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My handcrafts for angle grinder, or gadgets that really help me out

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Before I start the story about his self-made, I want to share with you a photo, which I will now insert. Please write your guesses about my next idea, what do you think I have out of it?

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Now, let’s move directly to my three authors’ home-made products for angle grinder, with their help angle grinder turns into a versatile tool with which you can perform a variety of tasks.

This version of the product came to my mind not by accident, as it was necessary to carry out certain work for which a separate factory tool was required, to buy it specifically in order to use it once or twice a year, it was not advisable, so I decided to make it myself in the form of a special attachment for my angle grinder. The materials I used to make the first home-builder were: two bolts, 201 bearings and two pieces of sheet metal 5 and 3 mm thick.

I used the following tool: drill, angle grinder (angle grinder), welder.

Now I show you what I have got and tell you what is the purpose of this attachment:

I tell you how I made from a broken wheel t store cart a successful and quite handy device for an angle grinder. The wheel I found at the salvage yard. It looked like this (the wheel):

Also I needed a magnet from a Soviet speaker, a round one with a hole in the center. This magnet must be glued to the flat part of the wheel, or rather to the place where it was attached.

For this purpose, I used a particularly strong and cold-resistant hot melt glue.

I show what kind of device I have got.

In order to realize this homemade device I needed:

Bolts, nuts and two bearings (quantity shown in photo)

Also a sewage PVC pipe with a diameter of 40 mm, you need to measure it and cut it 1 meter.

Well, and for today I have everything for you. Do not judge me strictly, as I’m just a regular guy without a special technical education, which loves to make and invent different things with their own hands.

For those who want to see an accelerated video version of all three self-made machines, I mounted it as well:

Where you can use an angle grinder with a burned out motor

Anchor of angle grinder, if it is not repairable, for example, when it has damaged lamellae or winding, you can use it to make an adapter for a screwdriver, drill, etc. д.

In principle, the anchor has everything we need for this, namely:

The principle of operation of such a nozzle on the drill is very simple.

You take it and install it in the chuck, and then you start machining various workpieces with the nozzle. They can be made of materials such as wood, plastics, metal and even glass and ceramics.

Cool idea from a burnt out angle grinder

Hello, dear readers!

I went to the scrap yard recently to buy some metal for the shop, to put it simply. scrap metal. I was walking through all kinds of iron junk, picking out something I needed. And here in one place saw an angle grinder, or rather what’s left of it. I took it to evaluate it visually. It turned out that at first glance the gearbox was intact. Since almost all grinders have good reducers and can be out of them a lot of things to invent, in terms of homemade tools, it was decided to take it for myself. When I got home, of course I disassembled it, removed the old grease from the gearbox, and added new grease. It turned out, as in most cases, burned out the armature, and were missing brushes and wires. When I started putting it together, I came up with a pretty interesting idea of how it could be used in this way and what needs to be reworked in it. I want to say right away I did not know what the outcome would be, because it was more of an experiment, but I was totally happy with the result.

I even shot a detailed video of what and how I made it, I hope you will be interested.

To remake a non-working angle grinder I needed:

  • A small piece of reinforced rubber hose
  • Broken electric screwdriver (gear box is broken)
  • A hot glue gun with a good quality glue
  • Non-working angle grinder

First of all we disassemble the angle grinder into two parts, so to speak, halve it. Remove the gearbox and armature.

On the plastic body of the need to work with an angle grinder to remove unnecessary for this conversion.

Also saw off the armature from the gearbox, leaving about 15 mm.

Disassembling the old non-working electric screwdriver. From it I need first of all the motor with the gearwheel. I remove the pinion from the motor shaft and press it into a piece of metal tubing, the same diameter as the shaft on the gearbox.

I put the pressed gear wheel on the motor shaft from the electric screwdriver, where it was. Now you need to connect the motor and the gearbox from the angle grinder. For this purpose, I took an ordinary reinforced hose of the right diameter, cut it and put it on the shafts, thereby connecting them. To keep everything secure, I tightened it with clamps. The advantage of this connection is that the hose dampens the vibrations and irregularities of the connection. Well, no need to go to the turner.

Then I decided to use the button from the electric screwdriver, because with it you can easily control the speed and switch the direction of rotation, reverse. It can be useful if you use it to polish the body of a car, for example. Since the button and battery is well located in the handle from an electric screwdriver, I decided to saw it off and connect it to an angle grinder in one piece.

I’ve been buying good quality hot melt glue for a couple of years now. It does not freeze in the cold, glues really good, and the price of 10 pieces of only 140 That’s with him and decided to connect these two different parts together.

Installed the battery, testing it in operation. For this I took a 20 mm thick round bar and decided to saw it.

Sawed without any problems, but of course the speed is too low. But for home use it’s just right. And for polishing, too.

That’s all for now. Write about what you think about it, how do you like this idea?

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Cutting machine

The cutting machine is used for cutting and cutting metal and profiles, getting equal-sized workpieces, cutting to a certain depth, cutting ceramic tiles, etc. д. In the network you can buy ready-made design, which costs a lot of money. To make a device that will perform the same functions in homes and small workshops, you can out of the angle grinder power from 0.9 kW.

Angle Grinder Hack! Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder!

In the figure you can see that to make such a device it is only necessary to think through the design and reliable fixation of the angle grinder. To do this, you need to pre-determine the dimensions and fix it at 2-3 points, so that in the process of cutting the tool did not move. And that’s very important.

The angle grinder can also be positioned at the bottom of the table top. In this case, it will not only cut different materials into pieces, but also work as a circular saw.

