How to assemble a single-axle tractor Kubanets

Review of motor blocks Kubanets. Features of use and operation.

Let’s begin a review of motor blocks “Kubanets“, the manufacturer of which is the Russian-Chinese brand “Vega”. Moto-blocks are assembled in the domestic enterprise from components manufactured at Chinese production sites. Such a scheme allows you to reduce the cost of the finished product, making this technique available to the average consumer. Thanks to many developed attachments, “Kubanets” motor blocks are indispensable for small farms, dacha owners, villagers.

The manufacturer of equipment has created both gasoline and diesel modifications of “Kubanets” power tillers, which differ in their characteristics. Let’s get acquainted with these models, learn their distinctive characteristics, features.

The line of gasoline units can include:

Kubanets MB-105 single-axle tractor (7 l. с.)

Model weight 138 kg. The HMS170F gasoline engine has an output of 7 horsepower. Starting from inertia starter.

PTO is provided for aggregation with active implements. Manual gearbox, two forward speeds and reverse. Gearboxes, disc clutch. Working width adjustable from 80 to 105 cm, plunge cutter depth up to 30 cm. Steering column can be adjusted to desired height and steering angle.

Technical characteristics of the model Kubanets MB-105:

Engine capacity 207 cm3
Engine power 7 л.с.
Engine type Petrol
Engine model HMS170F
Starter type Hand starter
Number of speeds 2 forward/1 reverse
Volume of the oil sump 0.6 л
Fuel Tank Capacity 6,5 л
Working width 80-105 cm
Working depth 15-30 cm
Weight 138 kg
Dimensions 1000550760 mm

Kubanets MB-105 single-axle tractor (9 l. с.)

Weight of the gasoline tractor 150 kg. HMS177F single-cylinder four-stroke engine is fixed on the frame. Engine output 9 horsepower. Engine start with mechanical starter.

Gearbox is pinion, gearbox is manual, there are two forward and one reverse speed, the clutch is multi-disc. Working width of the cultivator cutters varies from 80 to 100 cm. Working depth adjustable from 15 cm to 30 cm. PTO and hitch for coupling to implements. Steering column adjusts.

Technical characteristics of the model Kubanets MB-105:

Engine displacement 270 cm 3
Engine power 9 л.с.
Engine type Gasoline
Engine model HMS177F
Starter type Manual starter
Number of speeds 2 forward/1 backward
Oil sump capacity 1,1 л.
Fuel tank capacity 6.5 л.
Working width 80-100 cm
Working depth 15-30 cm
Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 1000550760 mm

Kubanets MB-500 single axle tractor without PTO

Power tiller weight 78 kg. GF 170 F (GX210) petrol power unit has a capacity of 7 liters. с. Motor start mechanical manual. No PTO, aggregation with hooks is carried out by coupling.

Gearbox is manual, with reverse and forward gears. Gear reducer, disc type clutch. Grip of the soil from 80 to 120 cm, plunge cutter 15-25 cm. Helm adjustable.

Technical characteristics of the model Kubanets MB-500:

Model MB 7.0
Engine model GF 170 F (GX210)
Fuel tank capacity (cm3) 210
Diameter x Stroke (mm) 70×54
compression ratio 8.5:1
Max. engine power kW (l/s) 5.1 (7.0)
Fuel tank capacity (l) 3.6
Volume of the oil sump (l) 0.60
Working width (cm) 80-120
Working depth (cm) 25
Gears (forward/reverse) 21
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 1010x775x780
Net Weight (kg) 78
PTO shaft No
El.start No

Kubanets MB-900 single axle tractor with PTO

Weight of motorized device 86 kg. The petrol engine of 170F brand has a capacity of 7 horse powers. Starter mechanical, inertia. The engine crankcase has a built-in oil level sensor. Reinforced cast iron drivetrain, disc clutch, manual transmission, two forward and one reverse.

Maximum tillage area 120 cm, trimmer depth up to 35 cm. Your power tiller is supplied with: tillers, pneumatic wheels. Rudder adjustable. PTO shaft is provided for aggregation of active implements. Front tiltable step is available.

