How to assemble the handle of the Husqvarna mowel. Repair (alteration) Starter Motokos Husqvarna…

DIY lawnage

The regular use of a lawn mower requires not only caring for it, but sometimes repair. In many cases, you can return the efficiency of the lawnical mower yourself. Husqvarna produces three types of lawnmands. Electric (power supply from household power supply 230 V), battery and gasoline. The first two types do not require gasoline and are easy to manage and maintain. But they also have problems with the mowing of grass.

one. The electric motor of the lawn mower does not turn on. The engine is launched by one key/OPE on the control panel. If the engine does not work in the OL position, then the battery may be discharged or the power is not supplied from the network. The status of the battery will show the LED charge indicator and at a low level it will require its recharging. In the network model, using a multimeter or indicator screwdriver, the presence of voltage in the nest of the power cord is checked. If it is absent, the cable itself is checked, which must be de.energized. By replacing the damaged area of ​​the cable and checking the voltage, you can start work.

Non.rhythmic operation of the electric motor. Contacts should be checked that could oxidize and began to poorly skip electric current. Contacts should be cleaned with sandpaper and degreased. Then a special conductive lubricant is applied to the contacts, which will protect contacts from oxidation.

Reducing rotation of knives. When mowing tall grass or hard herbal, cutting nozzles can clog with grass. Remove the battery and disconnect the network cable. Take a small stick and clean the space around the knives from compressed grass.

four. Bad mowing. The grass is not cut off, but is knocked down with knives. This suggests that the knives are dull. Completely turn off the power supply and remove the lawn mowers knives. We fix the knife in a vice and pull the blades using an abrasive bar. Blade sharpening angle 25. 30 °.

In lawnmands with a gasoline engine, problems most often arise that are characteristic of all internal combustion engines.

one. The engine does not start. Is there a fuel in the tank? If there is, then the fuel mixture must correspond to the proportions of the manufacturer. Then we turn the spark plug.

Candle raw (sprayed with a mixture). This indicates an excess of the fuel mixture due to improper tuning the carburetor. The candle should be thoroughly wiped, and pull the starter cord several times with a turned candle. This will clear the combustion chamber from excess mixture. Carburetor adjustment is carried out in accordance with the operating manual (section “Maintenance maintenance. Carburetor”).

The candle is dry. The fuel mixture does not fall into the carburetor. So the problem is not in the ignition. Check the candle for the presence of a spark and if it is, then check the fuel supply. With a weak supply or its complete absence, we replace the fuel filter, which is extracted from the gas tank through the filling hole.

The candle is covered with soot. Incorrect tuning of the carburetor or the fuel mixture is prepared incorrectly. The twisted candle is cleaned with an awl and sandpaper. The awl is cleaned the space between the central electrode and the threaded part. The side electrode is cleaned with sandpaper. Set a spark gap (clearance) between the central and lateral electrode. The gap lies within 0.5. 0.65 mm. Damaged sealing copper washer should be replaced. Putting on a turned outer tip and pulling the starter, check the presence of a spark. In the absence of a spark, the candle is replaced with a new one and if the spark does not appear check the high.voltage wire.

There is no necessary power. If the engine does not develop sufficient power, then it is most likely that the necessary pressure is not created in the engine cylinder to combat the fuel mixture. Most likely the reason lies in the wear of the cylinder-piston group. piston, piston rings or crankshaft liners. For a more accurate diagnosis, the compressometer is inserted into the candle hole and the pressure is measured with its help when compressed. If the pressure is lower than the required, then the piston group must be replaced.

The engine smokes. If at low speed the engine works fine, and smokes high and stalls, then the problem can be in the muffler. It should be removed and peeled with a metal brush. It is advisable to rinse the muffler using a special detergent, dry with a hairdryer and put in place.

four. The engine gets very hot. With prolonged work with clogged air filter, the lack of air flow affects. Remove the filter and blow out a clean air stream. Filter put in place. With severe wear and damage, the filter is replaced.

Simple advice. The lawn mower refers to garden equipment for a long service life and in many ways to avoid breakdowns and other problematic points will help compliance with the “maintenance schedule” (see. Law mowing manual).

Clutch device, principle of operation

In order to successfully disassemble this node, you will need a clutch pulp by a chainsaw. But before we consider how to use it, we will study the features of the device of this functional part of the power unit.

Please note that when developing modern chainsaws, manufacturers most often resort to the use of a centrifugal clutch clutch. And this suggests that the tool and its work depend on the stock of the spinning moment that the equipment issues here and now. The main constructive details of this node include:

The main constructive details of this node include:

As for the principle of work, then everything is simple here.

  • As soon as the chainsaws are transferred to the operating mode, the clutch springs are delayed all freely moving elements (move in the radial direction) towards the axis.
  • At this moment, the torque will not be transferred to the guide with an asterisk.
  • As soon as the centrifugal force becomes higher than the power potential of the spring, all the freely moving attracted elements are weakened and squeezed inside the drum, which will run it (it will begin to spin).
  • Rotation will go to the guide tire and the main star.

It is on this principle that centrifugal clutch works, which has several advantages in comparison with its other varieties. Among them, the lack of engine stop during the sharp braking of the cutting element (that is, the clutch slips). Due to this feature of the mechanism, the main node of the chainsaw remains unharmed.

Pay attention to the fact that this type of clutch coupling will work automatically. Its functioning depends on the number of engine speeds. The movable elements inside the drum will be attracted to the shaft (its center) even at minimal speeds

This plays an important role in preventing serious causing tools. When this mechanism fails, then there is a need to understand how to remove the clutch on a chainsaw

The movable elements inside the drum will be attracted to the shaft (its center) even at minimal speeds. This plays an important role in preventing serious causing tools. When this mechanism fails, then there is a need to understand how to remove the clutch on a chainsaw.

