What gasoline to fill up the Husqvarna grass trimmer

Best grass trimmer for Husqvarna

Husqvarna grass trimmers come in a variety of performance and functionality options. In order to make it easier to choose the best trimmer for grass Husqvarna, we will tell you about the main features of the model range and give a rating of gasoline Husqvarna trimmers, as well as electric models.

Husqvarna is one of the most popular international brands. Was founded in Sweden in 1689. At first it was a defense company. Today, the company is a brand that produces gardening equipment, watering and construction equipment, motorcycles, sewing machines. Its offices are located in more than 100 countries, and the number of dealers exceeds 18 000.

Top trimmers include lawnmowers and electric models. They are characterized by endurance, reliability and long life. All devices can withstand a long load.

How to fill a gasoline trimmer?

If you bought a trimmer for the grass, and the instructions in the kit only in English, do not despair. In this article, you’ll find an answer to the burning question. how to correctly fill a brushcutter with gasoline. To begin with, let’s get acquainted with the device of the engine benzotrimmer. Gardening equipment engines are usually two-stroke. This means that the equipment responds faster when you press the throttle. The design of the two-stroke engine is simpler, and to fill the gasoline must be mixed with oil. The four-stroke engine is filled with gasoline and oil separately. Grass trimmers with a four-stroke engine are rare; most often they are professional brushcutters.

How to fill the gasoline trimmer with a two-stroke engine?

1) To fill the grass trimmer use clean gasoline not lower than AI-92, and high-quality oil. Oil must be special, for air-cooled two-stroke engines. It should not be confused with oil for water-cooled engines, using the latter type of oil can cause the grass trimmer to work with insufficient cooling, and to break down. Grass trimmer oil must be JASO or API approved.

2) Grass trimmer tank must be filled with a fresh mix of gasoline and oil. The mixture should not be stored for more than 3 months. Proportion of mixing oil and gasoline: 1 part oil, 40 part gasoline. Do not mix the liquids directly in the fuel tank by eye. It should be done in a special container with measured divisions. If you do not comply with this rule, the operation of the engine can become unstable, and the engine can fail.

3) Mixing process: Pour one part oil into a measuring jug, then add 20 parts gasoline and mix gently and thoroughly. Then 20 parts of petrol are added to the mixture and mixed again.

If you don’t put enough oil in the engine, it will lead to under-lubrication, scuffing will occur on the pistons and cylinder bore, and the piston group will be damaged. If, on the contrary, a lot of oil is added, the engine may cork (there will be deposits on the inner parts of the engine).

4) Filling the tank. To do this, place the tank with the lid upwards and fill the tank to the required volume. Screw the lid on tightly. The motor is ready for operation. While turning on you need to make sure that the fuel mixture fills the cap.

How to fill a gasoline trimmer with a four-stroke engine?

1) The gasoline used is still the same, no lower than AI-92, clean and fresh (stored for no more than 60 days outside the gas station). We choose oil for four-stroke engines, which corresponds to SAE30 and API classifications. Oil and petrol must never be mixed!

2) Pour oil into engine crankcase. It is usually max. 90 ml for the first fill-up. When the gasoline runs out, there might be some oil left over. If there is less than half of it left, you need to add oil to the crankcase.

3) pour petrol into the petrol tank with the cap up. Do not overfill. Otherwise it might overflow into the intake manifold and cause engine damage or gasoline ignition. Screw on fuel tank cap. The engine is ready to go!

and finally a few tips. First, you can buy engine oil in large hypermarkets or at gas stations. Secondly, when filling the engine with gasoline brushcutters need to observe safety measures: do not spill gasoline, and if it spilled, immediately wipe it off, turn on the gasoline trimmer, only away from the container with gasoline or fuel mixture for at least 10 meters. Thirdly, if you are not going to use the trimmer for a long time, the remaining gasoline must be drained.

