How much does an electric trimmer consume for grass for grass. Stavr TE-1700R

Какой триммер выбрать для дачи?

best electric trimmers for grass

If electricity is brought to the summer cottage, an electric trimmer for the grass may be the best option for pumping the territory and weed fighting. The device is compact, environmental friendliness, an acceptable noise level and is relatively inexpensive. The rating of electric trimmers of 2022 will allow you to quickly decide on a suitable model for a summer residence or house site.

The tool is also called a mechanical oblique. The design and principle of operation of cutting heads are quite simple. However, there are moments that need to be paid attention to when buying.

  • Source of power. The models that are exactly the same in design can have different power methods. from the battery or from the network. The former are distinguished by mobility, suitable for places. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the device will work without recharging. Network. more powerful, do not discharge at the wrong time. Of the minuses. a limited cable length.
  • Power. Low.power tools up to 500 watts are suitable for cutting soft grass, for example, on lawns or flower beds. Medium-power models 550-1500 watts are designed for pumping a grass carpet with a dense structure. Devices from 1500 watts belong to professional equipment.
  • Type of inner shaft. Can be tough and flexible. The first is durable, withstands heavy loads, works with any kind of knives. Flexible shaft is operated only with fishing line or with special plastic knives.
  • Engine position. Can be from above or below. Lower position. when the motor is placed below the bar. This design is light, maneuverability. Suitable for managing pensioners, fragile women. Upper engine units are more producing. However, to mate, you need to adopt.
  • Type of bar. The curved rod is more convenient, suitable for places. Of the minuses. it is poorly mowing hard stems. For this case, it is better to buy a device with a direct block.
  • Type of cutting element. It can be a fishing line for a trimmer, metal or plastic knives, a disk. For a summer house and garden, a plastic knife or fishing line is quite enough. Disk and metal blades are more suitable for professional work.
  • The weight. The value is within 2-9 kg. It is better when the device has a small mass with good technical parameters. This simplifies the use process.
  • Ergonomics of the handle. This is one of the important points when choosing, as it is responsible for convenience. There are three types: t, d and u-shaped. The first type is similar in working with a hand.toe scythe. D-shaped convenient for pumping narrow territories. The U.shaped handle resembles the steering wheel of a bicycle. the most convenient, allows you to perform various types of work.

Suitable for garden and summer cottages. Depending on the density of the grass on the site, you can choose a model with the optimal diameter of the fishing line.

BlackDecker GL7033

Opens a rating of garden trimmers inexpensive unit with an electric engine. Allows you to quickly pump unwanted vegetation, care for the lawn and flower beds. Fishing diameter 2 mm. The cutting elements are made up to 7,000 revolutions per minute at a power of a 700 watts motor. These are average indicators. Completely copes with dense grass, thick stems and twigs.

Comfortable use is provided. This is accompanied by a rubberized handle in the form of the letter D, a curved bar and a relatively small weight of 3.2 kg. A protective casing is included in the kit.

  • easy, convenient in work;
  • optimal fishing diameter;
  • good performance;
  • energy.efficient;
  • There is no vibration;
  • price.

Bosch Easygrasscut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

Another inexpensive, but good trimmer for grass for grass. Ergonomics combines a light weight of 1.9 kg, a semi-automatic system for supplying fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm and a D-shaped handle, which is regulated in height. The last function will be useful for too high people, prevent lower back pain when bending.

The haircut area reaches 26 cm in width. The engine is located below the bar. Its power is small. only 280 watts. In this case, the speed of rotation of the cutting elements reaches up to 12500./min.

  • Suitable for places;
  • semi.automatic fishing line;
  • adjustment of the handle in height;
  • copes with high grass;
  • quiet in work;
  • price.

Gardena Easycut 450/25 (9870-20)

A good solution for various garden tasks, as it has many useful functions. Here you can regulate the position of the working head at 10 or 60 degrees, which allows you to penetrate under the benches or other places inaccessible to the lawn mower. For one movement, it mopes 25 cm of grass. This is an average indicator.