How to remove clutch on a chainsaw.

With the task of unscrewing the clutch clutch on a gasoline saw, when you need to replace the leading star, get to the oil pump or with a complete disassembly of the chainsaw.

There is nothing complicated if you know how. To get started, naturally you need to remove the cover of the brake of the quapi, which fixes the tire. To do this, you first need to pull the brake handle on yourself, making sure that the brake tape does not apply to the clutch cup. Then loosen the two nuts holding the lid, loosen the mechanical tensioner of the chain. After that, finally unscrew the two nuts and remove the brake brake lid.

Remove the tire and chain, we see the centrifugal clutch of the chainsaw.

After that, it is necessary to lock the piston in the cylinder. This requires such a device.

Cord with nodes, to stall the piston with a crankshaft.

Next, twist the candle, take the flashlight and shine into the candle hole. Turning the crankshaft using the starter cord-we look that he was moving up, blocked the output window of the cylinder.

This is necessary for the piston not to cut the cord, which will serve as a stop. Pour the cord into the candle hole, something longer, the better and slightly rest the piston using the starter.

Now you can unscrew the clutch clutch. The thread on it is left, so you need to unscrew clockwise. Often there is a hint with an arrow on the three.beam nut, in which direction you need to twist. The difficulty also lies in the fact that the clutch clutch is planted on a threaded sealant, therefore it happens that unscrew it no. If there is a construction hairdryer, you can first warm up the center of the coupling. We put an instruction on one of the rays of the clutch nut, and several times, we sharply hit the mentor with a hammer. The infusion must be set as much closer to the clutch center, if you put it on the edge, you can break off the beam of the nut.

After several beats of the hammer, the clutch of the chainsaw, how-right is unscrewed, and then it can be unscrewed even with your hands. If it goes tight, you can take a regular key to corner grinder, and twist it.

After removing the clutch basket, it becomes possible to replace the leading star (it can be either whole together with the drum and separate, floating), evaluate the condition of the needle bearing, or gain access to the oil pump.

Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. Be sure, you need to apply a little threaded latch on the thread, it is better to red, for stiff connections, so that the clutch does not unscrew spontaneously.

Before winding the clutch, it is better to stretch the rope from the cylinder, turn the crankshaft again, but already in the opposite direction until the final window is overlapped, and pushing the cord in a new way. Although, as it was right when twisting, the crankshaft rests itself with the help of Magneto hooks on the starter. Twist the clutch of the chainsaw, you need to. It is desirable to launch a chainsaw after the thread lock is grasped, and always with the brake lid installed. If this is not done, then the clutch clutch can spontaneously turn off on the move, fly away and lead to injuries. This can happen if you disperse the engine to high speeds and then drown out. In such a situation, parts of the flying couplings can fly out within a radius of 15 or more meters, so observe safety precautions!

How to tighten the starter spring chainsaw

A chain starter. Learn to repair yourself

For the quick launch of any chainsaw, a starter is required. Когда коленчатый вал инструмента ускоряется, топливно-воздушная смесь, подаваемая в двигатель, сжимается, а не его дальнейшее воспламенение. How to replace the spring. Details of replacement of a chainsaw with a dog starter, how to tighten. Therefore, the normal work of the starter for the chainsaw determines the effectiveness of the entire mechanism.

The device of the chainsaw starter

The principle of operation of the starter for the chainsaw is as follows. The handle is inserted into the groove of the case through which the cable passes. The principle of the starter for the chainsaw is how to put the spring on the starter. If the handle is sharply raised, the cable stretches and combs the rattle drum, which transfers movement to the drum with slots provided for the shaft. At the same time, the crankshaft makes several revolutions, and the working mixture in the space between the pistons does not compress the cylinder head. Accordingly, when the handle is lowered, the contact between the ratchet is not lost by hairpins, the shaft does not stop.

As the engine volume increases, the amount of unnecessary fuel mixture necessary for its subsequent ignition increases, so the number of jerks of the starting cable for saws of high power increases. Therefore, in order to speed up the return of the drum, the springs of a forced return made of steels with high elastic properties are used.

Simplification of the launch of the chainsaw is carried out in the following ways:

  • By preliminary enrichment of the working mixture, for which a special damper is installed in the design of the carburetor.
  • Installation of an automatic decompression valve, which lowers the operating pressure in the chainsaw cylinder.
  • Installation of an additional spring that, when the cable moves, facilitates the unwinding of the crankshaft.
  • The presence of some chainsaws (nettles, series Partner S, Maxcut, etc.) In the design of the primer. a pump that provides preliminary fuel pumping.

Chainsaw repair, starter

With frequent launches, the chainsaws are constantly subjected to dynamic loads from the chainsaw. As a result, the cable may burst, several rattles of the ratchet will crumble, and the shaft will return with a much lower speed. Therefore, checking and even starter repair. These are operations that are sometimes performed several times during the season.

Replacement of the cord

When stretching, there is a constant friction of the cable around the starter case

To replace the assembly, the assembly is disassembled and the rattling drum carefully rises so that the spring does not jump out of the nests. It is best to do this work together: the assistant blocks the spring, and the cable is replaced

How to pull a spring starter spring on a chainsaw, repairing a chainsaw starter. After attaching the cable, the cable is wound on the roller to the handle and grooves of the drum and the case is assembled.

