How to Assemble a Maxcut Mc Petrol Trimmer

How to Assemble a Maxcut Mc Petrol Trimmer

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Trimmer Maxcut MC 133

The gasoline trimmer Maxcut MC 133 is a device for working in the garden, in a small suburban area. Trimmer motor power is 1.8 horsepower. Distinctive features of this model are the low weight and convenience of the fuel tank. it is transparent, which means that you can track the level of fuel consumption.

Purpose of the Maxcut MC 133 gas trimmer:

  • daily processing of small plots (up to 600 sq.m);
  • lawn mowing;
  • lawn trimming;
  • hard grass pruning;
  • work with soft shrubs.

The trimmer can be used for continuous operation for an hour, and then take a break to cool the engine.

Features of the Maxcut MC 133 trimmer:

  • universal cutting elements. knife and fishing line, suitable for different types of vegetation;
  • the fuel tank is transparent, therefore, you can see when it is necessary to refuel the device;
  • the design is ergonomic and balanced;
  • all control levers are displayed on the handle of the machine, the operator can switch them without distraction from the mowing process;
  • the load on the starter is reduced due to the “easy start” function;
  • the owner of the trimmer can independently replace the spark plug, as well as clean the fuel filter, since access to these elements is open;
  • the trimmer is lightweight, it is convenient to transport and carry around the site.

Options gasoline trimmer Maxcut MC 133

Advantages of the Maxcut MC 133 trimmer

  • simple assembly
  • light weight
  • simple construction
  • functionality and long stable operation with proper operation,
  • nice price.

Disadvantages of the Maxcut MC 133 trimmer

  • running-in (according to the owners, without running-in it works worse),
  • lack of graphite lubricant in the kit.


Engine volume 32.6 cm3
Cutter Type knife and fishing line
Fuel tank capacity, l 1,2
Line thickness mm 2,4
Cutting Width, cm 42-25
Anti-vibration system there is
Dimensions, mm 350155300
Weight, kg 7.3

User manual

The Maxcut MC 133 is a classic device: the cutting element and the protective cover are located at the bottom of the trimmer leg. The control handle is located in the upper third of the handle-holder, the fuel tank is in the upper part of the structure.

Rules for the operation of Maxcut MC 133 lawn mowers:

  • Do not use this technique in the rain;
  • Store the trimmer in a dry place, avoiding the presence of flammable liquids on the housing;
  • use ear plugs or earphones to minimize the effects of noise;
  • wear plastic safety glasses or a mask to protect your eyes from mowed grass;
  • when working with cutting elements, always wear closed shoes;
  • do not carry the working trimmer, turn off the engine while the device is being carried.

Maintenance of gasoline lawn mowers Maxcut MC 133:

  • like any equipment for the garden, the trimmer must be assembled according to the instructions;
  • then fuel is poured into the tank and you can start a short break-in (if necessary, you can do without break-in, gradually increasing the load and taking breaks in work);
  • you can start the engine at idle for 10-15 minutes, this will be enough to lubricate the main components of the structure;
  • Before using the trimmer, make sure that there are no stones, glass, or any large objects that could damage the cutting line or knife in its path.

Video review

Overview of lawn mowers Maxcut MC 133

Video: How to Assemble a Maxcut Mc Petrol Trimmer

Owner reviews

Denis, Ryazan:

“Dual experiences after use. On the one hand, the functionality is thought out, on the other. flimsy materials. While I think, plus or minus for this model. He did not decide. Of tangible advantages: price. Low price, because this technique is available to anyone! “

Trimmers of the American MaxCUT brand appeared on the domestic market relatively recently, but in a fairly short period of time they managed to win a considerable number of fans throughout the post-Soviet space. Among the advantages of electric and gasoline braids from this manufacturer stands out cost-effectiveness, ease of use and good build quality. At the same time, MaxCUT models of gardening equipment are much cheaper than analogues with the same technical characteristics and capabilities.

The American company MaxCUT was founded in 2002 and, since its inception, has positioned itself as a manufacturer of high-quality household and agricultural equipment. In the product range of the brand you can find electric and gasoline generators, snow machines, electric and chainsaws, tilleries, cultivators, electric and motor drills.