To protect flowers or other plants, a protective removable limiter is provided. The handle is adjustable in height. The device is easy to keep and control it for a long time. Weight 2.6 kg. Power 450 watts.

To date, several companies can be distinguished, which are considered the best in terms of manufacturing electric trimmers.

  • Makita is a famous manufacturer of various power tools around the world. On sale you can find both professional and household tools. As equipment, a thick fishing line for a trimmer is most often used.
  • Bosch. a world.famous manufacturer of various power tools. Various Trimmer line lines are presented on sale. amateur, professional. Most often equipped with telescopic rods in which you can change the angle of inclination of the working part.
  • BlackDecker. a well.known manufacturer of power tools. On sale you can find various trimmers for grass from this company, which have a universal purpose, good build quality.
  • MTD is one of the modern leaders in the production of garden equipment, equipment, various devices for processing private sections. Both professional and semi.professional models of trimmers are presented on sale.
  • GreenWorks. a manufacturer of a budget garden tool that has a fairly good build quality, operational characteristics, low cost.

Top electric trimmers

The simplest and cheapest. electric network trimmers for grass. Their main advantages are durability, reliability, high power. A good trimmer for grass for grass with a wire is a great option in terms of mowing in small areas. The main drawback of such garden tools is a direct connection to the mains. Below is a rating of garden trimmers, which are considered the best, according to customer reviews in 2021.

Champion ET1005A

Budget portable trimmer for network.type grass. Tool power. 1000 watts, maximum mowing width. 38 cm. The grass is thrown into the side. The design does not have a hinged grass collector. Maximum power rotation of the electric motor. 8000 per minute. The pen has the ability to adjust in height. Curved bar. The handle has a D-shaped shape. A belt is supplied to fix the tool on the shoulder, a fishing line for a trimmer as a snap. Great trimmer for grass for mowing small private areas, personal lands.

  • low cost;
  • good build quality;
  • small mass;
  • high.quality fishing line for a trimmer included;
  • high power at its price.

BlackDecker GL9035

Portable electric trimmer for grass for connecting to a power supply network. No possibility of working through the battery. Tool power. 900 watts. The maximum number of revolutions of the electric motor is 7000 per minute. The width of the mowing of grass is 35 s. The tool is not equipped with a grass collector. The electric motor is located in the upper part of the tool. The handle of the tool is folding, has the ability to adjust in height. Handle shape-D-shaped. The bar has a curved shape. The case is strong enough, made of plastic.

  • affordable cost;
  • high assembly quality;
  • a folding type of handle, which simplifies the transportation and storage of the tool;
  • small mass;
  • even thick thickets of herbs mows well.

Stavr TE-1700R

Budget electric trimmer for grass, which is connected to the network. The possibility of working from the battery is not. Electric motor power. 1700 watts, maximum number of revolutions. 10,000 per minute. Permissible width for mowing grass. 42 cm. The electric motor is located in the upper part of the tool, the grass collector in the design is not provided. The handle of a trimmer for the grass is folding, has a T-shaped shape. The rod is collapsible. The equipment of this power tool is a shoulder belt, a knife, a fishing line for a 2 mm trimmer.

  • good build quality;
  • democratic value;
  • folding handle;
  • high power and performance (such a trimmer for grass is suitable for regular mowing large areas);
  • low noise in active work;
  • durability, reliability of the work process.


Network electric trimmer for grass from the world.famous manufacturer of gasoline and power tools. The electric motor is located in the upper part. Motor power. 540 watts, maximum speed. 7400 per minute. The design does not provide for the grass collector. The handle is curved, has a D-shaped shape. There is a possibility of adjusting the height. The kit has a safety coupling, glasses for protecting the eyes from grass and a fishing line for a trimmer.

