Chainsaw “Makita Dcs 4610”

Chainsaw “Makita” DCS4610 is produced by the famous Japanese manufacturer Makita, which began its activity in the distant 1915. The company “Makita” at that time was engaged in repairs of non-generators, electric motors and transformers, as well as arranged the release of its electrical engineering.
For all the time of its existence, more than 450 items of high-quality manual, benzo and electric tools, as well as more than 1,400 types of accessories to the units have been developed.
The popularity of the brand has increased so much. that more than 120 states allowed to place on their territory brand offices “Makita”. as for the factories, they are located on the territory of such states:

Fakes and original.

Identifying Chinese counterfeit was not so difficult, for this you need:

  1. Check the chainsaw by barcode. the place of manufacture is encrypted.
  2. Check on the official website of Makita list of existing modifications in the catalogue. copies of the tool often go under fictitious numbers or differ in number or letter.

Chainsaw Makita DCS4610 is a semi-professional tool designed for both home use and utilities. The saw will cope both with sawing up of boards and logs, and with a felling of trees, accurately and quickly will cut off branches, etc. The weight of a chainsaw is 4.75 kg. The two-stroke carburetor engine with a capacity of 2.31 litres is housed in a rugged casing.
Automatic contactless ignition system. A manual inertial starter starts the engine. An engine brake is provided, there is protection for the operator’s hands and a chain catcher. The primer provides an easy start tool. pumps up the fuel mixture in the carburetor.
Installing the headset is on the side of the chainsaw. The recommended tire length is 40 cm. The handles are equipped with steel shock absorbers that reduce vibration. The chain is lubricated automatically.
Table of technical characteristics:


The package for the gasoline chain saw “Makita” DCS4610 includes:

  • instruction;
  • universal screwdriver;
  • tire protection cover;
  • saw chain.

The advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws.

We highlight the main advantages of the model DCS4610 chain chainsaw Makit:

  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • maintainability;
  • small weight;
  • increased security;
  • vibration protection;
  • chain stretch lateral;
  • mobility;
  • no mains power;
  • compactness;
  • inertia brake;
  • auto-lubrication of the chain mechanism with adjustable feed;
  • easy launch;
  • electronic ignition system, etc.

As disadvantages, we highlight the following:

  • expensive;
  • not intended for indoor use.

Instructions for use chainsaw Makita DCS4610.

The constant assistant and adviser to the newly-born owner of the chain saw is the operational manual, which details the following sections:

  1. Chainsaw device, step by step assembly.
  2. Safety at work and maintenance.
  3. Techniques for working with the tool.
  4. Table of technical characteristics.
  5. Preparing chainsaws “Makita” to work.
  6. Maintenance.
  7. Trouble table
  8. Briefly share information from the sections.

Preparation for work.

The tool is commissioned as follows:

  • the chainsaw is assembled according to the instructions;
  • fixed headset;
  • chain tensioning;
  • preparing a mixture of fuel and oil, at the rate of 1/50;
  • fuel and oil are poured into the corresponding tanks;
  • chainsaw “Makita” starts;
  • checks the operation of the brake, the adjustment of the carburetor supplied to the oil circuit, etc.

For the preparation of high-quality fuel mixture is taken 20 ml. high-quality original Makitovsky engine oil for two-stroke engines and 1 l. gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92.


The following simple steps will ensure long-lasting maintenance of the Makit chain saw:

  1. Monitor the performance of the brake system, headset, before use.
  2. Before starting work, adjust the idle speed, lubrication, etc.
  3. Timely fill the chainsaw with a combustible mixture.
  4. Monitor the level of oil in the tank.
  5. Clean the filters.
  6. After the work, make a complete cleaning of the instrument from tyrs and other contaminants.
  7. Timely sharpen the saw chain.
  8. To conduct scheduled inspections and repairs in a timely manner.
  9. Use only original spare parts and consumables.
  10. Serious repairs carried out in service centers.

Malfunction chainsaw Makita DCS4610

The engine does not start, stalls:

  • no fuel;
  • problems with candles;
  • wire breakage;
  • carburetor setting required;
  • clogged filter;
  • starter does not work;
  • no compression in the cylinder, etc.

Heated motor does not start well:

  • not adjusted carburetor.

The chain does not move:

  • chain brake engaged.
  • air filter clogged;
  • not adjusted carburetor;
  • muffler clogged;
  • cylinder valve (exhaust) clogged.

No chain lubrication:

  • ran out of oil;
  • the furrow is clogged.

We propose to study the complete operating instructions for the chain saw “Makit” DCS4610.

Carburetor adjustment.

In some cases (for example, uneven engine operation) adjustment of the carburetor is necessary.

In order to adjust the carburetor you must:

  1. Unscrew the carburetor adjustment screw counterclockwise until it stops.
  2. Start the engine, let it warm up at high speed.
  3. Rotating the idling screw, stop the chain.
  4. Turn the screw another half turn counterclockwise.
  5. Make sure that the engine is gently gaining momentum and also smoothing them off.

If the failure of the carburetor fails to be resolved, contact your nearest service center.