Technical characteristics of the model Kubanets MB-900:

Engine displacement 207 cm3
Engine power 7 л.с.
Engine type Petrol
Engine model HMS170F
Power take-off shaft There is
Starter type Manual starter
Number of speeds 2 forward/1 backward
Oil sump capacity 0.6 л
Fuel capacity 3.6 л
Working width 80-100 cm
Working depth 15 to 30 cm
Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 840375855 mm

Gasoline models of power tillers

MB-105 (for 7 horsepower)

It is a single-axle tractor with HMS170F gasoline engine with 7 horsepower. The engine is started by a manual starter.

assemble, single-axle, tractor, kubanets
  • Weight of the MB-105 fuel tank is 6,5 liters.
  • The maximum working width of the cutters is 80 to 105 cm. Their immersion depth can be adjusted from 15 to 30 cm.
  • Weight of the MB-105 is 138 kg.

MB-105 (9 horsepower)

This model has a similar design to the previous model, but differs in power and weight.

  • The gasoline engine of the MB-105 is called HMS177F and has 9 horsepower.
  • The weight of the device is 150 kg.
  • This single-axle tractor can be successfully used even on the toughest soils.


This device is a lightweight semi-professional model.

  • Weight of the MB-1050 is 82 kg. Because of this, it can only work with light soils.
  • MB-1050 single axle tractor has a gasoline engine with 7 horsepower.
  • Working width of the cutters is from 80 to 105 cm.

Kubanets MB-500 single-axle tractor MB-1050


  • This is a lightweight model, which is used on small plots.
  • Its weight is 80 kg, and the engine power of HMS170F is 7 hp.
  • The maximum width of ground cultivation with cutters and the MB-1500 is 1 m.
  • There is no PTO on this model.


This model has identical characteristics to the MB-500, but it has a PTO shaft. This increases the weight to 85 kg.

assemble, single-axle, tractor, kubanets

Kubanets MB-950 single axle tractor Kubanets MB-900 single axle tractor


Based on the reviews, it was noticed by the manufacturer that the MB-500 and MB-900 models were not too practical. And if you get a lot of loads the device can not withstand them. To correct these points, a single-axle tractor MB-950 with an improved cast-iron gearbox and reinforced hitch was released.

This device is designed for use on a plot of land with an area of 20 acres and more.

best power tillers

Having your own economy, it is difficult to do without mechanical “helpers”. even a low-powered single-axle tractor can facilitate a lot of work, and in the most unconventional way: for example, by installing a pump on the PTO, you can quickly pump water from the well or, conversely, to dry ditches or caisson. No wonder that in the villages you can often see the craziest designs, which, following the example of Warhammer orcs, are assembled literally from whatever surplus is at hand.

Today, however, we’re not going to deal with how to assemble a single axle tractor, but what you can and should buy in the stores in 2019.

How was the rating of the best motor blocks made?

First of all, note that we do not pursue promotional purposes. All units offered for your consideration were chosen impartially, on a “as for yourself” basis. Selection criteria:

  • First of all the opinions of machine owners were taken into account. We felt that this is the right way to get the answer to the question: “Which is a good single axle tractor, and which one is better to pass by in the store??”. Practitioners have more credibility than advertising salespeople. But there is another side to the coin. according to the reviews of owners in the rating of the best had a chance to get only fairly common and popular gasoline and diesel power tillers, and quality new products could remain unnoticed. What we did? See. next point.
  • The study of technical specifications identified monoblocs that are already available on the agricultural machinery market in Russia, but which are still little used by citizens. In such cases, we monitored similar products of the company, for which there are already reviews and extrapolated the result to the described model. Т.е., practically evaluated the renown that the company earned earlier. In addition, reviews on foreign sites were analyzed.
  • Functionality and price. evaluation of this duo of parameters allowed us to exclude from the top motor blocks that “do not fit” into the modern Russian realities, namely, models with a price comparable to the price of a new car, but with a quite usual functional set.
  • Availability. there is no point in describing a single-axle tractor, which is impossible to buy in our country. For such products there are foreign catalogs.

