How to carve a ball of foam plastic with your own hands

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The basis for a newspaper topiary

To make a ball for a topiary, you will need old newspapers, cardboard scraps, magazines, notebooks, sheets of paper. any waste paper that can be crumpled.). Densely press the newspapers, layer by layer form a sphere of the required diameter, fasten with tape. The technique is great for preparing the basis for a large crown (with a diameter of 20 cm or more).

If the discarded material is small, such as fabric scraps, then we put everything in a cellophane bag before wrapping with duct tape.

A ball of synthetic cotton wool

Trample synthetics, scraps of fabric, absorbent cotton or any other similar material into the tuck, stocking or sock. Let’s give the product the necessary shape, insert the stem and very tightly wind up the balloon with ordinary sewing threads. You get a strong and resilient base for the topiary. The method is ideal for a small crown (with a base diameter of up to 10 cm) and is not very suitable for a large tree of happiness.

The video below clearly shows how to make a ball for a topiary out of synthetic material, immediately fixing the stem inside.

Piggy bank made of plaster and balloon

Dear friends, in today’s video Roman Ursu will show you an interesting video how you can make a small and very beautiful piggy bank using plaster and a balloon as a shape. Most likely you will like this idea and make the same piggy bank and give it to someone for the New Year or just keep it for yourself.


To make such a piggy bank we need water, plasticine, a funnel, a balloon, gypsum, primer and water-based paint which needs to be diluted with pink in advance as in our example, or with another tint.

Tile house

White ceiling tiles would be a great base for a New Year’s hut. If you do creative work with children, leave the child to decorate the craft.

From the foam plastic cut out 4 walls. The side ones can be made narrower. The main thing is to keep the height the same.

Next, cut two rectangles for the roof, which should exceed the width of the side edges. And two isosceles triangles. Holes for windows and doors are made before gluing.

The best way to glue the small house is with glue, but if you want to connect the inner edges, you can also add scotch tape. Decorate the roof with a baguette. And if you do not have it, put absorbent cotton on it. you get a beautiful snowball.

Let’s decorate the house with snowflakes, Christmas trees, and other New Year’s decorations. Make a few of these houses out of the ceiling tiles with your own hands. you get a whole holiday village.


Make a simple and pretty snowflake decoration for New Year out of ceiling tiles.

First, you need to print out the stencils of snowflakes (you can take them from our selection). You can make them small and put several snowflakes on a thread. Or draw a snowflake all over the ceiling tiles.

Use a cutter to cut out the small pieces. If they are very small, you may need to punch holes with a needle or awl.

Additionally you can decorate the snowflake with bright colors or glitter. Hang the snowflakes from the ceiling.

Complete the decoration with balls of absorbent cotton or Styrofoam. So you get an artificial snowfall, which will look very nice on the window or just in the apartment.

New Year’s Eve balloons with our own hands. Interesting ideas and master classes.

New Year is coming up and everyone wants a fairy tale, a holiday, joy, so that the house was cozy and beautiful. And what can’t you have a New Year without a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, and balloons?

Today we will offer some creative ideas on how to make Christmas balloons with your own hands.

How to make a Christmas ball out of fabric

Everyone has brightly colored fabric scraps, ruffles, ribbons at home. First you need to make the base. We’ll take various rags (you can use old socks) and make a big ball of them. You can also use a styrofoam ball. And then.The flight of your imagination. You can sew the scraps to the balloon as ruffles, or pre-shape the rags into triangles, rectangles and tightly sew them to the balloon. As a result, we have an interesting bunched balls.

Filigree Christmas balls

Take strong thread, PVA glue, small balloons, glitter.

First, we inflate the balloon to the size we want our balloon to be. Tie with string. Put glue on the rest of the thread and wrap it around our balloon. Cover the thread with sequins and wait until it dries and becomes hard. Then burst the ball and carefully with tweezers pull it out of the middle. We have a beautiful openwork balloon.

It is also possible to apply lace cover it with glue, the same as the thread.

