How to assemble the handle of the Champion lawn mower. Collection and installation to the starter place

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How to understand that it is time to sharpen the blades of my lawn mower? Proven sharp blades cleanly cut the grass. The dull blades are tearing grass, and its remnants are growing rapidly. If you see a torn yellowed grass on the lawn, then it is time to sharpen or replace the blades of the lawn mower.

What is mulching? Proven some lawn mowers are equipped with mulching function. When mulching, the lawn mower finely grinds the grass and throws it back to the lawn. Mulch serves for the grass a power source and protects it.

I accidentally flooded diesel fuel into my gasoline lawn mower, what should I do? Proven do not use the lawnical mower. The only option. completely empty the tank and pour the right fuel into it.

What length is best for my grass? Proven so that the grass does not dry out, it should not be too short. It is better to mow grass more often than cut it too briefly. Optimal length from 3 to 4 centimeters.

Can I mow wet grass? This is possible, but not recommended. When the grass is wet, it will comment on during a haircut, which will not allow you to achieve the optimal result.

Can I let the robot-toe work at night? It is better not to allow the robot-toe to work at night. Some animals, such as hedgehogs, are mostly active at night. They often do not have time to get out of the robot-toe and can be seriously injured or killed.

What is the right time to cut the lawn? Proven the best months for haircuts of lawns. from March to October. You need to mow once or twice a week, depending on how quickly the grass grows. The best time to cut grass. The end of the day, not in bright sunlight. This is necessary to prevent the grass after cutting.

For a lawn which area is better for an electric lawn mower, and for which gasoline? Tested for a lawn up to 300 m², you can use a battery lawn. It is recommended to use a gasoline lawn in a larger area.


The Champion lawn mower is a self.propelled model, during the operation of which it is enough to simply direct the car in the right direction. The height of the cut of grass can be set in 7 positions from 25 to 75 mm, the level is set by the central lever.

The weight of the machine reaches almost 32 kg, thanks to this it can be relatively simply transported, but at the same time, the Champion lawn mower behaves stable for any load and at any relief. Thanks to the wide rear wheels, the lawn is not trampled, and the lawn remains clean and even.

The Champion LM4627 gasoline lawn gasoling handle is conveniently folded, and it allows you to save a large amount of space during storage and transportation.


Type of power petrol
Power, kW/l.With. 2.6/3.5
Engine volume, cm3 139
The volume of the fuel tank, l 1.0
Spring height, mm 25-75
The width of the mowing, mm 460
Grass.collector, l 60
Mulching Yes
Weight, kg 31.6

The work of each new operator should begin by studying the operating instructions in order to understand the principle of safe work and maintenance. The electronic version of the user manual is given here your browser does not support frames download the operating guide of the GAMPION LM4627, LM5131 lawn mower

During the operation of the Champion LM4627 self.propelled lawn mower, the operator should be dressed in a suit, glasses, gloves and shoes with a closed top.

Protective overalls gloves when working with a lawn mower Plastic protective glasses

If you have a new champion law mower, then you need to run the initially. To do this, pour gasoline, oil and let the device with a minimum load for the first 4 hours.


To extend the operating time of the Champion 4627 self.propelled lawn mower, it is necessary to regularly maintain this machine. Upon completion of operation, be sure to clean the car of dirt, dust and foliage. This can be done with a damp rag.

The Champion LM4627 gasoline gas mower operates on high-octane fuel of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand. Carter LM4627 accommodates 0.6 liters of oil. Operating instructions recommended to fill in lubricants with the classification of SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30.

SAE SAE 30 Motor oil SAE 10W30

How to find the Champion spare part on our site:

We will analyze the example of searching for the wheel for the Moika CHAMPION HP5190:

You need to find out the article of your details, for this we find our unit in the catalog.

Click on the page with the tool tab documents. In the list that opens, select the document: “Spare parts”, “Detailing” or a list of spare parts “

A complete detailing of the unit you have chosen is opened, we find in the picture the number you need, according to this number we find in the list below the article of this part.