Husqvarna 140 chain saw instruction manual

Instruction manual is included in each package and is designed to acquaint the new equipment owner with the chainsaw, as well as with the ways and techniques of safe operation and maintenance. All information is divided into sections:

  • Husqvarna 140 chain saw instruction manual;.
  • Specifications of the 140.
  • Safety Precautions for Working and Maintaining a Husqvarna Chainsaw.
  • Accessories.
  • Tricks of the trade.
  • Preparing to start, starting up.
  • Break-in time.
  • Servicing your Husqvarna 140 chainsaw.
  • Troubleshooting.


  • Husqvarna Model 140 chain saw;
  • instruction manual;
  • Allen wrench;
  • guide (16 inches);
  • Chain (56 links);
  • chain oil reservoir;
  • package.

Preparing for the first start-up

Before you start cutting, put on your chainsaw

  • To assemble your Husqvarna chainsaw according to instructions.
  • Put on the chainsaw and put on the chainsaw.
  • Prepare mix of gasoline AI-92 and oil for 2-stroke engines of Husqvarna in the ratio 50/1 (1 liter of fuel to 0,1 liter of oil).
  • To put fuel in the saw, to fill up the lubricating liquid in the tank.
  • The chain saw is running.
  • Check the oil pump and guides (chain lubrication), recoil brake operation, and no-load operation.

Run-in time

Run-in period is during first 10 hours of operation. During this period you operate your chain saw at a reduced load. no more than 50 % of the engine power. In 10 hours all the moving parts of the machine are lapped, which increases the service life of the motor and the chainsaw itself.

What Gasoline to Fill Husqvarna Grass Trimmer

Machinery with a two-stroke engine has no oil system for the lubrication of moving parts. They must therefore be filled with a mixture of petrol and engine oil. Never use engine oil intended for cars, as it can damage the lawnmower. For this application you need a special oil for two-stroke engines. Read more.

gasoline, fill, husqvarna, grass

Motor trimmers fitted with a two-stroke engine do not have a separate oil system for the lubrication of moving parts. That’s why they should not be filled with pure gasoline but with a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. Remember that oil must be special, designed for two-stroke engines. Using motor oil can break your tool. Read more.

Husqvarna offers models with various price and power categories. You are on the two cheapest and most popular offered now. The company positions its grass trimmers and gasoline pumps as very easy to operate. Each user can independently adjust the grass cutting level, including the ability to completely eliminate it by keeping the grass trimmer above the ground. Read more.

Before pouring gasoline into the fuel tank, it’s important to determine what type of engine is built into your lawn mower. Grass trimmers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their fueling and maintenance is very different. Read more.

How to start the brush if the engine won’t start? Make sure the start button is on, that there is enough oil through the feed button, or that the gasoline is in the tank. If the engine still does not start, flush the gas filter (sometimes it should be replaced if it is found to be very clogged), check the spark plugs for proper operation and clean the air filter. Learn more.

When the fuel mixture is ready, it should be carefully poured into the tank of the lawnmower. Since gasoline is a toxic and flammable liquid, safety precautions must be observed when working with it. Specifically, it’s best to work in calm weather, away from sources of fire and unattended areas. When pouring fuel into the tank it is advisable to use a funnel, as the spilled liquid will remain unnoticed and ignite when the motor heats up. Learn more.

In order to have on your property a beautiful green lawn, he needs constant care, namely. to mow the grass. That’s why it’s important to buy a quality gasoline grass trimmer. and it will last for a long time. Nowadays lawn mower market offers a wide range of products, that’s why it is often difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another model, especially for beginners. Read more.

I have a grass trimmer with a Honda engine (Thailand). I use 92 gasoline (from the nearest gas station) and separately fill the throat designed for it with Husqvarna SAE-30 oil. the service center told me that this oil is the most reliable in terms of quality. Learn more.

gasoline, fill, husqvarna, grass

Dacha and garden owners need to constantly monitor the condition of the lawn and mow the grass. One of the tools for such work. gasoline grass trimmer. If you want to maintain your lawn for a long time you need to fill it with the proper gasoline. Read more.

Grass trimmers, powered by a four-stroke motor, have a more complicated arrangement, providing separate tanks for gasoline and oil. You can’t use the same lubricant that you would use in a two-stroke motor in these machines. Gasoline for a gasoline mower with such a motor can be AI-92 or AI-95. It is not recommended to use fuel with a lower octane number, as it will lead to malfunctions and further malfunctions. Read more.