Spring repair

If the spring material is bad, the spring bursts (usually at the place of fastening to the drum where the loop is formed). In this case, there is no need to replace the spring. It is enough to carefully clean the surface of dirt and traces of lubrication, thoroughly polish the destruction place, and then release the spring at a temperature of 600. 650 ° C (spring steel should become raspberry). You need to slowly cool the spring, but at 100

150 ° C can already carefully turn its end in the form of a limiting protrusion on the inner surface of the drum (steel acquires the necessary plasticity) and put it in place. Easy repair of the chainsaw, repair of the starter chainsaw, how to tighten the valve correctly

The elastic properties of the spring will not change.

How to put a spring on a starter chainsaw?

Inserting the starter spring into the desired groove is not easy even for an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and inserted into the drum hub. The outer end of the spring is fixed with a restrictive protrusion, and the outer end should be located opposite the hole in the lock using a screwdriver. The hinge on the inner end of the spring is combined with a screwdriver and the disk is lowered. Disc rotation checks whether the ratchet mechanism has been installed. Next comes the rattle itself.

After installing the spring, adjust the spring. How to tighten the starter spring, tighten the spring. Starter handle how. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove in a circle, and a return spring is spinning around it. After removing the cone, it is better to wind the spring at a few more revolutions to ensure the required tightness of the workpiece.

Husqvarna 125r carburetor tuning without a tachometer (bypass)

How to adjust the carburetor if you need to work while the tachometer service is far away.

Read how to breed gasoline for a trimmer for STIHL grass

Table with technical characteristics of mowers

For an uninterrupted and long service life, experts recommend using Husqvarna oil for two.stroke engines.

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128r. Problems with ignition or fuel supply. In the first case, the gas trimmer for the grass either stops after a few tens of seconds, or does not start at all. Husqvarna settings for this check the state of the spark plug. If it is wet, then most likely you will need to properly adjust the carburetor. Or the problem arises due to improper launch, then you should carefully study the instructions.

If the light of the ignition is dry, the fuel mixture does not arrive. Most often this is due to clogging the fuel filter or hose. The filter must be replaced (it is better to do it every 3 months), and the hose only needs to be cleaned.

The gas trimmer for the grass of this model can last for many years, the main thing. Comply with the rules of operation and conduct timely checks and replacement of the necessary details. over, the price of the Husqvarna 128R brush is fully consistent with its quality and performance.

The Husqvarna Model 128R gas trimmer is designed to process small and medium areas and is suitable for cutting grass near places (flower beds, borders). The tool is equipped with a two.stroke engine with a capacity of 0.8 kW or 1.1 liters.FROM. Husqvarna 128R gas pump rotation speed reaches 11,000 rpm.

To quickly turn on the device, even after prolonged downtime, it has a primer for pumping fuel and Smart Start system. The maximum possible width of processing is 45 cm. Husqvarna 128r. Gas trimmer for grass with straight rod and professional handles made in the form of bicycles.

  • A knife with 4 knives for strong and high grass or shrubs;
  • Trimmer head for grass (semi.automatic);
  • Fasteners for 2 hands;
  • A set of keys;
  • Pen for a bicycle;
  • Operating and maintenance manual;
  • Corrugated board;
  • Not assembled rod.

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The trimmer fishing line is used to remove only small grass.

The Husqvarna launch button automatically returns to its original position, which facilitates and accelerates the inclusion of the trimmer for the grass. A special knife for cutting grass does not wave it, but puts it in rolls. The case for protecting the disk and a trimmer for grass is identical, but it is not necessary to remove it when replacing the rigging.

I. APMOKYMAS, II. Parošimas, III. naudojimas

Atydžiai passkaitykite šią instrukciją. Įsidėmėkite apie valdymą

Niekada neleiskite naudoti žoliapjovę vaikams arba žmonėms,

kurie nėra susipažinę su naudojimosi instrukcijomis. Vietiniai

Valdžios Organai Gali Apriboti Operatoriaus amžių.

Niekada nepjaukite kol Šalia yra žmonės, yapč vaikai arba

ATSIMINKITE, KAD Operatorius Arba Vartotojas Yra Atsaking

už nlaimingus Atsitikimus arba Pavojų, Kas Gręsia Kitiems

Pjaudami visuomet dėvėkite tvirtą neslystančiais paadais

AVALYNę IR ILGAS KELNES. Nedirbkite SU įranga būdami basomis

Kaip Reikiant Patikrinkite Plota, Kur Naudosite įranga, IR

Pašalinkite Visus Daiktus, kurioos žoliapjovė gali užkliudyti IR

Įspėjimas. Benzinas yra Greitai užssssliepsnojantis skystis.

Degalų Bako Dangtį Arba Nepilkite Benziną Kai Variklis Dirba

Pergabenkite Mechanizmą Toliau Nuo Išsiliejimo Vietos IR

Pasistenkite išvengti užsidegimo pavojaus kol benzino

PAKEISKITE SUGEDUSUS DUSLINTUVUS. Prieš naudojimą Visada Vizualiai Patikrinkite, Ar Ašmenys,

Ašmenų varžtai Ir pjaustytuvo montažo detalės nėra nudilu-

SIOS Arba Sugadintos. Pakeiskite Nudilusias Arba Sugadintas

Detales IR Varžtus, KAD Mechanizmas išlaikytų Pusiausvirą.

Naudojantis daugiaašmeniu Mechanizmu, Elkitės atsargiai,

assemble, handle, husqvarna, repair, starter

Nes Sukant Vieną Ašmenį Gali Suktis Ir Visi Kiti.