We return to the site on the general catalog, drive the article you find into the search line and click the “Find” button

Search leads us to a page with the wheelchair of Champion 5210 we need, place an order and we are waiting for a call manager calling for spare parts.

Search for spare parts by name of the tool model

Or the search option may look like this: we drive into the search only the name of the model, in our case, these are Latin letters and numbers HP5210.

We click find, and you are opening the entire list of spare parts for your unit. But the search in this case does not always work, since there are spare parts compatible on many tools.

We apologize that the spare parts on the site are posted without photographs, but we give a guarantee that you will receive exactly your chosen spare part.

Search for spare parts by name of the tool model

Or the search option may look like this: we drive into the search only the name of the model, in our case, these are Latin letters and numbers HP5210.

We click find, and you are opening the entire list of spare parts for your unit. But the search in this case does not always work, since there are spare parts compatible on many tools.

We apologize that the spare parts on the site are posted without photographs, but we give a guarantee that you will receive exactly your chosen spare part.

Original parts for electrical and benzo tools wholesale and retail

Any spare parts for a champion trimmer, it is profitable to order both in a single copy and a large batch. If necessary, we will advise the most popular products for your repair business, based on the experience of our own service center. We know which nodes fail most often, therefore are always ready to give a good recommendation.

If you need to choose spare parts for Champion chainsaw, motorcycles or some kind of nozzles on a single tractor, and in this case we will come to the rescue. Contact us, and when a difficult repair is planned, we will do everything for you. This will give you the opportunity not to waste extra time on non.core activity, not getting your hands, but be sure of the right result. Our SC at your service.

To buy spare parts for Champion technology, select the most convenient option:

In addition to pickup, it is possible to deliver with a courier and a transport company anywhere to repair the starter of the benzo.tool with your own hands?

If the starter’s cord breaks off, everything is clear: remove the old rope, take the suitable length and thickness (possibly underwear), pierce it through the hole in the reel, tie the knot. Next, pump up the spring to the required speed, only then we will fix the handle and voila! about how all this is done below.

Installing or replacing the starter of the starter motorcycles, motorcycle, trimmer for grass

But what if we have everything with a rope, and the starter coil (pulley) does not roll? Let’s look at this issue step by step on the example of the ADA Grounddrill gasoline drilling starter, which has a pulley with 2 metal antennas per 2 hooks.

In the case of other types of manual starters of the same design that are widely used in gasoline trimmers, trimmers and motor droplets, the entire starter repair process will look the same, differing only in certain aspects.

Starter repair: disassembly

Unscrew the screw that attaches the pulley to the starter cover. Remove the antenna, spring. Replacement of the starting spring of the mowing

The pulley itself is carefully removed so that the spring does not jump into the face. Even with the most accurate disassembly, it usually immediately flies out of the coil and sharply turns into a long iron strip or twists into the rings. Carefully pull out the snow.white coil of the starter

Do not injure spring! If the spring bursts or one of its hooks and hooks breaks, then easily and quickly fix the non.working starter; You need to change the spring

Carefully pull out the snow.white coil of the starter. Do not injure spring!

If the spring bursts or one of its hooks and hooks breaks, then easily and quickly fix the non.working starter; You need to change the spring

In order not to spend money on the purchase of a new starter, it can only be found on sale

If the spring bursts or one of its hooks and hooks breaks, then easily and quickly fix the non.working starter; You need to change the spring. In order not to spend money on the purchase of a new starter, it can only be found on sale.

If the starter’s spring is just broken, t. E. One of the hooks is not hooked, just glue it, if necessary, tighten the hooks a little denser (just do not break!) Install the spring with an outward hook in the pulley groove and start twist it, immediately holding your fingers inside the coil and preventing it from jumping out.

Clutching the spring to the pulley, we radially tighten the spring inside

in leadership for gasolineatrimmer for grass ? This can be done at home. to me.

How to change the starter cord?

It happens that in the impossibility of starting a starter is not a spring to blame, but the cord itself. He can seize or completely break. Dismantling the starter of the lawn mower or trimmer for grass is universal in its steps.

