How much to mow with a trimmer

2cc grass trimmer how much gas it burns. gasoline consumption

The haymaking season continues. a busy time for many farmers and garden owners. Some people need to make hay, others need to mow and compost. Most of us are armed with the usual mower for grass litovka, some keep in working order an old, but reliable horse-drawn mower, someone manages to use in the case of power tillers.

The craftsmen explained to me that the mower fell apart because I didn’t overhaul it before use, and factories supply hastily assembled products. I didn’t try to fight the rights, but tried to quickly restore the mower. Moscow representatives of the manufacturing plants quickly cooled my enthusiasm, saying that the company delivers units for sale only assembled. But these were different.

The second time I did not want to step on a rake, so I decided to replace the mower with a manual brushcutter. On the Internet I made an unexpected discovery: the domestic enterprises of the manual string trimmers do not produce. After digging in the imports, soon found what you need: some trimmers for grass with a line, equipped with special attachments, do not grind the cut grass in a fluff-fluff, but gently put in windrows, like a hand scythe.

After consulting with the salesmen on the phone, I chose a tool and immediately placed my order. And it was no regret: The haymaking was on time and effortless. To avoid unsolicited advertising I don’t name the firm, but for long mowing I advise to buy a professional brushcutter with a gasoline engine at least 1 kW, with wide shoulder straps, a straight shaft and bicycle-type handles.

I will also give you some other facts that vote for this tool: its working efficiency is several times higher than that of a manual grass trimmer because it cuts the grass in any direction, i.e. a brushcutter has no idle speed. It’s much more maneuverable than a “litovka” and doesn’t require any skill even from a novice mower operator.

Without imposing my own opinion, I will give you the characteristics of the main models of brushcutters and calculation of their payback, I will also tell you about the mowing technique

The brushcutters can be roughly divided into household and professional brushcutters, which are about twice as expensive. That can be explained by?

Professional tools are designed for serious loads and constant use, they are reliable and repairable, their maintenance is technological. Sometimes impure sellers pass off household models as professional. On closer inspection, you will definitely find discrepancies.

When choosing a tool, ask the seller to show you how to replace the nozzles, check if the air filter and spark plug are easy to change, let him tell you about the peculiarities of lawn mower assembly and use.

Comparative characteristics of some professional models of chain saws

Each model has its own merits: Efco has affordable price; Husqvarna models have catalytic converter, wide dealer network and reliability; STIHL has high power density and light weight; Oleo-Mac has good price-quality ratio. And some models of Husqvarna and Jonsered are absolutely identical.

I should note that the lawnmower is a modern high-tech tool. That’s why it’s not cheap. But it is easy enough to work with it. Not only does it make it possible to mow grass or the lawn, but also to cut down small trees and bushes. Some brushcutters, like the Oleo-Mas, have special attachments, such as a rotary cultivator or pruner saw. But most brushcutters and brushcutters allow you to use 5 basic attachments.

the more powerful the lawnmower, the larger the disc diameter recommended by the manufacturers. Don’t cut wood.

Always wear protective goggles when working with a trimmer attachment. Protect your ears with headphones or at least wear earplugs to prevent your tin buzzing in the evening.

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The two-stroke brushcutter engines require high-quality gasoline mixed with special oil. If this gasoline is mixed with standard four-stroke engine oil, you could damage the engine. You should not fuel this tool with ninety-fifth gasoline, in my experience I say. it will not be better: this kind of fuel causes uneven operation of the engine and its overheating.

The German company STIHL recommends to cut the grass by driving the cutterbar from right to left, which makes it easier to mow and swath on the mowed surface (see. scheme 1). But I mow in this way, which is recommended for light grass (see pic.1). diagram 2), it certainly takes more effort, but the mowing speed increases too, because the grass is mowed in both directions when the grasshopper moves in both directions.Right to left and left to right.

This results in 2 swaths: thicker on the left and thinner on the right. It depends on the counterclockwise rotation of the disc that throws the grass to the left. If the grass is too thick, you have to use the single-shaft method (Fig.3). I, a physically strong man, had to mow fallen tangled clover with yield up to 40 centners per hectare by the double-dump method.

What is the fuel consumption of brushcutters?? Mine, according to the instruction manual, “eats” 500 grams per kilowatt-hour. So, with 1.3 kW the mower will consume 0.8 liters of fuel per hour, which means that the 0.5 liter tank is enough for 35-40 minutes. Of course, when working with a trimmer or shrub disc, considerably more fuel is used than when mowing grass.

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Definitely can not say, for how long will pay off your mower: one thing if you work for yourself, mowing the area, a completely different account will be when you go to his scythe to earn money, which is quite possible. During 10 days of vacation I managed to mow about 4 tons of hay, and I could do even more, if necessary. I think that a good professional tool will pay off quickly enough. Good luck on the mowing!

How to mow with a line trimmer

What to do to mow grass with a trimmer with a fishing line correctly, easily and quickly, so the device itself will last longer than usual?

