How To Cut A Duropolymer Skirting Board

A story in pictures about how I installed the plinth, or What to do when hands suddenly grew out of the priests Today I will share with you how to install a duropolymer plinth on painted and brick walls. The same technology applies to polyurethane skirting boards. I am glad that even with an increased level of curvature, such skirting boards are difficult to spoil.

Important! If using a sealant rather than a grout, choose exactly acrylic! It can be dyed if needed. Will not stick to silicone paint.

Here is one of the brick walls at the beginning of the installation. This corner has the most problems.

Which floor plinth is better, how they differ and how to choose, read here:

how to cut a duropolymer skirting board

What you need to install a duropolymer (or polyurethane) skirting board

Miter box with sides equal to the height of the plinth or higher

Saw or a hacksaw for metal with fine teeth (this is a smoother cut)

Sandpaper (for processing slices)

Glue, suitable for a specific type of skirting board

Acrylic sealant (or grout. Depending on the type of wall covering)

Pistol for sealant supply

Installing skirting boards on uneven walls

For gluing duropolymer skirting boards, either special glue or super-strong liquid nails are used. But if you have uneven walls, the skirting boards will tend to straighten and come loose from the concave areas. Just glue, press and wait a bit.

I used heavy books as props. And in places where the walls were too wavy, temporarily drilled skirting boards to the wall. The next day, I drilled the screws and covered the holes with white acrylic sealant. You can also use a putty.

Alternative to standard views

After the PVC skirting board is cut, there should be no chips at the edges. A properly chosen tool that will have to cut the skirting board does not cause cracks or significant irregularities at the edges of the edge.

The electric jigsaw is no less popular with builders, but it can only be used when working with panels. Skirting boards, which feature fairly thin walls, cannot be cut qualitatively with such a device.

The safest and most effective after a hacksaw for metal is the usual assembly (wallpaper) knife.

Cutting thin-walled skirting boards that are attached to the floor with this tool is quite quick and easy.

PVC floor skirting boards equipped with a cable duct are easiest to cut using a conventional hand jigsaw. It will allow you to make a clear cut, keep the edges of the edge intact and prevent the plank from cracking.

The installation of the skirting board starts from the far inner corner. If the length of the wall is long, then you will have to use a connecting plug, and then cut the plinth strip, not reaching 1.5 cm to the edge of the wall or 0.5 cm to the next corner. Regardless of the number of corners and joints, cutting is carried out strictly in a straight line, which greatly facilitates the work. For a detailed manual on cutting and joining skirting boards, see this:

How and what to cut the plinth

When choosing how to cut a plastic skirting board, they prefer a familiar and fairly easy-to-use tool. This is a hacksaw familiar to all craftsmen.

However, this is not enough, since it is required not only to accurately make a straight cut, but also to accurately and correctly cut the corners.

For the high-quality performance of this operation, you will need such a device as a carpenter’s miter box. It is with its help that you can cut an angle of 45 or 90ͦ. Of course, you can use an angle grinder, but in this case the cutting line will be quite wide, which is not always convenient.

Choosing the right tool

Completing the repair and finishing work in the room, each specialist asks how to cut the plastic skirting board. The answer depends on how important the quality of the resulting edge is.

If the quality of the edge is not very important, but the speed of work is important, then many builders and finishers use an angle grinder.

The thickness of its disc is such that the cut line will be quite wide, but the edges will not always be able to please the owner with their quality. However, with this tool, you can perform a fairly large amount of work in a short time.

Angle grinder will leave a smooth edge

You can even cut the plinth with metal scissors if there is no other tool at hand. Such manipulation cannot be called convenient, but if necessary, the master will easily cope with the task at hand.

In any case, the cutting tool must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Safety;
  • Efficiency;
  • Accuracy.

How to cut a skirting board at any angle and without gaps 3 working methods from a practitioner

There are more than enough tips on how to cut a plinth at 45 degrees on the net now, the only bad thing is that most of them are given by people who have never done this. Next, from the point of view of a practice, I will tell you how to cut skirting boards at the corners with your own hands in 3 options, and you will learn about both traditional methods and folk universal recipes.

The science of how to properly trim ceiling baseboards in corners is not as difficult as it might seem.

Method number 3. Applied universal

45º trimming is common, but what if you need a different angle and only have a hacksaw and a pencil? It turns out that there is a very simple way out of this situation. Plus, this method is universal, it is suitable for both external and internal corners.

over, I can assure you that those angles that visually seem to be straight, in fact, have deviations by a couple of degrees. As a result, you buy a good tool, cut it off at 45º, and when joining, a gap between the skirting boards comes out. This problem disappears here. And then, using an example, consider how to cut a ceiling plinth in an inner corner.

Take the fillet, apply it to one side of the corner and use it to guide 2 mowing lines along the wall and ceiling.