  • high assembly quality;
  • reliability, durability;
  • Quite a quiet working mode;
  • small mass of the tool;
  • Comfortable and large protective casing.
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Denzel TE-1400 (96612)

One of the best electric trimmers, with the need to connect to the power supply network. The power of the electric motor reaches 1400 watts. The maximum number of revolutions reaches 7500 per minute. The width of the mowing reaches 42 cm. The electric motor is located in the upper part.

best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and cottages carefully care for the personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, then there is a need for special technology. The modern market offers a choice of lawnmands, lawnmands, electric trimmers for grass. The latter are favorably characterized by an affordable price, so they maintain sustainable demand. Electric trimmers for grass in small areas are especially effective, where it is easy to stretch the extension cord. But difficulties arise at the purchase stage. The lineup of the power tool is very diverse, so several tips from experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should I pay close attention to?

  • First of all, it is necessary to decide on performance. It depends on the power and reserves of the motor. For well.groomed areas where you will have to cut growing grass, there will be enough power to 1,000 watts. It is not worth chasing high performance and for another reason. The stronger the engine, the greater the mass of the trimmer for the grass.
  • The price of the engine affects the price and ease of use. Cheap low.power models have the lower location of the electric motor. But in this design there are serious disadvantages, for example, clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • For models with the upper location of the engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder belts. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers for grass with these accessories.
  • Electric braids for the grass and the shape of the handle are different. Light devices are equipped with D-shaped holders who give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled using a bicycle rifle handle.

The best electric trimmers for the grass fell into our review. When compiling the rating, criteria were taken into account as:

Network electrimatermers for giving

The base model that was invented by J. Bollas. the unit driven by an electric motor operating from a variable current network. A distinctive feature is a long cord that stretches behind the device and significantly limits the mobility of the user and the space on which it is possible to use it. In order for the electric costs to work, it is necessary to connect it to the source of alternating current, and this is not always possible.

Many critics of this tap of garden technology lose sight that a modern compact gasoline or diesel electric generator 110-220 volts, put on a cart, removes restrictions on “attachment” electrocos to the outlet to the outlet. Even if it is necessary to infuse juicy, soft grass for rabbits or goats on a remote, environmentally friendly meadow, if there is an electric generator, there will be no problems.

The second restriction is low moisture protection. Models with the upper location of the electric motor allow you to get around this problem. That is, the engine is located at the upper end of the bar, is located at the level of the user’s lower back, and the working element is a coil with a fishing line or a petal/gear knife. on the lower end. The design completely isolates the working body from the electric motor. This allows you to use such a network trimmer for grass for mowing wet/dewy grass, or work with drizzling rain, although it is unlikely that one of the users is so fanatically devoted to the order in their site that it will work in the rain.

Otherwise, trimmers connected to the outlet for grass are not used for use. But have a number of advantages compared to gasoline:

  • Cost. even the most powerful network trimmer ectric for grass for grass. Always cheaper than a gasoline power similar in power (with the exception of Chinese.made “nouns”);
  • During operation of the electric costs, it does not emit toxic exhaust gases, which, during prolonged work, can lead to poisoning with exhaust gases;
  • The noise level of an electric trimmer for grass for mowing grass during operation is much lower than from the lowest gasoline analogue. This allows you to work in the morning and evening hours, not disturbing the specific “buzzing” of neighbors;
  • Electric trimmer for grass is constantly ready for work. Its maintenance is reduced to the replacement of the fishing line on the coil, and the periodic lubrication of the rubbing nodes;
  • maintainability. The life of the electric motor, with regular replacement of brushes and compliance with the rules of operation (load). is higher than that of the internal combustion engine.

Batteries for the lawn

Modern and, in many cases, a demanded garden electric inventory for women, the only restriction is the imperfection of LI-Ion Battery technologies. They provide high traction indicators that allow the use of fairly powerful direct current electric motors.

The problem is that, observing the balance between the capacity of the current source (the battery) and its ability to feed the electric motor has to put up with the fact that such a trimmer for the grass will work within 15-30 minutes. The more advanced “PRO” models use the communal services worker have batteries with a capacity of up to 5.2 a/h, but, such electric ships with a 4-5 kg ​​battery weigh, which limits their use by women and adolescents.