Nepaleiskite Variklį uždaroje Patalpoje, Kur Gali Susikaupti

Pjaukite Tiktai Dienos Šviesoje Arba Prie Geros Dirbtinės

Venkite, kur įmanoma, naudoti įranga drėgnai žolei pjauti. Būkite atsargūs apipJaudami Šlaitus. Eikite, niekada nebėkite. Naudojantis Rotoriniu Mechanizmu Ant Tekinių, Pjaukite Shersai

Elkitės Labai Atsargiai, Kada Keičiate Kryptį Dirbdami Antami

Nepjaukite per daug stačius šlaitus. Elkitės Labai Atsargiai, Kada žoliapjovę Pasukate, Apsukate

Sustabdykite ašmenį, jeigu žoliapjovę reikia pakrepti trans-

Portuojant ne per žolę, arba Transportuojat žoliapjovę į kitą

NIEKADA NEDIRBKITE SU žoliapjove, kuriai sugumo

įrenginiai, arba be uždėtų sauugumo įtaisų, pavyzdžiui,


Didinkite Variklio Apsuku Skaičių. Naudojant variklį perdaug


Prieš Paleidžiant Variklį atlaisvinkite visus tvirtinamuosius

varžtus, kurie buvo prisukti transportuojant įrangą.

Užveskite variklį arba įjunkite motorą atsargiai pagal instrukciją,

Nepakreipkite žoliapjovę užvedant variklį arba įjungiant

Motorą, išskyrus Atvejus, Kada žoliapjovė turi būti pakrepta

Prieš Paleidimą. Šiuo Atveju Nepakreipkite Daugiau Negu

Reikalinga IR Pakelkite Tiktai Tą Dalį, Kuri Randasi Toliau Nuo

Neužveskite Varikli stovėdami Priešais išmetimo vamzdį. Laikykitės Saugiu Atstumu Nuo Rotuojančių Detalių, Saugokite

assemble, handle, husqvarna, repair, starter

Rankas IR Kojas. Nuolat Sekite, KAD ISMETIMO VAMZDžio Anga

NIEKADA NEKELKITE Arba Neneškite žoliapjovę kol Dirba Varik-

Išjunkite variklį IR atjunkite uždegimo žvakių laidąšiais attave-

Jais:- Prieš išvalant Mechanizmą arba dujų išmetimo angą;- Prieš Patikrinant, išvalate arba dirbant su žoliapjove;- įtraukus svetimkūnius arba užkloudžius dayktus. Pati-

Krinkite žoliapjovę, ar nėra sugadintas ašmuo bei kitos

Dalys. Ištaisykite Prieš iš Naujo Paleidžant IR naudojant

Sumažinkite Droselio Padėtį Kol Variklis išsijungtas Ir, Jeigu

Variklis yra su išsijungimo vožtuvu, užssukite degalus baigę

Neskubėkite Stumdami Dirbančią ŠENAPJOVOVę.

Laikykite Visas Veržless Ir Varžtus Prisuktus IR įSITIKINę, KAD

Visa įranga yra saugioje darbinėje paadėtyje.

Niekados nlaikykite uždaroje Patalpoje įrangą suzinu

Bake, Nes Benzino Garai Gali Užssssnoti Nuo Atvirs Liepsnos

Leiskite Varikliui Pravėsti Ir Tiktai Tada Padėkite uždaroje

KAD Išvengtumėte Gaisro Pavojaus, Laikykite Variklį, Dulsintuvą,

Bateriju Skyrių bei Benzino Laikymo vietą švarias, neužtertas

Dažnai tikrinkite žolės surinkėją, ar nėra nudilęs arba

PAKEISKITE NUDėVėTAS IR Sugadintas Dalis. Jeigu Reika Ištuštinti arisevalyti degalų baką, Darykite Tai Tiktai

Saugaus Darbo Praktika pėsčiojo vairavimo rotacijos žoliapjovėms.

Svarbu: Ši pjovimo mašina gali amputuoti rankas Ir kojas IR sviesti užkliudytus daiktus. Sekančių saugumo taisyklių nesilai-

Kymas Gali Rimtai Sužaloti Arba Sukelti Mirti.

IV. APKALPE Un Glabâđana, I. APMâCîba, II. sagatavođanâs

Drođas ekspluatâcijas prakse gâjçju vadîtiem raotâcijas zâles pďâvçjiem

SVARîgi: đî grieđanas mađîna spçj amputçt kâjas un Rokas, un sagraizît prievekđmetus. Sekojođo Drođîbas instrukciju neievçrođana

Var Izraisît Nopietnus Ievainojumus vai nâvi.

Apstâdiniet asmeni, ja zâles pďâvçju nepiecieđams noliekt,

pârvietojot pâri virsmâm, kas nav klâtas ar Zâli, un pârvietojot

zâles pďâvçju uz un prom no pďauđanas vietas.

NEKAD Nedarbiniet Zâles pďâvçju ar bojâtu aizsargu vai arough ja

Drođîbas Ierîces, Piemçram, Defl Ektori VAI Zâles Savâcçji, NAV

NEMAINIT MOTORA Regulatora Iestathîjumus un Nedarbiniet

Motor Paâtrinâtâ re until. Darbinot Motoru Pârmçrîgi âtri, Jűs

Pirms Iedarbinât Motor, izlçdziet Visus asmeňus un izspiediet

IEDARBINIT DZINSJU VAI ARXELçdziet Motor Uzmanîgi saskaňâ

Ar Instrukcijâm, un Turot Kâjas Labi Tâlu no asmens.

Nenolieciet zâles pďâvçju, KAD IEDARBINSHASHU VAI IESLçdzat

Motor, izňemot gadîjumus, kad zâles pďâvçju nepiecieđams

Noliekt, Lai Iedarbinâtu. Đajâ gadîjumâ nenolieciet to vairâk,

NEKQU IR Nepiecieđams, Un Paceliet Tikai To Pusi, Kas Ir Vistâlâk

Neiedarbiniet dzinçju, stâvot izsviedçja prievekđâ. Nelieciet rokas vai kâjas pie vai zem rotçjođâm detaďâm.