Our New Year’s Eve balloons out of styrofoam

For the base of the toys you can take foam plastic. It can be decorated with colorful soft felt, beads, sequins, paper products, ribbons.

Interesting ideas for Christmas balls with their own hands

When you have a huge Christmas tree, you want it to have a lot of toys on it. Let’s make balls of floral sponge, which can be cut into any shape and using pins to pin small toys, flowers, twigs.

For those who like vintage things can make matching Christmas balloons. Take the lace. glue it on the toy and use a paintbrush or sponge.

It is funny when the toys are hung on the Christmas tree in the form of sweet treats. It is very easy to make. A glue-covered Styrofoam ball, dipped in sequins, glued on top of a thread that will hang the toy. For a highlight glue a berry. Then we put our ball into a special mold for cupcakes, beforehand greased with glue.

Original New Year’s decorations with their own hands

On New Year’s Eve, you want everything to sparkle and shine. Let’s decorate our balls with beads, beautiful stones, bijouterie, artificial pearls, shards of old glass toys, bright shiny sequins.

New Year decorations made of natural materials

Also decorate the ball with cones, fir twigs, and rowan berries.

Using paper for decorations is inexpensive and creative.

Styrofoam ball

First, you can buy a styrofoam ball. today many people make handicrafts for the garden and at home, so the blanks offer different kinds. The only thing is that it is not easy to find especially large foam balls on sale. Way out: call firms and workshops that make blanks, and make an order.

A large ball of foam can be crafted. Find such a large piece of Styrofoam to cut out of it to decorate the site, it is difficult. But Styrofoam is a material that is easy to cut, even with a simple knife. So you just need to glue a few pieces of sheet foam, and then cut out the ball. After that, trim it with a knife, sand it down, apply facade putty to the surface. After the spherical base of the craft for the garden has dried, you can proceed to its decoration.

Cement ball

In principle, there is nothing difficult: find a hollow form, pour the mortar, wait for the mortar to solidify inside, release the concrete ball from the form. The shape can be, for example, a child’s ball. If you do not have a ball, or need a ball with a large diameter, you can make the base of the two hemispheres by pouring the solution into two identical bowls, and then connect the hemispheres with the same solution.

All good, but such a ball, of course, will turn out very heavy. You can also make it lighter. You can always add a little filler to the mortar. And you don’t have to mine perlite or vermiculite for this, you can pour it into the mortar then. By the way, crafts for the garden from cement with the addition of toa will look very natural: then over time washed from the surface, and the ball looks like it is made of old stone.

Shaping a ball of cement with pouring can be problematic for some. In this case, you can make the ball another way. It’s lightweight.

ball, foam, plastic, your, hands

Let’s take a ball shape that we don’t feel sorry for (an old children’s ball or two old bowls stapled together). We make a cement mortar (with additives that will lighten the weight, or without them) and layer by layer envelope the form. To prevent the mortar from slipping, you just need to wrap the form with some string. When the mortar dries, the shape will remain inside it, but you will have a beautiful base for your garden crafts.

Now let’s proceed to the most important and interesting thing: decorating. The balls can be painted in any color, it is only important that the paint was for exterior (facade) work. Balloons painted with mirror paint look fantastic. You can even decorate such crafts for the garden with decoupage, but, again, varnish to fix and protect the figure choose for the street (yacht, for example).

How to quickly make a paper ornament for a Christmas ball with your own hands

Paper as a decoration is the most budgetary and simple option for decorating Christmas balls. Even if something does not work with the first time, do not worry, you can try to perform it again.

Before you make unusual Christmas balls of corrugated paper, you need to prepare a glue gun, scissors and beads.

  • Packed paper to cut into 5 cm.
  • At an angle in the form of a scallop, cut each piece, not cutting up to the end about 1 cm.
  • Dissolve the workpiece and twist it into a rose shape, glue the edges.
  • Glue all the rosettes to the ball of Styrofoam. Additionally you can decorate with beautiful beads or rhinestones.
  • Glue the loop braid.

