How To Care For A Trimmer's Gearbox?

Gear for trimmer is a module that is required for torque. The device includes one or more gears that rotate at high speed. The mechanism of this equipment is called the modulator because it converts the angular velocity of rotation of the output shaft into its lower revolutions.

Manufacturers equip gas mowers with gearboxes that convert the low angular velocity of the input shaft to higher output speed. The engine with low power allows you to achieve the greatest number of revolutions of the trimmer knife. The name of this variant is a multiplier. The trimmer, working on gasoline, can smoothly perform the work associated with mowing the lawn, removing weeds. The unit requires appropriate care, which involves the replacement of lubricants.

Types of gearboxes and lubricants.

Transmission gear mechanisms are divided into the following types:

  1. Wave.
  2. Cylindrical.
  3. Planetary.
  4. Worm
  5. Spyroid
  6. Conical.
  7. Combined.

The main elements of the cylindrical mechanisms are gear cylinders. Trimmer are very often equipped with modules of this type, worm types of gearboxes, etc. are installed on trimmers. The transfer to them is carried out at the expense of the existing screw. The planetary gear types are distinguished by the coaxial arrangement of the shafts, and bevel gears. by intersecting ones.
Gearing can work effectively only if there is no mechanical damage to the unit. For normal operation of the device, normal temperature conditions must be created. Even the smallest distortions or overheating can cause jamming of the mechanism elements. It can lead to stopping the work of the trimmer, malfunction of the mechanism and severe consequences of its use, requiring repair of parts of the unit.
For semi-fluid oils characterized by the presence of a colloidal system with the content of various additives and additives. The grease is suitable for helical and gearing. Therefore it is a versatile option. The initial state of solid suspensions is plastic.
The lubrication of the reducer of the trimmer is ensured by a special compound specifically for the gearboxes. Most lubricants have the appearance of semi-fluid systems. Choosing the required lubricant, it is required to take into account the temperature conditions for which the mixture is intended.

Petrol trimmer gearbox.

The trimmer on gasoline can work well in all weather conditions. Electric models of a trimmer are not able to meet the requirements of the owners of personal plots in this regard. For gasoline trimmers, special increased power, which is associated with the ability to handle large areas. Devices on gasoline sometimes also fail, which can occur for various reasons. Most often due to errors during maintenance of the device.

For gasoline trimmers, it is essential to clean the fuel tank and change the oil periodically. To increase the life of the electric trimmer, regular maintenance of various parts of the mechanism is carried out. Care of the equipment elements should not take a lot of time since it consists of lubricating the rubbing parts before cleaning the filter.

Properties of trim lubrication.


In the process of producing trimmer lubricants, special substances that meet environmental standards are used. After use, they can decompose in the environment without damage. Since the consistency of the composition has a level of increased viscosity, when heated, a decrease in lubricant in density occurs. It ensures reliable protection of elements in conditions of maximum temperatures.

The level of modern maintenance determines the productivity and duration of the trimmer. Performing regular maintenance operations for a device includes actions that are reduced to lubricating the gearbox and cleaning the air filter.

The filter cleaning process involves:

  • removing the casing and removing the item;
  • washing the casing with gasoline and drying;
  • cleaning of a place of an insert of the filter of dust and oil.

After performing the above actions, it is necessary to ensure that the rod does not rotate in the sleeve. Next, go to the gearbox lubrication, for which some gardeners use grease.

This will require:

  1. Unscrew the plug.
  2. Pour the lubricant into the container.

Ensure the long use of gardening equipment allows a special lubricant for the gearbox. Well-known manufacturers of trimmers, including Champion, Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna, produce their products for the care of equipment for gardening, which eliminates possible problems associated with the search and selection of suitable lubricants.
The lubricant must be changed in the gearbox at intervals of 50 hours of operation of the unit as a whole. To find out more accurate data for a particular model, you can view its technical data sheet. Care is needed for the trimmer shaft, so it should be pre-cleaned and lubricated with plenty immediately after purchase.

How to perform gear lubrication?

Before the first start of the trimmer, perform a series of sequential actions:

  1. Inspect the gearbox.
  2. Prepare the correct fuel mixture.

The implementation of these actions is recommended not only for new devices but also when preparing old units for the next season after storage. If the lubricant is present in a small amount or is absent, this leads to increased friction of the gear part of the gearbox. Since it should work at a fairly high speed, check the gear before starting the gasoline trimmer should be carried out regularly.
If the gears overheat, it leads to the failure of the trimmer gearbox. To prevent this, starting and running the trimmer, start with inspection and lubrication of the bevel gear.

To fill the oil in the gearbox of a gasoline spit before it starts:

  1. Remove the screw that is located on the bend in the gear housing.
  2. Sprinkle the Litol grease in the amount of 1-2 ml.
  3. Tighten the screw.

The lubricant is added to the gas trimmer gearbox every 8-10 hours of operation of the unit.
For this purpose, a special technological opening is provided in the housing. Inspect the module for the presence of lubricant should be both before the first and before each subsequent use of the equipment.


It is possible to purchase a special compound for the gearbox in the form of tubes having a long delivery spout, the diameter of which must coincide with the size of the hole. It is not always the case since models from different manufacturers differ in their bore diameter.
In this case, gardeners should prefer the use of a medical syringe, which is convenient in that it allows you to measure out a portion of the mixture with precision.