NEKAD Nestâviet Pie izsviedçja Atvçruma.

NEKAD NECELIET Un NENESET Zâles pďâvçju, kamçr darbojas

Izlçdziet dzinçju unenojiet aizDedzes svece vadu:

pďâvçjs nav bojâts un veiciet nepiecieđamos remontdar-

Bus, Pirms Atkal Ieslçdzat un Darbinât Zâles pďâvçju;

Samaziniet Degvielas Iestathîjumus dzinçja izlçgđanas

Laikâ un, ja, dot]

izlçgđanas slçdzi, atslçdziet degvielu pďauđanas beigâs.

Lietojot Piekabes sçdekli, kustieties lçnâm.

Piegrieziet cieđi visas skrűves un uzgrie s, lai ekârta bűtu

NEKAD Neglabâjiet Iekârtu, Kuras Tvertnç Ir Benzîns, çkâ, Kur

Izgarojumi Var saskarties ar uguns liesmu vai dzirksteli.

Ďaujiet dzinçjam atdzist, pirms noglabify ekârtu noţogotâ

Lai samazinâtu ugunsbîstamîbu, rűpçjieties par to, lai dzinçjâ,

akumulator] unyzîna uzglabâđanas vietâ nebűtu zâle, lapas

Bieţi pârbaudiet zâles savâcçju, lai pârliecinâtos, ka tas nav

Drođîbas nolűkâ nomainiet nolietota written vai bojâtâs detaďas. Ja Degvielas TVTNE IR JQARTURE, TAS Jâdara ârâ.

Uzmanîgi izlasiet Instrukcijas. Epazîstieties ar vad speeds sistçmu

NEKAD NeďAUJET IZMANTOT Zâles pďâvçju bçerniem vai cilvçkiem,

kas nav epazinuđies ar Instrukcijâm. Vietçjie noteikumi var

NEKAD Nepďaujiet Zâlienu, Kad Tuvumâ atrodas Cilvçki, it îpađi

Neaizmirstiet, Ka Ierîces vadîtâjs vai lietotath IR atbildîgs par

NELAMES GADîjumiem vai radîtajâm briesm Citiem cilvçkiem

Pďaujot zâlienu, vienmçr valkâjiet izturîgus apavus un Garas


Pamatîgi Pârbaudiet Platîbu, Kur ier speed Tiks izmantota, un

Novâciet Visus Priekđmetus, ko mađîna var pasviest tâlâk.

Brîdinâjums. Benzîns ďoti viegli uzliesmo.

NEKAD NEXEMIT NOST BENZONA TverTnes vâku unezpildiet

Degvielu, Ja Motors Darbojas Vai Arough IR Karsts.

Tâ vietâ pârvietojiet mađînu Prom no laukuma ar IZAKSTOO

Benzînu un centies nradît aizDedzes Avotu, Kamçr Ben-

Pirms Lietođanas Vienmçr Vizuâli Pârbaudiet, Vai Asmeňi,

asmeňu skrűves un grariesji nav nolietojuđies vai bojâti. No-

Mainiet Nolietotu Vai Bojâtus asmeňus un skrűves komplektos,

Uzmanieties, ropejoties ar daudzasmeňu mađînâm, tâ kâ

Grieisfies Vienam Asmenim, Grieisfy Ar pârçjie.


Pďaujiet Tikai Dienas Gaismâ vai pie laba mâkslîgâ apgaismo-

Husqvarna Lawn Mower Repair. How to Replace the Drive Wheel

Kur Vien iespçjams, Nedarbiniet Iekârtu Uz Slapjas Zâles. Vienmçr pârliecinieties, Ka Turaties Drođi uz kâjâm nokalnçs. Stagâjiet, Nekad Neskrieniet. Lietojot ar riteňiem apgâdâtas rotçjođas mađînas, pďaujiet

Diagonâli Pa Nokalnçm, NEKAD Ne AugđUP un Lejup.

Esiet îpađi uzmanîgi, Mainot virzienu uz nogâzçm. Nepďaujiet uz pârmçr speed stâvâm nogâzm. Esiet îpađi uzmanîgi, Virzoties Atpakaďgaitâ, Vai Velkot Zâles

Removing and disassembling the starter, replacing broken parts

To repair the starter of the trimmer for the grass, you will need to disassemble it first, and then collect it. This process is not a particularly difficult occupation. For work, you will need a screwdriver with the tip of the desired shape.

Everything should be done carefully, observing safety precautions, mainly that the spring does not injure the master if an accident.

Parsing the starting node

They disassemble the launch mechanism in order to install new parts instead of broken in the following sequence:

  • spin a screw with a screwdriver, fixing the pulley with a starter lid;
  • take out a spring and antennae;
  • Remove carefully with the pulley (you need to unscrew the head or work, having dressed the glasses and gloves before);
  • determine why the launch mechanism has broken;
  • If the spring collapses almost completely, then it is replaced;
  • When the spring exits from the hook, it is installed in the original place, bending the antennae before this (the photographs show the laying process);

To change the spring, you should work carefully and accurately: it can, under the influence of the effort caused by the installation of it in place, accidentally burst. Even if you carefully remove the video, then the spring strip flies very quickly from the coil and can injure your hand with its sharp edges.

Immediately putting a springy plate in the same place does not always work. It often slips, so attempts are required to repeat until the desired result is achieved.