  • Remove the starter block from a trimmer for grass or lawn mower.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the handbrake.
  • Pull the coil and melt the remains of a worn cord from it.
  • Unscrew the knot on the handle of the cord and pull its end from it.
  • Untie the knot at the other end (at the beginning of the coil) and remove the old cord. The nodes that have become tight are unleashed with pliers or ticks.
  • Tie a knot on one of the ends of the new cord, prone it through the hole at the beginning of the coil (closer to its axis).
  • Shin a few turns of a new cord to the coil. If it is long, then cut the excess.
  • Season and soak the spring tensioner (if it starred) and spring.loaded elements in the correct sequence.
  • Put the coil in place and take the free end of the cord to the outlet of the starter and in the handle.
  • Install the starter block in place.

Twist the starter by the cord, start the engine of the lawn mower or a trimmer for grass. The larger and more powerful the engine, the more cord jerks will be required when starting, the norm is no more than 7 times. The result is a quick and smooth launch of the motor, the readiness of the unit for work.

About how to change the starter cord, watch in the video.

assemble, handle, champion, lawn

How to assemble a gasoline trimmer for grass: the procedure and video instructions

As a rule, devices designed for mowing grass and similar to them are quite bulky.

The vast majority of trimmers of any type are delivered in disassembled form, packing in a cardboard box, so before starting work, such an apparatus must be assembled.

In addition, a trimmer for grass often has to collect after winter, because some of the owners disassemble this device so that during storage it takes less space.

What is the assembly of a lawn mower?

The assembly means the connection of fully functional devices and assemblies, that is:

  • motor with control and clutch elements (only gasoline);
  • drive shaft;
  • pens or handles;
  • protective casing;
  • shoulder belt or suspension system.

Tools and fasteners

The set of each apparatus, regardless of its type, includes standard fasteners and a universal tool.

The shape of the heads of all bolts, regardless of their diameter and length, corresponds to the instrument that is included in the set of the trimmer for grass.

When a Rival Dad Tries to Mow First

In the case of loss of some kind of fastener element, select its full analogue, if this is not possible, then you can neglect the shape of the hat, but all other parameters, that is:

However, such an incomplete analogue will force you to use, in addition to the full.time, an additional tool is also not too convenient. If you have lost a full.time tool, then select the closest analogue or buy the same device in any store selling trimmers.

Process description

The assembly process is described in detail in the instructions for the operation of each device, and the shape and configuration of finished blocks in most cases do not allow them to connect them incorrectly.

The main condition for the correct and fast assembly is the correct arrangement of the blocks relative to each other, as well as the combination of their holes.

Devices with an upper engine is more convenient to collect on a table where all blocks can be placed in the order of their docking.

Where the details connect several bolts, act like this:

  • Place both elements as they will have to look in a collected state (when assembling a gasoline trimmer for the grass, put the motor on the table with a clutch, then install the shaft with gearboxes on it, the upper of which is the protection of the clutch bowl);
  • Combine holes;
  • Bait one bolt by twisting it at 2–5 revolutions;
  • make the following bolts;
  • Press the details to each other to make sure that they are correctly located;
  • Twist (do not tighten) all the bolts in turn the cross on the cross;
  • Make sure again that both blocks are located correctly;
  • Tighten all the bolts with the required effort (indicated in the operating instructions) in the same order, that is, the cross on the cross.


The most convenient is the installation of primarily the largest blocks, that is, the engine and the drive shaft, then the handle and the protective casing are attached to this design, and lastly the cutting tool is put.

If the device is supplied with a disassembled shaft, that is, a gearbox and clutch are not installed on it, then start the assembly with the shaft, because it is the most overall detail.

When assembling the shaft, be sure to combine the lubricants on it and gearboxes, because the lack of lubrication will quickly kill the shaft. In addition, combine the slots on the rifle rod and gearboxes, if this is not done and the details are planted through force, then you can damage them.

Be sure to check the presence of lubricant in gearboxes and a drive shaft, because despite the assurances of the manufacturer that all the elements are lubricated and ready to work, this is often wrong.

Chinese manufacturers of cheap technology sin especially often in this. If the shaft is delivered with gearboxes, then spend a little time to disassemble them to check the amount of lubricant. it is much cheaper to do this before the first launch than to change the drive shaft in a few days or buy a new trimmer for grass.

In addition, we recommend lubricating gearboxes and shaft, as well as change oil in a four.stroke motor before each season start.

Do not forget that the lower gearbox and the mounting of the handle should be properly located on the drive shaft so that the gear shaft is directed down and the handle is directed upward.

On all devices with the rear engine, the handle is the team and consists of:

First fasten the connector to the shaft, then insert both handles into it.

Some models of trimmers are equipped with handles with a connecting sleeve, in this case:

Remember. the location of the handle and the angles of inclination of the handles are adjusted to the operator, so if you experience discomfort when working with a motorcycle or benzo.cosa, then adjust these details for yourself.

The right handle is designed to install engine control elements, so for right.handed it is put on the right side. If you are left.handed, then put the right handle on the left side.

Lastly, collect a cutting tool. Use exactly those protective washers and cups that correspond to the selected tool.

If you install other protective elements of the gearbox, then strong vibrations may occur due to impaired balancing.

If it is more convenient for you to collect a trimmer for grass in some other sequence and you do not make mistakes, then do as you are used to. After all, this or that order is designed to facilitate the assembly, but is not mandatory.

The most common problems

Here are the most common malfunctions:

  • the engine does not start;
  • The motor stalls arbitrarily;
  • The engine does not gain momentum or does not hold them;
  • Immediately after the start of the mowing, the engine speed falls and it stalls or works with interruptions;
  • smokes strongly;
  • It goes badly;
  • does not stop even after the operator released the wheel drive lever;
  • shakes hard;
  • Poorly cut the grass.

The engine does not start

There are quite a lot of reasons why the motor does not start:

  • empty fuel tank;
  • a air filter is clogged;
  • a muffler is clogged;
  • The ignition switch is installed in the wrong position or faulty;
  • The air damper control lever is in the wrong position;
  • faulty candle;
  • broken or clogged carburetor.

Primary inspection

To establish the real cause of this defect, you must first conduct a full external inspection and make sure that the openings of the air filter or muffler are not clogged, there is gasoline in the tank, and the throttle control lever and the ignition switch are in the correct position.

If everything is in order with this, then it is necessary to carry out pre.launch work, including cleaning air or fuel filters, described in detail in the instructions for the operation of the mower, and then try to start again.

After making sure that the motor still does not start, the mowing is placed on the table and proceed to a more detailed search for the reasons.

First, the spark plug is twisted and tightly plug the candle hole with your finger, then smoothly, but quickly and strongly pulled the hand starter cable or pressed on the electric launch button.

The moving piston should create sufficient air pressure so that it pushes the finger and goes outside. If this does not happen, then the motor needs serious repairs, which is difficult to make at home, so it is better to take the mower to a specialized workshop.

After all, the reason that the piston does not move after the starter’s cable or rotating the shaft of an electric starter may be:

  • Damage to the starter, because of which he does not transmit the energy of rotation to the engine shaft;
  • The cut off the flywheel that connects the flywheel and the starter with the engine, and also provides the correct ignition angle.

To eliminate both malfunctions, not only tools, but also skill are needed, so those who do not have the skill of repairing any engines are better not to try to eliminate such problems on their own.

Further check

If the piston moves, then you must first check the fuel supply, for which the candle is thoroughly wiped with a dry clean rag, then screw it into place, and the regulator of the position by the air damper is placed in the “OFF” position, as during the start of the engine.

After that, the fuel is pumped up (if the engine design provides) and twitch the hand starter cable several times or pressed on the electric starter button and hold it for 1-3 minutes.

Then, the lever of the air damper is transferring to the “ON” position and the candle is unscrewed, which is carefully examined.

Wet contacts indicate that gasoline enters the engine and the problem of ignition, and dry contacts say:

In both cases, knowledge and equipment are necessary for proper diagnosis and repair, therefore, it is better to take the device to repair the apparatus to a specialized workshop.

If the fuel comes, then it is necessary to check the external condition of the ignition coil and the high.voltage wire. If they have cracks or poor contact as between the wire and the coil, so at the place of connection of the wire with the candle tip, they must be replaced.

If everything is fine, then you need to check the spark, for which you can use both a deliberately serviceable candle and a bolt suitable in diameter, which is inserted instead of a candle in a high.voltage wire.

The operations described below, if they are performed with errors, can damage the ignition coil, so if you are not sure that you can do everything right, then it’s better not to take risks and entrust such a check to professionals.

The candle is leaned with threads against the ribs of the engine cooling shirt, and the bolt is placed so that it does not come into contact with the mowing case or its engine, and the distance from it to the cooling shirt was 1-2 mm.

After that, disconnect any wire going to the ignition switch, then pull the lever of the manual starter or press the electric button and see if the spark will appear.

If there is no spark, then the device does not start for one of the reasons:

For the repair of these damage, skills and equipment are needed, so those who do not have them are better to trust professionals. If there is a spark, then the problem is in the spark plug, so after replacing it will work.

The motor stalls arbitrarily

The most frequent reasons why the engine stalls during operation are:

  • Dirty air filter;
  • Dirty fuel filter (only for models with a fuel filter);
  • faulty ignition switch (does not completely open the ignition circuit);
  • damaged insulation of the ignition shutdown wires;
  • faulty air damper drive;
  • the tightness of the ignition coil is broken or its winding is broken.

The primary inspection is performed in the same way as described in the previous section. If everything is fine outwardly, then carefully examine and feel all the wires suitable for the switch that blocks the operation of the ignition system, is possible somewhere damaged and when contacting the naked metal of the case, there is a short circuit that extinguishes the spark.

A gasoline lawn mower is a complex motorized equipment that needs proper timely maintenance and periodic repair.

Now you know what malfunctions can independently eliminate most of the owners of gasoline lawners and how to do it, and in which cases it is better to contact the workshop.


Technical characteristics of the device can be changed without preliminary notification.

Champion technique is constantly expanding new models. Champion products are characterized by an ergonomic structure that ensures the convenience of its use, a well.thought.out design, high power and performance. In connection with changes in the technical characteristics of the leadership, it may not fully comply with the acquired tool. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of individual nodes and parts that do not worsen the quality of the product, without prior notice. Keep this in mind when studying the operating manual.

Use by purpose

The lawn mower is controlled by the operator running behind. The engine rotates the cutting knife that is located under the mowing housing. The knife raises the grass and performs its mowing. The height of the cut can be adjusted to give the lawn the desired appearance. Cut grass is either assembled in a container attached from the back for grass, or, as for some models of a mowing, can be used to be re.feeding the lawn. Re.use of cut grass is called “Mulching”.

Non.self.propelled models require an effort of pushing from the operator to move the mower. Self.propelled models have a rear wheel drive system to facilitate the mowing operation. The lawn mower is designed to care for lawns, for mowing grass on lawns with a flat surface, in compliance with all the requirements of the instructions for the operation of the product. The maximum height of mowing grass should be no more than 20 cm. Any other use that goes beyond these frames is considered to be not relevant to the prescription. For the result of this, the damage or injuries of any kind is responsible for the user working with the tool, and not the supplier and manufacturer.

Attention: the use of the lawn mower for any other purposes not provided for by this management is a violation of warranty services and stops the warranty of the supplier. The manufacturer and supplier are not responsible for the damage that arose as a result of the use of the lawn mower for other purposes.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to use the lawn mower as a drive device for another working tool or instrumental set.