Special attention among the entire range of MaxCUT gardening equipment deserves electric and gasoline trimmers from the American brand. Garden tools produced at the company’s factories have excellent ergonomics, ease of practical use and good technical characteristics.

An important distinguishing feature of MaxCUT trimmers is their reliability. For the manufacture of trimmers of the American brand, the most wear-resistant materials are used, which significantly prolongs the life of garden equipment and significantly distinguishes it in the modern market.

MaxCUT trimmer range. description of popular models

Today on the market you can find a large number of gasoline and electric trimmers MaxCUT. Each of the models presented by the manufacturer has its own operational parameters and abilities. We will talk in more detail about them, as well as about the design features of the most popular gasoline and electric trimmers MaxCUT.

MaxCUT MC 158

The MaxCUT petrol trimmer in this configuration stands out for its highest endurance and well-thought-out design. The model is based on a reliable gasoline engine, which, coupled with a rigid drive shaft, is capable of providing high speed rotation of the gearbox and reel with fishing line in the most difficult operating conditions.

Thanks to the robust U-shaped handle with a rubberized anti-slip coating, working with the tool is very convenient and simple. The spark plug and air filter are replaced without any tools, as the design of this MaxCUT model provides easy access to these and other important parts.

The factory specifications of this MaxCUT trimmer include:

  • installed engine power. 3.2 l. with.;
  • engine idle speed. 8000 rpm;
  • maximum mowing width with a trimmer. 42 cm;
  • weight. 7.3 kg.

This MaxCUT brand trimmer has been successful in mowing tall grass, mowing grass, and clearing small, wild shrubs.

MaxCUT MC 143

The MaxCUT petrol trimmer in this modification is in high demand among owners of small adjoining areas. The model is equipped with a reliable gasoline engine with enlarged cylinders, the inner walls of which are coated with a special chrome composition. Due to this feature, the trimmer is able to withstand significant loads without increasing, however, the amount of fuel consumed.

This MaxCUT model comes with a convenient bicycle handle that allows you to fully control the entire grass mowing process.

Trimmer options include:

  • installed engine power. 2.5 l. with.;
  • engine idle speed. 8000 rpm;
  • maximum mowing width with a trimmer. 42 cm;
  • weight. 7.3 kg.

This high-quality gasoline tool MaxCUT easily and quickly copes with mowing the lawn, mowing grass, up to 45 cm high, as well as clearing large bushes.

MaxCUT MC 133

This compact gasoline trimmer will become a reliable assistant in small garden and house territories. The model package includes an improved engine that works under the control of an effective air cooling system. This motor was created specifically for intensive work, so with the trimmer you can work confidently in almost any weather conditions.

  • installed engine power. 1.8 l. with.;
  • engine idle speed. 8000 rpm;
  • maximum mowing width with a trimmer. 42 cm;
  • weight. 7.3 kg.

MaxCUT lawn mowers in this popular configuration have established themselves as reliable assistants for solving tasks such as mowing the lawn, removing shrubs, and mowing fresh and dry grass.

MaxCUT MC 130

Among the distinctive features of this gasoline trimmer, modest dimensions should be highlighted, which allows the model to be used to work in the most inaccessible places. The trimmer is equipped with a convenient bicycle handle and a shoulder strap for longer work.

Model parameters include:

  • installed engine power. 1.4 liters. with.;
  • engine idle speed. 8000 rpm;
  • maximum mowing width with a trimmer. 42 cm;
  • weight. 6.3 kg.

This MaxCUT brand production model is designed for lawn mowing, clearing shrubs and mowing grass, up to 30 cm high.

MaxCUT MCE 147

This MaxCUT electric trimmer has a modest size and low weight, which makes it easy to transport it between the house and the cottage. The model is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly in its price category, which allows it to be used in greenhouses, greenhouses and other indoor structures without health risks.

All the necessary switches for operation are located on the back of the trimmer housing. The D-shaped handle of the model is covered with a special rubberized material, so that the tool does not slip in the hands during operation.

The factory settings for this MaxCUT trimmer include:

  • installed engine power. 1400 watts;
  • the maximum cutting width with a trimmer is 38 cm;
  • weight. 5.4 kg.

This MaxCUT trimmer combines high power and endurance, which allows you to use it not only for mowing lawns, but also for clearing shrubs. During operation, the model stands out for its modest energy consumption, as well as low levels of vibration and noise.