How Does The Trimmer Use Fuel?

The lawn mower is a straightforward device. There is nothing so special about it. And so many people buy it for their needs since everyone can master how to work with it, and quite quickly.

Anyone who has relied on the gasoline trimmer should know that for it, one of the most important characteristics is fuel consumption. And there is a simple explanation. First of all, the device must perform its functions for a long time so that for a long time there is no need to do the refueling. It is always convenient.


However, in this case, of course, the fuel tank will be large. As a result, its overall construction becomes heavy. And it will be difficult to work. Is it possible to find a wise solution in this situation? You can solve the problem by reducing fuel consumption.

Next, we will talk about how it can be, what the trimmer fuel consumption depends on, and also advise which gasoline is better to choose for work.

Factors affecting gas mileage.

It is a lot, given that the other version of this unit, electric, works no more than twenty minutes.

As a rule, gasoline trimmers are usually equipped with two-stroke engines. For them, experts advise the use of fuel, which has an octane rating of at least AI-92, which is mixed with oil.

Four indicators affect the level of consumption of gasoline.


The higher this figure, the more fuel the unit needs. But is it always necessary to give preference to elevated values ​​of this characteristic? Since four-stroke engines consume more fuel than two-stroke engines, they have more power.

In this sense, devices are commonly divided into groups, each of which corresponds to a specific area of ​​use.

The engine can be:

It turns out that household units of low power should have a sufficiently long period of action without refueling. However, the manufacturer, to make these models cheaper and reduce their weight, installs on them not only small fuel tanks but also such engines, which in any case need to be stopped. After all, they need to cool.

Machines whose power is 1-3 horsepower, it is customary to refer to the category of semi-professional. Not so rarely they install more economical advanced engines.

In such devices, fuel consumption is naturally more economical. As for the size of the tank, they usually have it for about one hour of continuous activity. Surveys of sellers and buyers showed that this category of aggregates is the most popular.


Due to its status, it is customary to equip professional equipment with a powerful engine and a large tank. To facilitate the work of the user, you can enter such an option as a wide shoulder strap.

When we talk about such a gas trimmer, we mean that fuel consumption in it cannot be economical. After all, high power, as well as a large bevel width inevitably leads to the fact that such a device will need a lot of fuel.

For the purchase of a four-stroke engine, you will pay much more than for the purchase of a two-stroke. However, it works in such a way that it does not create many exhausts. After all, with them disappears and the fuel that is not burned, and which remained unused.

If you can choose the mode of operation, this also leads to the efficiency of the gasoline trimmer. In this case, the adjustment of fuel consumption is carried out as needed.


The lion’s share of devices designed for the fact that they will work on a flat surface. However, there are no ideal conditions. Often on the way, you can meet, for example, bricks and stones, branches and stumps, like other objects.

It automatically leads to fuel costs. And therefore, if someone has irregularities on the site, then you need to take care that the petrol trimeter has bigger wheels. They would be able to provide the car with increased permeability. Thus, the trimmer will not strain and expend an increased amount of fuel.


Most modern versions have additional options. Such can be, for example, the possibility of cutting grass in remote corners or changing from one speed to another. It can make all the work much easier. However, such options may require additional fuel consumption.

Petrol consumption rates for trimmers.

Say, the Husqvarna 122C device, which has a 0.8-liter two-stroke engine, consumes 630 g / kWh. The fuel consumption of the STIHL FS 50 CE gas mowers is 20 percent lower. To all, it throws into the environment 70 percent less harmful emissions than models that have a two-stroke engine.

Next will be tips that give users experts. They relate to the selection and use of the fuel mixture.

Experts advise buying predominantly AI-92 gasoline for trimmers. To prepare the mixture with the right ratio of oil and gas, you need to keep a balance of 1:30. Violation of this ratio leads to engine damage.

Keep the mixture in containers that must be clean and safe. Since the fuel mixture is sometimes settled, you must shake up the canister before you refuel.

It makes no sense to pour gasoline more than you can spend. It is better than to pour than to engage in cleaning the tank.


The lawn mower will last for a long time and will be economical for a long time in fuel consumption of one who strictly observes the simple rules for storing the trimmer.

The gasoline engine is a complex structure, and therefore requires constant care for him. That is why, before starting work, it is necessary to study the operating rules of the device and follow the recommendations developed by the manufacturer.

You must continuously monitor the cleanliness of the inner surface of the case. To the acid juice from the grass does not destroy any part of the device, experts recommend that after the work is done, to clean the machine.

Before you buy a mower, you need to determine the place where it will be stored. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the unit. It makes sense to look at the model, which is folded handle. In this case, it will find a place in any storage. That is, for storing the device, this option is just perfect.