Important nuances

If you tried as best you could, but a small gap at the junction still came out, do not be discouraged. In wooden fillets, such a gap is easily covered with furniture wax. To cover the gap on the baseboards made of polyurethane, foam, plastic or gypsum, a putty is perfect. Naturally, the color of the composition should match the color of the skirting board.

Wide ceiling fillets are certainly beautiful, but they can only be mounted on perfectly flat walls. If the plane of the wall in relation to the ceiling is a wave, then it is better to buy narrow polyurethane fillets, they are elastic and will smooth out this drawback.


Most of the questions arise about how to cut the wallpaper for the ceiling plinth. There is nothing complicated here: the wallpaper is glued with a slight overlap on the baseboards and when the wall is completely glued, take a large spatula, put it in the corner and cut off the excess with a knife along the blade.

How to cut wallpaper for a ceiling plinth with your own hands.

But keep in mind neither the knife nor the spatula can be torn off the wall until you have passed the entire plane. That is, they put a spatula from the corner, cut off the wallpaper along the length of the blade, and then without lifting the blade from the wall, move and cut until you reach the next corner.

Duropolymer: we install the skirting boards correctly

Duropolymer floor decor is very easy to install, anyone can handle it. In addition, the manufacturers also took care of the design of the radial surfaces and made special flexible skirting boards for the floor, which are also easy to install.

Before installation, it is recommended to keep the skirting boards in the room where they will be installed for 24 hours so that the products adapt to the temperature and humidity of the room. Then it is necessary to prepare the walls and floor to remove dust and dirt, degrease the walls if necessary. Apply markings on the surface, prepare the decor of the required length, cut and process the corners of the joints at an angle of 45 degrees. Sex products can be attached to the surface in two ways:

· Glue. Assembly adhesive is applied over the entire length of the surface, then the product is applied to the corner. Docking glue is applied between the products.

· Self-tapping screws. The holes in the product are located at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other, and the fasteners are masked with a putty.

Duropolymer skirting boards: types

The width of the plinth for the floor is usually from 3 to 25 cm. Duropolymer floor plinths are usually white, but they are easy to paint. Some manufacturers, for example Decomaster and Decor Design, produce floor and other colored products that imitate wood, stone, metals. The skirting board design is also very diverse: from smooth to richly decorated with carved ornaments.

In addition, there are also special flexible skirting boards for radial surfaces. However, they are quite expensive, so you shouldn’t buy them unless absolutely necessary.

Leading manufacturers

A floor type of duropolymer skirting board was created by the Belgian manufacturer Orac Decor. This company for the first time in the 90s presented these products to users in the Axxent product line (Accent).

Further, other manufacturers took up the initiative. Firms such as Homestar, NMC and Frame Miga have created their popular duropolymer product lines.

The table below shows the leading manufacturers of similar skirting boards.

Manufacturer Country
Orac Decor Belgium
Decor-Dizayn South Korea
NMC Belgium
Fabello-Decor / Gaudí Italy / Malaysia
Europlast Russia
Artflex China
Decomaster China
Perfect China
Orient Trade China

Product advantages

Reiki can be colored repeatedly.

Floor planks made of the presented plastic are an excellent alternative to aesthetic, but having many drawbacks, wood and MDF products. Duropolymer has absolute environmental friendliness and high strength. According to the latter parameter, it is comparable to such hard wood species as beech and oak.

Products made from this material do not shrink, have a high level of moisture resistance and resistance to biological effects. The planks are strong and heavy enough to reliably protect the wall cladding.

Products can be painted. The instruction recommends the use of such slats for installation in rooms in which there is high humidity, as well as traffic.

The main advantages of impact-resistant plastic floor slats:

  • High level of resistance to various mechanical influences;
  • Environmental Safety;
  • Resistance to high degree of humidity;

The planks can be fixed with glue.

  • Ease of installation (on self-tapping screws or glue);
  • Long service life;
  • Ease of care (you can regularly wipe with a damp cloth);
  • The material does not spread or absorb odors;
  • The ability to paint with any composition and in any acceptable color;
  • The price of the products is not too high;
  • The strips are resistant to lateral and longitudinal shrinkage;
  • Many products have a cable duct for disguised laying of various engineering lines of electrical wiring, telephony, cable TV, the Internet (for example, models of skirting boards DX-163, SX-105 manufactured by Orac Decor).

When choosing skirting boards from this material with your own hands, keep in mind that they are capable of serving in a wide range of humidity and temperatures. So, they can be mounted near heating devices or used in bathrooms.

Duropolymer skirting board what is the material, product advantages, leading manufacturers

Floor skirting boards are an important functional and decorative element of the interior. They cover and decorate the joints between floor and wall cladding, protect them from moisture and dirt, thereby preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms. Now these planks are made from a variety of materials, for example, the white duropolymer skirting board is becoming more and more popular.

This type of plastic, like products made from it, appeared on our construction market relatively recently, about 10 years ago.

Modern impact resistant skirting boards.