Starter assembly

The assembly of the starting node is carried out in a number of stages:

When making the stated manipulations, it is necessary to lay two goals. If this is not done, then the spring over time damage the plastic cup, and when it is pulled. Because of this, a feeling appears, as if the spring had flown. To eliminate such a drawback, you need to install this part of a larger length or an additional goal.

When such spare parts are absent, you can just unscrew the screw a little, and the starter knot will begin to work without shaken. But this option is temporary. it is better to repair qualitatively as quickly as possible.

Spring tension

After installing the spring, it should be pulled. The following actions are performed for this:

  • Remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • Then the rope is inserted into the coil groove;
  • They stretch the spring, rotating the coil in the direction opposite to the clock of the clock arrow (reviews);
  • make the desired number of revolutions specified in the instructions for the use of the trimmer model used and the corresponding length of the cord used;
  • At the very end, the rope is threaded into a hole designed for this, located in the starter cover;
  • put the handle in place, fixing it with a node.

If after the repair the spring continues to fly, then you can get rid of this in the following ways:

  • Squeeze the suitable piece of the plate into the groove at the location of the spring hook;
  • drill holes on two sides of the groove in the coil, into which the spring hook is inserted and fix it using a wire.

Replacing a torn cord

A torn rope is replaced in the following sequence:

  • The old cord is removed;
  • choose a suitable rope (thickness and length);
  • Having reached it through a special hole in the coil, a knot is tied;
  • Sprinkle a spring, producing the required number of revolutions;
  • Fix the pen.

It is better to stretch the spring plate along with the partner so that the edge of the cord does not hit the starter mechanism.

It is easy to assemble a starter on a trimmer and wound a spring, only you should do it carefully and with caution. For different models, the gas tanks of the launching mechanisms are the same, so they are repaired in a similar way. In this case, there are some nuances associated with their constructive features.


The silencer is designed to reduce the level of noise and the removal of exhaust gases away from the operator. Exhaust gases have a high temperature and may contain sparks that can be ignited when it hits dry combustible materials. Silencers are equipped with a special sparking net. The grid should be checked and, if necessary, clean. If the net is damaged, it should be replaced in the service workshop.

If the net is often clogged, then the catalyst function is worsened. Contact your seller for advice. The clogged net can lead to overheating and, as a result, to damage to the cylinder and piston.

You can not use the machine if the muffler is damaged or poorly fixed. Make sure the muffler bolts are tightened.

With catalysts during operation, they heat up greatly and for some time after turning off remain hot. This happens at idle. Touching them can lead to skin burn. Remember the danger of a fire!

contains chemicals that can be carcinogenic. Do not allow contact with these substances in case of muffler damage.

The exhaust gases of the engine contain carbon monoxide; This can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. For this reason, the engine and in other poorly ventilated places should not be launched. The exhaust gases of the engine have a high temperature and may contain sparks, which in turn can lead to ignition. The engine should not be launched or near combustible materials! Spark plug

Inappropriate fuel mixture (too large or incorrect type of oil).

These factors cause the appearance of soot on the electrodes of the spark plug, which can cause problems when working and when starting. If the engine does not gain power, it starts poorly or does not work well at idle speeds, first of all, check the spark plug. If the candle is polluted, clean it and check that the gap between the electrodes is 0.6

change after about one month of work or even earlier if necessary.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. There are only two tasks with this element more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If the mud just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purge will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, it is necessary to put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

The starting device of the carburetor almost always does not work due to blockages. Should be used for flushing acetone or the same gasoline.

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and comfortable repair practice.

The hull of throttles, places of ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check the simple method. spread the problem area with soap foam.

Repair of the launch mechanism

When examining the disassembled starter, it is necessary to inspect the following parts (nodes) for their damage:

  • Drive pulley. The pulleys subject to high axial and radial loads should not have cracks and damage on the back. If there are such, it is required to replace it with a new part.
  • Starter spring. The main loads when starting the chainsaw are experienced by the spring. Made of high.quality carbon steel and passed special heat treatment, it loses its properties over time. If cracks or impulses are found, you will need to install a new spring.
  • The launch rope. Made of synthetic wear.resistant materials, the starter cord wear out over time. With its gusts, it is necessary to install a new rope on the pulley.

After the repair work done, it is necessary to collect the launch mechanism in the reverse order. The pulley with a ratchet is installed on top of the spring. Before the final fixation of the chainsaw starter cover, it is necessary to wrap the rope and make several trial jerks.

How to change the starter cord?

It happens that in the impossibility of starting a starter is not a spring to blame, but the cord itself. He can seize or completely break. Dismantling the starter of the lawn mower or trimmer for grass is universal in its steps.

  • Remove the starter block from a trimmer for grass or lawn mower.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the handbrake.
  • Pull the coil and melt the remains of a worn cord from it.
  • Unscrew the knot on the handle of the cord and pull its end from it.
  • Untie the knot at the other end (at the beginning of the coil) and remove the old cord. The nodes that have become tight are unleashed with pliers or ticks.
  • Tie a knot on one of the ends of the new cord, prone it through the hole at the beginning of the coil (closer to its axis).
  • Shin a few turns of a new cord to the coil. If it is long, then cut the excess.
  • Season and soak the spring tensioner (if it starred) and spring.loaded elements in the correct sequence.
  • Put the coil in place and take the free end of the cord to the outlet of the starter and in the handle.
  • Install the starter block in place.

Twist the starter by the cord, start the engine of the lawn mower or a trimmer for grass. The larger and more powerful the engine, the more cord jerks will be required when starting, the norm is no more than 7 times. The result is a quick and smooth launch of the motor, the readiness of the unit for work.