People who have a cottage or a country house often have difficulties with the overgrown grass on the lawn. Overgrown grass often needs to be mowed and weeded several times per season. Nowadays the market offers a wide range of equipment for garden and vegetable garden. One such helper can include a lawnmower, in other words. a trimmer for the grass. For effective and long-term work of such machinery you need to fill it with good quality fuel or properly made fuel mixtures.

Grass trimmers with a two-stroke motor should be filled with gasoline AI-92. Of course, it can run on higher octane gasoline. But when fueled with gasoline AI-95 engine will overheat and run unevenly. Read more.

Recommended oil to gasoline ratio is 1:50. You need to add 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. It is necessary to observe the proportions, as an overabundance of oil will lead to fouling of pistons and spark plugs, and its shortage. to a rapid failure of the internal combustion engine. For accurate dosing of ingredients, it is best to purchase a genuine Husqvarna combination canister, each compartment of which has a measuring scale and a separate hole. Read more.

Many chainsaw models have two-stroke engines that run mainly on AI-92 gasoline. It is necessary to mix fuel for them independently. It is better to fill the brushcutter with gasoline of the brand specified by the manufacturer, otherwise the grass trimmer will break down faster. For example, with gasoline AI-95 the engine will overheat quickly, and if you choose AI-80 the fuel mix will be of very poor quality, resulting in an unstable and low-powered engine. Details.

Many trimmer manufacturers strongly advise to use fuel and lubricants produced under their own logo. They often cost more than counterparts sold under other names. Is it worth overpaying for brand name oil??Companies that produce gasoline tools do not produce fuels and lubricants. They buy these products from companies that produce oils, and then packed lubricants in containers with their logo. So you can safely buy the right oil from any manufacturer. The main thing that it corresponded to the parameters of the engine. Read more.

Gasoline grass trimmer Huter GGT-1500T

Gasoline grass trimmer Huter GGT-1500T is a powerful and handy garden tool designed for mowing grass, weeds, etc.д. On relatively small plots. This motorized grass trimmer is successfully used in the care of the garden, park, area around the country house, etc. Even hard-to-reach areas (along a fence or wall, in corners, around a flowerbed or a tree) can be worked with the tool.

In contrast to its electric counterparts, gasoline grass trimmer is fully self-contained and is not connected to other energy sources.

Gasoline grass trimmer GGT-1500T is equipped with a working unit, power plant and controls. Working part is angular gearbox, on which is installed a semi-automatic spool with a cutting line for cutting fresh grass or a special rotating blade, necessary to remove large or dry weeds, as well as young shrubs. Operator’s feet are protected by a special hood.

Husqvarna trimmer fuel line and carb rebuild

The power unit consists of a gasoline two-stroke single-cylinder engine of 2 liters.с., air-cooled, with manual start and electronic ignition. Fuel is a two-stroke mixture based on gasoline AI-92, which is filled into a 0,7 l semi-transparent plastic tank. Vibration damping device. The control system of trimmer is a handle for two hands, which resembles a bicycle handlebar.

The right handle is at the same time the control panel (ignition button, throttle key and its lock).

Working and power units are located at different ends of the metal bar and properly balanced in terms of weight, which is convenient when holding the tool. For more convenience and comfort a special shoulder strap is included, which allows to transfer weight of the machine on the body of the operator and ease the physical strain on his hands.

The company Huter, which produces gasoline trimmers for grass model GGT-1500T, provides strict quality control throughout almost the entire technological process. This contributes to the fact that the finished products meet the strict quality and safety standards adopted not only in Europe but also in Russia.

Design and principle of operation

Gasoline trimmer for grass Huter GGT-1500T is compact, easy to work and no problems during storage. These qualities are stipulated by well-thought-out layout of its basic units and assemblies, as well as by control elements.

In fact, it is a piece of solid metal pipe (rod), on one end of which the working tool is mounted and on the other end. the power unit. Inside the boom is a shaft that connects the two systems.

gasoline, fill, husqvarna, grass

On the boom itself, in a place convenient for the operator, a handle is mounted for steering, as well as a hook for attaching a shoulder strap.