Step by step decorating balloons with paper tubes

For decorating Christmas balloons with paper tubes, it is better to use bright glossy magazines. You can use Styrofoam as a blanket or twist a balloon from newspaper and wrap it tightly with thread.

Then the work is done in the following order.

  • Roll out several long tubes from the magazine pages, then twist them into rolls.
  • Glue the ball surface.
  • Press one end of the tube tightly against the top of the ball, then begin to twist the strip in a spiral.

This is interesting! You can use old newspapers or fabric instead of magazine pages.

It will be interesting to look alternating tubes of old newspapers and magazines

Use a thermal knife

Cutting foam with their own hands with the use of a thermal knife is justified when the thickness of the board up to 50 mm. To cut a piece of polystyrene, the hot knife advances at medium speed, which provides a quality cut without tearing out fragments and melt the edges.

The purchase of a longer blade for this device is not quite profitable. It is not possible to cut strictly perpendicular to the surface with a handheld cutter. The end of the sheet will have a bevel, which is extremely inconvenient during installation. In order to cut a thick sheet better, it is necessary to cut it from both sides, plunging the hot knife in half of its thickness or a little more.

ball, foam, plastic, your, hands

Manufacturing process

To make an original volumetric figure out of foam plastic, it is necessary to determine the size. You can create a fairly large figure by gluing together several sheets of foam plastic. In the future, you can cut the base out of them with your own hands, which should be processed, then sanded and a layer of protective coating or paint applied.

Special equipment and the CAD/CAM system are used for that. With the help of a milling machine you can achieve greater detail. Many simple details can be cut in a short period of time with a hot string. Hand-cutting is used to create large objects.

Once the base or a few components have been cut out, they must be fastened. 3d foam figures, as in the photo below, as a rule, are fixed with rebar. Other elements can be given the desired shape by gluing them. For these purposes will be suitable:

  • Special adhesives for Styrofoam.
  • Facade Freeze Resistant Adhesive.
  • Liquid nails or foam for installation works.
  • Mixtures for laying tiles.
  • Silicone sealants.

After such work should grind the figure and apply 2-3 layers of protective putty, so that the creation is not destroyed by the paint, which can be applied later. The next step is to coat with resin and paint in the desired color. Completes the production of the figure from foam plastic by applying a layer of plastic of cold hardening. The result is a product with a durable layer that protects the base from sunlight, precipitation and frost. You can decorate these objects with your own hands, using different polymers that can give the necessary texture.

You can cut out three-dimensional structures or advertising sculptures out of foam plastic, which can be from the smallest to more impressive sizes. You can order the production of imitation architectural details. For example, popular nowadays are foam plastic arches, columns and other elements with which you can decorate the celebration and draw attention to the exhibition, promotions.

Process details

If you want to make letters and figures of foam with your own hands, you can take and ordinary boards with high density of polystyrene. Making figures from foam is a fairly simple process, during which it is worth considering the properties of the material:

  • Some technical liquids and chemicals can damage polystyrene, which should be taken into account when choosing materials for processing and decorating the figures;
  • In the interaction with the compounds that form the basis of cement, plaster, Ruberoid and other building materials, foam does not enter into;
  • Styrofoam can be processed with your own hands, using simple tools (knife, saw, etc.).).


Generally, the factory balls for a topiary are made of foam plastic. If you have an unnecessary piece at home, you can make its homemade counterpart.

Usually they put Styrofoam in packages with household appliances. It’s pretty dense and bulky. just enough for a ball.

Cut out the ball with a knife. as much as you can. Smooth corners and sand with sandpaper. Yes, it is not for the faint-hearted. the rustling of foam plastic can not withstand everyone. Smooth it until you get a more or less decent ball.

Of course, you will have a lot of irregularities. To get rid of them, take thread or yarn and make a wrap. Fill all the notches with thread. You can use them all over the balloon, if the decor will not be three-dimensional.