Repair of the starter of the gas trimmer for grass may be needed at the most inopportune time. At the same time, there are two ways to solve the problem: replace a broken part or replace the entire assembly. The last option will cost more. In most cases, only a screwdriver with a tip is required to repair the device with your own hands. Repair does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. To achieve the desired positive result, it is enough to know the device, the principle of operation, the nuances of the assembly-disassembly of the starter for the trimmer for the grass.

The device and principle of the starter on the trimmer

Gas engine. This is mainly the main part of the brush. Its power lies in the range of 0.5-2.5 liters.With. Movement from it is transmitted to the shaft located inside the hollow rod, and then through the gearbox, consisting of gears, already stabbed or knife (working body).

Bigorezes also have the following elements:

  • Corrugated board;
  • lever arm;
  • belt designed for simplicity of use;
  • Starter used to launch an internal combustion gasoline engine.

The starter of the trimmer for grass is an integral part of the engine start. This is shown separately in two photos below.

Starting mechanisms for different models of gasoline braids work according to the same principle: when starting an internal combustion engine, the tongues indicated by the number 1 in the photo above are hooked by dogs 3. When the engine is launched, they return to the previous position due to centrifugal force. A similar role is played by wires 2.

The process of returning to the initial position of the elements of the mechanism is due to the presence of a spring wound around the axis. It turns around when the rope is pulled. After the release of the cord, it is pulled and wound with a spring assembly. When the internal combustion engine is launched, the trigger rotates its shaft until it starts to work.

Today, gasoline scooters are equipped with two types of starter mechanisms:

The first option is much more common.

The trimmer starter for grass can work without breakdowns for a long time. It is impossible to clearly indicate a continuous period of time. Everything is determined by the initial quality of the device and compliance with the rules of its operation.

The main malfunctions of the trimmer for the grass of the starter

It is easy to determine the reason for the refusal of the starting device. There are several main options:

Perhaps the starter mechanism is accidentally broken. The consequences will be deplorable if the wrapped cable is wrapped around the flywheel of the internal combustion engine: then the spring will burst and the pulley will break. But such cases when a complete replacement of the starter is required are extremely rare. In most cases, it is enough to fix a new spring or replace the cord to fix the mechanism.

Why is the Husqvarna gas burner so popular?

To date, the name of the Swedish manufacturer of manual instruments has become a kind of name for the home, which means a very durable and easy to use power tool. Until the 128th Husqvarna model, the Husquarna 125 R model was deservedly used as a relatively affordable and expensive tool. For two years, the company made minor changes to the design, and therefore a new modification appeared, known as the Husquarna 128 R.

The main characteristics of the Husqvarna tool remain the same:

  • The lawn mower is equipped with a two.stroke engine of 1.1 liters.FROM., But now the nusqvarna mower is equipped with a system that facilitates the launch with reduced effort on the cord of the manual starter;
  • The Husquarna 128 R gasoline braid pollutes the environment 30% less than the catalyst, the muffler is equipped with a spark tover chamber, which allows you to not be afraid of ignition of dry plant residues in the dry season;
  • Thanks to a thoughtful tool suspension system for a complete bilateral unloading of the shoulders, the Husquarna 128 R bush in modifications, unlike old versions, allows you to work completely for a long time.

The whole design of the rod provides high stiffness and durability of flexible tool shafts, without deviation or deformation from vibration.

Husquarna 128 R mower

First of all, it should be noted that the brush device is very simple and, as a result, very reliable. After the purchase, you will be given a box with a disassembled tool that will be:

  • Compact and beautiful brush engine Husqvarna;
  • A length of one and a half meters with a Husqvarna flange engine on one side and gears with a fishing trimmer on the other;
  • A curved handle similar to the handle, with buttons and levers on black handles. A corrugated hose with gas control cables and an air damper will go from the right handle to the Builder engine;
  • Plastic protective cover, several bolts for mounting and assembling, a key of the letter G, a pin for fixing the working mechanism, instructions in the form of a book, three centimeters thick, hacksaw and tool suspension.

Assembly and preparation for the work of Kustorez Husqvarna

The acquired disassembled gasoline brush can be folded and put into operation in just five to ten minutes. To do this, just install the control stand manually and fix it with a pair of screws. Before the next operation, we connect the cables, put the handles on the curved structure of the structure, and also fasten the screws.

The next step is the installation of an orange plastic protective screen. Shield, which reduces pollution from grass flying on the sides, cut off using a tool. A huge disadvantage of Kustorez is a large number of scraps of grass that fall on the face, eyes and other parts of the body. This unpleasant effect is characteristic not only for Husqvarna lawn mowers, but also for all tools, gasoline and electricity.

Therefore, you need to work with a brush only with glasses or a protective mask, and always in change of work clothes.

The Husqvarna Builder engine operates on a gasoline mixture with m octane 92 and special oil in a ratio of 1:50. Fuel is poured into a small tank made of light plastic, located to the left of the bureau motor. There is also a blue throttle control handle. Before a cold start, the leadership offers to open the bolt to ¾. After refueling gasoline with a primer, you can start the Husqvarna brush motor.

Before starting work, install the Husqvarna Builder case so that the rotating working tool does not injure and does not damage the surrounding objects.

Starting is carried out using a hand.starting launch line, pulling it with medium effort, you will feel the resistance of the bureau motor. In cold weather, the Husqvarna bush cutter is launched for a third or fourth time. The new Husqvarna engine should be launched so that it can work at idle for 15-20 minutes. Thanks to the built-in engine and a special tool, you can start working with a bush in 2-3 minutes.

Do not try to control the brush without attaching the tool case to the suspension. Firstly, the bureau weighs 5 kg, and it is difficult to keep a heavy tool on elongated weapons. Secondly, this method is a certain danger and significantly increases the risk of injury.

