Compression Test of HUSQVARNA 55 Chainsaw

The distance between the electrodes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At some of them it may be equal to 0,5 mm. Others have 0.2 mm. Therefore, carefully study the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There may be no spark on the spark plug for other reasons. Of the main malfunctions affecting poor starting of the chainsaw and unstable engine operation at idle, from which the tool can stall, the following can be attributed:

  • Overfilling of the spark plug channel with fuel;
  • Lack of contact between the high-voltage cradle and the tip of the spark plug;
  • Failure of ignition unit.

How to start a cold chainsaw if the spark plug passage is constantly flooded with gasoline? You can eliminate the problem at the time of starting the tool by using the following algorithm:

  • Unscrew the spark plug with a special key;
  • Wipe it down with a clean, dry rag;
  • Dry for 20 30 minutes;
  • Remove the soot with a file and adjust the gap between the electrodes;
  • Drain the remaining fuel from the spark plug duct and dry it;
  • Reassemble everything and try to start the machine.

Usually these measures are enough to start the chain saw and get the job done. However, this extreme measure does not eliminate the main reason why the engine does not start or stalls. improper operation of the carburetor, which needs fine adjustment.

In the case of no spark if the high-voltage cradle has poor contact with the spark plug tip, it is necessary to check the connection. The check can be carried out using an ordinary tester. If the defect is found and repaired, the chain saw should start without any problems.

Chainsaw muffler breakdowns

Difficulty starting or a chain saw that fails to start could be the cause of a clogged exhaust system. Exhaust fumes come out of the muffler, and if that hole gets clogged, the tool won’t run smoothly or smoothly.

You can determine the malfunction not only by the sound of the engine, but also visually. The muffler becomes clogged with chips and sawdust, as well as soot. To properly clean the muffler you need to remove it and flush it with special fluids.

Fuel system

Faults in the fuel system are also often the main reason why a chainsaw can’t operate at peak performance. The first thing to do is to check the fuel mixture.

Some owners prefer to use not the recommended brand of gasoline, but alcohol-containing solutions or add more oil than required.

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Your chain saw is leaking gasoline

If gasoline droplets appear intermittently on the chain saw body, check the fuel tank for leaks. Over time, it can become cracked. Or the gasket has become sagged and can no longer perform its direct function.

If full-fledged gasoline streams appeared, there is a good chance that you will have to change the burst hose that connects the carburetor and the fuel tank.

No gasoline entering chainsaw cylinder

There are several reasons why the fuel mixture stopped flowing into the cylinder:

  • Air filter is clogged.
  • The carburetor settings are loose.
  • The carburetor membrane is no longer intact.
  • Channels for transporting gasoline are clogged.

The chainsaw won’t hold idle speed

In this case, you should start looking for the problem with the filter elements. In most cases, it is because of the reduced capacity of the air and gasoline filters idling speeds begin to float.

If the filters are okay, you need to check the components of the gasoline system, and make sure there are no spontaneous changes in the carburetor settings.

Husqvarna chainsaw malfunctions and repairs

Despite the availability of service centers for maintenance and repair of gasoline tools, many chainsaw owners prefer to repair them on their own. Starting to repair yourself, it is necessary to know what a chainsaw consists of, how to diagnose malfunctions and have a set of tools that may be needed to make repairs.

In this article let’s find out how to repair the Husqvarna chain saw and what you need for that.

Other malfunctions

In some cases chain saw users notice other problems, which do not significantly affect the tool’s performance.

Why chainsaws smoke

Most often excessive smoke is caused by too much oil in the fuel mixture, which does not have time to burn completely. You should also check if the carburetor settings are not lost.

Kickback when starting the chain saw

For the most part, recoil at startup signals a decompressor clamping. If the tool is not equipped with a decompressor, then most likely the ignition system has failed.

Husqvarna carburetor structure and principle of operation

To successfully set up the carburetor on your Husqvarna chainsaw, it is important to know the setup and understand how it works. It’s actually not as complicated as it sounds at first glance.

The carburetor of the saw has a built-in fuel pump, which is responsible for transporting the mixture of gasoline and oil, as well as a diaphragm, a needle valve with a coringula. They work together to dispense fuel to the main chamber and the two flaps.

One of the flaps is designed to regulate the fuel flow into the cylinder when you press the gas, it is called throttle, the second is responsible for limiting the air supply from the air filter to facilitate starting a cold chain saw Husqvarna.

When the operator shuts off the air inlet to the carburettor by means of the choke, the fuel mixture is leaned and the output to the cylinder increased, which makes the start much easier than when the cold start is made in the normal mode.

The Husqvarna carburetor involves a nozzle valve that atomizes fuel and prevents air from getting into the main chamber. Often problems in the operation of the saw can be caused by defects in this very element.

For example, the valve, if the chainsaw is not stored properly can stick, the fuel supply will stop, making the engine impossible to operate. Also, violations in the operation of the nozzle can cause leaking air into the main fuel chamber of the carburetor. In such cases, adjusting the position of the adjusting screws will not correct the situation, you need to repair or replace the node.

Three adjustment screws installed in the carburetor housing are responsible for adjusting the mixture quality and quantity, as well as the number of crankshaft revolutions in idle mode:

  • Screw (L). regulates the amount of fuel in the low and medium speed mode;
  • (H). it is responsible for the high rpm thrust and the amount of rpm;
  • (T). changes the throttle damper position, thereby regulating the amount of fuel mixture entering the cylinder and the idle operation of the tool engine.

Attention! The screws (L) and (H) should not be adjusted without specific knowledge and experience. Improper adjustment of fuel mixture quality and quantity may cause the engine to stop working or not work properly, leading to rapid wear or even jamming.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 142 chain saw

The carburetor on a Husqvarna 142 chain saw must be adjusted while the engine is warmed up. Pay attention to the condition of the air filter, which if necessary will need to be cleaned and make sure it is not clogged. Adjusting the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw one hundred forty-two with your own hands is done with the help of three screws:

Turn the low and high revolutions control screws clockwise until they reach the limit, and after the peak is reached, turn them in the opposite direction, one and a half turns. Chainsaw starts and stops, chainsaw Husqvarna 142 piston video. When working at idle speed, the chain for the Husqvarna 142 chain saw must be stationary. Check at maximum rpm.

Avoid most malfunctions and costly repairs by following the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, as well as by using original spare parts for the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw.