How To Assemble A Gasoline Lawn Mower

How to choose a gasoline lawn mower; overview of features Want to buy a petrol powered lawnmower? How to choose a gasoline lawn mower, read the article. All about the types of devices and selection criteria. Body material, working width and other factors.

What else to pay attention to

Self-propelled mowers are divided into two types:

  1. Rear wheel drive;
  2. Front wheel drive.

The former are convenient on slopes, the latter have good maneuverability.

Since in self-propelled mowers part of the power is spent on wheel drive, you should select an engine with a good margin of 10-15%.

Engine starting system

The engine of the mower can be difficult to start, especially for a woman. Some models provide solutions to facilitate this process:

  1. Starter. Available in models with gearbox. The engine is battery powered, the user only needs to press a button or turn the key.
  2. A special valve in the cylinder that opens at startup in order to balance the air pressure in the cylinder with atmospheric pressure. Accordingly, when the cord is pulled out, the resistance of the compressed air does not act on the piston and the engine starts easier.

Grass disposal method

The following varieties are offered:

  1. Knockbacks: Backward (acceptable if the grass is low and thin) or to the side (safer if the grass is thick or dense). Mowers of this type are the cheapest, but after mowing the user has to clean the cut grass with a rake.
  2. With collection in a container. These lawn mowers are heavier and more expensive than the previous ones, but they save time by emptying the container to dispose of the grass, which takes only a few minutes.
how to assemble a gasoline lawn mower

Lawnmower with grass catcher

By material, containers are divided into two types:

  • Hard plastic: easy to empty and wash, but relatively heavy and take up a significant volume when empty;
  • Soft tissue: difficult to shake out and clean, but they are cheaper, weigh little and do not take up space when empty.

They produce lawn mowers with mulching function. The cut grass is chopped up with a special knife and scattered over the area. This layer works like a mulch, reducing the evaporation of water from the soil and inhibiting the growth of weeds, and serves as a fertilizer.

Lawn mowers with mulching function are more expensive than others.

Some models have a device for collecting cut grass in windrows. This is done in order to dry the grass if it was wet while mowing. It is also recommended to dry the grass in the windrows before mulching.

Gasoline Lawn Mowers

A gasoline lawn mower differs from a mechanical machine primarily in the presence of a gasoline engine. Gasoline engines installed in lawn mowers are domestic (power 3.5-7 l / s, service life 500-700 hours) and professional (resource more than 1000 hours).

It is recommended to use a gasoline lawn mower in large areas, as it is characterized by high performance and reliability. In addition, it is characterized by a large cutting width, allowing a significant part of the area to be covered at one time.

Among the disadvantages of a gasoline lawn mower, it should be noted that it is heavy, the engine is noisy, and the need for periodic refueling with gas should be noted. In addition, when the lawn mower is started, corrosive gases are released, which negatively affects human health and the ecology of the site. You can refuel such a machine only in specially designated places, and not directly on the lawn. Otherwise, if drops of gasoline accidentally hit the grass, it can be seriously damaged and bald spots will form on the lawn. Most gasoline models are manually started with a sharp jerk of the starting cord, so it will be difficult for women to cope with such a tool. There are other devices that can be started using the starter with one click, but you have to pay for all the additional useful functions and this pleasure is no exception.

How to choose a lawn mower to last a long time?

This is the oldest version of lawn mowers, which is mechanically driven. The design consists of two large wheels, between which a static knife is installed at the bottom, and a rotating drum with steel blades (spindle) on top. When the mower is set in motion, the wheels begin to rotate forward, imparting motion to the drum. At the same time, the spindle blades capture the grass bundles, press them against the lower static knife and cut them to the required height. In the design of mechanical machines (as in more modern versions of lawn mowers with motors), it is possible to adjust the cutting height from 1 to 5 cm.Depending on the model, the power lawnmower mows a strip 30-45 cm wide in one pass.

When working with a mechanical machine, you do not need to use any consumables (gasoline, oil) or an energy source (electricity). Only a little physical effort is needed to move the tool, however, thanks to the wheels, this is very easy (even a child can handle most models). In addition, the unit is completely silent and ready to work in all weather conditions.

Mechanical equipment is perfect for neat parterre lawns, as it cuts the grass as carefully as possible and allows you to get the highest quality mowing. When working with such a lawnmower, you do not have to inhale gasoline fumes or carry an electric cord with you. Also, your household will not be disturbed by the rumble of a running engine, even if you decide to mow the lawn in the early morning. It should be noted that along with the advantages, mechanical models also have their disadvantages and limitations in the field of application. Spindle lawn mowers are suitable for tidy, well-groomed areas. They are not designed to combat weeds and thick overgrown stems. If a bunch of thick stems gets caught between the knives, you will have to make significant efforts to turn the blades and cut the grass. Of course, you can first cut off the grown grass with a trimmer, and then finish the job with a spindle tool, but it’s better just not to start the lawn.

Mowed grass in the lawn mower

A power lawnmower is the cheapest option for keeping your lawn tidy, but far from the worst. Many landscape designers believe that mechanical equipment is better than others for caring for a young lawn, since it will least injure delicate grass.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern self-propelled lawn mowers

The advantages of self-propelled equipment are as follows:

  • Its work does not depend on the location of the outlet;
  • It has significant maneuverability and ease of movement;
  • Higher efficiency;
  • Duration of continuous work;
  • The ability to use for processing uneven terrain;
  • Economy and good performance;
  • It is quite easy to use and maintain;
  • Reliability.

How to assemble a gasoline lawn mower

If you are the owner of a private house or summer cottage, then you definitely need to purchase a lawn care product such as a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower. It will greatly facilitate your work on cutting the grown grass.

The wide range of lawn mower models often makes it difficult to choose the right one. To help you avoid making mistakes in such an important matter, we will look at the most popular lawn mowers.

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  • AL-KO 119617 HIGHLINE 46.5 SP-A
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AL-KO 119617 HIGHLINE 46.5 SP-A

The products of this Austrian brand are an ideal combination of price and quality. The AL-KO 119617 HIGHLINE 46.5 SP-A model is considered the best gasoline lawnmower in the low-power class. Its power is 2, 7 horsepower. The volume of the engine cylinders is 123 cc. See Wide range of cutting heights.


  • Reliable metal case;
  • Stylish design;
  • Functionality;
  • Mulching option;
  • Relatively light weight.