The Husqvarna chainsaw system has a special mounting design, which allows you to almost instantly unfasten and unfasten the belts using the device.

Another small drawback of Husqvarna Kustorez is an increased noise level when operating the tool engine, so use headphones or a protective helmet.

Fuel consumption in working mode is about 500 ml. In hour. This means that in an hour you can mow highly overgrown grass with an area of ​​no more than two hundred square meters. From practice, it is known that the usual six hundredths of the country can be mowed by the Googvarn screw for at least four hours.

Husqvarna brush quality surprises even skeptics about the use of gas trimmers. Despite its compact dimensions, the device processes old perennial weeds and young shoots of trees, but in terms of performance, the tool will not compete with self.propelled gasoline braids.

The specialists of the service center often complain about the consumers of garden equipment for home, which make mistakes and turn off the equipment at the stage of assembly and the first launch. Of course, there is an instruction in the package, but either it is written stupidly, or is read after the wrong assembly, when additional details were found or, even worse, a failure occurred. Meanwhile, there is nothing complicated in the assembly of household garden equipment. You just have to be careful. Here is an example of the procedure for assembling gasoline baskets of Stihl FS 130, complementing our instructions with illustrations.

Start the installation by opening the box and checking the assembly of the device. If everything is in place, then we must attach the handle to the rod using a motor, put on a belt, attach a protective cover and cutting elements.

First you need to remove the handle and unscrew the thumb screw, which fixes the upper part of the support without losing the spring.

Insert the handle into the nest and fix it without tightening too much. The final position is adjusted after the final assembly of the bushrase.

Put on the adjusting handle of the device on the handle tube and tighten the fastener. For this, the kit includes a universal key.

All controls of the gasoline brush Stihl FS 130 are located on the handle. This is the lever of the throttle, which is protecting against random turned on, and the shutdown lever for the device with the thumb. In the modification of a bush cutter with a D-shaped handle, the controls are located next to the engine on the rod.

Put a plastic protective cover. If you plan to use only a knife, then for its operation we use part of the case (in the figure it is painted in orange).

Professional lawn mower HUSQVARNA GX 560 hovercraft | Професійна газонокосарка на повітряній подушці

If you want to work with the cut line, then put on the plastic “skirt” on the protective cover of the chainsaw and put a knife for cutting a braid fishing line. In some versions of this model, the case may be universal or you can attach two different covers. One for fishing line, and the other for a knife.

When straightening the “skirt” on the case, it is necessary to check the reliability of its fastening. Sometimes it may be necessary to fix this protection with another screw.

Now you need to put a knife to cut off the fishing line for the trimmer and fix it with a screw.

It remains to install the coil, having previously filled its fishing line for the trimmer. The coil is screwed onto the shaft (as in the figure) or is attached with a special nut. Keep in mind that the thread on the shaft usually remains. How to pour a fishing line for a trimmer into a reel, read the instructions.

If you need a knife, then put it instead of a reel. The knife is equipped with a protective cover so that during operation it does not plunge into the ground. After installation, be sure to scroll this cutting element and make sure that there is no reproduction.

assemble, handle, husqvarna, repair, starter

Well, the last, the easiest step. Install a metal clamp on the rod, that is, mount for the suspension belt.

After the brush is assembled, put on the shoulder belt or suspension on the belt of the backpack (depending on what is included in the kit) and adjust them in accordance with the pattern. Pour a gasoline mixture, start the engine. And let’s go.

The gas handle is suitable for most Chinese gas trimmers (trimmers). For example, Carver (Carver), Crosser (Crosser), Taiga, Ural, Baikal, Expert, Clover, Atlanta and other lawmakers (trimmers for grass) with an engine volume 33.43 cubic meters. A gas handle for a Chinese gas trimmer for grass (trimmer for grass) Carver (Carver) is reliable and simple to use.

Article: 010049AU manufacturer: Bensorhythm (Bensorhythm)

The incomplete list of structurally similar gas trimmers (trimmers) with an engine volume 33 cm3 and 43 cm3, for which the gas handle is suitable:

Gas trimmers for grass with engine volume 33 cm3: Carver GBC. 033; Carver GBC. 033 S; Piranha BC 330; Icomagteules BF 33; Aiken MC 255/33 L; SD. Master GBC.033; Texas to n.E 33; Texas CG 330 b; Ergomax BC 33 E; Profer 330; Red Star CG 330; Champion T 334; Profi BG330B; Priority 330; Green field GF 330 b; GCB-330 gardener; Unifield 235; Packard Spence PSGT 330; Packard Spence PSGT 331; Garden fishing line for the NTCG330 trimmer; Beezone CG330BF; Redverg RD-GB330; Pegas CG330B; Akita CG330; Resource RBC 330; Profi SS-BC330 and others.

Benzine trimmers for grass with an engine volume of 43 cm3: cutter GBC-043; Charger GBC-043S; Piran BC 430; Icomagteules BF 43; SD-Master GBC-043; Texas BC43; Texas CG430B; Ergomax BC-43E; Profer 430; Red Star CG 430; Champion T 434; Profi BG430B; Priority 430; Green field GF 430 b; GCB-430 gardener; Unifield 245; Packard Spence PSGT 430; Packard Spence PSGT 431; Garden fishing line for the NTCG430 trimmer; Beezone CG430BF; Redverg RD-GB430; PEGAS CG430B; Akita CG430; Resource RBC 430; Profi SS-BC430; TSUNAMI TG 43WS; Hammer MTK43; Practice GTB43; Aiken MC 255 / 43L and others.