How to Adjust a Carburetor Partner 350 Video

How to Adjust a Carburetor Partner 350 Video

I greet you dear and most faithful readers of my blog. In today’s article, I decided to consider how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw. After all, it seems to me that you have repeatedly encountered a problem that your “darling” let you down when you needed it so much. And since we are economical and do not want to spend money on what we can do ourselves, let’s learn how to regulate the carburetor on our chainsaws with our own hands, without the involvement of professional repairmen. And as you will soon see, doing this is very easy. You don’t even need to do anything special. I specifically considered the adjustment of carburetors of all famous brands of saws, each of which has its own tricks and nuances and in my opinion this is the best information on the network!

So let’s get started!

What do you need?

  • Firstly, the instruction manual of the device itself.
  • Secondly, a tachometer. For what exactly we need it, we will consider a little later.
  • Thirdly, a screwdriver.

Oddly enough, this is all we will need.

To get started, carefully read the structure of your saw. What you need to do first is to determine where the carburetor nozzles are, and even more important than the nozzles are the adjustment screws. Usually, there should be two to three screws. One of them regulates single turns, and two others. low and high.

It is them that you will need to adjust, or tighten, or unscrew in order to enrich or impoverish the fuel mixture.

If you need to impoverish the mixture, then simply turn the knob clockwise, if enriched, then counter.

To adjust the idle speed, the screw that is responsible for this also needs to be twisted clockwise to increase the speed, or, as you might have guessed, in the opposite direction to reduce them.

But I want to warn you, be careful when setting up a carburetor. Therefore, as the depletion and enrichment of the fuel mixture, as well as the game with the speed, has very serious consequences.

Video: How to Adjust a Carburetor Partner 350 Video

And now, let us separately consider the features of adjustment on different models, both more modern and domestic, and more familiar to us.

When adjustment may be needed

When used properly, a good Stihl 180 chainsaw (or any other) should serve you well for a long time. But everything happens after all.

The most common causes are:

  1. Loose fixing screws
  2. The engine was worn out (in this case, the adjustment of this chainsaw, like Goodluck, or the Sturm, will only help for a while, ideally it is better to immediately carry it in for repair)
  3. The carburetor is clogged (in this case, it will also have to be cleaned).

Step by step setup

The Partner 350 is regulated similarly to many chainsaw models.

In this model, we have three controllers:

  • Low RPM. L
  • High. H
  • Single. T.

After the release from production, these chainsaws are configured to receive the mixture more than necessary. This should only be in the first hours of operation.

When the engine warms up, it is better to reconfigure it. At idle, tighten screw T counterclockwise until the chain stops, after which we adjust each of them in the order: L, H, T.

The screw L must be turned counterclockwise орота turn at the moment when the largest turns begin at idle.

The screw H is regulated as follows: we heat up the kabryurator and turn it counterclockwise by ¼ turn. To determine if everything is in order, you need a tachometer. Turnovers should be the same as indicated maximum in the chainsaw passport.

Your actions should lead to the fact that the engine immediately accelerates and makes noise as four times.

The Husqvarna carburetor is configured similarly.

Partner 351 differs only in that its factory settings initially provide the optimal amount of the mixture, that is, everything should work correctly right away. But, if necessary, the above instructions will help you adjust the carburetor correctly.

Ural adjustment

It is slightly different in that it should not be carried out at sharp maximum revolutions, but to ensure that the chain picks them up quickly, but smoothly, without shifting along the tire.

In any case, it is worth taking the adjustment very seriously, because if you spend it incorrectly, the saw will not stay with you for a long time. Take care of your tools and if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to take it to a professional.

Any of them, even strong Friendship, needs attention and care. And then the chainsaw will be your faithful assistant for many years to come.

When purchasing a HUS365 brand chainsaw, you should be prepared for the fact that after a month of its use, you will not want to deal with any kind of saw other than this brand. This is explained by its reliability, affordability, and most importantly. ease of management.

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Good luck and see you soon! Andrey Noak was with you.