For ease of classification, motor blocks can be divided into the following groups:

  • Light power tillers have motors with power no more than 4-5 horsepower; most often both the power transmission and the clutch are V-belt transmissions. Main purpose. to work with milling machines, additional attachment is connected by the second belt if the driving pulley has several grooves. Even with weights, they won’t withstand a heavy plow load, and will overheat on heavy soils. Such single-axle tractor is a good choice for a small farm where more serious machinery than a cultivator is needed, but heavy lifting is not an option.
  • Medium power tillers are more powerful and heavier. In this class you can find not only models with multi-stage transmission and reverse, but also diesel models, which are more expensive, but with frequent use more profitable in terms of fuel consumption. The motor transmission is more often direct. and this makes it possible to connect an active linkage to the PTO.
  • Heavy power tillers fully justify their name. their weight is more than 150 kg (or even more than 3 centners, as with Profi PR 1040E and its peers), so they without additional weighting can pull a plow, carry a loaded wagon. and engines rated at 10-13 l.с. are perfectly capable of handling this load. Given the size and weight of these machines, a differential appears in the transmission. to turn such equipment on one wheel, as lightweight motor blocks, it is no longer possible. You can often see a reduced gear in the gearbox.

The best (according to expert and customer reviews) models of power tillers 2019. in our rating:

Service Instructions

Answers to all questions about adjustment and operation can be found in the service manual for power tillers Pro, Sadko, Don, Huter, LANDER, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna, Lifan 6.5. These are grouped into general recommendations for similar models. separately for the diesel PR 840E and PR1040E, for the smaller Hercules and Jupiter, etc.д.

However, some common problems should be explained in detail.

What oil to fill?

Before you start work, it is necessary to fill up:

  • Oil in the engine crankcase;
  • Oil into the gearbox crankcase;
  • oil in the air filter reservoir;
  • Gasoline AI 92 or diesel fuel, depending on the engine system.

Make sure there are no children, pets, or foreign objects in the vicinity before turning it on.

When deciding which oil to use, consider the country of the engine manufacturer. Since these are Honda-licensed engines, and fully compliant with Japanese standards, SL/SM/SJ oil should be used. The manufacturer itself recommends Honda or Mobil 1 proprietary formulations.

The experience of use suggests that constant use of Castrol and Shell leads to a high percentage of burnout, and Chevron, Eneos leave a lacquer layer with time.

Oils from Russian manufacturers are even less compatible with Honda engines, they give heavy losses and deposits. Nevertheless, with occasional seasonal use it is quite possible to fill such compounds, not forgetting to change it in time, cleaning the filter screen.

Special low-viscosity oils are important for winter operation. Coolant must be completely drained in cold weather.

Adjusting and repairing the gearbox

In the range of “Profi” there are one, three and eight speeds. First and second travel speeds are used for field cultivation, even on virgin and hard ground. Fourth, fifth, sixth are needed for work on soft ground or when using equipment as a tractor.

A single-axle 18hp tractor can travel at 12 km/h on the highway. Never start the engine in high gear immediately. First you need to engage low, idle, add gas, disengage the clutch and only then shift gear.

To avoid repairing the gearbox of motor blocks ProFi, Caiman, Patriot, Texas, Pro Arab, Crosser, VIKING, Forza it is important to clean it in time and replace the lubricant. Oil should be poured until it pours over the edge of the filler neck (located on the steering shaft).

According to the owner’s manual for the 1800, 1600 and other models, you should lubricate your power tiller at least every 30 hours, and replace and clean it completely every 600 hours.

Connection of active and passive equipment. how to assemble

Equipment connectivity depends on pre-installed PTO and hitch type. Power take-off shaft transmits rotational motion from the engine to the machine, converting it into the desired impact.

active soil cutters, planters, seeders, potato pickers, sprinklers, pumps, etc.д. There is no such feature on a simple model, so only passive equipment such as ridgers, planters, ploughs, harrows, etc., can be fitted.д.

When connecting, it’s important to pay attention to the type of locking system. The pre-installed system allows you to install only certain types of equipment, and for others, you will have to buy a hitch separately.

Universal coupling to the Profi power tiller makes it possible to deliver not only attachments of this brand, but also devices of other companies. Particularly convenient models with adjustable angle of attack, position, tilt, degree of ejection.