The second problem is the “cunning” of sellers who do not indicate the “nuance” in the advertising price roads: at the same time, the battery that ensures the operation of such a trimmer for the grass, depending on the tasks to be solved, can be from 12 to 168 minutes. And to ensure uninterrupted operation of the device, you must have at least 3 batteries and 2 chargers (this is another 12 thousand. rubles), so the charge time is up to 100% capacity, up to 80%. 120 minutes.

But there are manufacturers whose batteries and charger (in the basic configuration) are included in the price. For non.stop operation, the electric ships will need to be purchased by a shift battery.

The scope of the use of gasoline and electrimmers for grass

The popularity of gasoline trimmers for the grass is due to their high autonomy and You can work with a motorcycle system in areas remote from power supply systems. electric networks. They are not afraid of rain and wet herb. During the employee’s rest, such an unit can be put on the ground, without fear that he will fail or a short circuit will occur.

It is believed that the gasoline trimmer for grass is most effective in cases where the area of ​​the site on which it is periodically necessary to mow grass exceeds 8 acres (800 m2). In the smaller areas of the areas with electrical appliances, it is recommended to give preference to electrimmers.

The reliability of the trimmers depends on the manufacturer. The vast majority of garden equipment sold in Chinese assembly. Despite the names of the world.famous brands on corps and nameplates. Therefore, overpay “for the brand”. makes no sense. If a trimmer for grass is purchased for household needs: to mow grass around the house and in small garden areas, its use is limited to 4-5 inclusions during the year. The time for quarreling 1 hundredth is 8-10 minutes. Thus, during the year the unit is operating continuously for 4-5 hours. To develop a modest motor resource, even the most unreliable Chinese technique, can only in 8-10 years.

Электротриммер: первый запуск (Подготовка электрокосы к работе).

If we are talking about professional trimmers designed for difficult working conditions and capable of cutting down not only grass, but also wood bushes, then their motorcycle resource starts from 1,500 motorizedists, but also depends on the brand and assembly country.

Electrimmers for grass. tool or toy?

On the shelves of stores of garden equipment, dozens of electric shock models flaunt, in the price range from 880 to 11990. Of course, each buyer is aimed at purchasing the tool as cheap as possible, and so that he is as reliable and productive as possible. Whether electrimmers respond for grass to these conditions?

In the photo, a battery 10-inch trimmer for Meterk 20V grass, price 4100

To begin with, the fundamental difference between the work of benzo- and no. The design of a trimmer for grass can only differ only in the location of the engine. All gasoline trimmers have the engine at the top of the bar, in low.power power tools. below, directly rotating the bobbin with a fishing line, bypassing an expensive and heavy shaft. The power of the electric motor of the same size and weight is comparable to the power of the gasoline engine.

“Devil” lies in the details of the structure. If the gasoline assistant is completely autonomous, then the electric unit requires power supply. And for this you need a socket, an extension cord capable of reaching the most remote plots of land, and good dry weather.

It is worth the water/rain to get under the casing of a trimmer for grass, and it is possible to fail the equipment or defeat an employee with an electric discharge.

In these three features inherent in electrimmers, the answer lies to the question: why most gardeners prefer a more expensive, heavy, noisy and non.environmentally friendly technique. easy to operate, light and almost silent analogues on electric traction.


Universal gasoline trimmer for grass for giving. Equipped with a straight rod and a two.handed handle for convenience of mowing. The handles are rubbed, and this provides a reliable grip: you can not worry that the trimmer for the grass will slip out of hands. Easy to operate thanks to the control elements built into the handle. The model provides for the possibility of adjusting the height of the handle using a screw.

The lawn mower is very good for cutting lawns and trimming on a land plot. And in combination with the appropriate cutting tool, it is also effectively used to mow poked grass, reeds and nettles. Reliable, it comes with fishing line and a metal knife. The two.stroke engine is practical and easy to maintain. Tank holds 0.33 liters of fuel mixture. Power 750 W is enough for domestic use. Weight relatively small. 5.1 kg.