The power plant is represented by a two-stroke gasoline single-cylinder internal combustion engine with air cooling and electronic ignition, working volume of 42.7 cm3, developing up to 2 L.с. (1500 W) and cranking up to 9500 rpm. It is started by means of manual cable starter. Outer surface of the engine working cylinder has special finned surface.

It allows you to artificially increase the surface area heated during engine operation, which helps to cool it more intensively and prevent overheating. Power unit is equipped with a replaceable air filter and a small but effective muffler that keeps the noise level within 96 dB. The motor is connected to the boom via an anti-vibration device.

The motor is located inside a robust plastic housing with slots for free air circulation.

Two-stroke mixture (gasoline AI-92 and special oil), on which the power plant operates, is contained in a plastic semi-transparent tank, capacity of 700 ml, compactly located outside the engine housing. This enables visual inspection of the filling level.

Torque is transmitted from the motor to the tool via a centrifugal automatic coupling. Coupling remains disengaged at idle speed. Connection is made at higher engine speeds.

The working unit of the gasoline grass trimmer is an angular gearbox, on which the cutting tool is directly mounted. Angular gearbox is used to change the direction of the shaft rotation axis of the boom to keep the cutting tool in the horizontal plane, at a comfortable position for the operator device. Depending on the task at hand, either a semi-automatic filament reel or a rotating metal blade is attached to the gearbox.

Reel contains a certain amount of fishing line. If the bottom of the spinning reel is lightly struck on a hard surface, the line will unwind just enough to recover the erased or torn off part. Young growth is easily cut with a trimmer line, without damaging the tree or bush bark. When you work with dry or tough grass and weeds, the line is replaced by a metal blade that can cut through even young bushes.

On the lower part of the rod, directly at the working tool, a protective cover is mounted.

Gasoline trimmer Huter GGT-1500T is controlled by a two-handed handle, collected from two halves and placed in a convenient location on the boom with a special bracket. When assembled, it resembles the handlebars of a bicycle.

Features of filling the brushcutter

When the mixture is ready to use, it needs to be poured carefully into the fuel tank. Since gasoline is a toxic liquid, safety precautions must be observed when working with it. Work should be done in windless weather and away from other people. And also for filling the fuel in the tank you need to use a watering can or funnel, with which you previously diluted the mixture. Otherwise, the mixture may spill, go unnoticed, and ignite when the engine heats up.

You should clean the fuel pot of dirt and only then unscrew the cap in order to fill it with the fuel you have prepared. After the fuel is poured, the tank should not be left open, as it can get insects or soil, resulting in clogging the fuel filter. It is necessary to fill the fuel in the tank up to the indicated mark or less, and then top up during the work.

As noted above, you should not prepare a mixture more than necessary for work, it is better to prepare less and, if necessary, repeat the process, mixing gasoline and oil again. If there is still unused fuel, it should be used in 2 weeks.

During storage the container should be tightly closed with a lid. Store fuel in a cool place, out of the sun’s rays. Remember that during prolonged storage the oil becomes liquefied and loses its properties.

Whatever brand your equipment is, it requires careful handling and quality fuel. If you follow all the recommendations and use fuel sparingly, your lawn mower will serve you for many seasons, and your lawn will always be in perfect order, without weeds and dense weed growth.

All about grass trimmer fuel mix

Every owner of a country site has had to face the task of mowing. the lawnmower is needed much more often than a chainsaw or a single-axle tractor, because grass grows faster than trees and bushes. In this regard, the question inevitably arises, what fuel mixture to fill in the trimmer for grass? The mixture of petrol and oil has to be made in the right proportions in order to ensure high engine performance. Here are the possible consequences of too rich or too poor gasoline mixture in your trimmer. But first of all it is necessary to understand what role oil plays for two-stroke engines, which are most often equipped with gasoline-powered trimmers.

The main difference between the principles of operation of a two-stroke and a four-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) is that in the case of a four-stroke unit, lubrication of the rubbing parts occurs with the help of a crankcase and an oil pump. The four-stroke engine has the power to do the job. A grass trimmer with a two-stroke engine needs a mixture of gasoline and oil to lubricate the entire system (cylinder and pistons, crankshaft, bearing supports). To properly dilute and prepare such a mixture for the grass trimmer, there is a special classification, often presented as a table.