According to the type of connection, the following types of attachments are distinguished:

  • Stationary, which is rigidly fixed on a frame or adapter. Is operated by the traction or weight of the device
  • Axle, attached to the axle, which transmits the torque.
  • Activator, works due to the drive from the power unit.
  • Trailer-mounted, represented by carts and trailers.
  • Adapters

Represents a steel plate, bent at an angle to the ground. To install it, you need to remove the regulating screw from the hitch, insert the device and choose the desired height. After selecting a position, its position must be adjusted: the handlebar should be in the center of the propeller, and the heels of the plow. parallel to the ground.

The depth of plowing for the first time. no more than 15-20 cm, if the device allows it, later it can be increased.


It is made in the form of a steel grid with vertical pins or discs, which when moving in a drag flatten the ground, break large lumps. Set up like the plough. The main thing is to make the unit heavier, because its weight determines the efficiency of work.

Axial harrows are mounted on the wheel axle and work by tilting it.


With such a device you can rake the soil on the beds, it can be disc or wing type. It is also fixed to the hitch, after which the depth and plunging angle are adjusted. The harrow should be vertical.

Its turning angle allows ridges to be covered, and the distance between the discs’ lower points corresponds to the row spacing.

Potato harvester

Fan type tillers are connected to the tiller with a rigid hitch and work due to the weight of the device. It is important that there should be no backlash at the fixation point. Vibrating is connected to the power take-off shaft of the rear keyway type by means of a rod and belt.


As with any other equipment, the Kubanets motorblocks have disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the machine is its productivity. compared to tractors, it is inferior in many ways. Therefore, owners of land plots that exceed 10 hectares, this unit is not suitable. most often it is preferred by dacha owners, cultivating land parcels of a few hundred to four hectares. In addition, some types of agricultural work performed by the tiller requires considerable physical effort. For example, lightweight units poorly cope with the processing of virgin land. in this case, it is best to choose more powerful models

Producers produce motor blocks “Kubanets” with both gasoline and diesel engines. These units differ in design and technical characteristics. Gasoline engine is present in these modifications:

As for the modifications “Kubanets MB-105D”, “MB-105 DE” and “MB-135 DE”, they have a diesel engine. The following models are in great demand and popular with owners of land plots:

  • “MB-900”. It is a multifunctional device with a mower, helping farmers and gardeners to easily cope with any task on the plot. The manufacturer equips the given model with gasoline engine HMS170F with a capacity of 7 liters. s and a volume of 207 cm3. The design also includes a universal joint shaft, three gear speeds and a manual starter. Weight of the unit is 85 kg, its dimensions are 840×375×855 mm. The minimum width of the area to be worked is 80 cm, the maximum is 100 cm, the working depth is 15 to 30 cm.
  • “MB-950”. It differs from previous models in that it is adapted to handle any type of soil, as it is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine of 8 liters. с. The gas tank of the power block is designed for 3.Two liters of fuel, so you can work for a long time without interruption for refueling. This unit can work on soil with a depth of 15 to 20 cm. At the same time, the width of the site, where the work is carried out, should not exceed 95 cm. The engine is started by a hand starter, for the convenience of operation, the manufacturer has equipped the single-axle tractor with three gear speeds.
  • “MB-105”. This unit is sold in a complete set with cutters, it can cope with both the processing of land, and with the collection and transportation of crops. The design is equipped with a pinion-chained gearbox and a 170F motor, which runs on gasoline. It has a displacement of 207 cm3 and an output of 7 hp. с. The wheels of the equipment are pneumatic, their diameter is 8 inches, the clutch is temporary. Starting a power tiller is done with a mechanical starter, this modification has 3 gears (2 front and 1 rear).

The working width of the plot is 120 cm with a depth of 35 cm. “Kubanets MB-105” can be additionally equipped with mounted equipment, which allows mowing grass, dip beds, plowing, cargo transportation and snow removal. These attachments are mounted on a special pin placed in the front part of the structure. They are driven by the wedge belt. In addition to this, on sale you can find such a model with an output of 9 hp. с.

In addition, the model “MB-105” is also available with a diesel engine “MB-105D”. It is the most popular modification, which has a diesel single-cylinder engine. Its power is 7 hp, and the volume is 207 cm3, in addition, the engine has an air cooling system. Transmission of equipment. belt and pinion. Fuel tank capacity of 3.6 l diesel, it is started with a manual starter, but can also be started with an electric starter. Machine weight. 87 kg, running speed. 2.2 km/h (forward) and 8.87 kg vehicle speed. 2 km/h (forward).