Neat wool balls are one of the best options for homemade topiaries.

Earlier we told you about what felting is. If you are not familiar with this technique, read how to properly felting balls of wool.

Topiary in the technique of felting will be good on its own. You can add quite a bit of decorative elements to it.

#16 Handmade New Year’s Eve Balloons in Decoupage Technique

If you want to make a truly unique Christmas ball, then it’s time to master decoupage. To make a New Year’s decoupage ball you will need: a plastic ball, themed napkins, white acrylic paint, PVA glue, acrylic varnish for decoupage; a fan brush, foam sponge, glitter for decoration.

#18 New Year paper balls

And the last variant of the New Year’s balloon, made by our own hands, will be a ball of paper. For it you will need: double-sided thick paper, scissors, glue, ribbon.

Help us get better: if you see a mistake, please highlight and press CtrlEnter.

In the run-up to the New Year and Christmas holidays are relevant work on making Christmas tree decorations. No exception is made of foam plastic, master class on the manufacture of which will show what interesting Christmas decorations can be made on their own. Since the basis is foam plastic, the resulting Christmas tree balls will be unbreakable, which will please the parents of the kids.

So, for such unbreakable balls, we need colorful threads, foam plastic, and any decorations.

Cut out of the foam ball required size should be wrapped with string. Having secured the beginning of the thread, you need to wrap the ball crosswise, gradually moving across the entire area of the ball.

At a certain stage, you can already wind it in a chaotic order until the Styrofoam ball is completely hidden under the threads.

When the winding is already finished, the end should be well fixed.

Decorating the resulting ball depends only on your imagination and fantasy. You can embroider various patterns.

Stitch the invented applique and decorate with beads.

Be sure to think up and fix the string, by which the resulting ball can be hung on the Christmas tree.

One more variant of the foam New Year’s craft in the kimekomi style. The technique is interesting enough and originated in Japan to make dolls. In this master class we will use the kimekomi to decorate Styrofoam balls.

Prepare in advance: a ball of foam, colorful scraps of fabric, lace for finishing, various colored ribbons, beads, buttons, sequins, sewing pins, a clerical knife, scissors and other sewing tools at hand.Since the pattern on the ball is usually symmetrical about its poles, they must be marked at the very beginning of the work.

Draw lines from the poles that are equidistant from each other. You can use a pen, a pencil or a fade-out felt-tip pen for that.

Now all the lines of the pattern should be cut with a stationery knife to a depth of one centimeter. The work must be done very carefully and carefully.

We begin to work with the first part of the pattern, for which we dab it with glue in the form of a pencil.

Take a piece of the chosen fabric and apply it to this part of the pattern. At this stage the fabric must be positioned correctly, depending on the direction of pile.

Then begins the kimekomi technique itself. Using a thick needle or a needlepoint, the fabric is inserted into the slots along the contour of the chosen part of the pattern. Make sure the fabric lies flat and not twisted.

After all the fabric is inserted along the perimeter of the pattern, the rest of the fabric can be cut with scissors, so that two to three millimeters remain.

The resulting allowance can now be completely hidden in the slots.

This is how one finished segment of the pattern looks like.

In the same way we do the rest of the segments.

Basically at this stage the ball looks done, but if you want you can continue the work further. Using glue and the same big needle, we will glue and stick a little decorative lace on the borders of the elements of the pattern.

First we smear the place with glue, and then insert the string there. In some places, the string can be hidden, but it is at your discretion.

In our case, a cap for large beads will give the finished look to the Christmas ball, but you can just use a bead, sequin, or something else.

Using a sewing pin, pierce our balloon, the pin should be pre-moistened with glue.

For the suspension we use the same decorative cord.

To dilute the usual shoelace a little, we suggest decorating it with this bow. To do this, you need to wind the ribbon on a few fingers, literally five turns, without spreading pierce the pin.

To fix everything more securely, we also coat the pin with glue and stick it into our ball. Now the bow can be straightened in all directions, and the petals themselves a little glue for reliability.