Oil in the trimmer is no different from the lubricants designed for other gardening equipment, equipped with a two-stroke engine. It has the same composition, additive package and detergent properties. Let us give a closer look at the American classification of oils, or API, as they call it.

  • The TA group is designed for use in trimmers and mopeds with air-cooled two-stroke engines. Claimed volume of devices from 50 cc.cm up to 200 cc.see.
  • TV-group is also used in trimmers and other gardening equipment, but with a larger engine volume.

We must remember that the TA and TV groups are not interchangeable, the ratio of gasoline and oil in them may be different.


The Japanese also have their own classification of oils. Contrary to the internationally accepted American classification, the Japanese classification is mainly designed for environmental regulations.

  • The FA group is designed for use in trimmers and other appliances in countries where emission standards are quite low.
  • FB group is designed for trimmers with two-stroke engines where legislative requirements to exhaust are significantly increased.
  • FC group for trimmers where requirements for gasoline and oil exhaust are minimal. zero exhaust.

The other classifications are not for trimmers.

What oil must not be filled?

Do not fill 4-stroke lawn mower engines with grease labeled “2T”; it is designed for two-stroke engines. After purchase, the fuel should not be stored for more than 2 months. No polyethylene cans may be used for storage. Static electricity can build up as a result of fuel in contact with the inner walls. If an accidental spark can cause an explosion. Today, there are on sale special canisters made of plastic, on which there is a marking “flame”.

The lawnmower’s performance depends on the petrol and oil fill. Do not skimp on them, otherwise the technique will rather quickly cease to perform its functions, will have to repair it.

On what parameters to choose a grass trimmer for dacha

Before you understand what to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass Husqvarna by reviews, as well as electric, it is worth to understand the technical characteristics.

Depending on the application, the power of the appliance is selected


When choosing, it is worth considering that electric models have the following power:

  • 300-400 W for regular lawn care
  • 400-800 watts for small weeds and overgrown lawn;
  • more than 800 W for thickets.


When buying gasoline-powered appliances, it is worth considering such things as:

  • up to 1.5 л.с for summer houses and small fields;
  • 1.5-2.5 л.с for meadow grasses, lawns, weeds;
  • more than 2.5 л.с for haymaking and large brushwood.

With insufficient power, the grass trimmer will constantly overheat, lose speed and shut down. Especially with electric models.

Engine type

There are two types of engines in trimmers. gasoline and electric.

This engine guarantees absolute autonomy. You can mow anywhere. High weight is worth mentioning as a limitation. The engines are available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Need to fill up with fuel that has exhaust fumes and foul odors. Even thick plants can be mowed with such devices.

high power;

electricity independence.

This motor functions quietly. It does not need to be refilled. The tool can be started by simply plugging in the power cord. There are rechargeable models, but they are expensive. Electric economy grass trimmers are not as powerful, so they can’t handle thick branches. But there is no crackling and exhaust from them.

affordable price;

quiet operation;

low weight

ease of maintenance.

Cutting width

The value depends on the length of the blade and the maximum extension of the line. The latter value is influenced by the size of the blade guard. The grass models have a cutting width of 20-42 cm. You can choose the figure depending on the purpose. A larger area needs a 30-42 cm grass trimmer for a cohesive cut, and a 25-27 cm grass trimmer for a cottage site.

Consumables and accessories

Husqvarna’s basic cutting set is a mowing head with a spring-loaded bobbin. It stores the polymer cord stock. Special button quickly renews worn out trimmer line.

Consumables and accessories include:

  • limiting bowls;
  • mowing heads;
  • belt tooling and harnesses;
  • Canisters in which you can pour fuel, mix and dilute mixtures;
  • steel discs with 3, 4 or 8 teeth;
  • protective guards;
  • Tricut trimmer head with interchangeable plastic knives;
  • Two-stroke oil, spark plugs, shaft and gear lubricant;
  • headphones, goggles, safety shoes and clothing.