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Make Your Business FRICTIONLESS ����‍♂️ Make it easy to mow & collect don’t overcomplicate it ��

  • Try to keep the main drum (spool) at least 5cm off the ground.
  • When you mow taller grass, mow the top of it first and then get closer to the stalks to protect your machine from breakage and prevent mower failure.
  • In the process of mowing the grass it is necessary to introduce the cutting element (grass trimmer) in the direction in which the spool rotates.
  • Lawn grass, which is located near the walls of the garden as a decoration, is best mowed using only the edges of the line, so as not to overload the engine and not to wear it out too much.
  • Every 15-20 minutes let the machine “rest”.

How to mow tall grass with a line trimmer

When you are going to cut the grass (using grass trimmer) for hay, and you are more or less aware of your land area, then you can predict in advance the course of grass cutting. so it will be faster, more convenient and easier for you. The main thing in such a situation is not to rush in the mowing, but to approach the matter properly, “cool head”.

A few recommendations for cutting tall grass:

  • While mowing, do not overload the machine.
  • If tall grass gets tangled in the line, shut off the machine immediately so the motor doesn’t burn out.
  • If your grass trimmer runs on gasoline, mowing wet grass is exceptionally prohibited.

Do the right thing for both situations

With this approach, you can easily use the line grass trimmer while mowing the grass around trees planted on the site, gently bypassing them while not overloading the device. If you mow in the way we recommend above, you can reduce the chance of grass flying to the sides, ensuring for yourself faster and easier processing.

Preparing your grass trimmer for work

No matter what type of trimmer you own, you should still prepare it before you start. If the trimmer for grass is electric, we need to charge it, or plug it into a 220 volt network and start working. If you are using a grass trimmer for mowing grass with gasoline fuel, then fill the tank. Depending on the design, prepare and check the cutting element. It is a good idea to check the safety of the grass trimmer. When working with the device, be sure it is hinged to the body and held properly by the handles. Use safety glasses or a special safety helmet when trimming.

How to attach a disc or fishing line to a trimmer

The blade is attached to the cutting attachment. The place of attachment is called the gearbox. The task of installing the disc or spool is not difficult. The principle of attaching the cutting blades to the trimmer is as follows:

  • First attach the shaped washer by using an Allen wrench
  • Place the disc on the shaft
  • Then install the top washer, and then screw it on with the securing nut
  • The nut should be turned by means of a special socket wrench, which is usually supplied with each tool
  • Turn the nut in counterclockwise direction
  • When rotating, the shaft must be jammed with an Allen wrench

Spring Mowing the Thick and Tall Grass with String Trimmer

In the opposite sequence the removal and replacement of the disc on the trimmer is carried out. For more details on how to install a lawn mower spool with a fishing line, described in this material.

Filling the lawnmower with petrol and oil

Before mowing grass with a gasoline lawnmower, it is necessary to fill the tool with fuel. Gasoline and oil are used as fuel. Please note, however, that petrol and oil are mixed only for 2-stroke engines. Four-stroke motors work on pure gasoline, as their design has a separate container. the oil sump. There is no oil sump in the design of 2-stroke gasoline trimmers, so you need to fill the tank exclusively with gasoline and oil.

As gasoline is recommended to use fuel brand AI-92. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often most manufacturers recommend using AI-92 fuel, and only some recommend using AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with a small in the proportion of 1 to 25. That means you have to add 40 ml of 2-stroke oil to 1 liter of petrol. But it is not all so clear-cut. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but there are different values for each tool model. These values are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. For more information on how to properly dilute gasoline with oil in the lawnmower, described here. After diluting the gasoline with oil, you should fill a full tank and get to work.

This is interesting! If a four-stroke lawnmower is fueled, then clean gasoline must be poured into the tank, and the oil tank is filled with engine oil to the maximum level.

How much you can mow with the electric trimmer?

The recommended continuous working time with an electric trimmer is 15 minutes, after that it is recommended, especially in hot weather, to rest for 15-20 minutes.

  • First use a scallop nozzle
  • Then choose a small razor attachment and gently remove the hairs beyond the desired contour, movements in the direction and against the growth of the hair.
  • Brush hairs in the direction of growth and tweak the result as needed.

How to use a trimmer: use, proper care, lubrication

The beard in men does not go out of style, unless of course, groomed, brutal. Having a good quality grass trimmer in your arsenal won’t be out of place.

The moustache and beard trimmer quickly transforms the appearance of the face and is quite easy to use. Just oil the blades and replace the extensions and you can enjoy a close shave in minutes.

The result of a proper run-in gasoline grass trimmer

After you have run-in the lawnmower according to the instructions, as a result we will get a ready to work tool. Of course, it is best not only to read the steps, but also to see the trimming on video from experts. The result of the correct actions will be obtained:

  • The trouble-free operation of the gasoline-powered tool over a long period of time;
  • high quality of the device start and stability of the supplied power;
  • absence of unforeseen repairs of the grass trimmer after a quality run-in;
  • no overheating.

Why you can’t mow grass with a trimmer?

Using manual grass trimmers for mowing grass in residential areas was banned a long time ago. The reason is that, in the opinion of experts, it is easier to destroy a lawn with this equipment than to mow it accurately During dry periods the frequency and the norm of watering increases, the lawn is mowed less often, the amount of pruning increases.

For failure to comply with this obligation, the owner of the land may be subject to administrative penalties provided for by ch. 4 st. 8.8. CAO in the form of imposing an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of twenty thousand to fifty thousand.