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Features of making homemade from a broken tool

Angle grinder is not an eternal thing, so after its failure, you can use the equipment for other self-made. Sometimes it happens that the motor or gearbox breaks. The body may break or the gear teeth may be sheared off. But there is no hurry to throw the device away. One of the two parts of the angle grinder can still work.

If you are deciding what you can do with a broken angle grinder, you should consider the motor. But due to its high speed, it is not often suitable for rework. This part of the angle grinder can only be the basis for making an engraver. You will need to cut the gearbox and strengthen the chuck to the shaft for different attachments, there are a huge number of them on sale.

If you’re still wondering what you can do with a sander that has a broken motor, you can use the. It is metal compact and has a powerful bearing on the output shaft. Due to the available threaded connections, the gearbox has good attachment possibilities. Gear can be installed on the drill with a special adapter. But on these tools, the cutting wheel can be source of danger. It is therefore recommended to adapt the gearbox to situations far removed from the original function of the angle grinder. For example, you can make a grinder for wooden coatings. This dusty work you can comfortably do due to the speed control and the bevel gearbox. A large area can be covered with a wide disc, which speeds up the process.

Quite often home craftsmen think about what you can make from the gearbox of an angle grinder. The tapered assembly is compact, so it can be used for a variety of setup and adjustment tasks. For example, to adjust the working table on a machine tool. The gearbox is also widely used to build boat motors. Sealing of the propeller shaft can be solved by sealing. An additional seal can be installed on the outside of the gearbox on the propeller shaft beneath the O-ring. But in the case of motorized bicycles, you don’t need the oil seal.

But if you are still interested in what you can make from an angle grinder, you can use its gearbox, transferring the torque to the wheels. The described assembly is mounted on the wheel axle. If you use a conventional chain, you can adapt the protective cover as a holder for the gearmotor. The electric motor can be not limited to, using the internal combustion engine. The gearbox of an angle grinder can withstand even high loads.

Thinking about what you can make from an angle grinder, you can consider making a coffee grinder. It is suitable for active lifestyle enthusiasts who prefer to occasionally sit in the quiet of the woods with a cup of aromatic freshly brewed coffee. You will not have to think about the motor, because there is a special shaft in the mixer, which rotates the user’s attachments.

Making a Stitchblade Cutter

What can be made of the old angle grinder? This question is quite often asked by home craftsmen. But if your angle grinder works properly, you can make a chisel cutter out of it. Using equipment without modification, you put yourself in danger. To avoid the risk, you can make a nozzle with a solid base, it will allow you to make cuts in the walls for the entire diameter of the disk.

This addition is a sole in the form of a stop, which allows you to move the tool along the wall. The effort in this case will be uniform. When you make such a device, do not spare time and install a closed cover, which will be complemented by a spigot for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

The easiest homemade machine is a machine from a small angle grinder. The work will be accompanied by a minimum of costs, and the manipulation will take a few hours. The outlet structure will be a long metal tube, which acts as a handle and frame.

A metal cross bar with two tool mounting holes is welded to one end. On the same side, the pipe is fixed to a piece of angle on a movable shaft. The first can be fastened to the work table or to the floor in the workroom. If you are faced with the question of what you can make from an angle grinder, you can perform a cutting machine, acting according to the described algorithm. According to him, on the opposite side of the mount, you need to fix the spring, which will ensure the return of the structure to its original position. Once this step is complete, you can use your homemade machine. It will only be necessary to properly install the device.

This version of the machine is the easiest solution for processing metal, while for complex works will require precision, so the design for such tasks must be made more stable, and thus the work will have to approach more thoroughly.


Good day to all. Today I will show you some ideas that you can make from the old angle grinder. Any craftsman or just anyone who does home man’s chores himself, faced with this. the angle grinder is out of order.

For whatever reason, can not perform the functions of an angle grinder. In fact, either the gearbox or the electric motor can break. Consider the first case when the gearbox is out of order, but the motor is serviceable.

1- Let’s make an angular grinder engraver with their own hands. All you need to do is disassemble the gearbox and cut away anything you don’t need anymore. At the end result should be something like this.

Further we buy collet chuck ER11 and install it on the angle grinder shaft, previously removing the pinion which was turning the gearbox.

Here is how it should look like. As a result quite a powerful engraving machine, given that the power angle grinder rarely ever below 500W, and sold in stores engravers mostly from 130 to 200W.

Now, however, consider the case that the angle grinder is not out of order, but simply became unnecessary, or the gearbox has a large backlash and it became impossible to saw it. Let’s make an engraver out of it. This time it will be necessary to buy a flexible shaft in the nearest electric goods store. They are not expensive. Here’s how it looks.

The next step will be difficult to describe in two words, so I’ll just say that it will need to combine it with an angle grinder with some tricks, because the shape of grinders are different. there is no definite method. You might need a welder. You may be able to do it with epoxy resin. Casting the necessary pieces to secure the flexible shaft.

3-What else you can do with an angle grinder is an electric weed trimmer! All we need is a wood disc, a hoe and some tape. We fix the disk in the angle grinder, then fasten it to the hoe. so it does not dangle with duct tape. All!! Done!! That’s about the size of it.

4-The next idea, you can build a wood lathe. All we need to buy is a chuck from the drill, the other parts are probably lying around the garage or at home. In this picture, the construction of metal and for its construction is required a lot of time. I advise you to do the same thing but with wood. It’s cheaper and lighter.

5-Make a cut-off machine out of an angle grinder. All we need is a couple of planks, a door hinge and self-tapping screws. Here’s what you need to do. You can read more about this in this Article

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