General safety regulations

The design of the Champion lawn mower provides safety and reliability in operation, subject to all the requirements of the manufacturer’s instructions. Read and study this “guide” carefully before proceeding with the operation of a trimmer for grass. Know what to do in emergency situations. Otherwise, you can get an injury or damage equipment. Pay special attention to the information that the following headlines precede:

WARNING! Indicates a dangerous situation that, if it is not prevented, can lead to death or serious injuries.

CAREFULLY! Indicates a dangerous situation that, if it is not prevented, can lead to medium injuries.

ATTENTION! Denotes the likelihood of damage to the equipment with non.compliance with the instructions for the operation of the product.

Everyone working with a lawn mower for the first time should be instructed by the seller or specialist, how to handle the device properly. Minors are not allowed to work with a lawn mower. with the exception of persons over 16 years of age under the supervision of an experienced specialist. When working, do not allow the presence of children, strangers and animals in the working area. A safe working area should be at least 15 meters. The user with a lawn mower is responsible for the possibility of a danger that threatens other persons or their property!

The lawn mower is allowed to transfer or give for temporary use (rental) only to those persons who are well familiar with this model and are trained in handling it. while the instruction manual must be attached! Related, healthy people should work with the lawn mower, in good physical condition. To work with a lawn mower after drinking alcohol, drugs that reduce the ability to respond, or drugs are not allowed!

The lawn mower should be used only for mowing grass. The use of a device for other purposes is not allowed, as this can lead to accidents or damage to the device. Do not make any changes to the design of the lawn mower, as this may cause an accident or damage to the device. During work, always use goggles. Long hair must be removed under a headdress. It is necessary to put on clothes that cover the whole body, and do not wear jewelry that can fall into the moving parts of the mowing. It is necessary to put on dense, safe shoes on non.slip soles. Do not use any other cutting devices with this lawn mower, except for those recommended by the manufacturer, because it can cause serious injuries, or damage the mechanism.

Before you work, inspect the area for the mowing and delete all extraneous items that can damage the knife. Also remove all the small garbage, which can be discarded when spent. Check the lawn mower for the absence of untouched parts (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.P.). Repair or replace faulty parts to work.

Caution: Do not substitute your arms or legs under the knife while working. The risk of serious injury.

Always turn off the engine when moving to another site. Work with a working grass for mowing grass. When hitting a stone or other item, drown out the engine and check the condition of the knife and the knife mounting adapter. Do not use a damaged adapter, an unbalanced or blunt knife for work. Work a lawn mower only in daylight or good artificial lighting.

The location of the main parts and controls

Assembly of the lawn mower

Remove the lawn mower and components out of the box. Check the lawn mower for the lack of mechanical damage.

Install the handle in the working position and fix it with special locks (a) (rice.3). Check the installation of control cables, they should not be overthrown. Install the grass collector. To work with the possibility of side emission of grass, install a groove for the release of grass (rice.four).

Install the handle in the working position and fix it with special nuts (rice.2). Check the installation of the engine shutdown cable, it should not be pushed.

Set the starter’s handle in the guide bracket on the working handle (rice.5).

How to prepare for winter storage?

To prepare a trimmer for grass for winter storage, do the following:

  • Carefully clean the entire surface of the trimmer for grass from the remains of grass;
  • Remove the cutting tool and grease all the metal parts with a thin layer of engine oil or treat with silicone spray;
  • Disconnect the drive shaft from the engine;
  • Remove both gearboxes;
  • Lubricate all the slots of the gearboxes (including from the cutting tool) and a drive shaft rod with any engine or transmission oil, including the development of the engine of the benzotrimer, if you plan to store the device assembly, or any thick lubricant, if separately;
  • Install the gearboxes on the drive shaft (if required);
  • Connect the engine and drive shaft (if required);
  • Install and adjust the handles (if you plan to store them on a trimmer);
  • Pour all gasoline from the tank and tighten the lid of the fuel tank, then start the engine and wait for its stop;
  • After cooling the engine, unscrew the candle from the engine;
  • Pour 1-3 ml of pure motor oil into the combustion chamber, then screw the candle in place and smoothly pull the hand starter cable so that the engine will make several revolutions and evenly distribute the oil;
  • Rinse and blow, or replace the air filter;
  • Rinse the fuel filter (if it is installed on a trimmer).