Huter GGT-1900S

The gasoline trimmer for grass is equipped with a 2-tact engine with a capacity of 1900 watts. Designed for cutting grass, thick shoots and shrubs on a garden area or adjoining territory. When mowing grass with fishing line, the width of the capture is 42 cm. The bicycle handle makes a retention of a trimmer for the grass more comfortable, especially when the consideration of significant areas. Electronic ignition simplifies the launch of the tool.

Thanks to the collapsible rod, the trimmer for grass is convenient to store and transport in the trunk of a car. No tools will be needed for its assembly. The trimmer for grass is equipped with a translucent fuel tank with a volume of 0.7 liters for the convenience of tracking fuel consumption.


Another gasoline model in our ranking. This is a powerful trimmer for grass, which is able to cope with grass of any thickness. We recommend using it especially in remote areas, where there is no access to electricity and a prolonged mowing is required. This model is not attached to the network and does not require charging the battery, which simplifies the work. It will be best to additionally purchase headphones when working with this trimmer, since it is quite noisy. It is large, so it is inconvenient to transport it and it will not suit pensioners or people who cannot carry heavy things for a long time.


Convenient electric trimmer for grass, which will cope even with the old grass. It is light, so it is quite convenient for them to mow grass in places. The main disadvantage of this model is a fairly short handle, because of which it may not be inconvenient for them to work with it to tall people.


The engine power of this model is 1400 watts, the number of revolutions reaches 8,000 per minute, and the width of the mowing is 42 mm. Design: straight rod with a D-shaped folding handle, the height of the handle is regulated. This allows you to easily and quickly cope with any type of grass, even in places.


This trimmer for grass has an exceptionally small weight 3.2 kg for devices of your segment (average weight-5-6 kg). The engine power is relatively low, but the speed of rotation of the trimmer head reaches 7200 rpm, and the width of the mowing is 33mm. Due to this, the device is quite effective, and due to the low weight and adjustable bar, it is ideal for women, adolescents and elderly people.

Denzel TE-1200

The best electric mosquito for grass in its budget is allocated with a thought.out design, which helps to get to grass growing in places. Near walls, trees, fences. The model is network, which means that it is necessary to use a constant connection to the network. For this purpose, we recommend using the extension cord, since the standard network cord is very short.

Denzel TE-1200 is convenient to use due to small weight in 4.7 kg and pen with pleasant ergonomics, which can fold and tune in height. When using a complete fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm, it is possible to mow a track with a width of 380 mm at a time. When choosing a knife, the width falls up to 25.5 cm, but it turns out to cope with bushes and plants with a thick stem. The coil is half automated, which simplifies operation.

A productive engine of 1200 W is installed in the upper part of the case, which provides efficient operation under any conditions. The delivery kit includes a protective casing, a set of tools for assembling a trimmer for grass, an shoulder belt, a reel with a fishing line and a knife. In addition, there is the possibility of installing a bush cutter.

  • Gorgeous equipment;
  • Good fishing line for a trimmer with a semi.automatic coil;
  • You can install a knife and a bureau;
  • Small weight and pleasant ergonomics;
  • Takes the grass even in places;
  • Folding structure;
  • Good performance;
  • Almost never heats up.

Denzel TE-1400 (96612)

A high.quality and reliable electric trimmer for grass from Denzel is equipped with a 1400 watts engine, which easily copes not only with lawn grass, but also with weeds, thick stems and young shrubs. Using Denzel TE-1400, you can quickly and easily get a neat lawn on which there will be no weeds and thickets. The engine is located on top, which allows you to work even in rainy weather.

Unlike gasoline trimmers, you do not have to add oil and gasoline, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of use. In addition to everything, you get the lack of an unpleasant odor and a small level of noise. The bicycle handle provides a convenient grip with a hand and reduces fatigue. The load on the hands reduces the shoulder belt, which is included.

A professional trimmer for grass with good characteristics will last a long time, because the motor is protected from overheating. Of the pluses, the system of smooth start, which increases comfort and reduces the wear of the main structural elements. The collapsible bar simplifies storage and transportation. The gearbox has good maintainability, which means that when damage it will be easy to give a second life.