The dimensions of the device when assembled are 900×460×660 mm. With this walking tractor unit, you can work the ground, going down to 30 cm and covering an area up to 110 cm in width. The design also includes a PTO shaft and special pins for attaching attachments. This model comes complete with rubber wheels and cutters (4 pieces on each side). The main advantage of the power tiller is its convenient operation.

Ploughing Single-Axle Tractor | TPS Labinprogres Green

Each of the above modifications has its own advantages, so before you buy a more suitable model of power tiller, you need to consider not only its specifications, but also the amount of work, as well as operating conditions. Gasoline units are much cheaper, but they are inferior in power. Diesels have high productivity, are well suited for farms, but are much more expensive.


As with any other equipment, the “Kubanets” power tillers have disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the unit is its performance. compared to tractors, it is largely inferior. Therefore, the owners of land plots that exceed 10 hectares, this unit will not suit. most often it is preferred by dacha owners, cultivating land parcels from several hectares to four hectares. In addition, some types of household chores performed by a power tiller require considerable physical effort. For example, lightweight units poorly cope with the processing of virgin land. in this case it is best to choose more powerful models


Like any other machines, the “Kubanets” power tillers have disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the machine is its productivity. in comparison with tractors, it is inferior in many ways. Therefore, this unit will not suit the owners of land plots exceeding 10 hectares. most often it is preferred by dacha owners, who cultivate land parcels of several hundred square meters to four hectares. In addition, some types of household work performed by a power tiller require considerable physical effort. For example, lightweight units poorly cope with the processing of virgin land. in this case it is best to choose more powerful models

Manufacturers produce motor blocks “Kubanets” with both gasoline and diesel engines. These units differ in design and technical characteristics. A gasoline engine is present in such modifications:

As for the modifications “Kubanets MB-105D”, “MB-105 DE” and “MB-135 DE”, they have a diesel. The following models are in great demand and popular with landowners:

What a power tiller can do

The tiller that comes with your power tiller is a multi-tool. It breaks up soil by pulling weeds with their roots. The tines must be blunt to keep them from cutting into the grass. Till the ground in high gear so the tillers do not get stuck. The machine should not be pushed, it moves by itself due to the forward motion of the cutters.

The power of a power tiller can be increased by fitting it with one of these attachments:

Plow. This tool is perfect for turning virgin and fallow land. One or more plowshares are used, depending on tillage power and ground conditions. The plow makes trenching and digging work that much easier.

Hiller. Used to create long beds after sowing. At the same time weeding and loosening the soil. After hoeing the plants get more oxygen, their roots do not retain excessive moisture.

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Mowers. These devices are used for mowing and for preliminary clearing of the field before plowing. Rotary haymowers have 2 blades, can cut up to 1,2 m wide. The grass cuttings can be gathered with a trailed rake attached to a universal hitch.

assemble, single-axle, tractor, kubanets

Planting and harvesting canopies. Potato planters and potato harvesters are very popular with farmers. These attachments let you fully mechanize the planting and digging out of potatoes.

Snowplows. different attachments on a single-axle tractor. The most productive of these is the rotary sweeper, which can handle dense drifts. Snow can be removed from paths and small areas with a mounted blade or rotating brushes. Working width varies from 60 to 100 cm.

The use of carts and trailers turns Kubanets motor blocks into full-fledged mini-tractors, capable of transporting people and cargo with a total weight of up to 550 kg.

Owners reviews

Here is what the owners of Donchak power tillers say:


“My attention was attracted by the price of the Don single axle tractor. Characteristics are the same as those of more expensive counterparts. I knew that the quality would not be at the highest level, but the one-year warranty still gave me confidence. Wasn’t disappointed in the end. The engine runs stable, pulls too, no problems. In truth, the engine sound at high loads like a wounded animal is heard in the entire village.

Pros: The ratio of price, quality and performance

Cons: Loud engine noise. I handle with care because I’m afraid of breaking it. Loud engine noise “


“I bought a diesel model. It’s more durable and uses less fuel. It’s better to overpay once than to do it all the time. I spent a total run-in, as recommended in the instruction manual, and went to work with mills. Impressions are only positive.