How to use a gas toss correctly?

The only way to extend the service life of a trimmer for grass is its proper operation. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers are not interested in the too long service life of their products, so part of the rules that help to more carefully spend the resource of the apparatus are not included in the instructions for the operation of the benzotrimmer.

For this reason, we recommend carefully comply with all the recommendations of this article, even if they are not in the operating manual, because we made recommendations on the basis of:

  • the experience of operating many owners of devices that they were divided on the pages of various forums;
  • tips of those who are engaged in the repair of motorcycle;
  • Recommendations from the operating manuals of trimmers of the most expensive and high.quality brands.

Since the operation of a trimmer for grass implies not only mowing grass, but also many other actions, we divided it into the following topics:

  • The engine is running.
  • The choice of revolutions.
  • The direction of the mowing.
  • Choosing clothes and protective equipment.
  • Security measures.
  • Transportation and storage.

The engine is running

Despite the fact that the engine of the newly purchased trimmer for the grass is already driven and you can immediately proceed to the mowing of the grass, avoid maximum speed for the first 3-5 hours, because the final grinding of the parts of the cylinder piston group occurs.

If we allow the motor output at maximum speed, then there is a high probability of the appearance of stray on the walls of the cylinders, and this will lead to a sharp drop in the efficiency of the motor, and will also greatly reduce its resource.

The choice of revolutions

The maximum torque of the motor appears at revolutions corresponding to 2/3 of the maximum, and the greatest power appears at revolutions corresponding to 3/4 of the maximum. Therefore, the most effective trimmer for grass mows grass in this range.

The exit to maximum turns slightly reduces power, so during the mowing of grass, focus on the sound of a trimmer for grass and evaluate the speed according to this parameter.

If the load is too high and the rotation speed of the power unit shaft is reduced, add the gas using the corresponding key on the working handle.

As soon as the load decreases and the turns increase, press the gas key less to return the speed of rotation of the motor shaft to the optimal value.

If before you have never used a motorcycle, then until the completion of the run.up, mow only low and non.thick vegetation, which a trimmer head with a fishing line easily copes with. After completing the, the engine will cease to be afraid of maximum revolutions, and you will acquire a sufficient skill to control the motor by ear.

In addition, avoid the long operation of the motor at idle, because because of this, the lubrication of the crankshaft bearing is deteriorated, which can lead to its overheating and jamming.

The direction of the mowing

When working with a motorcycle system in the maximum capture mode, move it so that it goes against the direction of rotation of the cutting tool.

In this case, the knife or disk will repel the device from a possible obstacle, so the trimmer for the grass will not jump out of hands.

In addition, with such a movement, a knife or head is thrown back in front of you, so you will better feel the resistance of the mowing of grass, which means avoid too fast movement and caused by it:

For most trimmers, the right direction of mowing grass is movement from right to left. When moving in the opposite direction, the trimmer for grass continues the mowing of grass, so the probability of a reverse blow increases, due to which the device can be very jerking. Therefore, when moving in the opposite direction, try to capture smaller grass to reduce the load on the device and the probability of a reverse blow.

HYM430SPE Assembly and Starting

The choice of maximum maximum capture mode is especially important at:

In addition, when pruning trees, try not to raise a cutting tool very much, but also not to turn it perpendicular, because this can lead to a violation of the carburetor.

This requirement is not relevant only for trimmers-crossbars, whose carburetors work equally effectively in any position.

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Choosing clothes and protective equipment

A trimmer for grass is a device of increased danger, so to work with it you need to choose the right clothes and protective equipment.

When going to mow grass, put on only clothes without any straps and fringe, which can tighten a rotating cutting tool.

If you put on shoes with laces, then take measures so that they do not untie. If you have long hair, then limit their mobility by putting on a hat or tied with something. Be sure to put on glasses or a protective mask, because it is likely that the grass cuts will not where it should and falls into the eye.